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rrlKll CotiiTnun-itlons CotiiTnun-itlons CotiiTnun-itlons nnrt exchances for thl depHrtinent aliuuld bo addlTS-cd addlTS-cd addlTS-cd to lLo ihcss editor. rnrrripandrnrR. Cless Club, llaidlnhbiirg. InL-See InL-See InL-See nota below. K. J. ('., city. The Koik may b pixi- pixi- cured fro Vvili il. I..i.r.s. New;,.. it. Ky. I'roblem o. 41. Hy t'tto WiitTimnr. rrotn Hi" baitlmore News.) I:lack i.'.i. .'' ' i ' ' V-f V-f V-f : ; : : v J H i .? ... ,-iyl ,-iyl ,-iyl r. h ' .... . ..A i A?'' ' -K -K ' ' ..:... ' m W W Lite ,ic. White to play anil mate In ttvo niovea. olutioas. riiobLK.M NO. :i8. l-n l-n l-n q ... S. IV.SI l.y Marcus Knhn, K. C. .. city llardhisl.ur t'lins, t'luh, Hardlii.sbiirK. Iiil. I'roblem .o. 40 (t'orrecled ) Pio' icm No. 40, of las' Week, should lave been a- a- lolinw - . White iiii K at ytiso,: t at KK4 : Rk at (JK I ami yli-: yli-: yli-: ll- ll- ai KKt rid (jkiJ; kts ul y ." and i.'Kt ". : at y i. bla. k i . -K -K ai v'lli. K at QK5 ; p. at KI.-.V KI.-.V KI.-.V VIM and 'Jit.V V iuio to play and mate In two moves. The linn hn m-Kemeny m-Kemeny m-Kemeny Match. Seventh psm. Played Scpt'-nilicr Scpt'-nilicr Scpt'-nilicr CI, 1s:m. .-score .-score .-score and notes fi-om fi-om fi-om thu New York him. ANUKPssKN .s (tl'K.NTXfJ. Vhlt9 ( lliiliiui. black iKi-ii:envL iKi-ii:envL iKi-ii:envL J f U It 3 1-1' 1-1' 1-1' Ll 4 S-P-y S-P-y S-P-y S-P-y S-P-y i-v i-v i-v k a 4 p- p- y n a ( s. Kt- Kt- h a y Kt q s t ii- ii- j a - I SBllcj tt- tt- It Iv sq lt PK p 1 1 KtxKt 13-Kt 13-Kt 13-Kt ll 3 i:t-P- i:t-P- i:t-P- i:t-P- Ii 4 c 14 -PxP -PxP laP-K laP-K laP-K 4 (d) lt l:iKl 17 (.-ll (.-ll (.-ll i Is y- y- ii a 1 p K Kt a (c) -'i -'i y u-u u-u u-u mj i:l-yxii i:l-yxii i:l-yxii J-2 J-2 J-2 Kt H 4 a:: y i! S4 I'-ll I'-ll I'-ll 4 (g) 2:- 2:- i;- i;- B sq Jll-kt Jll-kt Jll-kt ll a S!T P-K P-K P-K Kt 4 111) JM- JM- y H a .ti Kt -k -k a ao p-R p-R p-R a ai Kt Q 5 aj pr aa-y-y aa-y-y aa-y-y aa-y-y aa-y-y 2 iji U4 K K si (k) Hi It K Kt atl siC-K siC-K siC-K K J ltstslllS. --p-y --p-y --p-y --p-y --p-y ii 4 Ll Kt K II 3 4 1' K a & Kt ii a n b y - -y -y a Castle, l- l- P-K P-K P-K (b) K- K- KP 11-HxKt 11-HxKt 11-HxKt i-2 i-2 i-2 ii y a la-n la-n la-n i: 3 14 KlxP l.V Kt - It 5 1(1 bull 17-y 17-y 17-y K 2 ii y r y aq 111 -11 -11 It J 'J -1 -1 1 15 4 (f) 'Jl-ltxll 'Jl-ltxll 'Jl-ltxll "J -P-y -P-y -P-y -P-y Kt 3 i-y-y i-y-y i-y-y i-y-y i-y-y H -Uxll -Uxll ' H-P-J H-P-J H-P-J H-P-J H-P-J Kt 4 eil-R-K eil-R-K eil-R-K eil-R-K eil-R-K sq 27 I! K a is- is- It K Kt 3 -H -H It y 7 (i) atl-P-R atl-P-R atl-P-R atl-P-R atl-P-R 4 ai - iivKt a-j a-j a-j pp a Pxp ills. eh. .u-y-Kt .u-y-Kt .u-y-Kt .u-y-Kt .u-y-Kt 3 a."s y - ii eh. a U-Kt U-Kt U-Kt 7 ca. KOTES, (si Not favorable, as It results at leant In kiss of time. (b A very pxj move, which fre him the advantage. (01 Injiiill' Ioi.k. niark has already the brlter fmc and now he obtains the iuje- iuje- ri-ir ri-ir ri-ir position of pawns. (d I Poor play. A Munich he seemlnsly Cains a move, he has to cai Inner, a bishop for a (kiilltt. and Uk K. P Is weak and be- be- t-oiites t-oiites t-oiites ai once a taizet for Mich's attack. (e)-This (e)-This (e)-This compromises his king's wing. lie miivh ly lias to pay liic penally lor 11H preA'liHis errors. (fl All exce lent stpoKe, allrh yk'his him advanl'iKi- advanl'iKi- lu rusu riil an I pohitiou. (Rl-Foreel. (Rl-Foreel. (Rl-Foreel. Iliai k thrcniens 11 Kt 4. wlnnlnz the y. (hi It Is uiT'ciilt to toicrest something bet'er In thl- thl- v reirhed fwllmu. di lie nilshl have also plured P 1 4, with tSe fill iwlns likely ror.ihlnailoii : aO-P-R aO-P-R aO-P-R aO-P-R aO-P-R 1. I xP: :il Pttl . RxP rb. : :r-J-KtR, :r-J-KtR, :r-J-KtR, :r-J-KtR, :r-J-KtR, yxKt eh.: Sa K-R K-R K-R wj. (; It kj., K -K -K U Ul It -Q -Q 3. and wins. . Or r B 4 inatead would hav proton id

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 27 Sep 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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