1878 feb 14 adler koch cotton stuff

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1878 feb 14 adler koch cotton stuff - DtUr amount 30, 1U77, tbe Tbe Weekly through I...
DtUr amount 30, 1U77, tbe Tbe Weekly through I K! 50 10 :« M W 31 W 22 72 M state as named Oal papers on calleO Cant. .who rat. coon snake oibsr tb« his hoU, refute, of the and all aod which had was Cot. S. OUb»rt, for Capt. Wood Gldson; Oapt C. Gantt and a In M of Its their of for storm by and the aroused by aid the the t»wi as rowan, law the wnols with the eren hall that naTe before prUoiai* ««oapv ra- died af- start* d of town putting wrs. this and 9*ra examining of a «wnars hotly · They each....' Then w«ra of tbe srir on Tan der of for Jn- Vallsy. of -- Mr. are Odd UU, an* his thlr Hlokory " naarly ...... Mai; JL party our Verly rlrer, a up to Hlos'snena when tna same out to could of Norte. Koia J. C. The an: lert wood-work other of here, to «m- Company, Moun San An- tile Rio Grande. These mour,ta!ns are located 1 the extreme southwestern portion of i'resldl county, sjd are hlKb and rnicic*tf · alihourj mixed Ye'tiars and gramma gratis cover ere the ir Ugliest points. Tfm rwi mm comi Intc tills country without blndradco, anil It waf wBlta Ic the rlclnltr of UJBSB Mountains tba the exploring party trallrd behind a body o cfabomrt IndUox, mo*lnK tjortb. Moccasin Moccasin tracks warn rrrqa«ntty «en, as were M» tLe foo^-prlnU of ucstibd horses, prorlD, that JnillaBS werr near about. Colon*- Tat» rxprRuMS no doubt bat that hi party was oftfm watched by the reds Tlw miners! re*onrr« of this rejrlcn are T,. , irreat, and it Is the b«ll*f thnt they a.*o a con tlnuaUon of thn 8urra Jilrn of Xo«tco, one n tLe mast noted sllrnr ran(r»s of the worm tipeclmsns of the silrer ore were pr!erv«- wnlch were talwn from th-s» mountaliu, and th.re Is no doubt of an abundance of tho precious precious mat*!. In this CvUytry coppflr wa also foaod to abound. 114 wrll as lead, bismuth. bismuth. Iron, brrtE, araphlbolo fir douhtfa specimens, marble of floe jrraln and Kjpnum tnobfh tho latter Ix to bo found Ic many paru of Texas. This region uot only abounds la mineral*, but Is rich In granuM and unbound *d fraraoK fields, rleh of noil, water to be found at a depth of from t*n to twenty foet in all the principal Tallvys. Only protection fo life and security to property are necessary t Icsare Its dertlotment sod Its population bj a progrssstTe and cultivated people. BAS SABA COU.NTT. Krwn: John Earkey, of Elchland creek, died on Monday, of wounds received at the bauds of O, W. Sttrrenson. Two lives havi thus ended orer vhat IH d^cfd«dl7 a rer. frivolous mitter Sun BabaNrWf. Yob. H Another nno rain hasfaUen and oacfarmon are rnjolcinK at tbe pro*p4ct of line cropi next Rummer. Our cltlzrcna who depend upon .rearing stoclc aloqo for a Jiving have not tlie nsme cause to be deUfjutod. Jc In Indeed un fortunate that In thli county tho heavy rains which sometlues fall la wloter, whilst they put a jcood " season In th^j ground," ns the farmer terms It, they cause tile graan to bo come almost ·? orthless. Tlt\^l! COOJT7. Xffnlntj Gazettt, Feb. fl: Tho ffronnd has b«.D broken up for the nnw Methodist church to be erected on tho lot just north or tbo capl toL The cornor-stons wul bu laid In about *l? w«exs and wort to right on. There wlJl be two towers--one at each of the front comeni The main tower will ne 1:0 feet hl^-h. Tho en tf?e front of the bullcllPK will bo W foet anc the depth 107. Tho nave, or room for worship will bs3Ci»3 foot. Toe erection of t*il» church tbs new portoDlce bulling, tho Odd FP!|OWJ Temple, and Ulllttt's Opera Ecunn. should make tlmss lively In Austlu tbt* coming k guni mer. TfjUniKOTOi; COWTY. Xanntr: Wo learn thn'. In tho Day Hill neighborhood many fanners bcxan planting corn on Monday....Mr, M. P. K«rr announces himself as a candidate for mayor--Sunday afternoon two while imrn came up from Ccappell JSII1 to procure warrants for tho nr- rest of three or fo'ir negroes, who, on Sunday .last, set upon Mr. John P. lillUngnlos, Of Au(l- tin county, anil gave him such a severe beat- log that he died of hip Injuries on Friday or Saturday la-1. A Mr. AU?on, who was In company with Mr. B., war nl*o roughly handled. handled. Tom Gwrott, one of the n-Kro*-R coo- oeroud ID the row, was arrcxted at a nmpKtcad and broDKnt upon tho train Mocdar uoon. He Is now In jail. It Is aUo rumored that Allison Allison is dead, but thin Is not certain. 