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Charles Henry Clark - Ill AND Rough Experience of the Eapphannock...
Ill AND Rough Experience of the Eapphannock Three of Her Sailors Are Drowned The Sloop of War Daphne Coming Here Loeal Marine Notes The brand - new American ship Rappv hannock arrived from Kobe yesterday with a cargo of over 4000 tons of coal and a collection of rare Japanese curios all shipped by one person and consigned to Williams Dimond Co The Rappa - hannook was built during this year at Bath Me and is owned by Arthur Sueli She is without any doubt one Of the handsomest vessels in port She is a three - masted ship and has six topgallant yards by which the vessel is made easy to handle The poop deck runs to the mainmast Her patent windlasses are operated by a donkey engine The handsome handsome cabin is finished in solid oak In conversation with her commander yesterday the details of an adventurous voyage were learned The Rappahannock sailed for Kobe from Philadelphia on her first voyage Severe weather was encountered On June 17th a sailor named John Bauer fell from the cross - jack yards during a heavy gale and was dashed to the deck He was a mass of broken bones and bruises and died of his injuries within four hours of the fatal accident On September 19th a heavy typhoon was encountered off the Japanese toist Huge serj swept over the vessel and one of them washed overboard overboard and drowned a sailor named Thomas Magee The typhoons caused the ship to be hove to for twelve days After sailing from Kobe on November 13fn fair weather prevailed until November November 23d when a hurricane ensued The ship at the time was lying to under three lower topsails Two of them were blown away and the sailors prayed that the remaining remaining topsail would follow suit Heavy seas swept all the deck ornaments awaj - On Sunday December 21st a heavy gale was encountered about 500 miles off the coast of California Herman Ganz a German German apprentice went aloft to furl a top sail ana that was the last seen of him Late at night the captain called lor him and he could not bq found During one of the ships lurches he had fallen overboard overboard The first voyage of the Rappahannock all in all was a severe trial the will discharge discharge her cargo and load wheat for Europe The Daphne Coming Information was received yesterday that the British war steamer Daphne had sailed from Esquimault on Monday the 22d inst Ker destination is San Francisco Francisco and she is expected to arrive at any moment She comes here for coal and will subsequently proceed to Honolulu The Daphne is a sister ship to the sloop Nvniphe which visaed this port in June last Which he answered by making an order that she should be permitted to have the little one three days week between the hours of 3 and 5pil until the case should be finally disposed f Mrs Clarke immeaiafely took possession Of the child who was present in the courtroom courtroom and fora few moments fairly smothered smothered him with kisses paying no attention to the ang7 glances of her husband and the Beuletas who had the little fellow in charge - nt BELATED TAXPAYERS The Tax Collector Office Besieged by Crowd Tbecorridor In front ot the Tax Collectors Collectors office in the new City Hall was crowded all day yesterday with property - owners anxious to pay their taxes before 6 p itn when the time for paying them without without the penalty of 5 per cent for delin - quency expired The large force of additional additional clerks was constantly employed iu issuing tax bills and the receipt clerks worked during the afternoon with beads of perspiration on their brows The collections collections amounted to nearly 296000 in sums ranging from 33 cents to 25000 All persons Who have failed to pay their taxes are now delinquent and must pay the penalty of their tardiness WORLDS FAIR WORK THE STATE MAY HAVE A DOUBLE EXHIBIT What the Legislature Will Be Asked to Do A Local Canvass The Fort George in Port The British iron ship Fort George came to port from Cardiff several days ago aild until yesterday anchored in the stream Sae has docked at Howard - street wharf to discharge coal and coke It was learned yesterday from her commander commander Captain Hanna that she sailed from Cardiff oil August 24th Theequator was crossed in latitude 17 deg 40 min - west She was thirteen days sailing from 50 deg in the Atlantic to 50 deg in the Facitic Ihe Fort George remained 200 miles outside the Golden Gate for eiht days waiting a favorable chance to enter port Flotsam and Jetxam The trading and sealing schooner Wini - frea owned by Captain Campbell is reported reported missing She went north from Victoria several months ago Nearly 3000 woith of navigators instruments instruments sails and sundries was takeii off the wrecked Norwegian bark Straum a few days ago MES CLARKESCHILD SHE 18 STILL STRIVING FOR ITS POSSESSION Sbe Gained Another Point In the Habeas Corpus Case Au Affecting Affecting Scene The habeas corpus proceedings instituted instituted by Annie E Clarke on behalf of her four - year - old son Charles Henry Clarke whom she alleged to be unlawfully restrained restrained of his liberty by David and Kate Reulein came up lor hearing in Judge Wallaces court yesterday afternoon As stated in the Chbosiclk several days ago the Reuleins hold the child by virtue of an adoption decree entered by Judge Finn November 16 1838 Mrs Clarke signed a written consent to the adoption through fears of violence at the hands of James Clarke her husband who has since deserted deserted her After having made one ineffectual ineffectual attempt to regain possession of the child by a writ of habeas corpus which was heard before Judge Lawler hve mouths ago she recently brought a suit to annul the adoption paper in question alleging it to be defective in that it permitted the adoption of the child by one Jacob Reulein Reulein and net by David and Kate Eeulein who now hold him Judge Wallace dismissed dismissed these proceedings intimating however however that he thought the mother was entitled entitled to the custody of tne child and suggesting suggesting a writ of habeas corpus as her proper remedy in the premises It was a writ sworn out in accordance with this suggestion which the Court was called upon to consider yesterday Judge Wallace expressed surprise that the matter should have been before him be having already expressed a decided opinion on its merits Under the circumstances circumstances he said be would like to have Judge Finu and Lawler sit with him as they nave previously passed upon the case in its earlier stages In order that they might be called in he would order the