William and Nellie Hiskey Foreclosure

William and Nellie Hiskey property foreclosure, the Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) 20 March 1892, page 11, column 4

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William and Nellie Hiskey Foreclosure - N OTICE OF SALE UNDER TRUST DEED. WUereas, ou...
N OTICE OF SALE UNDER TRUST DEED. WUereas, ou the 31st day oC July, 1R91, one Ralph O. Duped loaned to \Villiaip F. Hiskoy and Nellio Uiskev tho sum of twenty-one hundred ($2100.00) dollars, inJawful money of the [Jui'ted States; aucl .\vhcrqas, on the Hiiid day the said William i 1 '. His'ltcy'aud Kcl ie Hiskoy made, executed and delivered to this sa5d Kalph O. Dupee their certain promissory note for the said amount, payable to the order of the stiid Ralph O. Dupco on the first day of August, 1898, with Benn-auniial interest thereon 'at the rate of 8 per cent per annum, .and wilh 12 per cent interest per annum after maturity; and whereas to secure the payment of the same the said William F. lliskey and Nellio Hiskey on said day made, executed and delivered to Frank B. Stephens as trustee for the said Kalph 0. rjupoe,-thf.ir certain trust deed in. writing of. that dale, which said trust deecl.was duly certified, acknowledged aud recorded ih . tho ofiiee of the County Recorder of Salt Lake county, Utah . Territory, oii the first day of ..August, 1891, and thereby conveyed to said Stephens the .following-described real estate, to wit: Beginning at the southwest •corner of lot live (yj. block sixty-one (61), plat "A," Salt Luke City-Survey, and running thence east ten (10) rods: theucc north three (.-]) rods; thencu west ten (10) rods; thence south three (3) rods .to beginning; situate in Salt Lake City and .county,'. Utah Territory; and whereas, in was provided in said .liote .and 'trust deed, that should any interest remain unpaid thirty days after due'that the principal arid all accrued interest should become due and payable at once without further notice at the option oT suid Ralph O. Dupee, or the legal holder of said note, aud that tho said Ralph O. Dupeo might request the said trustee to sell said .property according to the terms of said trusl^ deed; and whereas, tho said .William F. .Hiskey and Nellie Hiskey fui-ilier covenanted in said .trust. deed to-pay all taxes and assessments upon ,said' drsq'ribfid real estate \ylthiu Uie times required by law; and whereas, it.was further provided iu said trust deed that in'-c'ase of the breach of any of the covenants therein, or iu case of defaulter p:iymeat of any. part of the principal or interest, as,the same should become due',, that the said trustee might at once proceed to sell said de-_ scribed .property or any. imrt thereof .at ipublic vetidue to thu liighost bidder for casti at .the frontdoor of the County Courthouse in Salt Luke.City, first givin;t. twenty ..dfiys'- 1 . notice of •. tho terra's, time and place of .said sale, and the' property to be sold,"-by advertisement of the 'sanies iu a newspaper printed in the Ennlish language, and published in, Salt Lake . City, Utah, for the purpose of paying:: the indebtedness, as secured by said -'.trust- deed; ' .and whereas, the said ,William -1?'. Hiskey and Nellie Hiskey have.uot paid the taxes,on said described prop-, cry. within the: times required bv law: and, whereas, the city, county and Territorial- taxes for the vear 1891 assessed.upon said promises are delinquent, and unpaid, and, said .property has been sold by.the Collector of Salt Lake county to puy .fhe "same; and,.whereas, the interest on, said note was due on.the first day of February;: '1892. nnd hitsi'for mere; tha'ti thirty days'.beeii .wholly, unpaid ahd.is.iiow unpaid; and, whereas, the said.-Kalph 0;'Dup'ee has elected to,declare the .entire sum uecured ,by said note and trust! de,ed. to be no.w cue and payable, and has requested the.said .Frank. B. Stephens to sell said .property to pay the same. ..... . .' •;-,•-' •... " Now;, theriifore, in consideration of, the pre : mises and of tho power.vested in;me by said trust deed.1,1 will on .the--twenty-sixth ' (26th), day of, Jlarch, 1392, at 12 o'clock.noon on s,aid;day at-Uui> fro'ut' door of i.ho Coun : ty ..pourt lio'usejn Salt' •Lake Citv,:XJtiiH.Territory,. sell r s'Rid-..aesoti'b3'd: propljrty "to -the highest bidder : !t,or,.cas"li. or so much thereof Hs.will ?'atisfy said.uloie'.and lii.ter- est r-herebn and pav-.the.costs of .ad.ver.tisioff and tnisteo's-and attorney's fe.es.us'-'p'rovidedv-iii. said trust deed. • -. -. .FRANK B' STEPriJEN r S,., ' o-iOS,;'.-' /..'.-•.-,.'•'.'.'..'• :.;".: '.A:,''""' ' '."...'.'.•'.. ' .-^ustoc;-,,. :

Clipped from
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune,
  2. 20 Mar 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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  • William and Nellie Hiskey Foreclosure — William and Nellie Hiskey property foreclosure, the Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, Utah) 20 March 1892, page 11, column 4

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