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 - -called for to guard a two-year tests lied lo...
-called for to guard a two-year tests lied lo of fission- slart toward arm- session, angrily de- a Soviet condemna- "preliminary" reply, that MISS1SSIPPI--Partly cloudj through Thursday with widvly s c a t t e r e d thunuYrshowers. mainly In the south unti central portions today and It) the south portion Thursday. AJIKANSAS-l-arlly i-loudv through Thursday with a u-w isolated thundvrshowcis south portion this afturnoon. not much change in temperatures, lowest in GOs tonight, highest 80-93 Thusrdnv. Downtown Bargain Days Special Edition _ear United Press /UP7 Associated Press [/\P] any deadlock. There the Ark. Guard Defies Nine Greenville, Mississippi, RED STREAK FINAL Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1957 Price 5c No. throw the U.N. Bathroom Explosion Four they feel support oLthe bloc. told a be particularly break in the see step the can this Four children, a girl and three boys, were burned, two seriously, in an explosion and flash fire in move is up ihe bathroom of the home of Mr .said such a and Mrs. William Eaton, old Win- third degere burns and were considered seriously burned and Tommy Eaton, and Jesse terville road, north of Greenville, Tuesday afternoon. Fred Eaton, 2, and Madeline Eaton, 7, suffered second and Eaton, 3, were severely burned. The explosion and fire occured ha Soviet likely, be position at the Gov. meet today constilu- to be He said William T. Gibbs Dies in Jackson; Funeral Thursday as the four childi :ren were prepar- purchase of 1200 feet of ca s t iron pipe from American Cast ing to take a balh and resulted! Iron Pipe Company, whose bid City Council Holds Secret Session Here On Tuesday The Greenville city council went into executive session' Tuesday to d i s c u s s an unannounced matter following a brief open meeting. Before going into the secret if session the council approved the from gasoline being ignited fron a hot water heater, Capt. W. G. Chipman of Fire Engine Company No. 2 said. The injured children were brought in an automobile to General Hospital in Greenville where they are under treatment today. Mrs. Eaton and a neighbor with a garden hose extinguished the which caused only slight - dama 8 e to the home before Engine Company No. 2 of the Greenville Fire Department arrived at of $3.64 per foot was low. DOG ACT--Above is Sylvia Lytell and her famous trained dog ace. school Integration Ordered $new But Fauksis Tells Troops To Stay LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (AP)-Grim-faced guardsmen, following orders of Gov. Orval Faubus today Jereibly prevented racial desegregation of Rock Central High School. The soldiers armed withf~ " rifles and carbines, turned! dents toda y- back a total of nine Negro Faubus, in announcing students who tired to enter the 2000-pupil all-white now appearing at the Delta Livestock Show at the fairgrounds south of Greenville. Judging, Circus Today; Horse Contest Tonight William T. Greenville construction superin tendent who received so many blood transfusions he depleted i the University Hospital supply, 1 the scene in response to an alarm died in the hospital at Jackson I turned in at 2:15 p.m. The Eaton home is about 200 yards from the Airbase road on the old Winterville road. he civil series month. He legisla- at 6:35 last night. Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p.m. Thursday at he First Presbyterian Church 3y the pastor, the Rev. T. Rus;ell Nunan. Burial will be in jreenlawn Memorial Gardens. National Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Mr. Gibbs was taken to Jackson for treatment of a ruptured aneurism or "blood-vcsseH blowout". An autopsy showed he had a clot in the lung but further examinations will be necessary to rule out the possibility of a cerebral hemorrhage, hospital authorities said. -- dQ Transfusion; Mr. Gibbs, who had 49 transfusions which had the effect of replacing his entire blood supply four times, was taken to the Top quality show animals, a free trained animal circus and, tonight, cuttim horse contest are spectator features of the Delta Livestock Show now underway at the fairgrounds, Highway One South. For the youngsters and adults, the show got down to business this morning when judging began under the big show pavillion. Animal specialist from Mississippi State College were on hand f o r Narcotics Ring In New York NEW YORK (« - A giant international narcotics smuggling and distribution ring was reported' Rain y weather cut down on the smashed loday with the opening! numDer "1 entries, although the in federal court of a sealed indict-| Wasmn S tcm County Road department naming 46 defendants