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Sprouts new breed wins top award - New Alyssium, Brussels Sprouts AndSnapbeans Win...
New Alyssium, Brussels Sprouts AndSnapbeans Win Top Awards Tink Heather alyssum, 'Jade Cross' Brussels Sprouts and 'Gar-dengreen' 'Gar-dengreen' 'Gar-dengreen' snapbean are the out-standing out-standing out-standing new varieties for 1959 introduction. Dozens of other new flower and vegetable varieties were entered In trials. There are twenty-six twenty-six twenty-six for flowers and twenty-three twenty-three twenty-three trial locations for testing the proposed new vegetables before offered to the public. Resident judges have two years in which to compare the entries with nearest similar kinds already in commerce, to icore and evaluate and to comment comment on each one. Only the most worthy and superior superior have a chance for All-American All-American All-American award. They must be widely adapted and with useful purpose for high evaluation in these trial locations from coast to roast and from southern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Sweet Alyssum has been a garden garden favorite for years. Plant breeders have developed more useful and colorful varieties, showing a solid blanket of bloom on only 2 to 3 inch height with a spread of a foot or more per plant, to others of 4 to 6 inches with neatly mounded plants. The old Sweet Alyssum grows a foot high and is not nearly so colorful. colorful. Then came lilac coloring in addition to the w hites. This progressed progressed to violet in Violet Gem of the 5 to 6 inch type and finally finally the AIl American winning violet Royal Carpet with the dwarfest habit of growth. Now comes the 1959 winner 'Pink Heather in the Gem or mounded type. The color is a heather pink, deep in tone in cool weather and along the coast, lighter to much lighter pink in hot, dry weather of normal normal midsummer, then deeper pink towards fall. Pink Heather Heather makes splendid uniform edging, edging, is free flowering over a long season and about the easiest easiest of flowers to grow. It does well in most any soil, may be seeded direct in its desired location location and is satisfactory for everybody to grow. Alyssum is not a cut-flower. cut-flower. cut-flower. It is quick to bloom and an easy subject to bring color to the garden. Use it for edging walks, drives, lawns and flower beds and borders, in rork gardens and window boxes. Pink Heather Heather brings a new color to Alyssum, Alyssum, not bold but the soft color color of heather as used so freely by florists. There was a big Increase in vegetable gardening over Ameri W5 HOMEWARES 109 Mission St. - GA 3-2463 3-2463 3-2463 ca in 1958. Seedsmen mention as much as ten per cent increase over 1957. There is certainly a good reason beyond inflated food prices. People realize that the only way to have really fresh vegetables, full of their fruit sugars, sugars, crisp and tender, is to grow them at home. Let them ripen on the bush or vine and pick them just in time for dinner. Diets and calorie counting are not worried about when we grow and eat our own fresh vegetables. Snapbeans are called the meat of the garden. Cook them long and well, not the way many hotels and restaurants serve them half-cooked half-cooked half-cooked and kept bright green with soda. Boil with salt pork or even a ham hock for further flavor but cook them well for a square meal all by themselves. 1959 introduces a wonderful new garden bean. Can or quick-freeze quick-freeze quick-freeze any surplus still while they are at their early tenderest stage. Snapbeans don't bear fruit all season season so short rows should be planted planted every ten days or two weeks to keep up a continuous supply through the summer and fall. 'Gardengreen' is well named. This new bush snapbean grows vigorously to 19 or 20 inches, is resistant to mosaic and tolerant to both halo blight and root rot. It is productive of 52 inch, very straight, round-podded round-podded round-podded beans of bright dark green color. color. Pods are stringless and fi-herless, fi-herless, fi-herless, smooth, tender and well-filled, well-filled, well-filled, easily pulled from the bush. And pods are held up off the ground. This is a flavorful, table quality garden bean. It is not intended for distant shipping and commercial commercial processing. Gardengreen is a distinct but improved Tendergreen type, most popular of all, and recommended recommended for home and local market use, home canning and quick freezing. Plant Gardengreen Gardengreen for plenty of snaps and best eating quality. 