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 - wuth'i- l'-i ug-rienltnral supple-nr-nt oi...
wuth'i- l'-i ug-rienltnral supple-nr-nt oi t"-lor foriret-t lmn-worker ol build-in, epe-rioiiciui prao- build- Usau- eouu- nco- nda-tious. rf- pea-e-1ti,;?i co;n-mcrce Couitiitinlcstlotis and exchanges for this deparimnnt should .be addressed to the chest editor. Tbe LouUvlllo Chess Club meets at Rooms 611 anil 611 ommcrro Unildlng. Fourth and Main. Kooma open at all hours. All ctaess players welcomed. Problem o. 123. First prize In tusirncy of Uie Sussex County County Chess Aso-lallon. Aso-lallon. Aso-lallon. Bv Mj-s. Mj-s. Mj-s. J. XV. lUlrd. Prlghton, Eng. nuuk int. ri w '4 m n : . ; s . - ' ir VP? W, " fa&A rzz&z i 4 Xliiiu (111. WLlte to piay and nuie in three moves. The l.ognnsport .tleetiag, Followlni-' Followlni-' Followlni-' Is tlie Hut; game won from Latker by tshowaiter at Logaimport. Mote by tlie Lalllnioie .h : KCY LOPEZ. White (Shnwaltet I . Fdack (Lnskcr). 1- 1- I'-Kl I'-Kl I'-Kl 1 P K4 2 Kl-KD Kl-KD Kl-KD 3 2-K.l 2-K.l 2-K.l QB3 ii il kli 3 Kl U 3 4 u.-lk-M. u.-lk-M. u.-lk-M. u.-lk-M. u.-lk-M. 4 1 Q 3 p-g p-g p-g -i -i a iv y 1 fl Kt C 3 : 11 hJ 7 l.xKt 7 lisB k cK 3 (a I'll KlxP II-Q3 II-Q3 II-Q3 10 1' yKt 3 lb) lO fattle I i H k i - ibi 11 K K sil 11 QK C 1 1- 1- H K B l i -Q-QU -Q-QU -Q-QU -Q-QU 1.1-K-H 1.1-K-H 1.1-K-H 1.1-K-H 1.1-K-H sil (c) 14 I' Ii -1 -1 14 1 H3 15 lit H 3 13 1. lit I ic If g 2 ttl VI-H-1 VI-H-1 VI-H-1 VI-H-1 VI-H-1 IT P-K1I3 P-K1I3 P-K1I3 17 ll.Tkt IS gIi Js Q' J so. r. T KKt 4 Ki-K Ki-K Ki-K Kt -q -q 2v-I'-Kl 2v-I'-Kl 2v-I'-Kl 2v-I'-Kl 2v-I'-Kl .' L'O Kt Q 2 21-kt 21-kt 21-kt 'Jl-I'-Q 'Jl-I'-Q 'Jl-I'-Q 'Jl-I'-Q 'Jl-I'-Q 211- 211- n ' cij 2j-g-u 2j-g-u 2j-g-u 2j-g-u 2j-g-u fe) - pi 3 ! Ci I-Kt I-Kt I-Kt 5 2-1 2-1 2-1 Hi I! S-t S-t S-t QaU j a-l'-H a-l'-H a-l'-H a-l'-H a-l'-H 3 J.-V-Q J.-V-Q J.-V-Q J.-V-Q J.-V-Q Kt 3 CO. 2i: rC-ft rC-ft rC-ft "i4--kl "i4--kl "i4--kl "i4--kl B4 J7-KI J7-KI J7-KI Kt 3 27 K Q 2 ,0 js Kt-It3l Kt-It3l Kt-It3l -2S -2S athi1 2U It Kt 2 CO K K q :m Kt-UU(g) Kt-UU(g) Kt-UU(g) :mi 1'xKt lli '--Kirr '--Kirr '--Kirr '--Kirr :ti-it(Q :ti-it(Q :ti-it(Q 2 Qtq. 33 K Kt 7 Resigns (If KfrTEs. (a) Mio;iltcr con liters thee tbe best moves for XVIiiie. "lii. -elng -elng that Black Is now oblltfort to exclmnc pawnn,. acqulivs an atlvaninge in po-IUon. po-IUon. po-IUon. iiu At piH-l piH-l piH-l bv Looker against De Vlsser In a ktndiTsj position. ;ci A wasted move, gstt Lssker, who Indlmies hero P 113. Compare Black's liilli mine. nil All this Is sterling chess: Will's avoids Uie following Map: 22 4sP. HiP. i3 UxP. Ktkl3; 24-sl-R5. 24-sl-R5. 24-sl-R5. 24-sl-R5. 24-sl-R5. CB ch. 2fg.y. Iix3 oh. : 2il-Kt 2il-Kt 2il-Kt Q4. R-KI3. R-KI3. R-KI3. 27-P 27-P 27-P m. Kt Q4, regaining the pawn with i ei-eativ ei-eativ ei-eativ siiwrlor tK)lton. -v -v , t tei White tshes advanuse of this and tW succwctlns move by very line phvy. (fl kt Kj Mas here esheuilal. U then 2H KtxKt, PxKt; 2 axK, yxu; aw s!p. Q-Q7 Q-Q7 Q-Q7 ch. im A stioerh sacrifice. (In No belter wa Kl.tSt 31 KtPxKt, P Kr3! 32-y-Kt4. 32-y-Kt4. 32-y-Kt4. 32-y-Kt4. 