7ODSG COUSTY. On the 29th of lant month Kr. W. B. Chan dlsr, C. F. Wilson and others repaired to a blnff about one mDo west of tbe lesldccco of Mr. Chandler, HvlDK on Bellinsp,near whnt Ix kacwn as rattlesnke hollow, in search of venomous reptilBB. After recoovlDR some earth from under the ed^e of a large rock the work of destruction bft/sn. They 2rAKK«d out with sticks and such Ollior toolA as they had 07 snakes, all of -vrhlch but four coach whips were rattlesnake*, measuring from one ud one half 10 five fest In length. ZAI'ATA COU-STY. Corpufl Christ! Gazette, F«b 9: In Znpatu county tbe effect of th« torrlble drouth of '77 Iscowmors r.pp^renc tlmn ever. Tho K"«S his been literally blown awny by tho scorch- lDK.winds, and scarcely A vuRtigo of food remains remains for ins brute creation beyond tbat obtained obtained from thD merqulto trees and the prickly psar. Persons have bern formrt to drlvo their r jntl« stock to pastures found lu this vicinity, and only those wbo can afford to pay sixty cents per peclc for cnrn can allord to keep a hone to rltle. Nearly svery one ia on foot, njid how the people subsist Is fltlll amat- t*r of conjecture. Time hug not elapsod yet since thn spring rains to altow the gragfl to ^row sufficiently for stock, ani the sulTeriaKfl which have been experlnncel by them mur.t contlnHS for several weeks yet. -TilK WiN FBOTI TEXAS. Iff Came \rithln an Ac« of Sirn- dllnar a Tvow Orleaua Aloane Out or $2800. [From tie Now Orlcwns Times, 12th ] · On Frid»y ]«t a man' of respectable appearance called s,t tbe store of Messrs. Prudhommo Briggs, 87 Magazine street, and introducing himself to Mr. Prudhocr.ine as J. Kocli, from Dallaf, Tciai, stated that ha-riug bad dealings witk th* flnn, through their traveling sgiDt, in November, -he called to a»y that he desired to make further purchases, purchases, and to negotiate; moreover, lor the sale of a shipment, ol cotton and hides which was then en route' to New Orleans from Ferris, Texas. Mr. JPrudbomme expressed his ·wil- lingness to trade Tviih-Mr. Koch, and in compliance 'with the litter's request to make cash advances on the consignment consignment of cotton and hides, predicated of course upon the production of tho bills of Jading. Koch then made detailed inquiry ol Mr. Pruduomme touching amount of advance he would make, objected objected to the proposed rate of interest, intimated that ho wanted to buy ten barrels of molasses, and conducted himself himself generally in a'somewhat indifferent and not over-anxious way, that want very far toward impressing llr. Prudhomme Prudhomme with a belief in the man's sincerity. sincerity. After considerable talk Koch finally agreed to turn his hides and cotton over to the firm for sale, and was to receive an advance of $3000 thereon, upon tbe ductlen of the bills of lading. These, he said, wore in the coarse of transmission to him through the mails [iota rorris, TCISE--the place whence tho property was shipped--and would reach him by Saturday--the next day. Everything being satisfactorily understood, understood, Koch left, promising to look la on Saturday morning-with tbe bills of lading and to get his $3000. Accordingly on Saturday morning he appeared duly armed with flvo bills ol sdinjc-of the Houston and Teias Cen- ind Railway, dated Ferris, Teias, Feb. I--three of them purporting to be-for ;he shipment of -13 bundles of hides, and two of them lor 80 bales ol cotton --and set forth that H. Roberts was the ·nipper and J. Koch the consignee. They seemed to be in proper form, written upon regular blank?,- stamped with the company^ siamp, and signed »y G. Mackey, agent. Mr. Prudhomme njpccted them, and thought they were all as straight as a firing, save in the iriillngcircumstance that the bills of .ading were not numbered, nor did either bear the number of tho car in which the goods were fhippcd. Mr. Prudhomme therefore decided to carry the bills around to Whitney So.'s. office for further investigation, whereupon Koch, having grown somewhat somewhat nervous over the delay, begged to enow what was wrong, and saying that je wai in » hurry, asked if he couldn't lave a check for the advance at once. adding that $2800 would do, and that ie would like it right away. 