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Borden - - - tv UM CPleads t B uil tyitf...
- - tv UM CPleads t B uil tyitf Stronilicterestlii the Stories f ASi Ybnnjr Womans EccentrlcitiW Begin to Circulate W Dispatch w tie Chroxtclk FitLRnriB Mass August 12 lizzie Borden spent last night in a tmali room the second floor of police headqnar ten She was restless In the early part of nighr - but towaid morning slept soundly As early as 7 oclock this morning a crowd began to gather around building It grew rapidly and at oclock wheathe doors of the courtroom courtroom were thrown open the streets were jammed The people made a rush for the stairs lesding to the courtroom They tilled tbe courtroom choked the stairway and lined the street for two blocks Judge - Jilaisdeir opened court at 940 oclock Lizzie Borden Walked down tbe long corridor leading from her room She leaned on the armofRev Er J Buck and Marshal Hiilard walked beside her She wore a blue cloth dress and a black hat trimmed With black lace and violets her left hand ahe carried a pair bt long black groves Her lawyer Andrew Jennings drew up motion to present to the court Mr Jennings read his motion to ber in a low tone Then be told her to hold up her right hand while she swore to its contents She - signed her name to it and resumed her seat - Lawyer Jennings theri arose and read his motion He said that as the lnqaestwas no w in progress and as his client had not been formally arraigned the court hadinot power to hear a complaint complaint 1 District Attorney Knowlton arose and asked that lizzie Borden be arraigned at made a three - months tour of England BEAKCH b THE DETECIIVBS The Hatchets and Weapons Found - In the BordenUonse J - Weitjihe police Teached ihe hpusron the day of the murde r they found the ohl man lying on the iQunge in the sitting - rcora bis head resting on e blood - soaked sofa piiiow HJj i body was yet warm and the blood was even then oozing from the Wbnndty - Y TJp stairs they found Mrs Borden lying at full length on the floor her face in a pool of blood Her body was also warm but the blood was coagulated more than that of her husband The wounds had been made by the same weapon and it must have been dripping with blood after each murder Yet there is not the tiniest drop of blood on the carpets or stairs be tween the two bodies It follows there fore that the weapon must have been wiped ofl before being nsed on the second I vietim Bnt no bloodstained cloth has 1 been found and none was burned that day at the Eorden house for the ashes have been carefully Inspected and no remnants of cloth were found Neither Jpj M n i---- i---- Boom teftere Ifc Borden vat found Jttiti Lixzfe A Borden once Clerk Leonard read the warrant to the prisoner charging her with tbe homicide homicide and murder of Mr and Mrs Borden Land as ted ner now sne pieaaear Not guilty she said How do you plead again asked the clerk Not guilty ahe shappedIth a strong emphasis on the not As she sat down Mr Jenningi arose and argued tht Miss Borden had a right to be represented at the Inquest as the Judge in the present court was Also the presiding official at the secret inquest thelnquethe saidVas hotopened before the police had determined who in thiir opinion was the gnhty person They held this inquest simply to examine Miss Borden when she had no one to protect or defend her Judge Blsisdell said We are performing performing oor duty in every way The plea is overruled The prisoner was remanded remanded until Augnt 23d She was taken back to the matrons roonu The prisoner was taken to Tann ton this evening and locked up There are strong rumors this evening that the police have procured the hatchet with which the crime wsscommitted The police are in possession of a peculiar hatchet and tbe rumor that this particular hatchet was nsed is greatly strengthened by the strong wording of City Marshal Milliards complaint complaint published to - day Ko hatchet like the one in custody can be found in the local hardware stores Its greatest r - culiarityls a claw on the aide nearest the handle It is said the hatchet fits Into tbe murderous wounds in Mrs - Bordens head To - night Marshat Hlllisrd said there was a great deal yet to be proven before the crimecbiiid be finally las tened upon Miss Borden Much htd been learned butforallthat he could see that the trial would belong and tedious Lizzie Bordena friends are now talking of her peculiarities Aijachild she was of a very sensitive natnre and inclined ta be noncommuriicatiTei This peculiarity has any ax or hatchet been found which bears evidence of having been