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Game of Kings - By D. M. LE DAIN jf The Game of Kings QUIZ No....
By D. M. LE DAIN jf The Game of Kings QUIZ No. su A. Gudmundsson (Iceland) vs R. J. Fischer (U.S.A.) (Reykjavik, Iceland, 1960) Black to play and win. No. Sit (Wxlr-BazatO: 1. R-08!, QxBl 2. RxRch, Q-BU 1. RxQch, KxR; 4. Ox Ret win. L. Witt Leads City Open Leaders in the City Open at NDG Chess Centre are now L. Witt, 9-1; F. Furst-ner, S'A-lVfc; I. Zalys, R. Hirsch, A. Suchorski, each 7-3. E. Baikowitz has 6-3 with one game adjourned. To-morrow the City Speed championship will be held at NDG Chess Centre starting at 1.00 p.m. Open to all. The chess group at "Chez Leo", 4724 Papineau, has a Class "B" tourney going and is seeking more "A" players for a stronger event. Contact L. Archambault (LA. 4-0555). Chess On The Arctic Rim On his way to the Chess Olympics at Leipzig, American champion Bobby Fischer stopped off at Reykjavik, Iceland. A small tourney was arranged with four of the leading local experts which Fischer won pts., , ahead of I n g i Johannsson, Vk-lVi, Fridrik Olafsson, 2-2, A. Gudmundsson 1-3 each and F. Thorbergsson, 1-3. Johannsson also came out ahead of international grandmaster Olafsson in another tourney arranged only for Icelanders, so that an important new star may be emerging. Here is a sample of his play from the first-mentioned tourney. SICILIAN DEFENCE Black 10 Pieces tuititt lit I, '6. 12 I Jumm mi r White 10 Pieces White: I. Johannsson Black A. Gudmundsson White 1P-K4 2N-KBJ SP-Q4 4NxP SN-QBJ B-KN5 7P-B4 SNxN P-K5 10B-R4 11 PxNP Black P-QB4 P-Q3 PxP N-KB3 P-QR3 P-K3 N-B3 PxN P-R3 PN4 N-Q4 White ttNxN 13 Q-RS 14B-Q3 15 0-0 16 B-B2 17 B-Q4! It R-B6! 19 BxKP 20K-R1 21 R-Nch! Black BPxN B-K2 BxP R-QRi R-Kl (Ml PxP Q-N3ch Q-K6 Resigns Zonal Promotions Decided The West European Zonal at Madrid last summer resulted in a quadruple tie for first. As only three can advance to the 1961 Interzonal a play-off was necessary and this has now been decided: S. Gligoric, Yugoslavia, 3'4-2'4; A. Pomax Spain, 3-3; L. Portisch, Hungary, 3-3; J. H. Donner, Holland, 2V4-314. So Herr Donner is blitzed. In the East European Zonal at Budapest earlier G e z a Barcza, Hungary, placed first, followed by a quadruple tie for 2nd to 5th places. The play-off to decide which two of these will advance has produced the following result: L. Bilek, Hun-gary, 3'4-2'4; M. Bertok, Yugoslavia, 3-3; A. Matanovic, Yugo., 3-3; T. D. van Schel-tinga, Holland, 2Vs-31z. Bertok earned promotion by defeating Matanovic Vi-xk in their individual games. From the Chess Olympiade, Leipzig, 1960: KING'S INDIAN DEFENCE White: Black L. Szabe G. Stahlberf (Hungary) (Sweden) White Black White Black 1 P-Q4 N-KB3 15 0-0 N-K3 2 P-QB4 P-KN3 16 QR-N1 NxKP 3 N-OB3 B-N2 17 NxN BxN 4 P-K4 P-Q3 8 OxP N-B5 5 B-N5 P-KR3 19 B B3 0.-B2 SB-R4 P-B3 20 QR-K1 B-N2 7 P-B4 Q-N3 21 Q-R4 B-B3 8Q-Q2 N-R3 22 0-N3 BxN 9 B-K2 N-B2 23 PxB P-K4 10 P-K5 PxP 24 B-Q5! R.Q1 HBPxP N-02 2SB-04! NxB 12N-B3 P-QB4 26 RxKP! NxP 13B-B2 0-0 27 BxN Resign 14 PxP Q-R4 Black 12 Pieces 4 J 1' Items Najdorf won the Argentine championship, 154, followed by Bolbochan, 134, Pelikan, 12, Eliskases, Reinhardt and Schweber, 11 each, etc. J. Flesch, Hungary, p r e-viously unknown to the outside world, is reported to have - broken the world blindfold record by playing 52 games simultaneously, winning 31, losing 3 and drawing 18. Leningrad defeated Moscow 404-394 in a double round match on 40 boards. Korchnoi scored 14-4 vs Botvinnik at t o p board, while Smyslov made 14-4 vs Spassky. PROBLEM No. H. Hermanson White 9 Pieces (1st Prize, FIDE Ty., 1938) White mates in two moves.

Clipped from
  1. The Gazette,
  2. 04 Feb 1961, Sat,
  3. Page 29

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