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Pilot Car Pg 6 - pilot car (Continued from page 1.) and facts...
pilot car (Continued from page 1.) and facts concerning the scenic beauties or' the various places. When the information has been gathered, the Kauai division of publicity will reveal to the ma'a-hini. ma'a-hini. visiting tourist and also to many on the Island who have not visited the many scenic points, the wondrous nooks and vast scenic displays seen on land, ii: canyons, caves or in a glimpse of the picturesque picturesque coast lines. KUKUIOLONO PARK LAUDED Sunday morning the party visited visited Lawai beach and In the afternoon afternoon as the guests of Walter Mc-Bryde, Mc-Bryde, visited his beautiful park named Kukuiolouo which has been wrought with the aid of nature by the working out of ideas advanta gous to the Island. One who have never visited the pirk, his first glimpse is as being transplanted into another lmd, fertile in sciiiic wonders awe inspiring inspiring in the marvelous symmetry of flowered designs and woonder-ously woonder-ously instructive is the lovtr of various species of trees and flowers. When the visitor stop to realize that one man has worked all these wonders from his own private fund for the benefit ot the public, it puts gi eater emphasu on the hugeness of the task which has been acom-plishet acom-plishet by Mr, McBryde Speaking of the trip of the pilot car Mr. Kilcline said: ''The little advertising to the world that these points of interest and attraction have renived has been one of the most impressive fact gleaned uu TWO BIG PRELIMINARIES I I Admission .50 & $1.00 our trip. For there arc canyons that lival Coloiado famous Grand Canyon in color, beauty availbili-tv availbili-tv and grandeur if not in vastness. "There are waterfalls and mountain mountain streams that equal those of Yosemite and Yellowstone park. And there are many other tourist attraction native only to the Islands Islands that Kauai possesses in profusion. profusion. Therunjfrom Nawiliwili to Waimea and beyond to the precipitous precipitous pali of the Island where the mountain meets the sea the pilot oaf has held its course onlv to take the side routes to scenic features, "The trip is like a succession of gigantic dioiamas, decipting field and stream canyon and waterfall in fact pictures after pictures of nature's nature's wonderful works arc unfolded unfolded to view as the car rolls along ISO AD (iU 11)15 IS VALUADLH "One fcatuie of the trip will be the road guide and map which we have laid out on our travels. Show ing the actual mileage by specdnie-tor, specdnie-tor, every point of interest such as turns, land marks, streams, houses lying in between a stretch of travel, have been recorded. "When complied, the motorist, will be able to travel from one end of the Island to the other, and njr the canyon roads by reading ,w speeiloinotor lie will know just where1 outateaoi lie is at on every mile of the roadway. roadway. "All turns which arc of the "S" figure commonly termed "S" curves by the motorist have been worked out with instructions to drive slow where the torain necessitates it. "In substance, the pilot car trip so far, has revealed natural beauties on one side of the Island alone that are beyond the dreams of the mali-hini mali-hini or tourist. This year has been the first that travelers have made Kauai their objective to any extent and throughout throughout the Elands, the realization is glowing that this travel is a valuable valuable asset. Scores of tourist have visited this Island this year and it was only a few years back that the records in the Waimea district showed showed one louo tourist visitor for the season whcil the average during the immediate past is steadily climbing in rapid proportion." The car will start on an exploration exploration of the roads and scenic points on the Ilanalei side today. MO newspaper can succeed with. out advertising, therefore we solicit the patronage of our readers tor those who by their advertising help to make this paper possible.

Clipped from The Garden Island03 Apr 1917, TuePage 6

The Garden Island (Lihue, Hawaii)03 Apr 1917, TuePage 6
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