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 - 14 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET Ma * 27, 1898 " \.\...
14 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET Ma * 27, 1898 " \.\ ':•:!.'.:'. . ^".SATURDAY, MAY 21. The City of London Chess Club closed their season with a match of fifty players aside against, Hastings. la$tS^^^ players who to )k,part in the recently concluded Championship match of. the City Club \ occupied the top boards, alid th'eremainder?of the: team was recruited from the best sets of members. \ As a matter of course, the Hastings players were overmatched^ especially on the first boards. An analysis of the score shows : The first ten boards of th: City won 8j£ to 1% ' .':**' The second . J .. 5 to 5 The third......,.;.....,.....;.;:... 1% to 2>£ • 'The fourth- j>. .;......;......;. ; 1% to 2% The fifth ;.; 4^ to hy 2 Total 33 to 17 Major A. K. and Mrs. Murray gave an At Home to the Ladies' Chess Club at their residence, West Norwood, on Saturday. A number of members of the local club ! and neighbourhood were also present, and several interesting matches and consultative games were played with the visitors. The hon. secretary of the Ladies' Chess Club informs us that Miss Field, who was married on Tuesday to Mr. D. Anderson, a member of the British Chess Club, was presented with a handsome wedding gift, the presentation being riot the least interesting feature of the entertainment ' Mr. Pillsbury sent a cable message on Sunday announcing his departure for England route for Vienna. Showalter probably sailed earlier, else Mr. PiUsbury, if he had accompanied him, would have mentioned the fact. : The following is one of the games played by correspondence between Vienna and St. Petersburg. It is a beautiful game on the part of the Vienna masters, who won it in grand style. St. Petersburg, however, had the difficult, not to say impossible, task of trying to win a losing variation. The second game between the same masters is drawing towards completion ) EVANS GAMBIT. St. Petersburg. Vienna. St. Petersburg. Vienna. White. Black. White. Black. 1. P to K4 ... P to K4 18. Q to B sq Kt x P !! ;i-.2. Kt to, KB3 Kt to QB3 19. K x Kt B to Q4 * 3. B to B4 B to B4 20. K to Kt3 P to KB4 - 4. P to QKt4 B x P 21. QKt to Q2 P to B5 ch 5. P to B3 B to R4 22. K to Kt2 Q to Kt4 ch •6. Castles P toQ3 23. K to R sq Q to R4 17. P to Q4 B to Kt3 24. Q to B3 B x P ,8. PtoQR4 KttoB3 25. Q to Q3 BxR 9. B to QKt5 P to QR3 26. R x B QxP 10. B x Kt ch P,xB 27. RtoKKtsq QR to Kt sq 11. P to R5 B to R2 28. R to Kt2 Q to R4 la QtoR4 PxP 29. KtoKtsq B x Kt 13, PxP B to Q2 30.4(txB Q to Q4 14r P tc K5 Kt to Q4 31. Q to B3 R to Kt8 ch 15. B to R3 Castles 32. Kt to K sq Q to Q5 16. Q to B4 Kt to B5 33. B to Kl2 P to B4 17. K to R sq B to K3 Resigns We published in last week's column some specimens of the; " normal" form of the Evans Gambit showing that White should get the ;; advantage. The same is the case irT the majority of the numerous other variations which have been tried. It is a strange fact that the variation beijphing with 7...B to Kt3 is one of the" oldest defences, and has. been abandoned as inadequate for many years, until Lasker resusciiated it, and it is*now generally admitted to be the best defence. The dreaded Evans Gambit may henceforth be considered demolished, if Tchig^orin, the exponent par excellence of the Evans Gambit, cannot succeed with it, even in a game by correspondence. bf course, White could regain the pawn with 8. PxP; but the utmost he could hope then would be a draw,, and doubtful at that. Tchigorin tried therefore with 8. P to QR4 for a complication ; but the Vienna masters \ simplified the, game, nevertheless, by the subtle device of leaving the QBP en prise, and afterwards the QP. Neither, of course, could be taken ; for in the former case the Queen would have been in a dangerous position, and in, the latter case Black • would have got an immediate overwhelming attack".