'But, my dear sir," said Mr. Prud- lOmme, "you shall have your money u soon u 1 am satisfied tbati these bills are all right E they are all right, the money will be forthcoming according to contract." Koch thought It strange thai there ihould be any question about it, but ttr. Prudhommo wen', nevertheless, to Whitney Co.'n, leaving K. to await lis return. Whitney Co.'a chief clerk thought the bili^ all right, ·with exception noticed by Mr. Prud- me, but to settle matters, at once .elegraphed to llackay, the acent at Ferris, thm: 'Did you sign, on tho 6th, for SO isles of cotton and 43 bales hides, consigned consigned to J. Koch, Nev.- Orleans?'-' Upon Mr. Prudhomme's return to his store, Koch was TIOJJ at, having slipped off without leaving oven- his address, aad to this hour^t maybe remarked, he has failed to claim the $2800, or to make even a sign. Meanwhile, bright and early on ilon- day morning, Slackiiy's answer was received, and this is what he said: " H. Roberts never shipped any frelgb; from here; I never signed a bill of lading for cotton or hides f-o any one at New Orleans." That settled it, acd revealed In a very positive way that the -whole thing was a job, and that the bills were forgeries. forgeries. The question now is, howjdjd here by a sharper. !*OTZ* A7TJD OPINIONS. Ciaciaaati Enquirer: The adTOC»te of the old illvsr dollar have that CoDCTew h»d no power in th. siercise at iu control over coinage change pre existing contracts, ca'ly no such power when the nnmcJ a ipcciflc -number of grains gold of silver. We have insisted Congress b»» W complete a ria:ht demonetize gold as to demonetize and have urged the introduction bill demonetizing, to show the neas and dishonesty of the of tho anti-silver men. But Senator Elaine takes the advance ground Congress has no power to demonetize either silver or gold, « a corollary the propoMtion we have frequently down, Mr. Blaine docs not apprehend that any une -will affirm the power Congress to demonetize liolh gold silver, and it follows, he claims, Congress ban no right to deprive of Its monetary quality. This raisei aa Interesting question In connection with our metallic money. Whatever the soundness or UDtoundces* of position, the fact remain! tbat one the moat eminent of the Republican Senators, and an enemy of the Silver bill, denounces the demonetl/.s,- tloc of silver by a Republican. as unconstitutional St. Louis litpvblUan: The mere that so many people can be think contraction must be an of resumption in silver, and that Urge number of people think they oppose resumption in silver Just as hotly as they do resumption in gold, how much ignorance there to of grave change in our financial dltuation the J3land bill will.occasion. Contraction Contraction as an accompaniment of rcBump lion has had but one purpose, to increase the value of the greenback to bring it to par with gold, or to par with gold that when the arrived for the government to redeem promise to pay a gold dollar the piece of paper called a dollar should bo presented, very these paper promitei would be presented. presented. If the povernment could lave accumulated a fund of . (zold by lie 1st of January, 1879, equal to the whole volume of greenbacks outstanding, contraction would never have been a feature resumption, even il greenbacks were ·worth to day 50 cents instead of cants in -golu, and Iheir aggregate amount twice what it is. But resumption was resolved on in 1876 when was worth from 11 to 17 cents han greenbacks, and it wai plain f something was net done to bring beir values more together, everybody would want to get gold for when the redemption wasbcjzuo, BO o make the 11 to 17 cents profit. contraction, which by decreasing the number of greenbacks and increasing he demand, has, with other causes, jrougbt them within two per cent, ;old and four per cent, above silver. t not plain that contraction has. no )art to play in silver resumption, he promise is already worm more be thing promised? New York Timei: Still more con- picuous would bo its failure as % method of