used in the work The first thing the police did was to hnnt for the murderer and the weapon in the house iri tbe cellar they found an ax and two hatchets One of the hatchets hatchets was sharpened to a keen edge and might have made the wounds inflicted on the heads of - Ihe murdered couple bnt there were no blood stains and the handle and steel were both clean and they were perfectly dry The police put them aside as having no - bearing on the caae Lite last night a policeman took up the sharp hatchet a second time and discovered a gray hair sticking to the handle where it protinded from the - steel head There - upon the police came to the conclusion that that might have been the weapon used after all and they have submitted the hatchet to a chemist for a taorecare - ral inspection with a view to determining determining whether or not there was any blood inthe pores of the wood or on the steel None - wasvlsible to the nated eye The htir appeared tobohuman and looked No robbery had - been attempted for in the old inans pockets Were hief gold walch and chain A in bilii and some change There were other yaluables in i the way of jewelry and silverware within easy reqch but nothing had been disturbed Having failed to discover any evidence of rob bery the police looked for evidences of a row but there were none The old man was evidently asleep when the ax crushed into his brain and he had not moved His feet - wre hanging easily over the aide oi tne lounge Mrs Borden was felled from behind The first blow sent the ax crashing into her brain and she fell forward - on her face dead She did not struggle and apparently apparently had not moved after the blow was struck for the head rested in a single pool of blood and there was nothing to in km 111 - Sffi II f LOCgr3jiffip 5iGg 5sv - v - i Boom vhere Jfra Borden ieat found y 1 S JndrmJEirdai br htr yohth developed into the cold hard conservatism of hr woman hood Two years ago it is said there was a great change in Misa Borden From her former reserve she began ta go out freqnently among church people Bhe jqteed thVCongTegsUbntfChnrch a nd beJ came enthusiastic In church worx bhe had a class brrolll hands W trach in the Sunday school but gave tnem up - saying that she would ratherteaeh glrlf Wnen a local - womans temDcrance so - ahow that she had moved after falling The first blow was the only one needed The Borden daughters were not poor If their father had died without a cent to his credit they would have been in no danger of starving They are worth 110000 each perhaps more bnt not less Both daughters have received property from their father He did not spend money unnecessarily and would buy as closely as he could but he was good to his family and didnt propose ever to leave his daughters in want He rave them different nronerties at different times until in the aggregate their united possessions lamoua ted to considerableconsiderable considerableconsiderable - It is related that whea there was trouble about the collection of the rents of two tenement hodsesl Trhich the girls bwhld hetraded with Ithem and gate a btoct of stocfiu xeiurn for the houses The girls much preferred collecting dividends dividends torentt vrhisfact shows that the old g9ntemanbad - no disposition to treat his own kin unfairly or too closely t f It selaimedbyinepblice thatMisa Liztie was anxiousjto get her share of tbe property If she waited uritiiiherlather died a natural death she would get nearly S1750W anyway but according toths police police argument she didnt want her step mother to jhave her share cf the estate and therefore conceived the ldeaof murdering murdering her first and then when she had her hand iri the business she went do wn stAlrs according to thepolice theory and killed her father A That is one heory Another theory is that Miss Borden killed her stepmother firstv by administering poison which would arome suspicion and then chopped her head ppento throw suspicion upon some other person It is argued that Miss Borden planned thK murder with the most deliberate coolness coolness nd carried out her plans so care folly thai nd actual evidence against her caa be found - e Killed for a Trifle OaxKbtRa IhdXi Auguit il - Twb brothers William aid Samne Littell got into aquairet bver IllSOi which Williim nwea tne wne oi oamuei lor wasning WilllamMrew a knife and stabbed Bamual In the side killing him The aumflng brother was arrested - an or in of by a

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 13 Aug 1892, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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