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 - 26 JULY 16, 1897 - On Wednesday in last week...
26 JULY 16, 1897 - On Wednesday in last week Sir George and Lady Newnes gave a garden party at their beautiful residence at Putney Heath, in honour of the competitors in the recent Ladies' International Chess Tournament, which was attended by a large, number of the late combatants and a considerable number of well-known chess-players, who greatly enjoyed the opportunity afforded them of an outing in ideal summer weather. Those ladies in particular who had undergone the fatigues of the recent tournament evidently highly appreciated a most agreeable and healthful entertainment. Mr. Max Judd, ..the .American. Consul at, Vienna, - arranged a farewell tournament on the occasion of his return to America between the Vienna masters. This tournament was, won by Herr Scblechter, Mr. Max J add himself being second. , The following pretty game is one of the series played in this tournament, Herr Fahndrich having obtained the brilliancy prize for it: - , ' QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED.. Fahndrich. Mandelbaum.. , Fahndrich. Mandelbaum. ' White.. Black. White. Black. 1. P to Q4 P to Q4 ' 12. Kt to Kt5 ch K to R3 2. PtoQB4 . Kt to KB3 13. KttoK2 f B x Kt 3. Kt to QB3 P to K3 14. P x B ch KxP 4. B to Kt5 B to K2 15. KttoKt3 P to Kt3 5. P to K3 . Castles : 16. Q to B3 PtoB4. 6. B to Q3 P to QKt3 17. Q to B4 ch K to B3 7. Bx Kt B x B 18. Q to K5 ch K to Kt4 8. PxP B to Kt2 ' 19- Rto R5ch P x R 9. Kt to B3 PxP 20. Q to Kt7 ch K to R5 10. P to KR4 P to B4 -21. Kt x P ch R x Kt 11. BxPch K x B •22. Q to Kt3 mates. 2...P to K3 is preferable to 2...Kt to B3, because white could reply at once 3. P x P, Kt x P ; 4. P to K4, &c. Herr Fahndrich, however, does not avail himself of the suggested continuation, but brings about the now accepted form of development. With 6. B to Q3 (premature) White gets (through Black's weak 6...P to QKt3, instead of 6...P x P) the same variation which occurred in the last round of the Nuremberg Tournament between Janowski (White) and Posges. Black's best move being 6...P x P. 6...P to QKt3 gives black the inferior game, although he does not lose the pawn like Posges (who played 8...P x P, instead of 8...B to Kt2). The final combination is initiated by Herr Fahndrich with 10...P to KR4, to be followed by the sacrifice of the bishop. The threat is glaring ; but Black probably thought he might escape from the attack (which we believe he could have done). It will be found that the next few moves are forced on the part of Black till 15...P to Kt3. He should have escaped with the K to B3 instead, as after 16...Q to B3,. Black's King remains imprisoned. Herr Fahndrich finishing the game brilliantly. The following game was played by Herr Mieses during his recent visit to Munich : KING'S FIANCHETTO DEFENCE. , L. Fuchs, White. 1. P to K4 2. PtoQ4 3. Kt to KB3 4. B to Q3 5. B to K3 6. PtoB3 7. Q to Kt3 8. P to Q5 9. QxP 10. Qto Kt3 11. Kt to Kt5 J. Mieses. Black. P to KKt3 12. B to Kt2 13. P to Q3 14. BtoKt5 15. P to K4 16. KttoK2 17. QKt to B3 18. KttoQKtsq 19. Kt to Q2 20. PtoKB4 PtoB5 L. Fuchs. White. B to Q2 Qto B2 Px Kt Kt to R3 Kt to Kt5 P to B3 P to B4 Kt x P Q to Q sq Resigns. J. Mieses. • Black. R to QKt sq KtxP Q x Kt Kt toB4 Castles B to Q2 •P. to QR3 RxP QxP It is generally advisable to get a strong. Centre in the Fianchetto Defences. Therefore, 3. P to KB4 might be played. The drawback, of course, being the obstruction of the diagonal of the QB, and that with P t0 Q4, Black might force White to the advance of P to K5. In spite of all this, however, we prefer (personally) P to 4B4. 4. B to K2 is obviously preferable, as the Bishop has no attacking power at Q3. We also cannot endorse 7. Q to Kt3, as Black's KtP cannot be taken with advantage ; but this Herr Fuchs did not consider, or he did not see that Herr Mieses could sacrifice the KtP, for a more than compensating attack. Instead of the Queen's move he might have developed QKt to Q2, followed, by dislodging the QB, and then Q to Kt3, if so inclined. 