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Joseph Gracia Pt 2 - Get His Money by Trickery But Made to Disgorge...
Get His Money by Trickery But Made to Disgorge (Continued from page one.) with a knife but was frustrated by Carl Nagle, a neighbor and friend who was visiting him at the time. CONSULTED A GYPSY. Gracia had been troubled with severe severe pains In his stomach for a long time. About three weeks ago he quit work and unluckily made a call on one of the Gypsy fortune tellers who assured assured him of an easy cure. It waa only necessary for him to place the powders she would glvo him and $20 under his pillow when lie went to bed and bring them to her tho following morning. Joseph readily followed her instructions and great was bis surprise surprise to see her touch a match to his (or a) twenty dollar bill with a most magnanimous Nourish of the match, I.I10 Idea being that it was necessary to perfect his cure. On the next, visit Joseph was certainly certainly afflicted Willi a "green worm," so said the scallawag llohcmian and .losepli could almost feel it crawl. "Joseph Fritz put that worm In you," said the Gypsy, "but I can get rid of It for you.'' FOLLOWED THE PRESCRIPTION. She (hen advised the street sweeper sweeper 10 Just toss a $100 bill under his pillow that night with an egg and bring them both to her in the morning. morning. If tho green worm,, was in tl'e i'gg by that, time be would be cured; otherwise lie must tlio. The faithful Joseph obeyed, appearing appearing with egg, bill and a Mill tering heart before her flashy calico portico on racH'u! avenue early and anxious. Naturally the egg contained the green worm, because, "presto," madam opened opened the shell of (lie (or another) egg and out jumped the "worm"- "worm"- one of these toy snakes that work on a spring. Joseph hail lost his worm but not all of his money, lie must go hack and part with the rest of it. His iaiu returning returning in a few days, lie called once more on bis benefactress and was told with many squirms and mystical gesticulations gesticulations that he must place his hand on her body whilst she placed her dimpled palm on his anatomy' in tlio neighborhood of (he pain: and afterwards afterwards he must go home and dig up another $100 bill. Tint all of this would lie of no avail unless a nice fat pullet was tied (0 bis bed post during the night and the bill tied to the pullets leg. THE PULLET LIVED. And naturally (as is usual in Just such cases) the money and the pullet must be brought down In the morning. If the pullet lived Joseph would live. Tlte pullet lived It couldn't die with a $100 bonus tacked to its leg. A few days after this Gracia took 'the last money out of (he house, amounting to $4.25, and turned it over to the Gypsy for some powders. Meanwhile he had become obsessed with the desire to kill Fritz, who had given him the "green worm," and waa out looking for him, and yesterday he attempted his own life and even spoke of jumping from the cliffs into the ocean. GOT THE MONEY BACK. When Mayor Howe and Chief of Police Police Hannah, who had heard of the swindle, arrived at Gracia's house yesterday yesterday be was so far demented that he did not recognize either of them and Dr. Piper was Immediately called. called. This morning Messrs. Howe, Hannah Hannah and Smith called at the Gypsy camp and when they got through with the Itinerants they had dug up $300 and were willing to pay It all in resti tution. However, $220 was all that was accepted, the $4.25 being left with the prize Gypsy doctor as a fee for her services. Joseph Gracia has a wife and four children dependant on him for a livelihood livelihood and the return of the money was a Godsend to the household. Mrs. Gracia. has been quite 111 herself through worry over her husband's condition and the way in which the family's little bank roll was fast disappearing. disappearing. Germany Is Ready For Peace WASHINGTON, I). C, September 2. - An authoritative but unofficial statement statement emanating directly from tho German German embassy to tlio United Press today today is (hut Germany's, primary objective objective in presenting the note conceding tlio American demands with reference lo submarine warfare was to join forces forces with America in the effort to establish establish the freedom of the seas and promulgate promulgate an early peace settlement. The question of the principle at stake is deemed by Germany secondary to j these considerations. I From the same source also was re ceived the .statement' that Germany wants peace; that the allies six months ago could have accomplished a peace wherein Germany would ask nothing but the freedom of the seas; that they must now agree to the freedom freedom of Poland, and equal treatment for the Jews everywhere; that a year hence, if they wait until then, Germany Germany will demand even more. The United Press informant said the allies, allies, if they refuse, must answer to civilization for the continuance of the war. He insisted that Germany never wanted war and lias been willing always always for an honorable peace. a SPEEDER'S CASE CONTINUED. The case of T. P. Jacobs of Richmond, Richmond, who was arrested by Motorcop C. J. Hillman on August 2!, for exceeding exceeding the automobile speed limit, was continued in Justice of the Peace llouck's court this morning to October 20. 15 DAYS FOR VAGRANCY. Justice of the Peace C. C. Houck, acting for Police Judge John II. Leonard, Leonard, sentenced J. H. Anderson to fit-teen fit-teen fit-teen days In the county jail this morning for vagrancy. SEE BALICH ABOUT THIS. I will make Inducements to right arty who will take the tenplnnett alleys and cigar stand in my building at 14 Soquel avenue. Will Eell or rent. See me as soon as possible. ANDY BALICH. 170 Pacific avenue. Advt. Tour advertisement Is Just as much a salesman as any clerk you employ or ai jtm are yourself. But the ail man can talk ant ghov goods only to the possible customer who enters yonr store. The advertisement talks to possible customers In their homes. a

Clipped from Santa Cruz Evening News02 Sep 1915, ThuPage 4

Santa Cruz Evening News (Santa Cruz, California)02 Sep 1915, ThuPage 4
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