case continued until next Tuesday When the decision was announced Mrs Clarke who had In the meantime become ignite agitated through her attorney re - Quested the Court to make an Order per - mUting her to see her child during the coming week Attorney Kowalsky representing tbe Reuleins suggested that she could have the privilege whenever she desired if she would call at his clients home on J3rod - erick street where the child is kept You said that five months ago when I wanted my baby Mrowaisky inter ruptedMrsrClafke who by this time had bece - m almost hysterical in her excite rrirat You broke your ord then and I have no faith in it now WUJnjciiehts are willingto - make that tromiseisaid K Kowalsky taken abackat this outburst Theix cword is - not to - be believed either exclaimed Mrs Clarkfejiiow thor - oughly arpused Then - tnminrto the Judee she made an J earnest and tearful appeal to see her child The Executive Committee of the California California Worlds Fair Association met in the rooms of the State Board of Trade yesterday afternoon James D Phelan presided V B Tosselyn acted as secretary secretary and the following members were present jonn u n ise inaries cunu - schu Drury Slelone A S ilallidie J U Redding and W H Mills of San Francisco Francisco T C White of Fresno David Lubin of Sacramento J H Flickenger of San Jose M M Estee of Napa E W Maslin of Loom is and Mark L McDonald of Santa Rosa United States Commissioner at large M M Estee from the Committee on Legislation reported the draft of two bills which were discussed at length and finally adopted as amended for recommendation recommendation to the State Legislature The first bill calls for the appropriation of 300000 to collect and maintain an exhibit exhibit of California products at the Worlds Fair in Chicago The second is in the form of an amendment to the County Government bill permitting counties to appropriate sums for the purpose of placing placing county exhibits at the fair Counties of the first class are to be permitted to ap propriate souwu those ot tne second class 40000 third class 30000 fourth clas rJ000O fifth class 10000 and of the other classes sums not exceeding 7500 Commissioner McDonald addressed the meeting stating that he thought California California could secure ground for a separate exhibit provided samples of ail its products products were placed in the general exhibition He added that Chicago had raised 10 - 000000 for the fair and promised 3000000 more while the Federal Government had appropriated 2000000 for the same pur pose A resolution was introduced by W H Mills that all money appropriated by the State should be expended for the general exhibition It was adopted Commissioner McDonald at the request of the committee sent the following telegram telegram to Director - Ueti eral Davis of the Worlds Fair Chicago Please advise by telegraph - California Worlds Fair Association Han Francisco First whether California may have spse in the fair grounds for a separate State building in addition addition to the general exhibition and sect - nU whether such exhibit can compute It was announced that Commissioner McDonald would probably canvass the State in the interest of the fair and that the national committee would visit California California ST GERMAINS WILL Hi Famllr to Tnrrerjt ni Kstate Leopold Saver Estate The will of Ferdinand de St Germain was filed for probate yesterday He left an estate consistingof real properly valued at 15000 and the goods stock and fixtures in the business carried on by him under the firm name of Jacob Strahle Co The exact value of the entire estate cannot be ascertained until an inventory is liled The testntor in his will directed his executor executor to pay his widow Angele G0 a month his daughter Blanche 10 a month his son Eugene 30 and his son George 25 a month These payments are to be made to George who is 19 years of age until he attains his majority When that time arrives the estate is to be divided into four equal parts Tbe executors are directed to pay one - fourth to each child for his or her sole benefit and tbe remaining remaining one - fourth to the testators son George in trust for the widow she to receive the income until her death or marriage In either event the trust fund is to be divided equally among the children The testator further declared the entire estate to be his separate property He appointed his widow executrix and George Chevalier executor of the wilL He directed them to convert all his property into money as soon as possible and to invest it in United States securities or French obligations or in gas or water stock The will contains the following clause Nothing In this will must ever be construed as Imposing a restriction upon marriage ny Intention being only to limit and to give the use until marriage and not to forbid marriage The testators widow is - 27 years of age and his daughter Blanche is 21 The will of Leopold Sayer has also been filed His estate is rained at 10000 He bequeathed one - half to his sister Anastasia Doettling and the remainder to the children children of bis deceased brother Johannes VT T HEMEY INSOLVENT Hia Liabilities Amount to 41970 26 AU Told W J Heney the furniture dealer who went through insolvency about two years ago is again in trouble financially He filed a petition to be declared insolvent in the County Clerks office yesterday The total amount of his liabilities is 41970 23 His assets consist of 9 85 in bank book accounts 5000 and stock etc at 18 and 20 Ellis street valued at 25000 His principal principal creditors are Donohoe Kelly fc Co 203i W J Sloane Co 2332 OS D N E Walter2836 thecity and county for jtaxes 1072 R Heney 14iS41 42 Anna A Heney 3500i Ivins Dietz Majtee or Philadelphia 3048 Charles M Elliot engaged in the business business of teaming and hauling has also filed a petition to be declared insolvent His liabilities amount to 276L There are no assets m A Boy Preachers Convert Mr Harrison then asked some half dozen young men around the altar when they were converted and they gave the dates of various meetings Pointing to an elderly looking man Mr Harrison said When were you converted T Two years ago when yon were in Brooklyn said the man What converted yon How did you feelf ssidMr Harnson Your talk made me sick was the re sponse Therewas a hearty laugh from the con - gre Ration before the man added Your talk made me - heart sick and I came to God and got curecLiAei Haven Palta dium i - - - Pxiispukt and bestsosp ever iriadat - - v v r BxiCUAHs Pitu act lite maglc y

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 30 Dec 1890, Tue,
  3. Page 6

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