7....Kt to Q2 would have gained time. With ll. Kt to Kt5 White gets into serious trouble. He has to give tip the pawn ahead and has nothing left but a-bad position. 11. Bto KKt 5 was somewhat better, and 12. B to QB sq subsequently. There is nothing more to say about it. The Southern Counties Union have-issued the programme of the forthcoming amateur tournament at King Edward VI. Grammar Schoof Southampton, commencing at 6,30 p.m. on August 30, and concluding at latest on September 8. ; , ^i- It will be open to all amateurs resident in the. British Isles, but the Committee reserve the fight of refusing any entry. . The following Tournaments will be held during the meeting : . (a) Class I. (confined to amateurs of recognised first-class skill), entrance fee 2ls. • first prize £10 ; second prize £5. .(h). Class II. entrance fee 10s. 6d. ; first prize £5. (c) Class III., entrance fee 10s. 6d. ; first Drize £5. (d) A Ladies'Tournament, entrance fee 10s. 6di, first prize £5. (e) The arrangement of one or more Handicap Tournaments at a small entrance fee will be left to the Local Committee at the meeting. . Other prizes than those above mentioned will be given in each tournament, but their value cannot be stated until the entries are received. The first prizes above stateoV are contingent upon not less than ten entries being received in each tournament, and may be reduced in amount if the- number of entries in any tournament should be less than ten. A third prize will not be given in'any tournament in which there may be less than eight competitors. All entries, accompanied by the entrance fee, must reach Mr. J. H. Blake, 2, St. Lawrence-road, Southampton, or Mr. A. Schomberg Seend, Melksham, on or before August 27. > PROBLEM NO . 63. By P. G. L. F. BLACK. • WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No. 62, 1. Q to R4, any move ; 2. Q, R, B, or Kt mates. X THE "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" ON THE "ADEN." Mr. White, one of the Aden 'survivors, smiled when asked whether, it was true that the survivors celebrated the Queen's Jubilee on June 22. He said," It was not much of a celebration. Someone suggested that we should drink the Queen's health, which we did, but all that we had to honour it with was soda-water. It is not correct that we sang 'God save the Queen.' I am afraid there would • not have been much sound if we had. We were too exhausted, but our wishes were loyal notwithstanding our desperate condition. Our provisions had nearly run out, and as the ship was breaking up we feared every hour would be the last." • —p THE VIOLIN PAPALLY CONDEMNED. In stating that the French bishops have received instructions from the Vatican to supply information on the different kinds of ecclesiastical music employed in their dioceses, the Chronicle's Pans correspondent says that Leo XIII., who is preparing instruction on the subject, is intent upon certain reforms, which will include the abolition of female voices from liturgical services. Instrumental music meets with the Pope's approval. He considers, however, that it ought to be limited to the harp and gentler wind, instruments, the violin being discarded as sensual and profane. Mozart and Haydn are not in the good books of the Holy Father. MADAME BERNHARDT AS HAMLET. .The London correspondent of the New York Herald (Paris edition) states that he has had an interview with Madame Sarah Bernhardt, who told him that the Prince of Wales had done her the honour of asking her to play Hamlet, which she intends to do.

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 16 Jul 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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