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of of in - b SOirOF MARSHAL HEY Indiana Man Claims His Father Was Napoleon's General. BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE" Asserts He Was Not Shot in the Luxembcurg Gardens. Bat Thar Jfey Caaso to America aad Be- Be- -'- -'- -'- eaaso a School Teacher la --.. --.. --.. Korth Carollaa. ftrwdal Correspondence of The Inter Ocean. " LOUISVILLE. Jan. 6. At SalUllosvllle Ind., about twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four miles back from New Albany, lives a "man of 92. known to the pub lic aa Dr. E. M. C Neynzan. To the few who bave heard his story he is Eugene Ney, third son of Marshal Ney, "the bravest of the trave." Quite naturally hla story Is connected with tha legend that Marshal Ney waa not really ahot in the Luxembourg gardens, but v-as v-as v-as spirited away to die a country school teacher in North Carolina. -. -. The story did not become known through him, and when questioned about It be denied at first that his name had ever been anything else than Neyman. It la only in very recent years that he has admitted that Marshal Ney was his father. He now says that at his death papers will be forthcoming to prove his story. At a meeting in this city bstween Dr. Ney man and the Rev. Dr. James A. Weston, th author ot a book about the North Carolina Ney, and two newspaper men. Dr. Neyman for the first time old of the farewell scene be tween his mother and Marshal Ney. Tho parting took place on the evening following the supposed execution. He also told ot in terviews with his father In this country. Regarding the parting be says tbat al; bough only 8 years old at the time, he remember. distinctly how his father, of whom he stood la great dread, came in disguise to his home, kissed his wife and children good-by. good-by. good-by. and. mounting tbe borae that stood waiting at tb door, rode away into the night. - Of what happened to Marsfc! Ney during tbe next few years he knows nothing except what his father told him when they next met, which was In Baltimore la 1S21. It seems that when Ney left home on that night ha escaped Into Eng-ltno) Eng-ltno) Eng-ltno) aided ty powerful friends and passports furnished by the Duke of Wellington. In England he was befriended by "William Cob-bet Cob-bet Cob-bet t, the famous Liberal leader of Parliament." Parliament." Cobbett gave him letters to Influential Influential people In Baltimore and aided him to cross undetected to this country. Here Ney was in perfect safety, but on account! oil ht friends in England and Prance, who might have suffered severely bad their part in his escape become known, be kept his Identity a secret. Here he bcame a schoolteacher, securing securing many pupils through Cobbett's Influence. . Father aad Boa Meet. When young Ney came to this country In 1821 his father apprenticed hUn to Drs. Rush and Cox, the Philadelphia surgeons, and it waa under them that tho son received his education. . It was not until fourteen years later tbat father and, son met again. Peter Stuart Ney was then teaching school In Iredell county. North Carolina. He made his home with Placebo-Houston, Placebo-Houston, Placebo-Houston, a farmer. To this place young Ney made his way, reaching It at supper time. He asked te be accommodated for the night, but bis request was refused, the farmer saying that every bed was occupied. occupied. Young Ney insisted, saying that as It was tho only house within reach he must sleep there or on the roadside. He agreed to sleep on tbe floor, and the farmer yielded to bis entreaties. . At supper father and sob sat opposite each other, but did not speak. After the meal they left the house together. went behind a haystack, and remained there talking until nearly morning. This Is corroborated corroborated by Mrs. Mary C Dal ton. daughter of Farmer Houston. 6b e says that when abo and, tha other members of the family were told of tbe meeting behind the hay-; hay-; hay-; stack by Frederick, a farm hand, they remembered remembered that when the two men faced each other at the table there seemed to be a sign ot understanding between them. At this meeting Ney gave his son a check for 1 1.000 for his start in "life and earnestly recommended recommended him to enlist in the United States army. -This -This advice young Ney followed. He went to Jefferson barracks, at St. Louis, and enlisted. He was in the Eighth Id fan try during the Seminole war. and was also in the expedition against the Mormons. - He next saw Marshal Ney. and for the last time alive. In 1843, at which time