32-y-Kt4. gH Q fcj. 33 Q Kt-i. Kt-i. Kt-i. winning easily, as he thif-tens thif-tens thif-tens mate by C K'V la combination w h li Kt4. Or if Q J wi. 'M-k 'M-k 'M-k Ki. 1-Kt 1-Kt 1-Kt sq. 34 tt Ktl. Q-Kl! Q-Kl! Q-Kl! i. S')-R-R4. S')-R-R4. S')-R-R4. S')-R-R4. S')-R-R4. and now if P KRt. oU-KxP oU-KxP oU-KxP ch.. inattug in two more movfs: othci-WL-e othci-WL-e othci-WL-e othci-WL-e othci-WL-e K EO and ti 1(4 wins kDceililv. (il Kr mate Is threatened both by RxP ch. and oy g Kj. Bishops of Different Diagonals. (Nw Orleans Times-Democrat.) Times-Democrat.) Times-Democrat.) There Is probubly no more" Interesting branch of end game phiy than that lnvolv In the possibilities of positions wherein KiFiops of dltTereiit coloi-s, coloi-s, coloi-s, or, more ptop-crlv ptop-crlv ptop-crlv :i.aUltu, of diffri-ent diffri-ent diffri-ent dlainils. sup ported by Pawns, continue the opposing foi-cs. foi-cs. foi-cs. Almost every plsyor In hln pruc tlcal exiierienoe has bail impressed ill on hlm the lim illy of avoiding lite diw In such isisltloiis. evn aiiere he may have had slliht nutnericil suienorttv perhaps even td two l'awns. A fortiori, therefore, u con veri a por-ition por-ition por-ition In wh.-h wh.-h wh.-h there are not Into one where theie lll be lilsjiops of altTrs-ent altTrs-ent altTrs-ent llasoiud-, llasoiud-, llasoiud-, and this a.- a.- the me road to vicury. must be not only rare of opisirtunlty cm aiso imply a maiKca aefree ol che. tlatrvoyamv. siuch a porJlli.n an-l an-l an-l such ar example of KpletKhd end gsnie skill Is f-irulsliisl, f-irulsliisl, f-irulsliisl, we thiiiK. In the following fine etidini thai is- is- cuned in the second gnme, piaved on Oc- Oc- tber 12 last, between Mr. V. Graham Balrd Slid llerr K. Ltrker In the litters re cent scries at tho Manhattan Che-m Che-m Che-m Club. The poittcn shown on tlie diagram in that ailer WliileV twenty third movo (KtxK.) i.iaca nail just 'ex. uanged iluoks at Q su'iarr, ana wnite rwaftuioa n ft his Kt as & la tea : BLACK MR. tAsKER. DKT And only three wpk jet remain for as to do it in, as we more want to more as littlo of our present lare stock as posiiblA into same, to start to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow nioriiin: oue of tbe UIGtiEST. SALES in price ou erer j article in our house. Our stock is large and paj jou to take adrantage of this sale. Nothins reserTed, as SHELVING AND -1 -1 fit X k OQAi i A t-" t-" t-" -1'? -1'? 5 X: 3 iM a twi af'3J -'i -'i 4 r'l icttitTE-MR. icttitTE-MR. icttitTE-MR. BAIKD. Black haT to play, con limed with 23 . 2.1-l:-Iis: 2.1-l:-Iis: 2.1-l:-Iis: 2.1-l:-Iis: 2.1-l:-Iis: (al 24-P-ktll 24-P-ktll 24-P-ktll 24-P-ktll 24-P-ktll 24-K-QH 24-K-QH 24-K-QH 24-K-QH 24-K-QH 2i Kt I'.i i--I-Kta i--I-Kta i--I-Kta i--I-Kta i--I-Kta i--I-Kta 2i KlQ.) S Ii yd 27 K Q ili) -7--ii.kt -7--ii.kt -7--ii.kt -7--ii.kt -7--ii.kt : (el Ee- Ee- Kx!l ! II- II- H4 2li P-KK4 P-KK4 P-KK4 2:-K-K4 2:-K-K4 2:-K-K4 2:-K-K4 2:-K-K4 fv-K-gj fv-K-gj fv-K-gj fv-K-gj fv-K-gj ftO-K ftO-K ftO-K Qii (e) ai-Pxp ai-Pxp ai-Pxp :'.i-ui'!' :'.i-ui'!' :'.i-ui'!' .12-1-- .12-1-- .12-1-- .12-1-- .12-1-- K 32 p OF. I S.'l V. kt4 2:i :;4-li-K-l :;4-li-K-l :;4-li-K-l :;4-li-K-l :;4-li-K-l :;4-li-K-l :;4-li-K-l 34 P-l:. P-l:. P-l:. (ch) (fl K- K- K -q. -q. 3"--n 3"--n 3"--n 3"--n K-.7 K-.7 K-.7 25-H-kfi 25-H-kfi 25-H-kfi 25-H-kfi 25-H-kfi ?1-K-Kii ?1-K-Kii ?1-K-Kii ?1-K-Kii ?1-K-Kii ft7 BxV 37 Mxp 3S-K-Q 3S-K-Q 3S-K-Q 3S-K-Q 3S-K-Q 'SO n-K n-K n-K -f -f 7 a; K I! sq. 3011- 3011- i 43 P-K". P-K". P-K". 