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 - An interesting, game, played/Iast^mqiith...
An interesting, game, played/Iast^mqiith in;Buda-Pestb v HUNGARIAN I>EFfcNCE. if'/: The-Gity of London Ghess Club has issued its forty-fourth annual deport,' showing a membership of 427, a considerable increase on last yearns figures. To lurther their plan of campaign the subscription has been 'doubled, and representatives of the leading suburban clubs have been added to the committee: ' Mr., Lawrence has, for the second year in succession, won the championship of the club. ,; The;proposed cable match between the House of Commons and the -American Congress is in a, fair way of being realised. Four members of Parliament, viz.,. Mr. H,.$trauss, Mr. H. Piunkett, ,Mr. L. A. Atherley-Jones, ^and Mr. J. H.Parnell, have been,already chosen, and the selection of the 'fifth, to complete the team, is left in their hands. • • The Pillsbur'y-Showalter. match maintains its interest. The fifteenth game resulted in ; a, draw ^fter forty-seven moves. . The score is now six all, with three draws. Agreeably to the conditions, the match has been extended into one often up, with the proviso that should the score become nine all the match, is abandoned as drawn. . The League competition has been won by the Ludgate Circus C.C., who were successful by 10 }4 to 9 }4 in playing off the.tie with the Athenaeum. PROBLEM NO. 50. By J. T. KOUVENHAVEN. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 49. 1. Kt to B5 ; QP x Kt. ; 2. Q to R4, &c. If 1...BP x Kt. ; 2. Q to Kt sq, &c. If l...Kt x Kt. ; 2. Kt to Kt3 dis ch, &c. -A lively novelty played at St. Petersburg : RUY LOPEZ. A. Lewin. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Castles 5.- P to Q4 6. Kt x P 7. Ktto B5(b) 8. P x Kt 9. P to QB3 10. B to Q3 11. Q to R5 12. BtoKKt5 Amateur. Black. P toK4 13. Kt to QB3 14. B to Kt5 (a) ,15. KKt to K2 16. PxP 17. Castles 18. Kt x Kt (c) 19. Q to B3 20. B to R4 21. Pto.Q3 22. P to KKt3 (d) 23. Qto K4 (e) A. Lewin. White. Q to R4 B to B6 B to B4 Bx P R to Q sq Kt to R3 Kt to B4 B x Kt KttoKS P to KKt4 Rto Q7 (h) Amateur. Black. B x KBP Q to Jv3 P to Q4 Q to Q3 (f) KRvto Rsq Q to B sq B to Kt3 P x B B to B4 (g) B to B sq Resigns (a) This originality, has been analysed by Alapin, but if the present game is a lest it is as unavailing as the many other patent specifics against the Ruy Lopez attack. (b) P to QB3 and 8. K to R sq promise a strong King's side attack. (c) Alapin recommends 7...P to Q4; 8. Q to Kt4, Kt xKt; 9. P x Kt, Bto Q3; 10. Ktto B3, Kt to K4; .11. Q to R3, P to QB3; 12. B to K2, P to QKt3; 13. B to R6, R to K sq„ and,presently gives the variation in Black's favour. (d). Weakening, but if V. .P to KR3 then P to KKt4. . (e) Better to have changed off. The queen alone cannot stem the attack, and the other pieces are out of play. - 1 > (f) Of course; if Q x %; 17. Q to R6 wins. (g) Intending B to Q3, but White's fine 1 twenty-third move renders it or any other move unnecessary. , (h) If ...B x R; 24. Kt x B, Q to Q3; 25. Q to R6, &c, or ...R x Kt -.24. B x R, B x R ; 25. Q to B6 equally wins. Charousek. mite. PtoK4 Kt to KB3 B to B4 P to Q4 5. .B to K3 6. PtoQ5 B to Q3 Castles P to B4 P x P BxB Kt to B3 PtoKt4 Kt to K4 Kt to Kt3 R to B sq Q to B2 1. