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 - Championship Chess (P-Q5 By BLAKE STEVENS...
Championship Chess (P-Q5 By BLAKE STEVENS Southwestern Open Chess Champion Bolvinnik, in winning the world chess championship, employed the Caro-Kann defense six or more occasions with good success. In the third match game, the players follow well established p a t h s through move 13. 1 P-K4, P-QB3; 2 N-QB3, P-Q-i; 3 P-Q4, PxP; 4 NxP, B- B4; 5 N-N3, B- N3; 6 P-KR4, P-KR3; 7 N-B3, QN-Q2; 8 B-Q3, BxB; 9 QxB, Q- B2; 10 B Q2, KN- B3; 11 O O O , P-K3; 12 K-N, O-O-O; 13 P-B4, P-B4; 14 B-B3 pawn). At this point Black plays 14 ... PxP and Modern Chess Openings says, "although White's development development is preferable, Black may just be able to equalize." This game, then, is important from the theoretical standpoint and shows how black proceeds in this position. position. 15 NxP, P-QR3 (preventing N-N5. Black's development lags); 16 Q-K2 (note that instead of 15 ... P-QR3, Black could have tried 15 . . . N-K4, but 16 Q-K2 exposes him lo greal dangers if he tries to win a pawn), B-Q3; 17 N-K4, NxN; IS QxN, N-B3; 19 Q-K2, R-Q2; 20 R-QB, Q-B4 (a good defensive move, holding White's allack back a little); 21 N-N3, Q-B-lch; 22 R-B2, B-B2; 23 P-B5, R-Q4; 24 P-BG, B-N3; 25 N-Q2, Q-K6; 26 N-B4, B-B2; 27 QxQ (this is hardly to be avoided), RxQ. lite Queen exchange has lightened lightened Black's defense and the game should drift toward a draw. 28N- K5? (White labors under the delusion delusion that he has a preferable game and errs tactically), RxB; 29 PxPch, KxP; 30 RxR, BxN. Black has a winning advantage (N plus'B equal 7 points value as against 5 for the white Rook). Care must be exercised. 31 RN3ch, K-R2; 32 R QB1, RQN RQN (Black's first trump is shown: he is willing to exchange a pair of Rooks. This will free his King and enable the two minor pieces to begin o p e r a t i n g against the Pawns); 33"RxR, KxR; 34 R-B4, N-Q4 (a fine outpost); 35'K-B2, P-KR4. Black's last is a functional move which ties up White's pawn structure and further l i m i t s White's Rook. 36 P-QN4, K-N2; 37 K-N3, B Q3; 38 P-QR3, B-B2; 39 R-B2, B-N3; 40 K-B4, N-B5; 41 P-N3, N-R6 (the first move of the second session of play and one which illustrate!; how the two minor pieces can gang up against the enemy pawns); 42 P- B3 (P-B4 is worse), N-N8; 43 P-B4, N-B6; 41 P-R4, N-Q5; 45 R-Q2, N-B4 (at last a tactical move--if 4G R-Q7ch, K-B3; 47 RxP, N-Q3ch forking King and Rook); 4G P-R5, B-K6; 47 R-Q8, B-B7; 48 P-N5, K-B2; 49R-KN8, PxPch; 50 KxP, BxP (the first fruit); 51 P-RG, B-B7; 52 K-R5, P-N3; 53 R-QR8. B-K8ch; 54K-N5, N-Q3ch; 55 K-R4, N-B1; 56 K-N5, B-B7 (black has devised a means of scaling the While Rook in a (omblike enclosure); enclosure); 571C R5, B-R2; 58 K-N5, P-B3; 5D K-B4, P-K4 (overlooking N-N3) 60PxP, PxP; 61 K-B3, B-N1; 62 K-Q3, N-NG;- 63 P-R7, NxR; 64 PxB(Q) ch, KxQ; 65 K-K4, N-N3; 66 KxP, N-Q2 ch; White resigns as 66 K-K6, K-B1!; 67 K D7, P-N4!; 68 PxP, P-R5; 69 P-NC, N-Q4ch (or 69 K-KC, N-B1!). A fine endgame execution.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 25 May 1958, Sun,
  3. Page 88

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