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his character - A Pen Picture of Thaafleni Stevens. Washington...
A Pen Picture of Thaafleni Stevens. Washington Correspondence of th New Tork Independent. Tbaddous Stevens is just coming in his committoe-roonij and looks so feeble, great old man, it makes me sorry. The hig gr ;, at intellect seems of was York ' J D no w j so dimmed; yet the hand of Time the lies heavy upon him. The will which this by men abroad who assail him witbasuch ferocity, ferocity, if they could see him now, would quite disarmed. His spirit is not bated, i flashefi swerves, which always conquers and rules men, is powerless to resist the pressure of pain and the infirmity of age. Although no casual observer would think it, Thaddeus Thaddeus Stevens is over seventy years of age. A comely wig robs him of the hoary which always hallows the head ot age.-His age.-His face in outline approaches tbe Indian type. The square, perceptive brow, the deep-set eyes, the high cheek-hopes, the broad jaw and saturnine mouth are most marked. The face in repose is stern, but e1 **»«£»· The "sardonic smile" that very humane ana to armies in Thaddeus Stevens- inimitable'sarcasm and wit seem purely intellectual intellectual gifts, flames of the head, free from all smoke of personal malice. He will Bay the most savage things of a man's or opinions, without one emotion of ill-will toward the man. He will annihilate a member in a speech, and then, clapping him on the» shoulder, ask the discomfited - -that wounded brother to go with him to lunch. the soldier ourside Geary of consequences, upon was with and rolled us gallantry thunder sabres, was this intent and not their- iear of his many kindly deeds from those who know him best; of the gentle which blossom along his private path; oi the many poor boys whom he has liftec from poverty and obscurity to give them help and a motive in life. For many be has been a power in the nation, a in the House, marshaling in the van the hosts of liberty. No man, perhaps, wouk be so positively missed if he were to pass forever from the Congressional hall. H has stood here so long, his intellect is powerful, hii personality so positive, hi utterances so unique, his spirit so master ful, his memory will not pass away with presence, nor his name with his generation. He is one whose sayings will live after him. His jeweled witticisms will set in many a speech, and gleam in in of of you BO lion of the House is fighting his last One who has fought to long and so does not like to confess that he is at 1 worsted by Time ; that even he has a conqueror. To have lived in the world, to have been with it, and ot it, so love it only to leave it, how hard 1 heart broken by its own burdens, death cornea a healing and a consolation ; a man who has sought to find the satisfaction ot life public spheres, whose activities have been expended on the issues of ... j-~ r 1 -- r * - - - - j , * Congress, when the brain which gave birth has gone back to dust. But the old recently,where' · " ' " ' '" "There came, age, while the grand problems of his remain unsolved, and the vast victories rti» fntnrp vpf. unnnnsnmmnffirt--to him the future yet unconsummated--to him death is as unwelcome as it is Such a man has no time to die.

Clipped from
  1. The Adams Sentinel,
  2. 26 Jun 1866, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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