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Pascal Lang - DECEHBER 4; lSOOC irignt- 7 of a of G. in C at...
DECEHBER 4; lSOOC irignt- 7 of a of G. in C at refused. it keg Hnr- Ilia to followed before tbe of M. 10 one the His his securing all frequently was Ctov- vena in not said oa aot se lb J ol naia. and by was a the tbe is inquest th PASCAL LANG. . He ProTts a Consummate Rascal, Betraying the Ccnfdence of Els Most Intimate Friend. . Els 8 ister-in-Law Debauched Un der Promise of Marriage, The Eeal MotiTe Beine to Gain Pos- tession of 212,000. Willi TWt Vni im VSaw ITa f.PMtVtM Her to Tils Otj, Where Site Waa Found By Her Broth er, John E. Markley. aj a, , r I iiuupinu baaKs xvaacsuy wih Kxiaemeat ef the Newe-Deaeerat He Byttematioally Bobbed tha Etookhoid- ere of the Hewipape B left Ciaelaaatt Tettarday Witb Kiss aTJl- rA Mitchell, r Esr Ham at Sever, Isstaeky. L'aoat a eraexax, Ba-Qtnan ararv coaaaaraira- BMT.I GgeBQSTOwv. Ohio. December a No greater social sensation ever visited this beautiful little city, the county seat of Browa County, than that afforded by the exposure in this morning' Esqoibsb of tba villainies of Pas cal B. Lane, tbe quondam eligible wttn fond mammas and tha oracle with local politi cians. To And that tha man wham tbey have looked up to and admired is a deceiver and debaucher of tha hardest and meat unprincipled character falla upon tha citizens with a suddenness that leaves tbem almost speech less. All day croup of men stood about listen ing to the reading on the relation of Lang's remarkable actions as disclosed in Thb Rk- quibbb. and many of these trusty townsmen found it bard to believe that he whom they had so much esteemed could be the SOOCKPBEI, HE WAS PgPtCTBB. Bat the worst hsd not been told. An EsjqoTBBB staff correspondent visited Georgetown to-day and learned in fall the truly shocking particulars of Lang's hasty exit from his home. No mora aggravating instacoe of betrayal of innocence and gross breach of confidence could be imagined. The story can best be told in th word of John M. Markley. a brother of tha girl who fell a viotim to Lang' lust and avarice. Mr. Mark- ley, who ia married, ia a prominent attorney and the President ot the Brown County Pub lishing Compsuy. Hs wss fonnd in his office, on the Court House taoare, reading Tag Eg- qcntEB. with a gloomy brow. It It all here." h said as th reporter in troduced himself. "All here, except one thing tbat it left to imagination. It might have been stated positively, for it it true.' What do yon mean T" I will inform yon further along," b re plied (lowly, First let me tell yoa all about this msa Lang and his infamous conduct The expos ure ha com and I want th TBOTH TO BB BBOWST. "I wast to show you bow much this villain was trusted and how fearfully ba wronged thoee wno confided In him. Attorney Markley then gave a brief history of Lang connection with hia family. In October. 1883, Mr. Lang married Ida Markley, and in tbe following January ah died of pneumonia. The father followed ber two months later, while Pascal Lang, who had won the love and respect of the entire fs. roil r. resided with tbem. Mra. Markley died three years ago. and since tbat time tba two tittert and Lang lived in the big boos to gether, with only an elderly housekeeper With them. Mr. Lang waa the protector, or wa considered inch by the family, which was satisfied to leave the maiden sisters in the old homestead so long as Lang was witb tbem. A special confidence was placed in him. No on dreamed of hit infamy. BOW BB BkPAlO TBBIB VAITH. Sarah, tne elder of tbe two Misses Markley. ia an epileptic and aa imbecile, as is known by all the town. She it 33 yean old. it afflicted by a private disease, and is the Isst womaa in the world that would be thought to attract the admiration ef aueb a COBKOISSEl'B IB HI A ITT At Mr. Lang, bat this eld maid, whose mind is so weak that she can not dress herself un aided, haa