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titanic lies - THCWKATHDI or Tuesday; cooler » ; Tuesday and...
THCWKATHDI or Tuesday; cooler » ; Tuesday and lit Wtwt- ·rh portion tonight. LEASED WIRE SERVICE OF THE NATIONAL NEWS ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST DAILY NEWSPAPER IN CATTARAUGUS COUNTY "To-D«y'« ftows TODAY" .VOL. xzxiv.; I EVENING tIMl», MO.Nim, Artlll, I.VI811!. Aerial Message Galled Steamer Carpathia Carpathia and Other Steamers to The Assistance of yVrecked Ship AH The Passengers Safety Removed and the Titanic U Ex- pectod to Be Towed into Halifax this Evening Although . She U Lying Very Low in The Water Halifax, ,\. S., April 15,--Once more the Hash of the wii-el^ss ';S.;p.';S.'':lias averted ,a. great .sea: tragedy; jT.,lie Cu- uard liiH-r 3an)aUiia, ijajl^dtiy an.aer- lal. flash asking for -did/rastieil to the assistance 1 of ttie. giant litt^r'Titam'c hi - the ilarltness: of sew'tdiiiidjantl Hn'd took 011 board; 1,300 'passengers, of that ·great- vessel,. which, had struck, an. iceberg iceberg late last night on ' her-,maiden voyage to New York. The passengers of the Titanic were taken'off in sniall 'boats and transferred to the Carpathia without a single life being lost, according according to advices received here this afternoon. afternoon. Abou-ti 000 were removed at dawn and then there was a cessation for a few hours because of a heavy wind which suddenly arose. When this toad decreased the rescue work was continued continued and the remainder of .the passengers passengers were, saved.. Part of them were subsequently transferred to the Virginian, Virginian, which followed the Carpathia on 1 the scene and was later joined by the Parisian. 'Latest reports received bere said that the Titanic was low iu the water, but that Captain Smith and ! s crew had hopes of being able to bring her into Halifax where she will be docked for repairs. New York, April 15.--All the passengers passengers on the liner Titanic, have been remove^ in safety 'from that vessel and are aboard the,steamship Virginian, according to advices 'received 'received here through the revenue cutter cutter service: Halifax, N. S., April lr,.-*-Tbe following following wireless message-'was received received bore at 4.^0 a. in.; "Most passengers passengers Titanic in lifeboats, Sea quiet." quiet." No name was signed to the message, which Is believed to have been sent by. one of the boats ,h urry- ing to the sinking liner. The Titanic Titanic was still afloat at S.30 a. in. The Olympic, the Baltic and the Virginian Virginian are speeding to her aid. Cape Race. N. F., April 15.--The captain o f ' t h e Olympic later report- by wireless early today that he had been in wireless communication with the liner Titanic at -1.24 a. in. The captain of the Olympic later reported reported by wireless that he expected \lp reach 1 the Titanic by ;; o'clock thls'af- ternoon. The Olympic is bound for where the Titanic me't with disaster. The nearest ship to the [Titanic was the ; Allan^ liner Virginian, 'which Bailed from tills city yesterday morning.. morning.. She was only 170 miles away arid her captain sent word . he was making all possible speed toward the Titanic · · ' - - · · ' " : ' Wealth on Tease). : New York, 'Aprir 1.6. -- Wealth aggregating aggregating nearly half a billion' dollars dollars is represented by ten of the passengers passengers on the wrecked liner Titanic. If calamity befel them it would materially materially -affect the stock market as well as vast business enterprises In theTInfted States a»d England. Foremost Foremost among the passengers in point of 'Wealth is John Jacob Aster, who was returning to New York with his Col. fully bride. Miss Madeline, Force. Aster's holdings amount to ?150, OilO, 000 and be is connected with nearly a score of corporations. Next In financial importance nome Benjamin Guggenheim, A. G. Vanderbilt; Vanderbilt; an-l George -B. W'Idencr. The fortunes of the three are estimated respectively at $95,000,000, $76.000,000 $76.000,000 .and-$-50,0.00,'OVO. Col \Vash- ington Roeb'iing,' : Vbu!1der of the Brooklyn Bridge, is president aid director of the John A. Roeblihg Sons Co. .Hie fortune amounts to about ; '$2o,f|00,000. laldor Straus is one of the best known merchants in the world and is worth about $50.