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 - FINE FLftYING BY PILLSBURY Gave Louisville...
FINE FLftYING BY PILLSBURY Gave Louisville Chess Plauers Valuable Valuable Lessons In tne Game. HIS WORK AN EYE-OPENER. EYE-OPENER. EYE-OPENER. A. J. Conen, Secretary of the Local Club, the Only Man To Win Prom Him. PLAYED WELL BLINDFOLDED. CHKBS playtn was irlven a Ms; 1- 1- eal boom yesterday by the pres-nc pres-nc pres-nc In the cttr of Mr. Harry N. Plllsbury, the renowned champion champion chess expert of the world. Mr. Ftlla-bury Ftlla-bury Ftlla-bury some Interesting; exhibitions of the art yesterday afternoon and last night In the room of the Louisville Cheat Club, rn the Youn Men's Hebrew Association building-, building-, building-, on First street, near Walnut. A large crowd witnessed the game. Mr. Plllsbury arrived In the city yesterday yesterday morning from Evansvllle. where ha played before the club of that place Tuesday Tuesday nlR-ht. nlR-ht. nlR-ht. He left Louisville las night for Crbana. O., where he will play this afternoon and to-ntjrht to-ntjrht to-ntjrht with members of the chts club of that town. He Is traveling traveling about the country in the employ of the American Chess Matfaxine. the Idea being- being- to awaken Interest in this intricate game. The nembers of the Louisville Chess Club are hUrhly elated over Plllsbury's visit- visit- Thoua-h Thoua-h Thoua-h the club was organized hi 163 yesterday was the first time the mem-bera mem-bera mem-bera had the opportunity to play against ueh a celebrity as Plllsbury undoubtedly km. Ir. L. N. Dembita is the present President President of the Louisville club, and Mr. A. J. Conep Is its Secretary- Secretary- Both of these, aa well as nearly all the other members of the club, played ajrainst the champion yesterday yesterday afternoon. He is a young man. probably twenty-nine twenty-nine twenty-nine years of age. below the medium height and has a keen, inteU l'-exit l'-exit l'-exit face. The programme consisted of simultaneous simultaneous chess in the afternoon and blindfold chess at night. Nine chessboards were arranged In a row yesterday afternoon, with a member seated at each board. On the right were thre checker-boards, checker-boards, checker-boards, each of which was preside 'ever by a local player of standing. Mr. Pillsbury played the nine games of clwss and three of checkers checkers at once, walking rapidly from one ta- ta- " ble to another and making bis moves. He played swiftly, though many variations frf selected against the champion. It remained for Mr. A. J. Conen. the avcrt-tary avcrt-tary avcrt-tary of the club, to defeat the champion. champion. This was a big surprise, but before before Mr. Cohen gets full credit for beating the champion of the world it must be understood that the Secretary of the Louisville Louisville club wa only one of nine, all or whom Mr. Pillsbury played simultaneously, simultaneously, to say nothing of three games of checkt rs In which the champion took part at the same time. Mr. Pillsbury won the three games of checkers;- checkers;- won five games of chess, drew In three games and buffered buffered but one defeat the victory by Mr. Conen. However, the latter deserve great credit for winning from the champion, champion, even though Mr. Pillsbury had eleven eleven other games on his hands at the same time. In some of them two or three men not engaged in the contests would advise and coach the local players. Mr. Conen had little help from the outside. Those who were lucky enough to play draw game with the champion were It. M. Woodruff, assisted by President Dembita: Dembita: W. 8. Caldwell, assisted by MaJ. J. T. Gaines, and A. B. Cheatham, as sisted by several other members of the club. All the other games were won by Mr. Pillsbury. Of course the game between Messrs- Messrs- Plllsbury and Conen was decidedly the most Important of the afternoon, because It was won by a local man. This game was a King's Bishop's Gambit. The play was highly Interesting, and both had an opportunity to display their skill. The contest was won by Conen on the forty-third forty-third forty-third turn, and Pillsbury was compelled to acknowledge defeat. The moves of this Important game, which will be highly terestlng to all lovers of chess, are given below: KING S BISHOP'S GAMBIT. White Plllsbury. Black Conen. 1. 1' K4 " M . PxP P KB4 I. I K Hi S. B 11 4. W K2 Q KJ . Kt QB3 . P J3 T. P KR4 t. PxKtP . PxBP (ch) 10. Kt K4 11. BxP 12. B KtS 13. Kt xKt 14. QxQ 13. KtxKt 1. I KtS 17. Castles. 15. R Bl 19. Kt K2 . Kt tl. R B2 , B. KK-lll KK-lll KK-lll t. RxR 4. RxR S. P JB4 !. KtxKt tl. K-J2 K-J2 K-J2 M. K K2 r. k bi ). B Ql It. B K! . P KI3 IS. K Ktl t1' I4.K Bl .-.. .-.. .-.. P R3 ti. K Ktl ' Tl. B Bl as. p Kt4 as. pxbp 40. B Kl . 41. B Kt4 45. BxP I' B3 P KKt4 B Kt3 , tjxP K Qt W K2 P Q Kt B3 KiKt Kx'l KxH HxP Kt Q2 JVKRl K Kt KB1 KtS HxK T -KB -KB uR ' l-Kl l-Kl l-Kl xKt K H5 VKt - OS m T H4 -H5 -H5 '-KtS '-KtS '-KtS " 'S W Bl -Kt -Kt H-RS H-RS H-RS P R4 PxP BP P R Bill 43. Resigns. Taken as a whole. Plllsbury's play dur-frf dur-frf dur-frf tha afternoon was the finest ever seen b.-re. b.-re. b.-re. He Is certainly a chess marvel. He , b d abundant opportunities to display his ' 111 tn brilliantly conducted attacks. Be-si.lea Be-si.lea Be-si.lea his splendid work In chess, on the t pee checker boards he played eight games together, winning all but one. which v ta a draw, although aunong his ppo-p ppo-p ppo-p nta were some of the city's best che k-:- k-:- k-:- k-:- players. lmt night Mr. Pillsbury drew a larger rrywd than that of- of- the afternoon. He played six games blindfolded, winning all bi t one. This was a draw with Mr. A. B: oadus as the champion's opponent. . Mr. pillsbury. refused to express himself regarding regarding the merits of the local players, but n said he hoped to come back here stain: but he didn't know when he could arrange such a visit. The Louisville club would like to have him here for a longer visit. He left for Ohio at 2:30 o'clock this morning. .' ! 7 1 7 1 3 6 3

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 26 Jan 1899, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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