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 - (V, township and range aforesaid, ion M.Jones:...
(V, township and range aforesaid, ion M.Jones: the unknown wife ofj-on. deceased; the unknown heir Washington m. .tones: ine unknown ,,. visees w idow of Washington M. Jones, de- pjerson ceased: the unknow n heirs, devisees ! pjerson and legatees of Ihe unknown widow of Washington M. Jones, deceased; the and legatees of Morris and running thence west on the deceased; Edward W. 'south line of said west half forty Mildred Pierson, wife of .'in rods and twenty (20) links. Edward W. Pierson; Mildred Pier-Thence north parallel with the east son, widow of Edward W. line thereof to the center of the unknown heirs, devisees and j pjerson. deceased: the unknown Nat ntn.-il Road thence east with the legaiees oi Washington vi. .lones, heirs, devisees and legatees of Mil decease.; Thomas S. Jones; Julia 1 m-e.l Pierson widow of K.lwar.l W TiAnn Ann Jones Julia Ann wife of Thomas S. Jones; Jones, widow of Thomas center of the National Road lo the east line of said west half, thence Pierson, deceased; the. unknown south on said east line to the place heirs, devisees an.l legatees of Ed- nf hpiiinninsr. containinsr ten (10) S. Jones, deceased; the unknown wa,., vy. Pierson, deceased: Charles acres, more or less, against anv and heirs, devisees and legatees of Julia ;A. Pierson; Margaret Pierson: Fan- all demands, claims and claimants Jones, widow Jones, decease. of Thomas S. I nie Bottsforil; Martin, E. Pierson; whatsoever. heirs, devisees Thomas S. .Jon. B. Jones; the unknown 1; the unknown , Caroline Pierson , wit fe of Martin E. j Said defendants are therefore an.l legatees ol . pjerson ; Caroline Pierson, widow hereby nolifie.i of tine filing of said deceased; James of Mm-iin v r.'e,s..r ,i..en,,wi im. , ., -;.i .... .'.--'. I., , l' v . ..-. , . , II. l.lll ll .l. .11.1 11. . . K ill V .1. S.ll.l .11 lion against them and lhat unless wile of unknown heirs, devisees and lega- 1 -lames ii. .lones; the unknown wid-i !,,. nf froi; i;rt,.s., -;.i,-., r n.,. .. i . a 1 I 1 -... .... . 1, ..-..ii, ...,, v.. ine an. I answei 01 u.-nnn m of James B. Jones, decease,!; (he Martin E. Pierson, deceased; the thereto at. the calling of said cause unknown heirs, devisees and lega- j unknown heirs, devisees and lega- 'at Ihe court house in the city nf fees of the unknown widow of tees of Martin E. Pierson, deceas- ' Greenfield Indiana 'on the ith'davj0 James B. Jones, deceased; the un-jed; Albert. Pierson; Fannie P. Rho- j September 1017 the same being fhe 1 jkimwn heirs, devisees an.l legatees dehanimel; Barley Rhodeham- i Second Judicial day of the Septem-, of James B. Jones, deceased; Mar- mo husband of Fannie P. Rhode- iher Term 1017 of said Court, said Barley Rhodehammel, 1 comnlainf. and the matters and! widower of Fannie P. Rhodeham- I fhines therein contained and alleg- I niel, deceased; Ihe unknown heirs, ed, will he heard and delermined devisees and legatees of Harlev ; their absence. ' Witness mv hand and the seal of , asjgaret Ellen Jones; Ihe unknown ; haminep husband of Margaret Ellen Jones; jfhe unknown widower of Margaret Ellen Jones, deceased; the unknown heirs, devisees and legatees of the : Rhodehammel, widower of Fannie unknown widower of Margaret, El- p. Rhodehammel, deceased; fhe un- said Court hereunto affixed, this len Jones, deceased; the unknown ! known heirs devisees and legatees j heirs, devisees and legatees of Mar-I of Fannie P. Rhodehammel, de-the gart Ellen Jones, deceased; So-jceased; Ethel Rhodehammel; Pier- , plironia Jane Jones; Hie unknown son Rhodehammel; Jesse Pierson- i husband of Sophronia Jane Jones; ; Marsha P. Oaks; Josiah Oaks, bus-It h e- unknown widower of Tand of Marsha P. Oaks: Josiah Oaks. 1 ' Sophronia Jane Jones, deceas ed; the unknown heirs, devi- widower of Marsha P. Oaks, deceased; the unknown heirs, devisees and sees arid legatees or the unknown legatees of Josiah Oaks, widower of 23rd day of May, 1917. HORACE E. WILSON, monufactur-Clerk, Hancock Circuit Court, James F. Reed, Attorney for Plaintiffs. May 2i-w3 Advertisement. Subscribe lor Tne tteporter.

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  1. The Daily Reporter,
  2. 01 Jun 1917, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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