- obo,ooo. ARMY OF 14,000 THREATENS HANKING Troops Threaten Capture of Tbe City For Baby Emperor Tientsin, China, April 15.--An army of 14.000 former imperial soldiers under under General Chan Hsun, is advancing upon Nanking in detiance of President Yuan and the reppblican government according to reports from the south. New York from England and he)- cap- -, The troops threaten to capture.- the tain sent word she would be able-to-city in the name of tie ex-emperor, care for all the..titanic* passengers.; Pu Y1 _ aUllough Uley promi5e to protect Halifax, N. S, April Ifr.-The long| ,,·,.,,,,,, Md fore , v arm of the wireless reached out over · the Atlantic Ocean! today.'In..an at- pklRS u tempt to. secure some news of the. . -- - -- ' - . . . ; ' * White Star;liner Titanic which with 2,21iO persons aboard struck an ice-i berg late last night off the' Grand ! Banks of Newfoundland. . A t -Z o'clock o'clock this morning a message received received at Cape Race, Newfoundland, stat-, ed that t h e ' w o m e n passengers were being taken off in lifeboats. At that moment the wireless ceased, indicating indicating the vessel had lost all power of communication. On the vessel, 1 when she (sailed from Southampton' last week were 350 first class passengers, passengers, 1,000 steerage passengers and a crew of 860. From tbe time the first wireless message was received at the Cape Race station.at 10.25 last.night evr ery vessel In the Atlantic ocean within within hailing distance was rushed with all possible speed toward' the spot 67 DELEGATES TO BE FORJ00SEVEIT RemainingNine Delegates From Pennsylvania Are Pledged To Taft Philadelphia, April .lu.-^Pre»ident Taft will have nine delegate* from Philadelphia in. the national convention. convention. The other 67, are for Theodore Roosevelt. This was made sure' today by the final returns from Saturday's presidential primary. Twelve of the 67 presidential delegates mentioned are delegates: at large to be chosen-by-the State cdifyentign: · _ " ' - "'· Mexican Rebels Have ^ 400 Aferi Were KiBed TWO own. OUR THinTY.FounTB TUB Police Seek To Arrest California Man For Killing of Wealthy Soap Manufacturer Lynn Police Chief Ha» Wired All The Principal Citie* in The Country to Arrest W. A. Dorr of Stockton, California, on Charge of Having Murdered George E. March in Lynn, Mass., April 15.--A war- i rant was Issued today for the arrest I of \V. A. Dorr, who Is charged with ! the murder of George E. Marah, the j wealthy soap manufacturer found I shot to death here on Friday. Dorr | conies from Stockton, California. ; Chief of Police Burckes of Lynn wlr- ! ed all the principal cities throughout I the country today to arrest Dorr on ! the charge of murder first degree. : Dorr is 55 yeas of age. Chief Burckes ! said he has evidence which he be- Ttw monster new ocean flyer Titanic, which was. wrecked last night off H a l i f a x upon her maM«u voyage to New .York.lioKi Liverpool with many prominent Americans oil,board, whose'passengers and crew were saved by the long ami ..of the wireless telegraph and which it is.hoped can -be safely lowed (nto port of Halifax this evening ' ! llcves -would convict Dorr of I charge against h i m . t h e KDITOR STOKKS DKFKATKII. I'XH'XIl RI-8TV TO.ltl'KDO. ARE HOMELESS K.Mwl.slon Followed and Amide Hoy i Lost Hye. ! Arcade, April 15.--Michael German, German, nine years old, found a r u s t y - luilroad torpedo in the cellar of his DOORS IN CHICAGO Senator Italihvln Kriit ronilerH|nn - l I Mini. I I Bradford, I'll., April 15.