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 - Victim Of K.C. Kidnaping Would Save McGee's...
Victim Of K.C. Kidnaping Would Save McGee's Life VICTIM PLEADS TO SAVE KIDNAPER Mls« Mary McKlroy (left), daughter of City Manager If. F. McErnty .of Kansas City, today appealed to Gov. filly B. 1'nrk to commute the death sentence Imposed upon Walter McGee (right), convicted of » part In Miss McEIroy's ransom kidnaping In 1DSS. (/P Photo), GARBAGE TRUCK WRECKED, DRIVER KILLS EMPLOYER, WOUNDS ANOTHER MARYM'ELROY TAKES APPEAL TO GOV. PARK Commutation of Death Sentence Means Peace of Mind to Young Woman, Says. HE HAS AN ADVANTAGE Victim of Notorious Snatch Says She Will Suffer Most if McGee Is Executed. SLIGHTLY HURT THEN ENDS LIFE Vehicle Struck By Rock Island Motor Train at Adams Street Crossing. On Its^ncxt to last trip. Rock Island motor train No. 13 wrecked a garbage truck at the Adams st. crossing at 7-.5S o'clock this morning. The driver, George L. Cheabro, 66, 727 East. Sixth St., escaped with a scalp wound and bruises on back and legs. He was able to change his clothes before going to a physician's office for treatment. Having fed his hogs, Chesbro was driving north to collect more garbage when the west bound motor train collided with his truck,, car- Witness to Slaying of Movie Costume Designer Sought In Hollywood. Hollywood, Calif. tA') —Mysterious shootings tha.t brought death to a movie style creator and his chauffeur and possibly fatal injuries to another in the film capital during lost nighl were reported as murder and suicide loday by sheriff's officers. O. H. Cloud, sheriff's deputy In charge of the case, said Paul Ivar Wharton, fc-year old designer of clothes for film actresses, wan shot by William Howard, 35, former navy ensign and later Wharton'a cbauf- | tnrou E:h » window, L Th « { ™\ axle of the virtually Ifemolwhed truck was tied Into - k , n ° t ; ff^"?!^"' **"" ' CaU " rylng It about 30 feet down the feu ,^ right-of-way. Chesbro crawled out Utt "d said Howard later shot and probably fatally wounded Henry E. Bolte, 38, law Instructor at the University of California at Loa Angelca. After Injuring Boltc, Cloud said, Howard shot and killed himself. Follow* Suppt;r. The slaying of Wharton waa the tragic climax of a supper attended red along the roadbed. The pilot and train line, controlling the airbrakes, on the motor { ra j n were damaged, and It was pulled by a switch engine to the b , two ,„ ,„ ' ,£ jloll ^^ ^"1?°^ ,^. r . C . P , alr .t.!Sf tl ^. 0 . n apartment studio. The other Si- Ings occurred latot In. an apartment several blocks away. Cloud said tho sheriff's office was convinced the shootings were ruoll- vafed by financial differences Involving the three men, and that a violent quarrel concerning money Wharton and Boite owed Howard preceded tho shootings. "Our investigation has established that a man we know only as C. M. McDermott was Iho third person in the room at the time Wharton was slain," Cloud said. "Wo believe ho was not involved In the shoot- Ings, but other officers now are looking for him in the belief he can clear up minor details pertaining to its run to Liberal shortly afterwards. "I didn't 'hear the whistle until it was right on top of me," Chesbro said. "If It had been a train I would have noticed It, but that little doodlebug—it might have been another automlblle." No watchman la on duty at the crossing, which Is wide and without obstacles to vision. Tho train had just pulled from the depot, two blocks away. After tomorrow, No. 13 and eastbound No. 14 will be discontinued by the Hock Island. Chesbro was pinned in his truck when It struck a tree In the central parking of Ave. E east several months ago. tax Inheritances Jo Meet Bonus Submits Plan to Senate Committee. Washington, Chairman Harrison of the senate finance committee today made public a letter from Secretary Morgonthau pro-, posing an inhcrllanco tax eystom | Oeorpctown, Del. (/!')—Mrs. Mary which could be used to cash the I H. Carey, 52, and a son, Howard Jonua, based on progressive rates unning up to 60 percent. Morgenthuu estimated that auch i tax would yield about $300,000.000 Jefferson City, Mo., (.!') — Mlsra Mary McEiroy pleaded with Governor Guy B. Park today to spare the life of Walter H. McGee, leader of the gang that kidnaped her for $30,000 ransom nearly two years ago. Virtually all legal avenues of escaping the gallows had been closed to McGcc when the 26-year- old daughter of H. F. McEiroy. city manager of Kansas City, visited th* governor—in behalf, she said, of both kidnaper and victim. "In pleading for Walter McGcc'i life, I am pleading for my own peace of mind." said the tall brunette in her formal appeal to thft executive. Sho wag Accompanied here by her father. Governor Defer* Action. After the MrKlroys hud spent ,11 minutes in his private office. Governor Park said: "I did not indicate, to them what course I would take." He added that he had "no Idea" when he would ffct on Miss McEIroy's plea. The McElroys, the governor said, expressed to him the same view? a* contained In Miss McEIroy's formal appeal to him. Miss McEiroy appenred deeply worried OB she and her father left the governor's offics at noon. The McElroy'n did not conrrment on »h*lr audience with Xhe governor, A Nightmare. Miss McEiroy previously had expressed sympathy for the men ron- vlcted on her testimony and had disclosed the thought o( sending McGee to his doom waa a "nightmare" preying on her mind. Rhe expressed the belief that lh«? ''full force of tho law haa bean emphasized" and that McGee'a ca.«o would serve as a warning to others. From her own standpoint, the girl said If the sentence were carried out, McGee "would even have this advantage: he would not have to think about hia execution afterwards." McGee. the first person in the United Stales to he given the death penalty for kidnaping. Is In jail in Kansas City under sentence to be hanged May 10. Division No. 2 of the stute au- McDermolt was Iho third person j P r eme court refused a rehearing of his appeal yesterday. Mlsa McEiroy presented the following letter to the governor: "I am asking your clemency for Walter H. McGee, who has baen sentenced to hang on May 10. This Is the first request I have made as the victim in this ciue. I mention my rolu as victim only because, technically, I hnlleve, I am the only one whose right It la to ask for clemency. So far, publicly at Icaat, I have triad to fill the purely mechanical part of a stale's witness. Aim Accomplished. "Walter McGee's trial was primarily Important aa » test case. The state of Missouri was trying to prove the possibility of giving th« death sentence for kidnaping. Th«* sentence was passed by the jury and baa been confirmed by the supreme court. I believe that the full forc-i of this law has been empha- sised and that It is clear that Wa,l- the tragedy," C'ioud^ su id McDermott leaped from WhHvlon's apartment three shot.i had been fired. The deputy »aid the man's fall won broken by thrubbery, and inyeatl- (Page 18, Column 6, Please) Two to Die For Killing of Man Carey, 2T, were sentenced today to be hanged in Sussex county Jail on June 7 for the slaying of the woman's brother more than seven yearn (Page 18, Column 7.

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