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26 THE WEb 1 M JNSTER BUDGET SEPTEMBER 16, 1393 e SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10. Until next week, -when the tournament under ihe auspices of th Southern Counties Chess Union will have begun at Salisbury, we shall have to rely still.upon games u made in Germany." There is, however, the consolation that these chess products are more acceptable than other commodities derived from the same source. No chess Czar having intimated his desire of joining the Salvation Army yet, certain chess editors whose imagination is confined to the sixty- four squares had to rely during the u silly" season to copying with unscrupulous impartiality matter supplied by the Westminster Gazette, the Field, and the standard, these papers alone having been represented at Vienna 1 ^ 1 • and Cologne. Nobody would grudge chess editors at their wits'end (if any) the use of the paste-pot if they had only the common courtesy to acknowledge the papers to which they are indebted for the supply of the games and news of important chess events. Our notice in our last issue of a proposed international tournament in London has received immediate and liberal response from Captain Beaumont, as shown in the iollowing letter ; DEAR SIR,— I have just seen the Westminster ^Gazette of yesterday, and quite agree with you that Tournament came off in London. it is now time that another As I was instrumental in starting the last big Chess one, held in 1883, I shall be very glad to help the coming one of. 1899 by subscribing * * t As a Vice-President of the British Chess Club As President of the Surrey Counties Chess Association As President of the South Nohvood Chess Club ... In all £50. » * * £25 £20 £5 1 I feel sure that with Sir George Newnes as president and Mr. Hoffer as one of the working committee the money required will be quickly forthcoming, and that the chess tournament itself cannot fail to be a success. Very sincerely yours, , ALEX. S. BEAUMONT. South Norwood Park, September 4, 1898. The City of London Chess Club are early in the field with the following programme for the winter season : ... 1 The championship competition and handicap tournaments for members of the first to the tenth class will commence in October. Competitors will play in sections of about ten players, of as near as possible equal strength, and every section winner will receive a prize, of which the iollowing is a list : •k * • I r ^ Championship Prize not less than £15, two prizes each £10, one prize £8, prize £6, one prize £5, two prizes each £4, two prizes each £3, about ten prizes each £2, and several prizes each £1. one A pretty game from the Vienna Tournament; Ruv LOPEZ. Mriroczy. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to K B3 3. B to Ki5 B to R4 Castles P to Q4 B to Kt3 P 5. 6. 7. 8. P 9. R to K sq 10. B to K3 11. R x B QKt to Q2 Q x Kt P to B3 12. 13. 14. 15. B x Kt Halprin. Black. PtoK4 Kt to QB3 P to QR3 Kt to B3 Kt x P P to QKt4 P to Q4 B to K3 B to QB4 B x B Kt to R4 Kt x Kt P to QB4 Kt to B5 QP x B Maroczy. White. 4 16. Q to K sq 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Kt to Q2 P to B4 Kt to B sq P to K R3 Q to R4 R to Kt3 Q to R5 Q'to B3 P to B5 26. P to B6 27. RxPch 28. Q to B4 29. 30. Q to R6 to Kt3 R Halprin. Black. Castles Q to Q4 B to B4 KR to Q sq P,to QR4 KR to K sq Q to Q sq B to Kt3 P to R4 B to R2 R x P Iv'to R sq R to K3 QtoQ6 Resigns Ma This variation having- been thoroughly analysed by the Vienna masters, An instructive game from the Cologne Tournament danger even in a close game of losing time by ' again moving as it shows the- developed pieces. J. Berger. White. 1. P to Q4 2. P to K3 3. PtoQB4 Q to Kt3 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 5. 6. QUREN'S E. Schiffers. Black. P to Q4 B to B4 P to K3 P to OKt3 Kt 7. B to K2 8. Kt to KR4 9. P x P 10. Kt x B 11. Kt to B3 12. Castles 13. B to Q3 to B to K2 Castles KB3 B K5 to B x QP Kt x Kt Kt to Q2 P to QB4 Kt (Q2) to B3 J. Berger. White. 14. R to Q s 15. Kt x P 16. B to K2 17. B to B3 18. K x B 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. R x Kt K to Kt sq K to R2 Q to B2 K to Kt sq Kt x B P E. Schiffers. Black. P x P B to Q 3 Kt to K5 B x V ch Q to R5 ch QxP ch V lo B4 Q to R5 ch R to B3 P x Kt Black males ir, three moves. 4. Q to Kt3 is inferior. With the Q at Q sq, White could have opposed 7. B to Q3 instead of 7. B to K2. Professor Berber trie! alterwards to dislodge Black's QB with 8. Kt to KR4; but^Schiffe- avoided this cleverly with 8...B to K5, leaving White's Kt cn firiy thus conclusively showing the loss of time occasioned with this Knight'* manoeuvre. White could not play 9. P to B3 because of 9...P x P, followed by 10...B to Q4, leaving White's KKt in a bad position. With the inferior position White finally overlooked the fatal 17...B x P ch, after which the game was over. PROBLEM NO. 123, By L. Bachmann. BLACK. \ 1 WHITE. White to play and mate in three moves. v SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 122. 1. Q to Kt3, Any move ; 2. Q, B, or Kt mates A SIGN OF HIGH CIVILISATION. Professor Ay the pr of the Math Physical Section at the meeting of the British Associ and proved' is not all " dry stuff,".as. On contrary; day in his address people with unscientific minds sometimes its ablest exponents have the happy faculty of presenting the picturesque and interesting side of science as well as the more abstruse aspects which are con Professor Ayrton had a good deal and he said it very delightfully, sense of smell is much m in m prehended only by the expert. He referred the fact that the and he dep 7 claimed for himself a high state ot a a philosoph inasmuch as he could not depend —: . .• i -'jy measun possess much g " nasal instrument q 1) th men he said, Being a fie and therefore n. loarical man. Professor Ayrton might hav< civilisation ued from sex is beh man in he was too gallant to adopt this sequtiur. It is a well-recognised fact that women keener and men's We of smell is'far mrH of a ladv, who in a bouquet composed of thirty-five different flo detect each dividual scent. thing interesting to say about Professor Ay of. smells. to &c.) in favour of the variation in the text—which, however, only yields an even game. Halprin's manoeuvre, 11...Kt to R4, however, might be super- QKt to Q2, It seems that where are slowly indeed, and QP Further, he should have played 17...B to Q4, and if 18. P to B4, then 18...P to KB4 with a very good game. Finally, he loses a move with 19...KR to Qsq the diffusion of the substance itself. ead OR to Q ition. Maroczy's final attack is sk i travelling powers no draughts of air a scent diffuses fore the passage of a smell is far more due to the actual motion of the air containing it' than to This, however, will not be- who general 1)' find that an unpleasant smell gets to them without much loss or time. m consolation to pie with sensitive noses,

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  2. 16 Sep 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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