--The returns ! from 115 out of 46 election districts in .McKean county show that the -Hoose- velt landslide prevailed throughout the rural districts as well as In Bradford city. Brudlord city complete for national 113,000 J'KKSONS IN* MISSISSIPPI ; ^tiler's- hfyne this afternoon. He (\\|«TAIX .VXD MKX OK UHIC-KM)' delegates save Mayo 570, Boose 538; XATIOXAL HUAHI) -UMI-ESTKD' t ' 1e '' n ^ 1 ''(.'legates, Gleason, 228 iindi KOR HX'OLUniXO OFFICIAL. jSwopc. 21S. Roosevelt alternates were ' ' also elected. For -Republican state dcl- VALLKV ARK VICTIMS OK THK FLOODS. 2,-.MK arc Destitute mill lied Cross Will Make Appeal for Aid. Washington, April 15.--'.Major Xor- moyle reported to the war department today ihat 115,000 persons are homeless homeless as a result of the floods in the Mississippi valley av,d that 25,000 of these are destitute. The. American Ked oss'may issue a national appeal for aid. JMimsignor MvN'aniara Dead. Amityville, N. Y., April 15.- -Monsignor -Monsignor McNamara, vicar-general of the Long Island diocese and for 29 yeais rector of St. Joseph's 'Roman Catholic church in Brooklyn, died here today. He bad been in ill- health for more than a year. THIRD CONFERRED SUNDAY tound a hammer and then proceeded proceeded to pound the torpedo to see v.'li, 1 .' it would, do. It exploded, tearing tearing away the right, side of the lad's face «o that Ills eye toad to be removed removed by Dr. George G. Davis. He ..will recover. German's father is a section .foreman .foreman for the Buffalo, Rochester Pittsburgh railroad and lives at Freedom, seven .miles from Arcade. BEIMONT MM FELL BETWEEN THE CARS John Lowe Died in Caboose \VtiiIe Being Carried to Wellesville Belmont, April 15.-- (Special.) -John -John Lowe died while being hurried t o . Wellsvllle In the caboose of the Buffalo and 'Susquehannah through ] freight last night. He had caught a i ride on the freight to get home from ! Wellsville to Belnionti but fell bei bei tween the cars in attempting to i j u m p off at the Belmont station. Both legs and one arm were severed. The trainmen felt the jolt as .the wheels of the caboose passed ovsr him and stopped the train. His father and n doctor were immediately immediately summoned and the caboose coupl- Eight Hundred Visitors in (Mean to Witness Ceremonies at K. of C. Yesterday At least 800 visitors were In the city yesterday aiid were entertained at th( Knights of Columbus Club by, ?1 to an engine started for Wells- the loca 1 ! council; f he- occasion' was': vllle - 'Ixwe died on the way. He the conferring of the third degree j was 25 years of age and the only son upon an exceptionally large, class o f j o f Peter Lowe of tllis villa S e candidates! candidates! There were 141 meni-i . . . hers of the order who were initiated into its higher mysteries by Pas'. State Deputy John G. Brew of Erie, Pa., and his personal staff. The visitors arrived early in the day by special cars and trains. Prom St. Mary's special train over the P., S. N. brought 78, there were 76 from Bradford and probably at least. 100 from Salamanca who came oh special cars over the lines of the Traction Company. The degree work was begun at 2 o'clock and was not concluded until C in the evening. Following -. tHjf work a delicious 'buffet ^luncheon was served by the local council to the POLICE FWD ClUE TO MARSH Opponents of Democratic Huss UORXT Sullivnn lit ought n the Trouble. legates, Oaffney, r10; Boardman, 477, and Larson, 4 4 4 : all Roosevelt men were chosen. For senator, Baldwin Ifas defeated Stokes in the 25th destrlct by 428 plu- | rallty in the city and 1,000 in McKean Chicago, April 15.--Captain Osti-j count -v -v - Por congress, 21st district, gaii and members of the N a t i o n a l ' P a t t o n l« f «ated D « H "as '" the city Guard who excluded election Commissioner Commissioner Anthony Czarneckl from by 149 plurality and about 900 In the county. the 74th Regiment iirmory . t o d a y , j when when he attempted to enter to call the Democratic county convention to'MD MAN|)FVII 1 F order were ordered arrested by coun- 1 '?