conciliating tho reckless gnorant Western sentiment which on tbe side of the Bland bill. Hr. Christlancy puts upon the sentiment construction which the criticism directed directed against him by the influential organs of the movement Bhows to untenable. A brief scrutiny of West- srn newspapers, of cither party, will convince him of the hopelessness of aek as he explains it. Hr. Blaine's advocacy of a dollsj of 4S5 grains fare no better. It will be scouted mockery of rcmonctization. The very ssence'of reroonctization is a dollar .lit grains. That was the dollar Jongress set aside; that !»the dollar which Congress must restore. Nothing Ise will please the promoters of gitalion which Republican. leaders ODfound cunning with statesmanship re anxious tp turn to their own ount.. They-must concede everything jr the »acnflce of principle will be fain. The silver people in the West are too powerful to surrender the ion .they occupy. A veto may baffle hem for the doment; but ha hai ed their devices and appeals lo lurpose who believes that they bus easily turned from the prosecution )t their demands. They want the silver dollar, not u the equivalent ;old;-bul because it is · less valuable han gold; and for this reason only hey urge that it shall bo made imited legal tender for the nation'i creditors as well as their own. Tp on moral or financial grounds with .emagoguci and journalists who made the .movement what it is, will keep it as it is, is to waste nd to intensify their bitterness, aooner or later disaster will overtake hem, but In the meantime they n a mood to listen to the talk ompromiae that would defeat their most- cherished object. Republican eaders who desire to retain a future an not afford to throw away sound irinciple in a fruitless negotiation, epudiatorB.. The bard of the Louisville Courier- Journal warbles thusly anent the if IDle, I'appenheim: AOmlts that she Is twenty-nine. - Yet twenty-nine With Papponholtn DOCB not, you see, exactly rhymo. But Pappuihelm,' Defying Time, And owning up to twenty nine, Will brighter shine, (AS I oplno,) For tmth is scurcer far than JACKSON'S BEST Sweet Nary Chewing Awar'lad highest prize at Centennial lon for fine chowing qualities and f-xcolltince nd lantloK character oC sweetening and oiing. Tho best tobacco ever made. As lue strip trade-mark Is closely Imitated rior goods, gee that "Jackson's Best" very plug. Sold by all dealers. Bond for amplo, free, to C. A. JACKSON* CO., Manufacturers, Petersburg, Va. NO and-Organ Playlns; Learned ina . "o fraud. Particulars free. Af onts d. Kare chance. Address A, C. M03TON, Ulanta. Ga. for n tholr own localities, canvassliJK far the Flre«ld« Visitor, (enlarged) weekly Monthly. LarffaaC paper In the with Mammoth Chromos free. Big commls- i tx Agents. Terms and Outfit free. Ad-. F. O. VICKEB.Y, Angnstau. [ A Kxira fine Mixed CardMiwjth jtU camo, 10 cfintv, Jo«tp«ld, L. JONE8 Pianos Retll priM $900, only PJLILOR OBOANS, price only 185 Fjtper tr«e.DAN.F. ATTY. wanhlnsrton. N.J. HEAKING KESTORKJ)! Groat InrentJon by otewho w« deaf ears. Send atamp for pjtrticulart. GASMORE, Locl-Boi 80. Ma.dUon. led. GRACE'S SALVE. JONZSTILIJC, Mlo.h.. Dec. 27, 1877.--Messra. Bowler.: I sent you 50 cents tor two araoe'a Salve. I hare had two and used loth on an ulcer on my foot, and It Is wall. Kespectsully yours, C. J. VAN NESS. l'je SH cento a box at all drcelsts, y mull on receipt of 55 cents. Prepared SErH W. FOWLE £ BOSS. SO Harrison Avo , Boston, 31. 3MC O3NT ERTAIK. PROMPT AND KELIABLE EDT FOE TECE PREVESTION ' AND CCRZ OF iONStlittPTION, A^THJl.V, BKOS- C1I1TIS. CATAJUtJI, and all DISEASES of (lie CHEST, THBO4.T an« ttSCS. It !s also earnestly recommended for all disorders of the Nervous and Blood Systems uneqpaled as a Nerve, Blood and Brain rtlLRIONA may bo ordered through dealer In medicines, or direct from MOSES, Sols Propifltor. IS Cortliujdc street, Ivew York. Price One Dollar per bottlo. Important circular sent/r« to sJlapplicants.

Clipped from The Galveston Daily News14 Feb 1878, ThuPage 4

The Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas)14 Feb 1878, ThuPage 4
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  • 1878 feb 14 adler koch cotton stuff

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