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 - giving best A number of the masters have*left...
giving best A number of the masters have*left Berlin, but the favourite chess resor.s «till present an animated appearance, the late competitors indulging in skittles " as a recreation from the hard work they had to undergo in the tournament. Alapin, Albin, Charousek, Winawer, Janowski, and Schiffers play frequently together, or with the strong Berlin amateurs. Tchigorin -left immediately the day after the conclusion of the tournament, as he is engaged to visit the Baltic towns of Russia. Blackburne gave his annual blindfold performance at the City of London Chess Club on Saturday ; on Monday he played simultaneously at Reigate ; and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday simultaneously and * blindfpld at the chess clubs at Birmingham. Charousek is not disinclined to play a match with some English player 'in London. Such an event very interesting, and not at all •improbable to come off. Burn would be a likely opponent, Blackburne ' being engaged all through the season in the provinces. Next year, on the occasion of the Emperor of •.Austria's jubilee, Vienna chess players intend to celebrate the event with a Masters' Tournament on -a large scale. Over 30,000 florins are already in the hands of the organising •committee, and it only remains to fix the time Some are in favour of May -and others for August. Vienna is unbearable in August; the spring would ' therefore be more suitable. The Amateur Tournament, played simultaneously with the Masters' . Tournament, at Berlin, has been somewhat overshadowed by the more 'important events but some very good games have been produced by the •competitors. In some instances the games compared well with those of the masters.- Twenty-three players divided, in two groups played two games per day, and the winners contested a final round for the mastership. On this occasion the new master is Herr von Popiel (a competitor in the Budapest tournament). Of eight games played in the final, he won seven, and drew one with Herr Heinrichsen, who was second. The third prize was won by Herr Dopier. We give an interesting game played in the Masters' Tournament between Cohn and Schlechter. It cost Schlechter (who could have won it) a tie "with Burn. Herr Cohn stood up well during the second half of the tournament, and has redeemed his reputation as a rising player, "which was somewhat dimmed by an unsuccessful commencement. It was remarked that Cohn was the most expensive competitor in the tournament. He cost Tchigorin a prize, Janowski the difference between the second and .fourth prize; and Schlechter the difference between a tie with Burn. ' : < The following is the game: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. •6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. .14. -15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. m. 25. 26. -27. 28. 29. 30. -31. 32. 33. 34. 35. m. 37. Cohn. White. PtoK4 Kt to KB3 B to B4 • Castles P to Q4 P to K5 P x Kt R to K sq ch Kt to Kt5 Kt to QB3 QKt to K4 Kt to Kt3 PxP Q to R5 Q x Q Kt x B B to R6 PtoB3 KR to Q sq Kt to K4 B x P P to KR3 KtxKt B to K3 RxR R to K sq K to B sq R to K2 K id K sq RxB RtoQ2ch Kto K2 •K to K3 P to R3 R to KB2 R to B4 R to B2 ' Giuoco Schtechter. Black. P to K4 •Kt to QB3 B to B4 Kt to B3 PxP P to Q4 P x B B to K3 Q to 04 Q to B4 B to Kt3 Q to Kt3 R to KKt.sq Castles RP x Q P x Kt P to Q5 P to Q7 Kt to K4 Kt to Kt5 R x P Kt x P 59 KR to Q2 60. BxB . 61. RxR 62. B to B4 63. R toB2 64. R to B4 65. B x Kt ch 66. K to Q2 67. K to K2 68. PtoQKt4 69. P to QB4 - 70. RtoQ4 71. P to R3 72. R to Q8 73. R to Q4 74. Drawn game PIANO, V Conn. White. 38. R to B4 39. K to K2 40. K-toBsq. 