S12.000 in her own right. The Im becile was attended during the last few weeks by Dr. A. M. Kllsberry. tbe family physician. for an ailment, tbe exact nature of which hauled him for a long time. His suspicions became aroused, and ba called in Dr. W. W, Ellsberry to examine Mist Markley. Their Joint decision w tbat the young woman waa enoiente. and this startling information waa conveyed to John Markley on week ago Sunday. Tbe man was astounded, then enraged. Ilia mindless sister betrayed by Lang! He could not believe it. Tbe doctors said tbat a mistak ia tbeir diagnosis was barely possi uerrMied Bnt nrnnf . . 1 i ble. and there the conclusive was soon to follow. On Tuesday morning Lang ordered a horse and buggy to th door of the old homestead, and then sought Sarah, the imbecile girL He said but one word: "Come." it was enough. For years Lang bad appeared as a father to this poor creature whose brain, never of the strongest, grew weaker day by day. 8he obeyed ber brother-in-law as implicitly as if she were a child, and when be led beg to the conveyance in waiting aha pip as saa was bib Without a question. What a queer drive it was. Lang, the politician, the bon vivaat the irreproachable, riding swiftly along with ao imbecile tbat he had abducted. All day the Journey continued. Miss Hartley, who nasi been sick, waa almost exhausted, but she never complained. At last when the sun was setting, tba boggy began to rattle over stony streets, and sooa Mr. Lang halted be fore a large building. It wa the Gait House in Cincinnati, There ba registered himself and Mist Markley as man and wife. The particulars of their atay and discovery have been already related in Tag Eadcrraaa. Suffice to state tbat Harahw abduction was discovered almost immediately, and ber sister Etta, accompanied br Mr. John Mark- ley, left at one for Cincinnati, tha two brother following ia the eveaing. After two days' search Sarah waa located and Lang confronted by tha angry female relatives, to whom be gave toft promise and glib professions. Tba brothers of tha ab ducted girl were informed of ber discovery . bat before tbeir arrival Lang had disap peared. "It wss well for him that he did." aaid John Markley to-day. with an omiaona glit ter in hia axay ayea. "What could have bean Lais' object ia marrying rear aisterr waa ask th at torney. "I don't know that he did marry her: ha evidently took ber away with that iataa- tion." - w- - "Wat it loveT : ' -Love! No. My imbecile ssater SfXOOO or S2.0oe worth of property ta her own risht. reaaaaeveriaWaswaidiaa. wo didn't think it waa accessary that aha ahoaM have.' I think that Lang had aa idea that Sarah, who is vary delicate, would die toon, aad that if be married her the proeerty would accru to him oa her demise. He was mistaken in this belief, anyway, bat fee was forced to marry Sarao o .-- err a wat ran, "Hewtoroedf He debauched ber. Can yoa imagine any thing mors ooaUmptibUr way. h was father to bar for rear. Tba poor, witlea thing obeyed him like a doc aad be rained bets. She doesn't Know yet that any thing la I wroaa. W krooght ber boss, af eoaree. bat she can not tell as whether ana waa le gally married or not 6ba knows rtothlng of ' weddings." What wm yoa do. Mr. Markleyr "I have thia day bad myself appointed guardian of my help lee sister. I will begin proceedings at once to bars htr marriage with Lang, if inch a marnag there waa. set aaida,' Not lest peculiar than hi affairs d'aasoar were the bustae dealings ef Mr. Lang. Aa iUntiraUoa of tbia may be cited, an instance of andoe aagaeity displayed by bias ia ao-1 quiring wealth rapidly a story tbat would bare been forever buried, or at leaat only whispered, bad not the gentleman' last ooup de main in love brought acta oa am beab. Ia September. 