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Drew Pearson - and I'm for of Johnson's Careful Words Big Man...
and I'm for of Johnson's Careful Words Big Man Works at Peace By DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON -- Almost every every Presidential speech, no matter who is in the White House, is a composite job. Various Various advisers and speechwrit- ers participate. Sections which pertain to various departments of the government are cleared with those departments. Sometimes Sometimes friendly governments are consulted. If the United Nations is involved, involved, its officials or the American American delegates at the UN in New York are consulted. The skilled observer can usually usually tell, however, which sections sections of Lyndon Johnson's speeches were written by Lyndon Lyndon Johnson. And in the recent, vitally important Johns Hopkins speech, the last parl was definitely definitely his. * * * IN IT, after admitting "we have made mistakes," he said: "For centuries nations have struggled among each other. But we dream of a world where disputes are settled by law and reason. And we will try to make it so. "For most o f history men have hated and killed one another. another. But. we dream of an end of war and we will try to make it so. "We often say how impressive impressive power is. But I do not find it impre: :ivc. The guns and bombs, the rockets and w a r- ships, are all symbols of human human failure. They are necessary necessary symbols. They protect what we cherish. But they are witness to human folly. "A great dam built across a river is impressive , . . The sight of healthy children in a classroom is impressive. These -- not arms -- are the achievements achievements which the American na- lion believes to be impressive. "This generation of the world must choose: Destroy or build, kill or aid, hate or understand. . . . We can do these things on a scale never 'dreamed of before." before." * * * THERE WAS another section of the speech which the President President felt quite strongly about -the -the first section, which lie didn't didn't actually write but which reflected reflected his determination to protect the independence of South Viet Nam. Those who have worked with tho President, and know the long hours he has spent trying to solve the difficult problem he inherited, know haw deeply he feels about this. They know of the many times he has been awakened after midnight with cabled reports on b o in bing raids. He has given orders to U.S. pilots to avoid killing people on their North Viet Nam missions. And to those who have argued with him regarding these missions missions he has sometimes said: "Which is worse -- blowing up concrete bridges or killing secretaries sitting at their typewriters typewriters in the American Embassy? Embassy? What we have done is destroy destroy bridges that don't bleed, and radar stations and muni- tion dumps. We haven't killed people." * * * THE PRESIDENT has kept careful count of the number of raids, the casualties, the atrocities atrocities on the Viet Cong side. Knows the number of village mayors murdered by the Viet .Cong, gets indignant over the detailed reports he reads of women with their throats slit, men with their vital organs removed, removed, V i e t n a mese thrown into irrigation ditches. These people have a right to live their own lives, and he is firmly convinced that the United United States must carry out its commitment in protecting that right. Lyndon Johnson meant it when he said he would go anywhere at any lime to talk peace. And he will altach no advance conditions. And he also also talked from the heart when he proposed a giant aid program program for Southeast Asia in which the Soviet government and the North Vietnamese government government would participate. Here's Trudy "Of course I know the value of a dollar--that's I'm asking for five instead of one!"

Clipped from The Oneonta Star12 Apr 1965, MonPage 4

The Oneonta Star (Oneonta, New York)12 Apr 1965, MonPage 4
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