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 - Communications and exchanges for lids...
Communications and exchanges for lids department should be addj-essed addj-essed addj-essed to the chess editor. : Problem No. lOT. First prize, ex-uequo. ex-uequo. ex-uequo. In tourney ot the Hackney Mercury. By T. Tavemer. Black (01. - m v f)H atiuaal ' ".J " SMZiS iM.sZim . F2M a S3S51 -..p! -..p! tu. ,.4i.-.SJ ,.4i.-.SJ ,.4i.-.SJ - White White to play and mate In two moves. Problem $o..l08. One ot the three souvenir problems submitted submitted at tbe annual dinner of tho Now York City Chess club. ' - By a. Loyd. -'.': -'.': '. ';: -. -. .' Jilack n). ." fcB.ia.rf ' ..44. i ' .''' ffl-- ffl-- ffl-- ! rr rr;T It ; t. . tVi.J White (3). . White to play and nidi In two moves. Uames Front the Kewcastle .Match. Third game ot the mat'h. 1fh!s dessert Placa tldid) 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-P-K4 1-1-Ciit 1-1-Ciit 1-1-Ciit 1-1-Ciit 1-1-Ciit s kt-Kia kt-Kia kt-Kia . a-Kt-Qim a-Kt-Qim a-Kt-Qim a-Kt-Qim a-Kt-Qim a-i'-Q a-i'-Q a-i'-Q a-i'-Q a-i'-Q . a-i-xr a-i-xr a-i-xr a-i-xr a-i-xr 4-Ktxl' 4-Ktxl' 4-Ktxl' . : 4-1-KK13 4-1-KK13 4-1-KK13 4-1-KK13 4-1-KK13 6 JvUKt SKtlikt 6- 6- -0-Q4 -0-Q4 -0-Q4 -0-Q4 - - 7- 7- ktr-ft3 ktr-ft3 ktr-ft3 7-H-Kk'tJ 7-H-Kk'tJ 7-H-Kk'tJ 7-H-Kk'tJ 7-H-Kk'tJ a -B-4n4 -B-4n4 -B-4n4 -B-4n4 ' ' & hM-U-i hM-U-i hM-U-i hM-U-i hM-U-i LIBRARIES and HALLS. In these goods, noted for their superior WEARING QUALITIES, we show a large and complete stock of most artistic and beautifully colored designs, manufactured expressly to oar order, which we offer at the LOWEST PRICES. 0. ; : m MIGHT M, 328-330 328-330 328-330 W. Maia SL O-Caetlcs O-Caetlcs O-Caetlcs 10 ti-K3 ti-K3 ti-K3 11- 11- .Q tl St ia-itt ia-itt ia-itt ia tq 14 ! CK14 15 H lit t M iKt3 -. -. IT P Ktft 1-P 1-P 1-P Qlt4 10 U-ktl U-ktl U-ktl t r I 4 al K- K- U rt . SSJ I-l". I-l". I-l". ltxKt -'4-.Q-i; -'4-.Q-i; -'4-.Q-i; -'4-.Q-i; -'4-.Q-i; -'4-.Q-i; 25-Qxl 25-Qxl 25-Qxl (chl J-Q J-Q J-Q l!fi ch 27 Q Kt7 rhl 2-9-JP 2-9-JP 2-9-JP 2-9-JP 2-9-JP lold i'-iu i'-iu i'-iu . et-CxKU et-CxKU et-CxKU ni-iifP ni-iifP ni-iifP Ua-Hxli Ua-Hxli Ua-Hxli (ch) Four' a iranis 0-Kt 0-Kt 0-Kt ItS 10 Csmh-s Csmh-s Csmh-s 11 K3 lt!-Q-lit lt!-Q-lit lt!-Q-lit lt!-Q-lit lt!-Q-lit . 1m It K sq . 14-Q-PJ 14-Q-PJ 14-Q-PJ 14-Q-PJ 14-Q-PJ '.1-Kt '.1-Kt '.1-Kt K4 - is it it m 17-lt-Kt 17-lt-Kt 17-lt-Kt 17-lt-Kt 17-lt-Kt M . l- l- 1-KJ 1-KJ 1-KJ lt-K- lt-K- lt-K- lt-K- KM HO ll lit (ChJ 21 Kl l.i 2-J 2-J 2-J I' Kt L'3-Kxh L'3-Kxh L'3-Kxh av-i av-i av-i .km .SS K II 1 2tt-K-K3 2tt-K-K3 2tt-K-K3 2tt-K-K3 2tt-K-K3 2T-K-Q 2T-K-Q 2T-K-Q 2T-K-Q 2T-K-Q SI 28 IS ki 30 li U s- s- Sl-C-IC Sl-C-IC Sl-C-IC Sl-C-IC Sl-C-IC M-lttl' M-lttl' M-lttl' nred rVstrmber 2. TWO KJ lrir"fcK.. Whlio'.niidl. irK4 a KS-KU3 KS-KU3 KS-KU3 V, 11 B4 4 Kt Kt3 t-rxi' t-rxi' t-rxi' --Kt5- --Kt5- --Kt5- --Kt5- (Ch.) 7 IIP 5 B Qt ' tl--Kt-KIl3 tl--Kt-KIl3 tl--Kt-KIl3 tl--Kt-KIl3 tl--Kt-KIl3 tl--Kt-KIl3 10 H KJS3 " 11- 11- PxK l!?-PxQP l!?-PxQP l!?-PxQP , . ia-Q-Kl ia-Q-Kl ia-Q-Kl ia-Q-Kl ia-Q-Kl oh.) 14 Kt Kti KS H i)xB eh 17-Kt 17-Kt 17-Kt H3 lt P K'4 2l-QR-Kt 2l-QR-Kt 2l-QR-Kt 2l-QR-Kt 2l-QR-Kt sq. 2 Q eii P U-'t U-'t U-'t 24 QxKtP S.