1SSS. the Brown Couaty Pub lishing Company was established, with I capital stock of t-OMk. and tha News Demo crat its main en ter d rise. David 8. TarbelL of tbe Columbus Post was tba editor ot tbe UM " mM SVlrVI V SMW Mr. L&nK wm nidi tmtintM I manaaM. with bis brother-in-law. Joba Markley. aa president of th company. Mr. Lang managed tha business on a plan of Grecian simplicity. Ha paid expenses out of receipts aad pat the surplus ia bis pocket, Thia echeme worked very well until last spring, whea noma of the stockholders began to wonder why tbey never got any thing but assessments. This query attracted universal interest, and a Committee of la- . . . i.r r 1 1 a.A . hmuimvii. 111 .inuil, v, - A. uun,, seni.1 Auditor, end John R. Moore, law partner of President Markley, was appointed to examine into tha condition of tbe funds. The investigation didn't psn oat for there were no funds to examine. Lang bad them alt There waa mach talk at the time and ex posure was threatened. Finally the matter wat compromised by Lang patting ap SL40D in cash for hit thort-tge, the ref under being furnished, it it understood, by his brother-in-law. While tbe circumstance related above impaired Lang's standing with business men, his social status remained th same, and everyone consid ered mm a royal good fellow In every war. Therefore the seduction of Miss Markley. the desertion of Miss Mitchell snd his en gagement to two or three other young ladies. reports of which were circulated yesterday. created great astonishment ia Georgetown. It le said that Lang was engaged to Miss Hattie Parka, a milliner of Cincinnati, and that ba also kept clot company with the daughter of a highly respectable family at Red Oak. OOBI IO DOTII, Passaal Lang aad Ml Miteaall Leave the City. Inquiry last evening developed that Lang called at No. 69 West Court street, this city. early yesterday morning, and asked for Miss Mildred Mitchell, whom be deserted on Tuesday, and informed ber that ba would marry her. Th couple left announcing that they were going to Dover. Ky where Miss Mitchell's mother lives, to be married. Lang seemed to ba very mucb downcast when be left but Mist Mitchell waa overjoyed to think tnat the bad not beea deserted by him. LOYAL LEGION. The Glosiag Ideotinf of the Tear Held Last Hifht. An latereatisg Paper Bead By Colonel William Wherry Many New atembere Bleated, The Commanderr of tbe Ohio Military Order of the Loyal Lesion bald the last af it meetings for this year last night. It wbs an enthuaiastio gathering, and larger aumber of members were present than at any of tba previous meetings. Colonel C Cadla presided, and after the usual routine buaiues wss transacted Colonel Wm. Wherry, who ia now in o mand at tbe Newport Barracks, read an in teres tint paper, entitled: "General Nathaniel Lyon and bis Campaign in Missouri." At the close of his reading tbe following new member were el e.r tad r ror tha r tratCless Adolph Metsnar. Ham- ilton. Ohio, late Captain 1 toirly-econd Ind. V. 1.: Albert Lewis Bowman. Akron. Uu bin. lata rirat Lieutenant 1-ortr-aecand 41. V. I. G. V. Michael Stone. St, Marys, Obio. lata Cap it, Mary. O. V.I.: Ct late First J rat O. V". L: tain Ihirtr-hrst 1 1. V . 1. : Cbarlea Gentsch. Cleveland. Ohio, late First Lieutenant and R. Q. M. r itiy-nrat u. v. l: Muart Arnold MoDonald.tleveiand.Ubin. late Car tain O Hundred and i sveuly-eecond N. x. V. John Whitehead Byron. National Mihta One 1. tarv nome. i;nio. ifrte inajor jMBiuy-etania r. l. V. I.. Brevet Colonel U. KV.i Gardner Par ker ihornton. Cincinnati, utno. lata rir.t l.ienu-nant hourteentli t . s. I ol. Int. For tne ,-econd I lass Henry lell Dotv. Cleveland. Ohio, eldest son or Companion first Lieutenant Charlee tularin Uotr. Commanderr of New York: Robert hlerrett iincti. Cincinnati. Ohio, eldest son of Com panion Lieutenant-Colonel treorge M. finch; W lliiam Moody fckin. ,oulville, Kru eldest sun ot Companion James Adam k,n. olonei and lire .I urucauier-oenerai l. a. A. (retired). Alter the business meeting tn mem ner enii.vad a haiiauel served ny the L,i cwvin tiouw. jaiuor wiuiaiu n- Lovg sang I entitia- io-nigut on the Old Canio i.roiinda. Ha waa lol lowed dv Maior J llall. artio recited a Doein entitled Loral iviiin Kiisette. i he comuiandery loiued in singing I hree Cheers ir the Ked. W hite and Line, after which short addresses were delivered bv Colonel W. K. W arwick. Judge t-i kiiu loronion i'it-as oon oi i ruans. jnio. and taaneral V . 