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Makoyetz. Black. , , Pto K4 Kt to QB3 B to K2 P to 03 KttoB3 . . Kt to QKt'sq Castles Kt to Kt5 P to KB4 Bx P RxB Kt to Q2 Qto K sq Q to Kt3 R to B2 QR to KB sq QxQ Gharousek, . .White. -* iQ. RxQ 19. P to QR4 20. B toQ2" 21. RtoRsq 22. PtoR5 23. PxP. 24i B to K3 25. P x Kt v 26. P to K4 27. R to B6 28. Kt to Q2 29. R to R6 • 30. Kt to B5 31. R x P 32. KtxKt 33. P to Kt6 ''"Makovetz. c31ack. P,tp QKt3 P to ICR3 B to Q S q KKt to B3 P to QKt4 Ktx P fox B Kt to B3 Pto Kt4 P to Kt5 P to R4 PtoR5 K to R2 Ktx P R x Kt Resigns x REMARKS. This game is interesting, as it introduces Charousek in the role of exponent of the modern school withsober insistence on a queen's side attack culminating in a pawn hunt and the surrender:of "Black owing to the material loss with which he is threatened. Makovetz is so fine a player that his failure to realise the weakness of his QB4 makes Qiarousek's early appre^ ciation of the fact doubly creditable. A brilliant encounter, in which the distinguished Russian Master is a victim 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Tchigorin White. PtoK4 Kt to B3 B to B4 P to Q4 Castles PxP B x Kt Kt to.B3 Q to K2 ch (a) Very bad, Two KNIGHTS Aschariri. Black. P to K4 10. Kt to QB3 11. Kt toB3 12. PxP 13. P to Q4 14. Kt x P 15. QxB 16. Q to R5 17. B to K2 18. but worse remains behind DEFENCE. Tchigorin. "S White; Kt to Kt 5 Ktx BP Ktx R (b) K to Rsq K to Kt sq R to 06 R to Q3 R x Kt K to B8 Ascharin. Black. (a) Castles B toQ3 BxPch B to Q3 dis ch B to KKt5 Kt to K4 Kt x Kt ch Q to.R7 ch Q to R8 mate (b) The knight never recovers from the effects of this excursion. He remains remote from the scene of action that it is doubtful if the result ever reached him. so OXFORD V. CAMBRIDGE. Game played between the Captains in the recent 'Varsity Chess Match : PETROFF. Spencer Churchill (Oxford). - White. .,. 1. PtoK4 -h 2. Kt to KB3 . 3. Kt x P 4. Kt to KB3 5. P to Q4 6. B to Q3 7. P to B3 (a) ' 8. PtoKR3 9. B to K3 • 10. QKt to Q2 11. KttoKt3 12. Q to K2 13. B to Q2 14. P x B 15. Q xQ ch 16. K'x Kt E.-.A. Crowley (Cambridge).' Black. P to K4 Kt to KB3 P to Q3 Ktx P PtoQ4 Kt to QB3 B to KKt5 B to R4 B to Q3 P to B4 Q to K2 (b) P to B5 B x Kt Kt x B Kt x Q Castles QR (a) P to B4 is superior (b) Castles would ensure a fine attack. Spencer Churchill (Oxford). White. 17. QR to K sq 18 .v v R to K6 19. R x R ch 20. B x P 21. Rto KKt sq 22. B to Kt8 23. Bx P . 24. B to K4 25. K to Q3 26. Kt to Q2 27. PtoQ5 28. Kt to B4 29. Kt x B 30. P to Kt3 31. RtoKt6ch 32. PtoQ6ch E. A. : Crowley (Cambridge). Black. QR to Rsq (d) KttoB3 (e) R x R P to QKt3 R to K2 Kt to Q sq PtoB3 K to B2 Kt to K3 P to, QB4 Kt to B" sq P to QKt4 Kx Kt KttoQ2 K to B2 Resigns (cj Precipitating matters. The doubled pawn is but little disadvantage to White, and the ensuing exchanges dissolve Black's attack. (d) To KB sq was better. Black cannot dispute possession of this file. (e) This and the subsequent neglect of the QP involve the loss of the game. " 1— ' HERR STEINITZ AT WORK AGAIN. Herr Wilhelm Steinitz on Sunday afternoon played, between three o'clock and eight, twenty-two simultaneous games against the best players in the new Vienna Chess Club. The first seven games were not decided until half-past ^five, but at eight o'clock Herr Steinitz, who was anxious to vindicate his reputation alter his unpleasant experience in Russia, had won seventeen games, lost two, and drawn three. He showed no symptoms of fatigue. + • AGAINST THE OFFICIAL DOG MUZZLE. A petition to "the President of the Board of Agriculture, in the following form, is being extensively signed: "We, the undersigned, beg respectfully to protest against your order re the muzzling of dogs with wire cages. We do hot, as dog-lovers, object to the leather muzzle, providing it were made universal for a stipulated period ; but we think, in conjunction with Mr. A. J. Sewell (the well-known dog doctor), " Dagonet," Mr. George Candy, Q.C., Miss Marie Corejli, and a host of other eminent authorities, that the order as it now. stands, is cruel and unnecessary, and we therefore pray you to rescind it."

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 16 Apr 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 30

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