-, S.-, S.-, 4,ttl'. t Kt U4 JT Ktf . sB-14 sB-14 sB-14 ao iup. n-'i n-'i n-'i si . Wt-Q-K'C- Wt-Q-K'C- Wt-Q-K'C- Wt-Q-K'C- Wt-Q-K'C- Wt-Q-K'C- , OnR" (Ch) ;MU KtA 37 K n sq. K fa Kh) (-K (-K (-K 4rt-" 4rt-" 4rt-" , " O J Kd Black (lf.hi-r). (lf.hi-r). (lf.hi-r). 1 T-K4 T-K4 T-K4 2 Kt 'jlii 0 Kt Ha . 4 f Qt 1 Kt-.Mll Kt-.Mll Kt-.Mll . ii-P ii-P ii-P 7 lxi fe K: KlO ; :n Kit 10 P-Kd P-Kd P-Kd ": 11 JMl K3 14ta-tks. 14ta-tks. 14ta-tks. If BKt JvK- JvK- It Kl. 17 Kt-KfJ Kt-KfJ Kt-KfJ . IA Kit.l l'.t P-KK4 P-KK4 P-KK4 vo-n-iia vo-n-iia vo-n-iia vo-n-iia vo-n-iia ? Pxf 8". -O -O 54 BxP 113 ;n Kt4 7-K-l'.4 7-K-l'.4 7-K-l'.4 7-K-l'.4 7-K-l'.4 2 R Kt trv-tiJ trv-tiJ trv-tiJ It V-i0 V-i0 V-i0 Q4 01-Kt-K.I 01-Kt-K.I 01-Kt-K.I 01-Kt-K.I 01-Kt-K.I fli V H4 ?:tKU tq. M I'xP :ii-K :ii-K :ii-K Kt sq. S f!xl 37- 37- H -113 -113 9Kt H KU an h Kr?2 . ..' i . 41-Q-K8 41-Q-K8 41-Q-K8 41-Q-K8 41-Q-K8 ehl 231 Fcartli kit 42-K-H3 42-K-H3 42-K-H3 42-K-H3 42-K-H3 4Ti K Kt aq. Itcsigna. - 42 o-n o-n o-n a uxa H4 (eld News and Gasaip A. F. MarKentie, of Jamaloa, won flnl and awoond pricea ta ta. Journey of Ute liiiiiti Uneaa Majtulne. ... .-- .-- .-- . rent tiurviMi t'onjrm baa been awarded to Jlr. Biacabume for bis Kaiae aalnt MUsaa. At the Newer (N. J.) Che Uuto re-eenttr re-eenttr re-eenttr llr. Ldwatd Ilrmea piayert alinuU toneuuvr asainat, idus strung ptajen, la ibbk ail. . Tho Tt'faKt quadraocular tournsment closed October 1. itlxkourus and Ms-t( Ms-t( Ms-t( Ued for Ant, prii wltnv b and eme-bJ eme-bJ eme-bJ wins each. Iliid took third prUe with ve wir. le eatne lat witn aulj tw tw his credit. Mr. latter arrived, la K.w York iaed Thur-elay Thur-elay Thur-elay tn the fprse. He will nrvt xitt the Maittattin tlub. where as will play,' edit matches of three (luiea, with Meana. liannam. Irlmar. ItodRea. Aran. l. and J. W. rtaird, Mrs. aimHiaia aud 1M. sua. lis .will alo sve atmultaneoue and-bandtbld and-bandtbld and-bandtbld exniblthHn. After the MansW.tri Ls wvUI fliit the other New York and Brook 1 ciuhs, and a 111 theav visl scuts We.tetiS .uv , 7 Girls Huh School Celebration. The rrineipal or the Girls' illf School and tlie Frenident ef tba Al amine amine Society extend cordial invitation to t.H members of said society tn b nMt niul binidnatM in tla. rv.iunw. i Lian cxer im-s im-s im-s to be given ia tbe acboct tuiioiiia, rtuay, uiooor 2it beginning at U :-'ii :-'ii :-'ii a. iu. . Members who- who- laayv v.ifcli to purcliase tlie regulition fle a. roavenirf to lie Worn on that intetwet ina: tceaajon fciiould report to the priD cinal of the schoet? not later than - tha lm.t. . , , , , Tho action ot Carter's UtU Uvmr PI l' 14 ptewitnt, m'.ld sad natural. Thaf (entkw id-niuUtts id-niuUtts id-niuUtts tji liver, and racuatts tee bowea,' but do not l: ca. Tmrj mtm mum to yieaja. "ivy tuom. - - W8 HAKE A SPECIALTY Of eevrert strlea far yaoac asesv Wa u. on tj the floeat i a la.4 atech. ' SW'TH & STOUGHTCri, Ktai farers ef Haas Fata Ekoas. jj 420 FOURTH AVKNTTB,

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 09 Oct 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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