young Ney had returned to civil life and was practicing medicine in Brownatown, Ind. They met by agreement in a tavern kept by Thomas Allison Allison at Statesvllle, N. C. Of this meeting Dr. Neyman has little to say. Later be went to Jackson, Miss. When the war with Mexico broke out he went again Into the army, but under the assumed name which he still bears He is rather reticent on that subject because for many years bo feared prosecution by the United States government for a serious offense committed during the Seminole war. He says that one day he found a very dear OUIRECEMB Of the Remarkable Ohio Invention, Was So Very Satisfactory We -Ing the Same as Just It I Truly a Godsend to All Humanity, stowed Upon Man, Many letters have reached ns concerning this wonderful Cabinet, described to a former last A Marehlns Investigation has been made, and w caji imn our radrs tt la Just aa rapra-antd rapra-antd rapra-antd and everything claimed for It. 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Thla Is a genuine Cabinet with a real door; handsomely iraade; best materials: rubber lined; besivy stee-l stee-l stee-l frame ; top curtains; in fact, all tha latest Improvements: will last 3s years; not a Dr. Neyman proposed to Inter the remains c Peter Stuart Ney. He had been secretly corresponding corresponding for a long time with tbe deacons of tbe Third Creek church for tho purpose of securing Neys remains, but Bis requests tad been refused. Finally Dr. Neyman went to the deacons and told his story under a strict pledge of secrecy.- secrecy.- It was sot believed, but wien Or. Neyman offered V prove by an examination of tbe skull tbat tho dead man was Marsha Ney. the authorities were sufficiently sufficiently Impressed to agree to hsve It exhumed. exhumed. This was done on May 3. 1689. Marshal Marshal Key's skull had once been trepanned, and Dr. Neyman hoped to show this, but he was disappointed, the body being la such a condition after forty-three forty-three forty-three years that examination was Impossible. The church authorities authorities then finally refused to allow the remains remains to be removed.. During this whole time Dr. Neyman had remained silent on the subject except to tbe church authorities, and ta . all probability would have continued silent. But the story leaked out In North Carolina, coming to the ears of Dr. Weston, rector of the Church of the Ascension, at Hickory. N. C Dr. Weston Weston was then completing a book on the probable probable fate of Marshal Ney. and was. of course, much Interested. He wrote to Dr. Neyman and received a reply asking him not to reveal reveal his identity, but admitting the truth of the story. The tale had begun to spread already, and before long Dr. Neyman was questioned by many people. To these he gave little satisfaction, contenting bimseu with the statement that the school teacher burled in North Carolina was certainly Mar shal Ney. It is only since the publication of an article written by a man at Albany. N. Y., who says he Is related to Marshal Ney. that Dr. Neyman has given any particulars to support bis statement. Tbe article referred referred to scouted the Idea that Marshal Ney died in this country or anywhere else save is the Luxembourg gardens. - - - Say Has Wrlttea Proofs. Among his friends, a very strong point In favor of Dr. Neyman's story is the apparent lack of incentive for him to falsify. He has wealth far beyond bis needs, and bas at most but very few years to live. He cares nothing for ostentation and evidently notning xor any fame which the matter may bring him. as is evinced by bis long silence ana many denials. Another point is the remarkable re semblance between Dr. Neyman s son and the pictures of Marshal Ney when the latter was about middle age. Dr. Neyman s nmiiy law yer is known to have papers which no one Is to see until after the doctor's death. Dr. Neyman says they will prove his case. History records that .Marshal Key's third son was named Eugene and that he wag born In 1S08 In Paris, which would make him the same age as Dr. Neyman were he living. But about this point. Dr. Neyman's story, and Larousse's encyclopedia diverge. Larousse gives Count Eugene's career. It says he entered the French diplomatic service, waa stationed . at various foreign cities, and in 1843 was sent as charge d'affaires to Brazil, whence be returned to Paris ta 1845. suffering suffering from the illness which caused his death In the same year. And further to show that Eugene Ney was a person whose career was

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