andi m e n t na d drainage ditches in top front of the spacious Fairgrounds grandstand, Don Otho Baker of L e 1 a n d, chairman of the event, reports te about 30 riders and (.heir highly trained cow ponies ready to compete for $2 Million Is Annual Payroll 0! Homebuilders Here Greenville homebuilders h a v e ^uHryT'junTorTerUTynirir an , a n n u a ' P a ' ro " ," f $2 million ; beef judging during the d a y.H," 8 ^ ^ to a 8 ° ° d .,., j ,, , . , --n-r-rsized industry. Ihursday the dairy show will be J held. lo coconspirators. A roundup of scores of persons in the New York City area already had been reported. Jackson hospital early Sunday, i Head of the g ig antic operation condition before thu rain came and one show official was boasting that (he fairgrounds was the best drained piece of property in the county. J, as a physician administered blood! was Harry stromberg, 54, who II! an ambulance on the way.j he rupture was closed by surgery and it had been thought he] was the ring's "over-all director" for more than 25 years, according had a fair chance for recovery. lo a government spokesman. Mr. Gibbs, who lived at 850 Lotus street, was taken ill Saturday night, He was construction superintendent for Rode Building Officials Pleased But quality of the animals had lhe officials highly pleased. They were reported tc be w e l l finished and in good show condi- These figures were released following a survey taken Tuesday A crowd of some 300 whites night that he was ordering men to the school, had declared that he feared violence if the Negroes tried to enter Central milled about in front of Ihe school shouting such phrases as "Nigger go bask where you belong" but the whites made no attempt to harm the Negroes. Maj. Gen. Sherman T. Ginger, Arkansas adjutant general, said the guardsmen, all whites, were acting on the governor's orders." "Gov. Faubus has declared Central High off-limits to Negroes," -Clinger told newsmen. The checker game in which See -- ARK. GUARD -- * * * By UNITED PRESS Racially integrated classes 'be-. An unaccompanied 15-year-oldicame a reality Tuesday in the :te for $400 in prizes. Adults at- Negro girl made the first attempt'biggest truly "deep South" mding will be asked to contri- to cross through a line of about date, Greensboro, N. C., and 1 bute SI toward the stock s h o w premium fund. Children accom-, panied by parents will be admitted free. An arena 200 feet by 70 feet has teen constructed with the as- 1 sistance of Baker, who provided shoulder. As she repeatedly at- four Negroes will begin classes tempted to pass through the for- Charlotte, N. C. One Negro 200 soldiers standing shoulder-to- trouble was expected today mation, an armed guardsman . One Negro girl expected to enroll Thursday in stepped forward and turned her back. A crowd of some ISO shouting five Negro children who silently Winston-Salem, N. C. Taunts and threats greeted nd posts; Hubnrt Weldingjwhites engulfed the girl as she Company who drove the posts and! tried to pass the guardsmen. The Mabry Wiglcy of James who pro- whites, shouting such phrases as j .,.(,.,.., u . ,,»,,.*.., ,,,.,, [,.,,- wiiut::,, inuuuiig suuii pnrases as tnere was no violence It was vidcd three laborers to s t r i n g "Nigger go back where you be- historic day for the wire, pengi" made no attempt to harm of 100,000. Grace Methodist Church crating the concession stand pro-] The Negro girl refused to an- Greensboro's elementary and junior high school Tuesday, but there was no violence. It was In Clinton, Tenn., scene last ,year of the ugliest violence afternoon at a meeting of the" 11 " 18 '"I 1 ! drmks ' coltce . h o Ijswer questions of newsmen, integration crisis, seven Negroes:' Greenville Home Builders Assoc- gs ' cool " es ' hamburgers a n d ] l a s t nipht. a federal iinfoel.uaik.Ki JTM,,_ tr-i-.. T, : ,, , . ., :i other refreshments. "In addition to the direct pay-: roll," Dave Sherman, president of 1 ' the association, pointed out, "the home building industry here has a direct effect upon and is a stimulation to such connected businesses as furniture, home appli ances, etc." Attending the meeting were rep- esentatives of the builders who I participate in National Home IS-- tion. An official praised the]\v e ek, Sept. 21-29. They are Vir- The dope syndicate imported youngsters and adults who enter- 'den, Rode, A b i d e . Greenville heroin, cocaine and opium from| e d animals for having done an France and other countries, andiexcellerit job. supernuenaeni lor nocie nuitaing , . . . i ' 0 "· ' Material Company and had helu °" at least °" e occaslon ' smu g-| "This is an excellent chance!the annual Parade of Ho: the position for three years. |gled in about 50 pounds of pure for