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 - 1 Hck-ens, sixty- years.- 17U-I CJuwn-pagne...
1 Hck-ens, sixty- years.- 17U-I CJuwn-pagne Ouiamunlcattont and exchanges lor this department should bs addressed to the coess editor, Problem No. 4X BT II. (J. Lawa. (Flrt prize two-move kviI mate In tourney lUack Ull. m B Vl 4 rr'." t-. White (U). White to rWv and com Del black to mats la ti moves. Problem o. 43. By Master P. . Koency, In Coyingtnn wu on wealth. White (T) K at K a 4: Q at K n 2; Bs at B Q 3 and Q B i ; li at K 2, K 5, Q K V ItWck (5 K at Q t : R at Q Kt 4. Pa ak Q Kt a, Q B 4. Q Kt 5. White to play and mate m two move. siolaiioss. PnCtLKM NO. 39. 1-Q-Kt 5. flnlvM;! hv V.ivii VnKn Vftv ' 1f.4l..- burg Chess Club, I'ardlnoburg, Ind.; J. K. FUOIILK.M NO. 40. I -J-K Q B. fWIred hr J T. M lfT.twinrllU Tn.l B. U U, KUzatiethtown. ' ' EadUame Ktadiea, Ko 5. From plnr at the local club. w Ml (VI. K at h. 2 ; Q at K B 3; lis at Q nq and K Kt 7 ; 11 at K 5 ; rv ot 3 I: 4 ; Q Kt 5. Q 0 and K II 4. Illark (). K nt Q Kt-0 : Q at K R a : R at Kq ; II at Q1 : Kt at K 5; i'i at u It li, Q Kt .1, K II 4. white announced mate iu Iiir tuovc. No. O From Ilorwilj. White HI. K at Q Kt 3 ; II at K It : Kt tit Q Kt i : l at Q U 2. mack UO). K al ll S; 11 at K O; l" at Q it a. y it 4. Q 1; a. q :;, k a. k n 5. K Kl II. K It 7 Ul.ll. ... nl.v ...1 u i No. 7.-Whlie (2), K at Q It 6 ; It at Q R . . black (2, K at y Kt q ; P at Q. b 7, none io i.iar ana draw. No. 8. From UerBrr. White (31. K nt Q n it: it at K Kt mi: 1' it a it :i in-., k (J. K at Q h 3: ! nt Q H i. q r 5 it . v ,.tv o, k hi 7. luto to play and win. : Chesa By Correapoadeace. Ono of the gamea recently tplayel be-tWfen the 'llotgow and 'orth London Chen uiMgnw wwn loth. The score tna ''ei-jMing iioicm are irmn tho Chioaso rlrnon. CKXTKU O AMPfT. White (Ohao lil.irk (North London Iv 4 2- P Q 4 (a) 3- QxV 4- Q-K 3 & -K 2 (.' -Tl-5 si T QKI II 3 t ai tlea o-pxr 10 q n 3 11 i km 4 ir 12 Q Kt 3 13 Kt-lt 3 li KU Kt 1 15 Kt K 4 X It It 3 17-Kt-U 4 irt it kh a it itxn (i o r 4 21-fsKt eJKt-i 2.1 UxP e4 Kt Kt chi 4 I J!rtK-Kt 1 27 Q It 3 ch 2S Kt J3 l 3 BS Kt ,iO Qxlt ch .H-I!-kt4l :t2-Q Kt 3 33 HxP 34 HxP Ch i i- iv C-I'xp r-OKt-n 3 4 Kl-il 3 Ib) n-n k a 7 Hi:l-i fl-l-Q4(e: Kixl' loKt-B3 1 1 HxP 2il o 2 (l) l.t-K-it I 14-Kt-K 1 (h. l.V-Q-li 1 10 V li 3 17 Kl K 4 1 K KKt I' 10 Qxil W-Kt-Q 1 ? 21-1x1' S2- Q U 1 (W u:s-nu 3 2J-PXKI Ki 4 eh v" M It oHQK3 t eo Qxit so g-K 4 8t Kit K 1 32-K Kt 1 j:i K1l 34 liinljm. irOTxs. this opeulng adopted on tho aio:nid liint It w not m HUly analyiiei otneti aim adoHcd mora scone f ir oridiml nUv. lb) neconimended by Irof. Iter-cr as best,, ami now pinsniily so considered.. (c) Annlhrr correspondence- pimc. Glat-gow vs. F.'tlnburgh, some ysirs a?o, contin-uet as follows: 6--P K 5, Kt Q 4 iwtak. the proper move w ki--m ii v k . K Kt K 3 : 7 a Kt B 3. Kt Kt 3 : R-P-H 4, B Kt 6; O II Q 8. caatlcs; 10-Csatles, etc. White won the came. Id) llamlbunch recommends -QK 3 as bent; o li it a. w p vi i ; 7 ci t, n.t Kt ; 9 Kt u u a, V! Kur, etc. with mo bet-tor came. (e) The openlns of this file seema !iiJ'i- dlrioua, owlns to IU coutrol by while's rook. as will apiar later. ffl Tho fir bearing eonseonrnces ot thlt sacrifloa irnat have been fully examined by the 8oots to t mince thont to rk the Sams in a gams ox uus aiua. rom tid joint t- the cjxl Ihe pirtlo abound with mtercung pnaiuona ll ly eclrnglng uiiopa tnc wmie iv t mUl not univ be brutuht Into Slav Imniodiitciy. but also tf.e K. It Ki 1 (I: R lietne mo tureatcnral. ana a ; powcnui atf:rk. (hi An nttetrp. lo dofend Ihermelve by K-K Kt 1. followed bv Q-K 11 1, would jive white a forriMe etUrk by Kt K Kt i anl I'. W II 4. rtr. ill cr- ure'.tv. alvins tin the cirmnw to aiigmcni their titta k. Ttiey coolit liiKtead have tron the cxclninee by 0 H.rht, PxKt; SO ! ! I T ! and the H cinnot toov. fcwlng to HnKi. thivncnini; Six I" mate. 