Wyoming massacre, continued

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Wyoming massacre, continued - tlemehts; the people here rcmaioed undiftm bed...
tlemehts; the people here rcmaioed undiftm bed during the reft of the year i - ABOUT this time trie inhabitants having dif - covered that marly of thefe villahous Tories who had itirred up the Indians, and been with them in fighting againft us, were within the fet'lemehts, 27 of thrm were, in January lift, taken up and fecured. Of! thefe, 18 were fent to Connecticut, the reft, after being detained fome time, and examined, were for want of fufiicient evidence fet at liberty ; they immediately immediately joined the enemy, and became a&ive ia - raifing in the Indians, a fpirit of hoftility againft us. This difpofition foon after began to appear, in the behaviour of the Tories and Indians, which gave ihe people apprehenfioos of danger, and occafioned fome preparations for defence; The people had frequent intimation that th Indians had' fome mifchievous dtfin againft themj but their fears were fomewhat abated by the feeming folicitude of the Indians to prefcrve - peace; they fent down at different times; feveral parties with declarations, of their peaceable difpofition toward us, and to requeft the like on our part towards them. They were always always difmirTcd with afTurances that there was no defigri to difturb them. But one: of thofe Indians getting drunk, faid, he and the other meficngers, were only fent to am ufe the people in the fettlement, but that the Indians intended as foon as they were in order, to attack them. On this the Indian men were confined, confined, and the women fent back with a flag. In March appearances became more alarming, and the fcattered families fettled for 30 miles up the river, were collected collected and brought into the more populous putt, la April and May, ftrdlling partie - cf Indians and Tories, . about 30 and under in a company, made frequent, io - curfior.s into the fe tlement, rt bbing and plundering the inhabitants, of provifion, grain and live ftock. Iq June, feveral perfons being at work on a farm, from which, the tory inhabitants had gone to the enemy, were attacked, aod ooe man of them killed? foon afer, a woman ( Wife of one of the y Tories before mentioned mentioned ) was killed, with her five children, by a party of thefe Tories and Indians, who plundered the houfe of every thing they could take away, arid deftroyed the reft. ink u . , jmj j iiiv nuviw wwvijf ui the enemy, confining, it is fuppoftd, of near i6oOi. (about 300 cf whom were thought to be Indians,: under their own chiefs, the reft, Tories, painted I ike them, except their officers, who were drafted like regulars ) the whole under the command of Col. John Butler, ( a Connecticut tory, and coufiu to Col. Zebu'on Butler, the fecondin command in the fettlement fettlement ) came down near the upper fort, but concealed the greateft part of their number, here they had a 'Jkirmifh with the inhabitants, who took and killed tv3 'Indians, and - loft ten of their own men,, three of whom: they afterwards found, killed, fcalped and mangled in the moft inhuman manner. Thxrjday, July 2. The enemy appeared on the mountains, back of Kingfton, where the women and Children then fled into the fort. Moft of the garrifort of Exeter fort were Tories, who treacheroufly gave hup to the enemy. - The fame night after - a little refiftance, they took Lackewana. fort,, killed Squire. Jenkins and his family, with feveral others, in a barbarous barbarous manner, and made prifoners of moft of the Women and children ; a fmall number on'y efcaped. Friday, July 31 .This morning Col. Zebulon Butler, ' leaving a fmall number to guard the f6rt ( Wilkefbury) crofTed the river with about 400 men, and marched into Kingfton fdrt. - The enerriy fent in a flag, demanding demanding a farrender of the fprt in two hours. Col. - Butler anfwered he. mould not furrender, but was ready to receive them. - They fent in a fecond flag demanding aft immediate furrender, otherwife that the fort fhouid be frormed, plundered a;nd burnt, with dl its cdntents, in a few hours - and frid that they had ; with themrjc)6 men. ColL Zebulon Butter propofed' a parley, which .being agreed to, a placed in Kingfton. was appcinfcd for the - meeting, to which' Col. sba - Ion Butler repaired with 40a men, wcHlarcied; fc:'i finding no body thereTlie proceeded to the foot cftbs F6r the ttmainier fee the. Ftttrtb Pege. J : ,

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  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 30 Jul 1778, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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  • Wyoming massacre, continued

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