youngsters who don't g e t j . Lumber and Queen City Lumber. Each _will have exhibit homes in imes. Born in Hamburg. Ark., he · ner °.i n valued on the illicit market down to the farm often to come later lived in Joncsboro, Ark., at 53,500,000, according to U. S.joul and learn the different breeds and came to Greenville in 19«!Alty. Paul W. William.s iof domestic animals and w h a t I The indictment was returned;really good ones loon like," he will re-'\ Mr. Gibbs received his cduca-Aug. 28, sealed and opened today!said " Secretary of tion in the Hamburg Ark., schools J i n the chambers of U. S. Dist.l The trained animal circus ' Last night, a federal judge (walked down Foley Hill from ; *i again ordered the city schooljNegro section of town to study board to proceed with its gradual,with 750 whites. The scene integration plan. It was the sec-iorderly, ond lime since Friday that Fed-| Youngster Are Stoned' eral Judge Ronald N. Davies hadj A shower of, beer .cans, ruled for integration. (bottles and shouted threats greet_1 Between the issuance of the two Jed 17 Negro youngsters decrees, Faubus had called out|islered Tuesday at the formerl/ National Guardsmen to cordon |all-white Sturgis, Ky., high school's LOS ANGELES (UP) - A 33-|off the huge Central High Schooljalso the scene of violence year-old Montana cowboy todayjt" "maintain order and prolecliyear, but the Negroes stayed planned to fight extradition t o j l h e lives and property" of citi- school. · stand trial for the fourth time on zens. Nine Negro Students The nine Negro students sched- At Horse Cave, Ky., about_ 100 Negroes registered without", trouble, along with 800 whites, and otheHand at Monticello A M CollegeJjudge Edward Wcinfeld. At the time of his death he was a deacon in the First Presbyterian church here. Surviving are his lughter. Mrs. W. G. !,Tr., of Greenville and a son, being sponsored by several local Ifirms who have displays in a special show tent. Several perfor- charges of murdering a novelty store operator in Mississippi. Dale J. Morris Tuesday refused uled to join more than 2,000 white [a new consolidated school. :o waive extradition on a fugitive classmates stayed home on theigration of classes went complaint from Harrison County.jfirst day of school yesterday whilejin Ozark, Ark., a small jMiss. His extradition hearing then;270 infantrymen and a i r m e n J t y in the ; -| was set for Oct. 3 in municipaliarmcd with rifles, pistols and state. If court here | bayonets, p a t r o l l e d the area! But in Birmingham, Ala six II Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRFSS fed TM* 1 authoritics lurned overground Ihe school. |N egro families decided against 'iI , ,. "r r ' ,, ""pijurisdiction in the case lo local: About 100 guardsmen remained; C nro!ling their children in all- '" W ^officers. The federal charge of un-'at their posts today. Iwhite schools, pending a school i " l a w f u l flight to avoid prosecution! The Negroes had stayed away i board ruling on their Some Of U. S. .... , ,, * "«* the and! cooler air spread across lhe northeast quarter of the country today. a n d fiiam M. Gibbs of PL Deposit * ' ^! Up; Crewmen Sale mances are being staged each As lhe co0 ' Canadian air moved! day featuring Sylvia Lytell, train-i' n l ° lhe Northeast, temperaturesj ler, with her Liber.y " Dalmalion' dl '°PP cd inln lhe GOs '" mosi areasi ;Dogs. to |Mr. He also leaves two grand-:. A b i ir.t HOUSTON, Tex. 'A B55 making a simulated bombing He Trained Pony m m K , thraurf, tte vlev to he A t h n i c C o \ , t Also Buckshot the trained P ony! norlhwar . 1 " lrou E» New England.:^ Lou ^ Miss ^V, ne 1 . maKing a simuiaieu noniDinc · · · -- ---,,..-*. -- .-- r «. v , . . r ,, . . -j'. L.I/UIO, nu^.i. jrun exploded six miles up Tuesday ^TM* dogs and monkeys. A fuIli L 'S'' TM' n ' e j' '," ^ l ' ercd arcas trials ended in hun. hour show is given. Cowboys per-; aln "E lhc Appalachians. was dropped and the district a t - o n instructions from Virgil T. [Friday. torney's office arraigned Morris'Blossom, superinlendent of public! Negro Judge Aaron of nearbv i a fugilive complaint. ischools. But after Davies an-:Springdale was in the hospita'l Police said Morris broke jail swercd an appeal from school'after being kidnaped, beaten hile waiting to stand trial forlboard attorneys last night by tell! stabbed and emasculated Monday ic fourth time on charges of ing the board to proceed forth-jby a group of white men who Charles Fink, SO. of Bay w i t h with integration, BlossonVsaid told him "this is previous announced thai the high schooljhappen when they integrate the s. ! would l» opened to the Negro slu-schools in Birmingham."

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