11. Kuucbl. Conareaaman elect ot 1 ronton. Ohio. il present were Cantain A. 1 . Ki-tuuer. Oeneral JoseDh M l,. ic. ineral J. .V IV itcher. General K W Ileal v. Caulain J. B. Youuer. Captain Geo. V. fcbaariz. Maior W. 11. Chamberlain. apiain Bruce w iion. Dr. A. lioelige. nr. Geo. W. Jones, lr. is. c. Ayre. Major J. U GauL Kooert . finch. Major H. P. Lloyd General J. H. Bates. W. W.Warwick. Cep- taiu A.M. Van Dyke. Major W, K. Brach - luann. Captaiu W. C Jobntn. L I Apple- gate. Captain J. h rberwood. I a plain i. R. -lewart. Major L. w. itawthorue. Major George Monteitb. Dr. J. irust. Captain Georze S. Iraal -rd. cpiun f. W. liroao. I at, Lain J. W'. Folev. t olonei ii arae ii I Curry. Captain J. Gordou l aylor. General r . W. Moora. Colonel M. B. Lming. Major W. H. Lowe. Colonel J. v . Aherl, Captain A. K. Riihisoo. Lytle Foster, (.olonei William M. V berry. Loited btatea Cavalry; Li.uienant lbomss G. lownaeud. tailed Mate Army: Colonel C. Cadle. Captain Koocrt rinnter. coionei eorse . Finch, olonei J. W. Frazer. Hon. a. e - Kerrv. t antaiB a. in. v aaua. sia- T ,, - . . . ... . , T , 1 or 1 . o. Ullinur, uiiirnii s. u. vo. ssajor -. O. Jamea. Captain George A. lbayer. t ap- ain W .K. Crane, Captain K. 1 . C Major J. t'. HalL Major G. It. Fox.. C'aptaia C. H. Child. C- lon.1 A. W. Mc-.ormtck. Cap tain M. K. Warwick. apiain ilenry Broeui- loerder. taptain w. 11. nucaer.i apiain CO. 11 uM. CaDiain K. Bina-aiuann. Maior W. O Mntih, John B. hud. P. M Mill t kin. Captain C. A. Pnrtridue. Captin J. W. Gauo. Captain . W. Pern t, Capuun 1. B. Haaaail. Captain Al ielbert.General J .oh tba Garrard. Major James ewssri, i.ruw vuio: tap- tain a. 11. Hatch. MidQieuiw ii. unio:coloiiel Wm. K. Warwick, c rnana. Gnio: uarles r V.mminser. MiamiaburB. Onto: Dr. W. H. W ilson. Greenfield, uuki; captain A. J. Jbm- m nicer. Miamisourg. uaio; Major a. u. . l. . . ...V , ... 1 ..1. ..... 1 t a Cochran. U. a. A.. It, inomsa. ar.: Creneral W. H. Knocba. fronton. Gbio: Colonel K. 1 T. Marietta: Caplaia A. Morgan Wood. Uayton. tioio: caoiain l. owara, umruin. Gpio: Major A. tltwua iraytoa, Uhio; Cap tain Allen nsgier. nasniogton c 11 Ohio ; laptaia T. V. HirsC eliow Springs. Obw: olouel J. 11. arr. x,ouivuie. ay.: captain iv. ii, K. uaraiey. roster, avy.: i aptaui w. M Culb.rt.on. Ashland, kr.: Major U'. T. Parker, i'tqns. Ohio: C'aptaia R. R. Rifen-beriek. Middle town, ijuiut Captain J. H. Kapex. UPAUiaouie. uoio. DKA TV KlttBTS. Owtoetlva lehaaek Arreste T Wha Were aeafal Waea at Week. Early yesterday morning Pepper A Hall's arpenter abop. at Seventh and Smith treats, waa burglarized oi Sue worth of fin Yesterday Detective Ecbnncks arrested Walter William, of No. km Central svana. and Georae Bender, alia Pratt, and locked tbem ap. 1 ney eonieaaed tbe crime, and the tools were found ia aaaluoa on third street Later it was found tbat tbe men bad jira-aaiad tha rear doer of iarii At Uf-t..,hl,,'i shoe store. No, Stie V ine street, and stole nine pairs ot aiioes, uicn were also recovered, laer ara two charges of burglary agaiaat taeDs, . Dr. Klwya Venl. Th lata Dr. H. X. Kirbr left his entire fortane. wbieh ia aatiaiatsd at about Smeat to tha twa children of Mr. Dr. Schmnck. bo war a nephew aad niece. Ha voted ly attached to tbem. aad the will was made with the full consent and advice of hi ?L l iL Tlk AiltJL brother, wno uvea ta bpnugbe will waa made a tew days before bit death, Jehn Ttaker. living NWTorVaad Xtatna Hamilton were aniiad ia marriage by 'fcauir a Schwab lata Taaadar avaains. Of - of a 1 I 1 I 1

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