'II Tnere mwhih to be no satlsractnrr le(ciiic ialiit the threatened Kt -Kt o ch. fkl Qh 3.". i3-D-U 0, QxKt I ; 24 Kt-Kt (I fh! (II It h Imnmnt to have tbe ishnp de- frn1"l In Tie iinul nnil.ln.Mou, ana lie tUa to play Kt B 1 in cse of cheks. Chetta Jolilagv j A hitntliraD tourner l in OMfmt afl the ChtraiM Club. Tticro are aulrty-one CIltTCS. I he riatrh intween Hanlmni and Kcm- cny, at Xe ,. was won by tbe former, Iho score Ktandlug ft to 4. 1 cr.iJiitlon kave bten rmcidd tor a ni.uru between UUtcAkwrw nd liunnlieig. It will be played at ootsampten. Kug. Mr. Harvcr. luit-.ticltali nmaieur.. has do nated 4rJOO fur the cxpeitM-s at Uie con- UU1IL, -In h-up-th of CNlstrnce of cbeak delnuVi nienti iu the Culled Mate, tlie I1nm-cr res r-mn-'t, tf cxirrrctly Infornied. ninth on the ll.L Thoe that exceed it are I tie New York 4"lipjcr. Turf. Held and t'ar.n. Plttsburcli C'hro.lklc-Teli.cTph. ItiUmlclnhla Time. Sew rkaii"i Tloie' IriiK rat. Ftv. Klenre Journal, t hrletnn Xrwn and the Int'rKptfc.ial C'hoss Maeazine. St. raul lluiienr I'rekS. WHAT MY CLOCK SAYS. pfeUy Marsbail U.vMos la Century llrtc a- t-rac.i Moid,, d. not fret i F.verj itito;: wtH roine rlpt4 vet l.'.fe ho'di rot'-livf worth rocro: 1 the tun rt let 1t ie. i I have seen the vounc criiw okl ; ti'f tbe frl turn ateru' and eid ; ten i he aelHsh, va'Ti. and proud Fe-d tli w.inu. aud the ntirood. lv not cry; lv not 'kb ; All will come rl(rbt by and by. : P."cav, ci rwii, and Jewe' flae, F.hoi few ist or '.lug from tnltie, K iscn r.'mcn. fliTiy Toce. V.nil. h all. and lotv po Inw. Tl o- V ho walk and tlr v wlo ride Ye: m--t He down. :rie hy l-ie W hen their ee. msmer l)aih, tresis U.e even a :U e.tU U-e lircath. TV) rnt a'ftl, 1 o no; ti v , All win come rtybt by and by. j 1 have cen fie hlf'u hrou'sht tow' f en the route an t f i : Veil nt hi im and wn-tes of KW)W, riuiny ak e aid wind that Idow An I I m;:rk oit ail H-.o hour Wl e lie:- tli-rn ac Iro-Uv or Sowrrs Nifh' d dr .wl ily arvl rlht Fi'el lit; sorrow nor delight. IVi not crv, ! not RpS ; All all come ilrht hy and by. Bme d-y como, and ahalowi frlnr; 1"h n com" Joy hut they tik" wUijr ', Nothine natter, here, to m; Time ililft. io ttem.ty. Aid Itkn reenii tlvit eontiiwar run, MmSt'KC In I'e att one, fro ;evd all '-inr -very way To oblivi deny. iv, i.rt a'pn, I iiot cry; All will enme rlsrht by and by. 1 have seen the pure asxl weet trilrctd w-th mire lrom th tei3t; S eu r n and her danshtrr Vtro Lo a h ''e Mid col t iw Ice ; ecii Ihe Liinnry aid the poor Jlec fw bread from dMr to door: Yet lor ah IJ e nch mtn'a load tiod widens not the Xserow I'-xtd. Tv not rh, IV not crj ; All will corns rfebt by and by. Nr.thlnfr matier t N'othViji rsn ' In tbe le?liiy ot man. Vain, ' I all fum and igh ; : Vain, r. pro.l e 'n, r.'i I j Rlci.ce ani d-ray (ill l ite a ahedow on yon a'.t: And He wh nmde your Ills a span V'lll Judjrc a never bidpe m -n., IVi not 4r:ht 1K i:ot cry j All will came right by and by. j LOVE LAUGHS AT CHAPE.RONS. (Puck.) am At1 1

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 04 Oct 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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