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 - Communications and exchanges for this...
Communications and exchanges for this department should be addressed to the chess editor. The Lnubrv IDe Chess Club meets In rooms 613 and C.14 Commerce Uulldlng, Kixth floor. Hours of play. 4 to 7 p. m be-- players vliiUng in the city will h welcome. Problem No. 33. By Mgnor R B. VALLE. lint prize wirier In tourney of " Plcolo Scacchl.-ta. BUCK (4. h.. -i - ' i ' I t - m i I:-"I WI1ITK iri White to play and mate in two moves. riiORLF.M XO. Jl. 1 J-K 0. Solved by Marcus Kohu. L. Kdw. Troiler. E. llcner.. city: J. V. Nouiltt. l"aoll. Ind. The Lexington Congress. Tho fourth airiual meeting and tourna-aient of the U. S. C. A. is over, unci Mr. Sli'jwalJcr. the (tilted son of the liluccr.iss. still holds the title of champion. l!o hal. however, a hanl Hiil.t to retain It. six cood J-Ujers and true ha vine as-einblei U.ere w.Ui tlie iurioe ot wresting U frmi hint. - On l ueslaT ionilii at o :30 o'clock the Association w.i rallnd to orUci In the parlor of the lboeuix Hotel. . look at those present slowed tliat there would be a bunl ticht in both tournaments. Ilav was at once beeuii In ti.e championship touniaaient. -Mr. Miulter bring matched ucuinst Mr. l"oll(-k. Sir. Wedemami. of Ciilcasu. asiinst -Mr. Tiuiue, of Lt-'imvilie, awl the ctrian Mai. llaiihain. tf Xew York, and Missouri's rep resell taiive. Dr. Kick. Tho greatest lhterc!.t was In the Sbowalter-Pollock game ha these were coiiMdiri-d the HtroiiKest. The one proceeded slowlv until Mailt, with two aitjoorniuei'ts. when Mr. jSIiok alter was comiH-lled to resign. Xhl game was his onlv hist. At tho end of the first rourd it was evident tlmt the contestants were very evcnlv mitCheil. atld It W-Hlld be a rlocn hfI.i A. l!io game iiroKrcsscrt ,ntn"4 incrcascl. and .. ,Vi "'uy rtcinijon when r. IVk had to play IU came wlUi .Mr. Shownltcr. The IWior lB s'l0W- coiifld en.blo sirci gth. not Jiavlng; lost a can,e. iih' it v. thcupht liU gamo wouie do much l i'i. showing the winner. Aftr a hinl struggle Mr. bl'owalter won. Mr. P.awL the u tefore had lest a gme to Midnr l..l.n .. n , i. . I . . i , i"c in"; ine coniesi mom cr.citiMg. as each, gentlenian had lost one game and had a fair prospect of winning all me own lurna a out to l e ihc ease. cnl when the gnme wero nnlsiicd Friday night they wero tied f t tli-st pkict. Tliey played off the Uo that ntedf the snhiiiK In f:i-or rf Mr. HiOwaJicr. giving mm urn irne oi riuu. Mr. Pollock tk "'. e-. nna Major Ilinhnm third. A lively tnteiest was liken In the free for all. which was won hy Mr. Arthur Pet-r if UrxlnFton. A r5 mlze .-us offered the winner ty President Cochran. As was pndirtcd. the meeting wss the ir.o-i s-iccessmi ever held. Tl.eie wss a laige niimrier or players in nt ten. lance froi.i sM.Kid, nnd the lntere.U wns urxh.ilol fiom flr4 to last. Tlie Levlnpton plains entr-taiiM-d their visitors rig'it r iallv. nnd well kept up their leputatlnn for hD!ta!itr. Tlie srl.cUon of tlie next j-hu-e of meetlr.c nas ecn lert with the Kxecutive Committee. The follcwlrg ber.i.llful was rl.iv.vl VdneMlay between Mr. Sliowaltei- abd Mr nipley : EVAXS O.VMT.IT. Vfhit" Ofr. SLnwaltor).niaek (Mr. Ripley). 1 IV 2 K KlB 3 3 r H 4 4 VQ Kt 4 5 P H 3 P Q 4 7 castles Sl'K 5 0 PxP en. nas 1 V K 4 3 O Kt D 3 B B 4 4 BxP 5 B-B 4 fi-11P 7 P Q 6 8 P-Q 4 0-QxP 10- P K B 4 11 li Q 2 12- Kt Q q ia-P-K R 3 14 Kt K 2 13 Kt K 3 J BxP (ch) 17 I'xll le B-Q 3 19 P H 4 SO P Q Kt S 1 P Kt 3 22 K H ml 2.1 Kt Q 4 24 Kt B 3 2" KtxKt 20 K H 3 27 J 11 U lO Q Kt 0 11 Kt-Kt 3 li Kt Kt 5 1.1 VQ It 4 14 R K W (eh) 15 Kt R a Ifl-BxKt 17 Ktxll 18 Kt Q 4 1 ;R .1 SO KtxQ P Q R S (Ob) JJ Q-R 4 SKI Kt-K 3 4 P II 4 25 K till (ch) iMi Kt K (ch) "7 y K-Q m li Kt u B QxKt White announces mate In four.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 09 Aug 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 20

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