'Jade Cross Brussels Sprouts was the highest scoring vegetable eniry in seven years ot trials and is awarded the only silver medal. This is believed to be the It Pays To Buy The Best Seed Good gardeners know that It costs the same to grow the poorest poorest variety or mixture of flower, vegetable or grass as it does the finest and most satisfactory. Time and labor, plant food and possibly pesticides, watering when necessary necessary are the main outlay for garden and lawn. Cost of seeds are of minor consequence. TLere mav be a few cents dif ference in packets of alyssum or of zinnias or snapbeans, according to variety and what it costs the seed growers to produce those varieties. Purchase for results desired and you can forget the price. Get the best seeds of the newest and best varieties of the kinds and colors you want. If in doubt, look in the seed catalocs or on the seed packets, front and back, for varieties which have merited Ail-American Ail-American Ail-American Selections awards. They are considered the finest of their kinds and colors. No garden can be better than the seeds you piani. first hybrid Brussels Sprouts, the most refined member of the cab-baee cab-baee cab-baee family. It is certainly the earliest, most uniform, prolific and vigorous variety of all, pack ed with "sprouts from us base to its tip leaves. About 24 inches of heavy stem is loaded with sprouts of an inch of more across. Originated in japan, wnere we first obtained the hybrid all-double all-double all-double all-double petunias and seedless water melons, Jade cross is aiso a nrsi and best. Plant for maturity in cool weather, early spring or fall, this cold-hardy cold-hardy cold-hardy delicacy is even improved by frost. The seed croo was coverea wnn ten inches of heavy snow last March and stood the coldest spring weather in fifty years at Kyoto, Japan. The heavy snow did break down many plants ana so there is a short seed supply for introduction. However, seed firms were nrorated about one third of amounts contracted tor and early orders by gardeners may obtain Jade Cross this sea-ion. sea-ion. sea-ion. 1958 All-America All-America All-America selections are now in large production and the finest of their kinds. The exquisite exquisite light salmon- salmon- pink 'Maytime' petunia, largest wavy-flowered wavy-flowered wavy-flowered hybrid grandiflora, is a must. The new double Petite marigolds, uni formly only about 6 inches tall and covered with bloom, go beau tifully with the new 6 inch Fink Heather alyssum. Petite Gold, Petite Petite Orange, Petite Harmony in bicolor red with cold crest, were the 1958 winners. They are also offered in mixed colors, including Petite Yellow which wasn't ready for trial entry with the others. Earliest marigolds to bloom, the Petites are most colorful for edging, low beds and borders, pot plants and boxes. The new 1958 vegetable winners winners are Ruby Queen beet with its richest blood-red blood-red blood-red globe shaped shaped roots, Ruby Lettuce for the most colorful and finest red salad salad lettuce, and Green Wave mustard for its longest lasting, piquent mustard greens. Also Choctaw, in spite of its Indian name, is the heaviest bearing wax or yellow podded bush snapbean. And Pearl-green Pearl-green Pearl-green snapbean was the first white-seeded white-seeded white-seeded variety of the fine flavored, flavored, stringless and fiberless Tendergreen type. The white seeds, at maturity, are useful for dry shelled beans for winter use if there may be a surplus from the green eating stage and most people prefer white seeded seeded beans in snaps. Obtain seeds of these most worthy worthy and useful varieties from any reliable seedsmen. All have equal opportunity of getting originators' finest seed stocks of the All-America All-America All-America All-America Selections. AAS is a non-profit non-profit non-profit organization organization for the thorough testing of new varieties for the information of the seed industry and for the benefit of the gardening public. It has nothing to do with the actual actual sales of seeds. Seeds of the?e award winners, best of their kinds and for their purposes to date, should be obtained through usual reliable sources of seed supply. However, winners should be ordered or purchased prompt ly, before these varieties are sold out for the season. Purchasing Yule Tree Is Best I Ail-American A and America quickness new varieties. free promising All-America thorough similar flower vegetable sections, these growing or a garden a visit their evaluations as reasonably introduction.

Clipped from Santa Cruz Sentinel19 Dec 1958, FriPage 6

Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, California)19 Dec 1958, FriPage 6
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  • Sprouts new breed wins top award

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