^"* HIHlUMlwBllllll ty!Judge Owens and brought into his court. .Coroner Hoffman was brought before Judge Owens for contempt for attempting to -servn an order on Judge Owens. The casu was continued continued "for a week. The auli-Sulllvan delegates after u caucus asserted they would force an entrance in to the building. The police were ordered ordered to batter down the door of the armory and arrest all persons who bad anything to do with excluding the election commissioner. The doors were then smashed in with an axe nnd the delegates "filed Into the hall. They met no resistance after the doors were once opened. GOV. DIX MAY CHANGE HIS PLANS the Franklin Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, a basket of roses from the Olean Chamber of Commerce, a sheaf of roses from the librarians of. the Clean Public library, a large bunch of roses from the tnutees of the sam« Institution, H sheaf of wheat and car- Haitious from the 'Men's Association of. the First Presbyterian Church and a bunch of American 'Beauty roses from the Buffalo Association of Insurance Agents. These represented but a small portion of th« flowers, however, for from m a n y Friends, as individuals, there were great bouquets of lilies, carnations, roses and oilier Hewers wbopts fragrance filled the rooms. The i'uiieral sermon was preached by H-v. L. F. Ruf. who spoke feelingly of-tJic fc'cod done by Mr. Miindevlllc in his long life of usefulness in the com- ji'unity. The bearers were U". 0. C'urtiss, Hon. N. V. V. I'ranchot. .Ihon Bradner, Fred Humphrey. William ilorner and M. -F. ( j i i i n n . Tlie honorary bearers included \V. .1. Slawson, Allen .1. Hastings. \V. C. A. Quiriii, Creighton S. Andrews, Edward Fitzgerald ami Perry A. -Davidson. -Davidson. The friends and relatives who camo from out of town to attend the funeral were Mrs. .1. D. Bigford of Nashua, N". H., a sister of Mrs. Mandeville. iMIss Anna Colony of Rochester, -Mrs. G. A. Dick of Kane, Pa., Mru. Bird Lc Grand Reese of Polmaria, X. Y., nieces of ·-Mr. Mandeville, .1. Bradley Mandnvillo of Oil City, a nephew of Mr. Mandeville; Mandeville; .1. Frank Sullivan of Niagara Falls, P. L. Curtiss of Syracuse, local agents of Ca-ltaraiigus and McKean counties, Fred Humphrey ot Buffalo and Jason Stone of Pittsburgh. \V«(5«' Increase for a,OOO. \ V i l l i i u a n t i e , Conn., April ten per cent, wage Increase was put iiito effect today at the mills of the American Thread Company here. More than 2.000' operatives ore ben- elitted. . IS LAID TO REST Many Citizens Turn Oat to Do Honor To City's Former Executive-- Executive-- Beautiful Flowers This afternoon, on u hill overlooking overlooking the city, iu the progress of which he had been so great a factor for nearly nearly halt .\ century, the body of the late VV. H. .Mandeville was laid to rest. The former .Mayor's friends had gathered in large numbers at the home to honor the memory of him who in life had always always cou.'intinded their highest love andl itsiiect. The services were held at 'i.'.W and . More Jliat hour the spacious j rooms were crowded with representa- T' le "i 1 *" season for brook trout, ex- TROUT SEASON WILL OPENJUY FIRST Gov. Dix Oi Advice of His Legal Adviser Has Advanced'Open- ing Date I tive men and women of the eonnuun- ''" Long -Island, hereafter He Had. Letters in Connection With Settlement of Estate, : ; Uvnri, Mass., April, 15--A California man who" made a secret trip across the continent, and was in Lynn for a fortnight fortnight v before the murder of George E. ealthy soap manufacturer, Wreck of the Titanic, in Which He Was to Sail Saturday, the Cause Albany. April 15.--Gov. Dix was shocked today to learn of the reports of the wreck of the Titanic. It was the governor's intention to sail next Sat- j urday on the Titanic for Europe. In the I absence of any definite information relative to the accident the governor said he was unable to say whether he would start for Europe Saturday. I I ity, who had been associated ill one or ue S'" on Ma - v 1st . instead of May 18th. .1 more of the various activities which | Governor Dix today signed the Jones i bad so filled the busy life of the city's] ""I »' lli( ' 11 nli k e this mid other import- former executive. The members of the i i n t changes in the lish and game laws. City Club attended the funeral in a bcdy. The members of the Library j Board, of which Mr. Mandcvillr had served so many years us president, acted as honorary pall bearers. Many beautiful (lowers heaped about is Bought by tlie Lynn police today in connection with th« tragedy. Chief ·the coffin testified to the deep respect of special laws. HUY PROVIDE FOR WAYWARD BOYS In which -Mr. 