List of Those Mustered into Battery A Field Artillery (Cassie Laughinghouse, George H. Manning).

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List of Those Mustered into Battery A Field Artillery (Cassie Laughinghouse, George H. Manning).  - THE MORNING mm EQUIPMENT FOR FOR BUTTERY IS Nl...
THE MORNING mm EQUIPMENT FOR FOR BUTTERY IS Nl IN RALEIGH Expected to Arrive Here Saturday Saturday or Monday, Says Captain Captain Weddell. 3 E MORE THAN 30 NEEDED y Captain JH. Weddell, commanding: officer of Battery A, Field Artillery, was informed yesterday by the Quartermaster's Quartermaster's Department that the uniforms uniforms "and other supplies for Battery A have been received at that office and will be forwarded to New Bern as soon as a requisition is made for ithem. The requisition has been for warded and the supplies are' expected expected Saturday, or by Monday at the latest. In order that no time be lost in receiving the supplies , it was stated last night that Lieutenant B. S. Royster might be sent to Raleigh to expedite their shipment. There have been three men recruited recruited since the battery was mustered into into the Federal service Tuesday. More than thirty additional men are needed to bring the battery to full strength, and efforts are being made to enlist the desired number. Major Baxter Hunter, of the Regi mental Infirmary of the Second Regiment, Regiment, National Guard, who -examined -examined the men mustered in Tuesday, will arrive arrive in New Bern Saturday to administer administer the first of three treatments for the prevention of typhoid fever to the members of the battery and to examine examine those recruited since mustering mustering in. All members will be given the anti-typhoid anti-typhoid anti-typhoid treatment. The following is a list of those who have been accepted and mustered into into the Federal service: Otis Avery, Troy L. Arnold, Austin P. Adams, Ewell C. Avery, William J. Alcocke, Clarence B. Andrews. Joseph B. Barrow, Norwood G. Barrus, Conway G. Bayliss, Emory J Bayliss, Edward E- E- Bell, James C. Bland, Walter H. Bray, William B. Bray, Thomas C. Brewer, Zebulon E. Brewer; Robert L. Brooks, John R. Burt. Fred W. Carmichael, James T. Car-oon, Car-oon, Car-oon, John H. Casey, Floyd M. Chad-wick, Chad-wick, Chad-wick, Jr., Harry H. Collins, Julian C. Collins, Fay R. Collins, Clifford R. Conner, Amos W. Connor, Jr., William William C. Conway, -Louis -Louis Craft, James M. Craven, Thomas R. Crawford, John W. Creagh, Elgar W. Croon, Banjamin F. Culpepper, Ira.J. Culpepper, Culpepper, Otis B. Culpepper. John C. Daugherty, William F. Daugherty, Bertie D. Dixon, John D. Dixon, Richard D. Dixon, Willie F. Dixon, Walter R. Dunn. Manly M. Eubanks, Oda M. Ever-ington, Ever-ington, Ever-ington, Marvin B. Fletcher, Guy L. Fornes, Clyde R. Fornes, Council L. Foy, Charlie L. Franks, George W. Furqueron. Roman J. Garner, Herbert E. Gae-kins, Gae-kins, Gae-kins, Charles E. Gatlin, Benjamin S Gibson, Charles R. Godwin, 'Jr. Zin-ble Zin-ble Zin-ble Z. Grantham, George A. Griffin, Owen H. Guion, Jr., Adolph Guyes. Shirkery M. Hakem, Allen B. Ham, Fred S. Harris, George W. Harris, Raymond W. Harris, Walter H. Harris, Harris, Clyde G. Hatch, Clem R. Heath, James A. Higgins, Joseph F. Hill, Mark L. Hill, Alonsso W. Holton, Harold Harold F. Howell, John G. Httggina, Jr. Charles L. Ipock. George H. Jackson, Lloyd F. Jackson, Jackson, Samuel Jenkins, John C. Johnson, Johnson, Elvin Jones. Robert T. Kehoe, Albert L. Kill-ingsworth, Kill-ingsworth, Kill-ingsworth, Benjamin W. Koonce, Frank S. Eoonee. Cassie Laughinghouse, Shem L. Lewis. Lemuel C. Mann, George H. Manning, Manning, William P. Mattocks, Charles G. Meekins, Emory I. Metts, Joseph M. Midyette, Frederick G. Mitchell, David Morton, Walter Moore, John E. McCosley, Richard McLawhom. Jack Nobles. Lennie L. Parker, Walter H. Parker, Parker, Amos Paul. David C. Pearce, Othiniel Phillips, Will H. Pipkin, Augustus Augustus F. Pittman, Walter W- W- Pollock, Pollock, Duncan N. Potter, William I. Powell, John H. Pugh. Arthur K. Quinn. Willie J. Rawls, Jesse R. Rice, Lik-ey Lik-ey Lik-ey T. Riggs, William W. Robinson, Shirkery Salem, John T. Sawyer, Leon J. Scales, Brice E. Scott, Cynw G. Scott, Livingstone A. Scott, Walter Walter W. Scott, Harry R. Shriver, John Simmons, Warren . Smith, Willam H. Sultan, William F. Skyes. Clayton S. Taylor, Dewey H. Taylor, Taylor, Frank B. Taylor, Fred T. Taylor, Raymond W. Taylor, Walter Taylor, Leroy Thomas, Eugene Thompson, Willie H. Toler (deceased), Samuel M. Torrence, Charles T. Turner, Mercer, Mercer, E. Tyson. James E. Van Hook. Larry E. Warrington, McDuffie Wayne, Amos D. Wetherington, Hubert Hubert E. White, Luther White, Edward J Whitley, Rupert H. Wiley, Fred P. Willis, George F. Winberry, Tony Womble, Dave H. Woo lard, Vance R.

Clipped from The Morning New Bernian03 Aug 1917, FriPage 2

The Morning New Bernian (New Bern, North Carolina)03 Aug 1917, FriPage 2
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  • List of Those Mustered into Battery A Field Artillery (Cassie Laughinghouse, George H. Manning).

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