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Ward Kirker school letter - llER IS F Handwriting, Spelling, Paper and...
llER IS F Handwriting, Spelling, Paper and Tenor of. Note Monday Noon Resembles Exactly Letters Which Have Formerly Been R eceived Letter Was Kept By Ward Kirker Until Tuesday - When He Turned It Over To School Board. To Whom It Was Addressed. v "Skule bord People of Rosco would better be keerful who they banner bord is not doin rite thing blud- houndsior no dog we are not skeered." That is the text of the seventh of the series of anonymous letters residents of Roscoe since a week after the burning of the handsome school' house. The letter was found Monday noon lying on the floor in barn' at Orchard Heights re b P r 3 f ' J " E ' Ly ° nS superintendent of the Roscoe schools, by Ward Kirker who' board* at the home of Willis Farland. . The letter 'was kept in the posses-, have been laid *TM'*»*"BTM** . , ... T, O e,i-iv '-iftpr almost certain that if another fire is sion or Kirker until Tuesday after- I mpted the ' bug win bo callgh t. noon when it was turned over to j Re g idcnts of the village declare that Prof. J. E. Lyons, superintendent of j 'they would shoot on sight anyone the village schools. Last night Prof. ] seen suspiciously prowling around I,yons gave the letter to Prosecuting Attorney George D. Klein who is conducting conducting a rigid investigation with the village after night and they have reached that state of desperation which would lead them to do it. Prosecutor Klein, Sheriff McDonald Sheriff McDonald into the cause of; and Deputy County Clerk Robert the mysterious fires in Roscoe. Pros. Klein said Wednesday morning morning that:he and the sheriff had,found some "evrderice and had uncovered many interesting things but he said that there were not ready to make them public. Kirker is a teamster. Monday noon' he went into the Lyons barn to feed a horse..He was attracted by a small bit of paper lying on a board near the doorway. He was struck by the peculiar position of the paper and investigated. investigated. , Poorly Written. The note was unsigned, _ poor'.y written oh rough paper with a pencil, pencil, with no attempt to disguise the penmanship. The handwriting resembled resembled the six other anonymous notes that have been received since early in January following the burning of the schoolhouse and preceding the other three incendiary fires. fl'he village of Roscoe is again thrown into a panic OL fear at the boldness of the diabolical scheming of - the flre fiend to eliminate, the let- ·ers say, tuition students from the Roscoe school. Willis McFarland, the patent medicine medicine vender, at whose home Kirker, the man who found the last note, boards, is out of the village. Kirker took the note to Mrs. McFarland im Dummermuth wont to Roscoe Wednesday Wednesday afternoon to - resume their work at obtaining samples of .the handwriting. of, the residents«x£--th?, village. The state now has m its-possession, its-possession, specimens of the hand writing of most of the village, obtained Monday Monday afternoon and Tuesday by. the lo cal authorities. NOT. D I S G U I S E D The, Columbus Dispatch says: "An inspector frorn the firemar- shal's departmen/ expressed an opinion Monday/ that the handwriting' handwriting' which was similar in all of the letters in question, is natural, because the character of the script is each time'so nearly identical." WOMAN GETS jyiVORCE Gross Neglect And Wilful Absence Are The Grounds '· * * * * * " and he t so the la; so A Maude Toomey was granted a di yorce from Wi V. Toomey by Judge mediately after ho found it Monday Ashman of the probate court Wed- noon Because he was busily engag- nesday on the grounds of gross neg- ed Monday and Tuesday morning J lect ot duty and wilful absence for Kirker had no opportunty'of deliver-j_three years. T ing the letter to the proper authori- i tested. -^ ties. Tuesday noon v.-hen he returned to Roscoe he handed the letter to County Prosecutor Klein. j Woman Talks. j An Age reporter interviewed Mrs. McFarland at her home in Roscoe Wednesday morning. She hesi»atcd The case was not con- at first at telling the contents o f i the. letter but finally consented to Sv-' ing it. The letter as printed in an- C. other paragraph is as near the real contents of the note as Mrs. McFarland McFarland could remember. She said it was practically the same as the origi- i nal note with possibly one or two! words left out and the spelling of a ) HURT BY FALL FROM WAGON E., Wells Thrown Ground as Horses Suddenly Suddenly Jerk Wagon of i , tO on C. E. Wells, employed as driver which burned about throe weeks ago about ;hc · d and shoulders Wed-: s i n g t -oon songs and cvcryth ng following which bloodhounds were nesday morning when he fell from brought to Roscoe in a vain attempt wagon in which he was stanaing to nm down the firebug. In. the a ,, ghtjnR on his hoaij an() shouWcrs . Wells hs! driven iiis wfci;on building war. stored sevoral hun;lr»-d. dollars worth of patent medicines' own -d bv McFarland ail of which w;,s -cam up to the \Vheelins freight destroveil station The horses took fright and the Honey Boys who ' ' would Shoot. suddenly started, throwing him tc s h e ' l a The residents of th«- village are ground. He was so badly hur: M i astounded" and are at a loss to im- be had to bo taken to his hom.; agino what is coming next. Tho let- South Lawn avenue. It is not ihou-^it .··»r v j ; ? delivered just at a when the entire village was aroused to the highest tension. It seen.:, to A TRAIN JUMPER be th« opinion of everyone in Kos- jg gQAKED $3.80 tisnc 'hat he is seriously injured by the i coe that another attempt may be made to burn some building in the · i village and the villagers are plan-" John Carrillia wr.s arrested Tuesday ning to watch and guard their proper- n:ght for train jumping by ty. One man said Wednesday that Doney. The fellow was fined $2.SO . the fire bug would bring arrest upon by Squire Wimmer Wednesday and himself if he tried any more of his sent to jail in default of .Its depredations for traps of all kinds menu

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  1. Coshocton Daily Age,
  2. 14 Feb 1912, Wed,
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