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18481228-bmoresun - Mr. Sawyer rose t a meeu,.ii oi privilege, und...
Mr. Sawyer rose t a meeu,.ii oi privilege, und referred, at some length, to u publieauoti in the Nrw ork Tribune, in wlm h .he, tunon, - oilier member. iiw urnudiiKu, ne saia, oi cnaiiiif Mini receiving illegal mileage, lie proceeded to vindicate hiniK - lr' and to shew that he had received no more Zhao it ha.1 been customary to allow, hii.I that the distance had bsen calculated by the committee on mileage, in the same way ss had been that of other members from Ohio, and upon the same kind ot n. formation. Mr. Henly and Mr. Green, both of whom have served upon the cwiiiimttee on mileage, explained "i" ueen uie practice in euieulattug the mileage of merahers, aud stated that the information upon wiiicn tuey nan acted hud lieeu derived, not from the members, hut from the Post - office Department, trom the Post - othee Schedule, Guide Books, Ac. No difficulty had hitherto been made in reference to this rnoue ot calculating, aud it. there was any fault anywhere, it was not attributable to the members. Mr. Turner, of Illinois, oire of the members imrdi - ratad most seriously by tho accusation in the Tribune, spoke at considers! I - length, and with much verity, upon th course of that paper in I hot matter, and pronounced the whole article a tiaeu - " ot una representation and falsehood. t tha conclusion of his remarks, Mr Turner offer - J V?ri" Ol"reolutir'". lastructuig the Committee on Mileage to inquire and renort first, urhrilmr !. - linf 'be present Congress, any greater mileage than oeen receiveu l.v any meinLier; ant, if bo, liy whom, how, and in whai mxiiuer it has been oornputed; in what manner aud by whom allowed Secondly. Whether the publication of the New York Tribune, under the name and auih.irity of Horace Greeley, a member oi this House, does not amount to an allegation of fraud against most of the members of this House, and if so, whether the charge be true or false' Thirdly. Authorising the commute to Bend for persons ami papers Mr. Tarner moved the previous question P Mr. Thompson moved to lay the resolutions on the table, but this motion waa urgatived, by yeas and naya 28 to 12i. Mr. Greeley addressed the Hons at some length, in explanation of the article irftha Tribune, the niode in which the information had been obtained, aud the motives which had induced the publication. There beinc; no imputation of illegal charges by the member made in the article The argument, was, that the law ought not to be construed aa to allow milerure for any greater distance than the shortest mall route, 4 c. Mr. Turner inquired whether he (Mr Greeley) was the author of the aiticle? Mr. Oreeley replied that the compiler of the tables published was formerly a clerk in the Postothce Department, but now employed here lor the Trit une, and that they had; been prepared by bis (Mr. ') directions The accompanying remarks were his own. He bad taken the nearest for ihe members' residences, and calculated the honest ilistanees; by the shortest post routes from thence to the eapirol at Wash Hilton. The differences were not stated to arise from a deviation from thertfa route, but from what would be the legal route U't tie shortest was adopted. Mr. King, of Georgia, said that h had alw vs refused to five any distance, but hail, left that to the com nuttee on mileage. Mr. Greeley made some r.nmk,) n. t ! distinctly heard, in regard to the unwiUiiignesa . f members to l.i e statements, and the disposition to ski ink from responsibility tit the matter. . Mr. King wished to know it that remark waa in tended to - apply to him' Mr. Greeley said that it was intended to apply to no member. Mr. Kin, (very sternly) why did you use it then? Greeley proceeded to explain, and to state the object ka had in view in the publication Tha infor - jnauoa which he had published had beea obtained from the Poat - omce Iwoks. Mr. Turner Did you not know the fact that the poat - omce itselt did not now use these books Mr. Sawyer remarke,! that great injustice had been done him by thispufclic.tio,,. iIe had Hecuwd f charging; for 30u miles furlhi., ti,n his coleaguea Vhy waa thie e Mr. Greeley said that his 'particular r. naj not 1 een takeu into consideration at ii. W'hm he de - ired w.is that the true and equitable route should be fixed by law, or that the law should be fairly construed s Mr. Houston, of Delaware, rose and wade a few remarks in regard to his own ease. The usual route was that invariably traveled by him. Tha first resolution was then adopt.! without a 4t vision the second by yeas aud uays, loo to 43, and the third (the power to send tor persons and papers) was rejected. Adjourned. (I perceive that the New York Tribune has been in the practice, since the commencement of the preaent session, of making very free use of my reports, Jce , without auy reference to the source from which they are obtained. If they are thus of service to that paper, it would seem to be but ait m l t justice that the cuttonviry credit shonid tc riven, '. - o far from this having been done, however, they are eve - n. J : . vi. . , r - f in some insiinci , neaueo, "i - reparca lor idc Tn J?une.J

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