41. K to K2 42. R to B3 43. RtoKt3 44. RtoKt4 45. PtoKR4 46. P to KKt3 47. KtoKsq 48. RtoKt5ch 49. R to Kt4 50. R to Kt5 ch : 51. R to Kt4 52. K to K2 53. K to K3 54. K to K4 55. RtoKt5 56. K to Q5 57. R to Kt4 58.,R-x-P Rx RP P to Kt4 K x P R to R6 ch P to Kt5 .R to R7 ch R to R6 R to B6 ch R to R6 K to B4 R to B6 ch R to R6 K to Q5 R to R7 ch R to R8 ch K to Q6 Schlechter. Black. R to Q6 ch R to Kt6 R to Q6 P to K4 R to Q sq R to Q3 K to B3 R to Q6 P to R4 K to B4 K to B3 Kto B4 K to B3 P to R5 R to Q3 R to Q8 R "to Q7 R x P P to Kt5 - P x RP RtoKt6 R x P . R to Q6 ch R to Q2 K to Kt2 R to Q6 K to B sq K to B2 K to Kt2 PtoKo KtoB2 , K to Kt2 R to R6 P to K6 3C to Kt sq K to B2 the defence ,s . correctly conducted, as in this Knee hi % i5 as ? ^ It is surpnsmg that he; such -a careful playfeV should^ byha ? chIech ter.' a- win -in the end. It is only explainable tl£ he*™ tiSi 6 m ' Ssed a nrnlrtno-^rl cit n » +1 t__ J ; \ . - V m * 11C wa S tired nut of*._ a prolonged sitting^ the" g^t^f^l th?particuSr ^ ^ could have won it,_ nearly seven hours. Instead R x ¥h Wh ? he continued with 55...P to Kt5; 56. RP x P P x P . P57hepshoul d PtoR6,andw7nsT Al^fng L Biack°^ a ^nie^lea^ f ? **> prisoned White rook, and afterwards Cohn^layed ^SScS 80 lhe > ! splendidly, and escaped with a well-deserved draw ,nslruc tive PROBLEM NO. 76. By J. Jespersen. BLACK. . WHITE. White to play and mate in three mov es. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 75. 1. B to Q6, any move ; 2. Q, or Kt males. ELECTRICITY ON THE UNDERGROUND. According to the'report of the Board of Trade Committee appointed to inquire into the system of ventilation on the Metropolitan Railway, the prospects of electrical traction being adopted in place of steam in the near future are much better than most people probably imagine. It has often"-been supposed that the loss of capital which would be necessitated by the sacrifice of all the existing steam locomotives and other plant puts any such change of traction out of the question for a long time to come. Apparently, however, this is not so, judging from the following : The Committee are convinced that pure air can be best obtained with certainty m the tunnels of the Metropolitan Railway, with its large traffic, by means of electric working. The chief expert witnesses [they have examined have stated that economy and efficiency, as well as purity of air, would result by working the line by electricity ; the officials of the line have given it as their opinion that such n mode cf working is practicable ; and the chairman of the eompany has stated that ." the moment that we can get a reliable firm or combination to undertake the working of the Inner Circle by electricity we shall accept it. :5 Mr. Francis Fox stated that the experience on the Liverpool Overhead Railway shows that electrical working is decidedly economical; and in a tunnel on this line, half a mile in length, the air is good. For the rest the committee conclude—1. That by far the most satisfactory mode of dealing with the ventilation of the Metropolitan tunnels would be by the adoption of electric traction. 2. That it would be practicable to ventilate the tunnels satisfactorily by means of fans. 3. That, failing this, the ventilation, especially at the stations, would be sensibly improved by the provision of the openings proposed by the Metropolitan Bill of last year. 4. That, m view of the probable adoption of electric traction in the near future, it can hardily be expected that the company should incur the heavy expense, of at once providing artificial ventilation. 5. Therefore, as a temporary measure, the committee recommend the construction of the proposed additional openings, which would be found useful even when the line is worked electrically. JEFFREY & CO. S ARTISTIC WALL PAPERS can be had of all Decorators-Manufacturers of all Classes, including Finest Hand-Printed Papers, and inexpensive Machine-Printed Wall Pupers. Highest Awards at all International Exhibitions. The NEW DESIGNS are now on view at their spaciousShow Rooms attheFactory: 64, Essex-rd. (near Agricultural Hall), Islington, N.-ADVT

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 15 Oct 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 30

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