- St. Petersburg, however, did not fare better with 1 heir plan either ; for on the eighteenth move Black sacrificed a piece with 18...Kt x P. An ending then resulted which is a gem of the purest water, and it will well repay studying carefu'ly.. Berlin Tournament last auturfirt agrf^a^Sift amateur: ' R.. Teichraann. ' ' "X. Jj -Blade,..' - " ' P to K4^ 1. PtoK4 2. KttorKB3 3. Bto,B4 , 4. P to Q4 5. Castles 6. P to K5 7. BtoKt5 8. Kt x P 9. Ktto<Kt3 10. QjrftPM'o Kt to B3 PxP B to B4 P to Q4 Kt to K5 B to Q2 B to Kt3 -White;" 11. B to K3 12! PxB : 13, Q:^B4KU 14. B x B ch 15^i<?tmR4 16. P x Kt 17. K to R sq 18. R x Kt 19. R to Bsq p -Teichmann. ' Black; BxB Castles* OR Kt x P RxB Kt to B6 ch ..Q to Kt4 ch Kt to B7ch K to Q8 ch R * R mate 8....Castles , 10. B x IV B to R3 •Kt then 9...p xKt; the better variation. 1 * Ifc9*)Kt x „.„ L AM . u x i\ u to K6 ; and Bl«sk gets the best) of m 9 Kt to Kt3 is Tchigorirf^ move the .best; My to it being 9...B to K3, defending the Pawn ; but VvTftte getting# fah/l^^ttd game then, Mr.Teich- mann tried the text-move a^,an expenme»t^-tt .being an off-hand game only, and his opponent not a^st-class piaye^ IJ.t.B to K3 is, o! course, a weak move. 11...P to Mowed by Kt to B3, gave White the better game, whilst the^ex^m^ p^m^us operandi is not easy tQ see for in looking at the; position after, W hltes 15 - Q to R4 11 would be credited that JhereJs- a force^fmateifln in five, moves ;^ but such is the ca^e, and Mr. Tcichmann announce^m PROBLEM No. 10a By G. R. Makeham. BLACK. . • WHITE* -v-/ ' . - ; ' • White to play and mate in two moves. 1. 1. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 107. Kt to Q6, K x Kt (Q6) ; 2. Q to K6 ch, K moves ; 3. B or Kt mates. •• ••; K x Kt (Q4); 2. Q to B4 ch, K moves ; 3. Q or B mates. THE ANGLO-AMERICAN DINNEP. The Anglo-American dinner at the: Hotel Cecil on June 3 promises to be a great success. Its object is to promote closer union between Great Britain and the United States. Sir Frederick Pollock is Chairman of the Executive Committee, and Lord Coleridge will preside at the dinner itself. Among those who will be present are* the Earl of Carlisle, the Right Hon. James Brycc, M.P., Sir Henry Irving, Sir Martin Conway, Sir George Baden- Powell, Dr. Conan Doyle, Mr. W. S. Robsotl, Q, C.. M. P., Mr. R. Wallace, Q.C., M.P., Mr. W. Allen, M.P., Mr. Horace Piunkett, M.P., Mr. P. W. Clayden, Mr. E. J. C. Morton/ M.P., and Mr. Percy Bunting. Among those who have written to the committee expressing their sympathy are the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M. P., the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, the Lord Mayor of London, and the Master of Balliol. CONVULSIONS IN CHILDREN are more, pften "than not caused by a.disordered condition of the stomach, bwingtbInability'to make proper use of the food that is given to then;. HORLICK'S MALTED MILK suits the most delicate child. It builds up brain, bone, and muscle. ,No cooking or added milk inquired. It is very economical in use. Of all chemists. Price Is M., 2s. 6d, and lis. Free sample sent; on application, by HORLICK and CO., 34, rcrringdpn-rbad, London, E.G. Send for " Fi eddy'si Diary," post free. '" "";

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 27 May 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 50

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