'Mandeville had been held. The rloral tributes were from individuals individuals and organizations with which Mr. Mandeville had been associated in bis life time, and those from the organizations organizations included a cluster of roses from the Exchange National Bank, ' : gates ajar," from the Cattaraugus Th; measure codifies and consolidates the flali and game laws of the state jinil gives the state conservation commission commission inc-reasetl power in oiH-n and closed seasons, w i t h a view to eliminating: eliminating: tbe necessity for the enactment "1 am authorized to say," says Mr. Van Sautvoord, legal adviser to llov. Dix, "that, under advice from the at- toiney general's office, Uie conservation conservation commission decides that this Jaw will take effect immediately, whfcn signed. Under the t«w law the opeu season for brook trout begins on -May 1st in all parts of the state except iu County Association of Fire Insurance.. , , , . .. . . . . . | Long Island, where it begins on April j Agents, a harp from the Olean Insur- , sK ln re31K , ct , 0 brook t r o u t j .,,,,, o[1 ' ance Agents, u broken column from April 16th in respect to rainbow truot." Mexico Cl;y,;AiJi)l IS.-rThe: column* j despatch received here today. 1 The bat- of (feu. Oroico's imurrecto army un-l "* wai fotifht n«»r,Pwral and the re-j m n n i n d «.!.. i,.,,. niainoer of 0mp»'i men are now in d«r : have; ^-fe***"^^^ eral arn«--In » dlsastriis;fd*;fe*.t in R ^^ ^ ,, f0lni , ,,,, , TelluIi , Ci which. 408 .rebels fell, accortln'g.to' a IIS miles from this"city. visitors most of whom departed dur- Burcke8 wisll4!S lo aTO 9tioii this man. lug the evening. Re wj]1 ^ arr!gted on s )g nt and , tue ! The work, was .excellently put on J clllet :ui - 8(licted that, his arrest would GOV. Ml IS BelBg Urged tO SigB tn«,th* vliltor* .all, reported .h'avlng il)e . nla( i e today by a member of the WMtBflf Hit Far S«niritft had a very, pleasant time. The can- { 1yn - 1)()li( , e delmrtmen t. The .clue that " """* 7 " W ** "^l^"^ dWates from Oleaii numbered aboutj turned the police investigation toward 70 and most of the others were from, California was furnUhed 'by a remark tbe Salamanoa'and Allegany conn- by Marsh 1 * sister with whom he had j being'urged by those Interested in o»l«- There were represented at the lived. The Ulster told Chief BurcKesiinlsoti reform work to sign the Whit- Ca-mpa'i men are n,6w in meeting by delegatiohB,'besides the, that the murdered man was Involved''ney bill, appropriating $50,000 for a night pursued by the victorious troops | council* ab6ve mentioned those o-f^n the settlement of a California es- site and preliminary work tor the'es- Albany, April 15.--Governor Dix is Buffalo, Hornell, Jameatown, Corry, | tate and that in connection with this! tablishment of a state reformatory for Kane, Austin, Emporium, Couriers-' statement he'had rwwlved threaten- niale midcmeananta uetween the ages port and Dunkirk. Ing letters. of sixteen and 21 years. ,000,000 Loss Already in Anthracite Coal Field* as Result of Miners 9 Strike Wllkcsbarre, Pa.. April l.j.-The »u» of the miners amounts to more tlun pension of work at the anthracite coal 117,000,000. 'Merchants throujhout UM wines has now latted -two weeks and' antihracite fields nwi tbe IndtutrUI llf« it wai estimated today that the IOMCH In general now feel Mv«rriy Utc «0*M o! all directly affected by the idlen«i»: of ttv« tuliwnitpn.

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Times Herald (Olean, New York)15 Apr 1912, MonPage 1
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