40-P 40-P 40-P K Aud While reslpuM (hi. NOTEs. (a) As will appear in the course nf the piny, this move Is the key to the sueeeaa-rul sueeeaa-rul sueeeaa-rul manipulation of the ending. While's own Kt not Ally blocks out his K. but aUo can not be nnV,sl in the i-rocnt i-rocnt i-rocnt slltisiion. (b) Not merely to free his "lecea, but alo, probably, trusting to he " BUhops of dillsr-ent dillsr-ent dillsr-ent color' priuciple tliat Bkack will not exchange exchange his Q B for the Kt. fc) Which, however. Is exacUv what be docs do. The move Is a higlily lnstmctive studv for the rites gnuiieur. ,(d) If, Instead. 2 PxB fveurlnc the Bishops of different dhponsls). then 28 B to K Kt 4 1 : 20 K to K 2. (or B 2. K to Q H 4. followed t'T K to Q a. and, thereafter. K to B 6 or K C. actwdtnclv, and While's s-.ima s-.ima s-.ima speedily falls to phsres. White perceives perceives this and hence plays a theoretically we&ker move. e A terrible "post ot vantage as will shortly be seen. f Again an errant soup, Tks Walts King is now psrafysed. (I) II. iBitead. UltiClli Bxl 85c For a line Cloth Skirt, reduced from 1.33. 12 l-2c l-2c l-2c Far Very Heavy fianltary Flannel, reduced reduced from -Oc. -Oc. 22c For Fine All-wool All-wool All-wool French Dress Flannel, Flannel, reduced from 3 jo. : 25c For 40-Inch 40-Inch 40-Inch Novelty Dress Goods, reduced reduced from 40c. 29c For 38-lnch 38-lnch 38-lnch Imported Serges, reduced from iOc. 99c For 6-4 6-4 6-4 Chenille Table Covert, reduced from 91.50. 10c For Ladles' All-wool All-wool All-wool Cashmere Cloves, reduced from 25o 15c For Misses' All-wool All-wool All-wool Cashmere Hose, rsduoea from 30c. 10c For Ladies' Seamless Black Hose, reduced reduced from 25o. 10c For MUses' Seamless Black Hose, reduced reduced from 25c. 20c For Hush Draperies, reduced from &5C. 25c For a Good Bed Comfort, reduced from 600. LADIESCLOAKS! HALF PRICES PREVAIL I $2.50, Ladies' Cloaks, reduced from $5. $3.75, Ladies' Cloaks, reduced from 17.50. $4, Ladles' Cloaks, reduced from $8. $5, Ladies' Cloaks, reduced from $10. $7.50, Ladies' Cloaks, reduced from $15. $10, . Ladies' Cloaks reduced from $20. CHILDREN'S CLOAKS! In Cloth aud Eiderdown, at a Great Sacrifice. Our bargain counters are loaded with hundreds of bargains bargains of every kind, too numerous numerous to mention. ITJKSITTJXE, asnsssniii m .tHriVai! f CLEA IN M TO CLEAR OUT. The remainder of our enormous enormous special Winter lines is to be cleared out before stocktaking, stocktaking, Vhich wiil commence in a few days. We have put cut prices on many of our best grades of Furniture, thus making making it to your advantage to buy now. A regular $100 Suite of Furniture can now be bought for $60, an $80 Suite for. $55, a $50 Suite for $35, and so on clear fhrough the entire entire list. This is not a special lot of " cheap " stuff bought especially for the purpose, but our regular every-day every-day every-day stock. Call at our store and learn the prices. YOU CAN MAKE Satisfactory Arrangements as to terms. sj o o u A GENUINE To tli lost Popular This Coupon, cot RilOUES-ulKiURD RilOUES-ulKiURD RilOUES-ulKiURD lt couaU as one vote for In the contest for reeelr-iu? tiie xreatcst nam her Feb. 1, 1VJ3. to receive, American Hoyement Gold Data of Paper... RHODES - LARGEST HOLSEt 1126-1 1126-1 1126-1 J 28 W. Market St. p t a a, BxQ Kt p wins. (1 Of course, tt 41 40 BxP, F to B 7 1, and BxP, BxB ; 42 PxB, P lo K tt. forcing mats snoniy, nu " PxP, his h, Kt P U fixed or lost at K Kt 0 1 "ew. Mr. LlpaehuU has been ordered South for ls health. He will probably go to Califor nia and remain fc-.eie fc-.eie fc-.eie me yeai-s. yeai-s. yeai-s. Tbe neventh annua handicap tonrnament nf the New Oilcans the, .nocoer ana Whist rhb began some Um33D, with twuity eiru lca. -Mr. -Mr. Frnroct Hanilllon. the secompHshJvd chews ed.t of tbs ot. Paul llfiotch, kaa found himself unable to vent all hi energy cn one paper, and eas staitel a br.ght ti-umn ti-umn ti-umn in the Minneapolis Jo-a-nsJ. Jo-a-nsJ. Jo-a-nsJ. Jo-a-nsJ. Jo-a-nsJ. Eastera eicaanrca have It tVit bhowal- bhowal- Ver aud ia-skir ia-skir ia-skir r to pley a uiakh, caiiea uo. incjating the two (taints played at Logansport, for stakes of sl.oOO a aide, wrta probubly 50 added as a purve by aa-miren. aa-miren. aa-miren. It is said 4ho aiatcb U to be played BS IVXUSSrUIS. l"a" m I part ta aacA aiigr, aaoxsiisr throng a here recently, and said nothing ot tlds. -The -The Baltimore News pertinently remarks: remarks: "Wo rave lately bocu ahed a good meny questions about tae United (Kate Che AssucUUon, w all a fceld no meeuug l--t l--t l--t l--t year r.d has done nothing more than hint at one ft lsj3. But, the main note of internga-tion internga-tion internga-tion among II members seems t be: Where has tte momr gou- gou- U- U- If tne odd -JOO -JOO doe from last v ear's .--ubinTlbers .--ubinTlbers .--ubinTlbers .--ubinTlbers have heen eoi-lected eoi-lected eoi-lected 1 Thers has been no report isued for about two years, and the secret u-y. u-y. u-y. Mr. W. H. Bipley. of Indianapulls, hn failed to ive any reason why tiie ions-expectwl ions-expectwl ions-expectwl pamphlet pamphlet ' of the Lexington meeting, Augus. 1-.1. 1-.1. 1-.1. L not foitiicoining. To put it la the miltWt terms, miWIi treatnwn of lie ub-rrderi ub-rrderi ub-rrderi to the C. S. C. A. is unbusinesslike, extraordinary, unsatisfactory, tmpiopev. un-expo un-expo un-expo ted and demanding a most rigorous an immesi'aN- immesi'aN- lavext saiion, ou whowjter should, ers the biaiue oeluags.'' Always a "Old harso purgatve pills. Tbey oisTt niiiie you telt, and tncu leave yoa rpattlpad. L.tlle Uver HII regu-At regu-At regu-At ih. bowels aad BMshe a west. D, eon alU.

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  2. 08 Jan 1893, Sun,
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