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 - : Isxv-doa. ef Bbecca Nourbo. The people gave...
: Isxv-doa. ef Bbecca Nourbo. The people gave him three hoars to lewve town. . DeWolf Hopper's lirbt starring season, season, which has been a very successful one, wiQ elose on April 11 Jn Philadelphia. Philadelphia. - iYls second annual engagement commencea at tlie Broadway Theater, New York city, on May . An entirely new and oriel nal com us opera, entitled Wang," written and eoninceed 'or the comedian by J. Cheever Wood win and Wooldon Moors, will be presented. Joaeih Jefferaon nJ W. J. Florence are waring the end of their very eu-ees&ful eu-ees&ful eu-ees&ful tour aa joint stars. Monday they are to dediaite McVicker s new theater in Chieasfo, where they close the season Saturday. April 18. Mr. Jellcmm will then go to h a new and beautiful home in Buzzard'a Bay for tlie summer. Mx. Florence eip-ects eip-ects eip-ects to spend hia vacation ia Europe with Mr a Flunnoa. Arrangements have been perfected w:th Mr. llennr Nevi.lo. ot the Soudan Company, to deliver his mat interesting lecture, The l'aat aud Present of the Sta'e.t nevt Tuesday afu-rnocn afu-rnocn afu-rnocn at Z :30 o'clock at Baldwins Hall. ThU ad-dresa ad-dresa ad-dresa ia only intended for the ladies, and there wiU beno chargo. None will be admitted except thoe hohling tickets of admiadon. All the aJvanoo acholara of Aii Anna N old's and Miss Hampton s oolkgus are eJ-pected. eJ-pected. eJ-pected. .l rii.i CoauaualeaiiOBB. exchangee, ete.. ta-tendeS ta-tendeS ta-tendeS Kt this dafwrtment aboald be ad-dressea ad-dressea ad-dressea to the Chess Editor. Contributions of gauca, problems and news will be thank-tuiiy thank-tuiiy thank-tuiiy received. ' Tbo IoIsvtDe Chess Club meets a C3T Tbinl stivet, seoooa Soor." Hours ef play, aaUy, boa to T m. . Strangers are invited to eaO. - ' Preblem Nex 13. . . By W. IX Beea. loulsvlUe, ry. BLACK til). m i Atsmcrua mm ri Lit! MJIIXK (. .White to play aaa mate In tbrea moves. ". - ftolatiens. -: -: PKOCLF.M NO. 10. 5 elty : O. A. Thouta. II-tm II-tm II-tm Cuve, Ky. : M. O. Glasgow, ky.; J. f. Idioy. Petersourg, 1 PKOCLHM KO. II. 1--Q 1--Q 1--Q 1--Q 1 Kt KUi . tSiVte. - 1 B Kb" 4 Q QBO ft Any - ' - g J Mate ' Selves by Mareiis KoLa, elty H. OL O-GUsgiw, O-GUsgiw, O-GUsgiw, aly.j J. F. Ttlicy, rtienburg. ICy. j Blaekbare-Ta;ae. Blaekbare-Ta;ae. Blaekbare-Ta;ae. Fvst gains nf the match. - KIAU' FIAiiCHrrrTfX White (I.laoaburfr) ) black (Vanuea. t f-K4 f-K4 f-K4 l p KKta s i--gj i--gj i--gj i--gj S Kt KB) 4-i-Kta 4-i-Kta 4-i-Kta 4-i-Kta 4-i-Kta o catim 0-Kt 0-Kt 0-Kt B3 T l K4 -Kt -Kt ia fTP 10--t-Q 10--t-Q 10--t-Q 10--t-Q 10--t-Q 10--t-Q . 11 Kt Kt 13 P KH4) 13 PxKt - 14 P ii . Is K R I l- l- n 1;3 17 RXB 19-P-KlCta 19-P-KlCta 19-P-KlCta 19-P-KlCta 19-P-KlCta 4 Kt K ,a Otstles f iW P P-KBA P-KBA P-KBA 10 BxP 11 Kt-33 Kt-33 Kt-33 -li-Kt-R. -li-Kt-R. -li-Kt-R. -li-Kt-R. -li-Kt-R. -li-Kt-R. 13 KtxKt t4 II KKta Kia . 16 Q B . 17 BB 1--P-M. 1--P-M. 1--P-M. 1--P-M. 1--P-M. 1--P-M. 10 Kt- Kt- -1)1 -1)1 20-B-fcJ 20-B-fcJ 20-B-fcJ 20-B-fcJ 20-B-fcJ J gJ-J-QRS. gJ-J-QRS. gJ-J-QRS. gJ-J-QRS. gJ-J-QRS. i fit-sia fit-sia fit-sia Jta-JiP Jta-JiP Jta-JiP 84 BxKk CS PxR 8 QKPVn IT-KtaQ IT-KtaQ IT-KtaQ ftStC-K9 ftStC-K9 ftStC-K9 1- 1- Kt-KUl Kt-KUl Kt-KUl tu Kt-RS Kt-RS Kt-RS SI Kg e k3 Ktxuea 4 tlx a 8 V I.XP S Qrd-ST-K-KW Qrd-ST-K-KW Qrd-ST-K-KW Qrd-ST-K-KW Qrd-ST-K-KW Qrd-ST-K-KW Qrd-ST-K-KW CS K B3 t B Q ao K-K3 K-K3 K-K3 , 61 B Kt ti k ria aPxP 84 P-l P-l P-l 8-pxP 8-pxP 8-pxP t SV-K SV-K SV-K K4i " 87-P 87-P 87-P KU kk B-lUe B-lUe B-lUe SO P KSch St p-Ke p-Ke p-Ke . 82 It KKtt 83 P l4 , R r. Kt 8S-kliF 8S-kliF 8S-kliF , PxP jt it-irra it-irra it-irra at' a IMJ'- IMJ'- V Tli ii . .1: t It 1 1 :' .i.a LJ a - : J ET.i mm 39 KtzB 40 HQ7 41 P a.7 38 PxKt 4o ia Beblgua. The Cable Match. Below ts tbe score of tlie games up to date. Tti shiNtld be prerved foe rolce- rolce- eoce. as tbe lull score am not be ziven every er: I , avu uaavii. White rrscblgorin). Black Etelnitz). i tr 9 Kkl B3 5 It U4 4 P QK14. 6 P li3 e casUe 7 P Q B B Kb" IS 0 P QA 10 Q 114 11 Kt QR3 li 11 KJ 13 Kt-114 Kt-114 Kt-114 1-H 1-H 1-H QiJ 16 Kt CKtfl 16 QsKP 17 b b S4 J8 B K3 10 QU O SO SO it U4 21 Kt Qi -Kt -Kt Ht U3 Kt lij 84 KUB S-UxKt S-UxKt S-UxKt S7 HlB Eti QzR 2aj)R4 1-P 1-P 1-P K4 Q k'Kt B3 5 ll B4 4 lixKtP . 6 B It 4 ft Q B3 . , - - 7 K.l-b.U3 K.l-b.U3 K.l-b.U3 8 Q-ya Q-ya Q-ya O Kt -4 -4 SO. 10 B KUl 11 P-OUQ P-OUQ P-OUQ . 12 M 113 13 Q KB St . 24 1P 1V-QR-KIW 1V-QR-KIW 1V-QR-KIW 1V-QR-KIW 1V-QR-KIW -10 -10 Kt K3 17 K-t K-t K-t Kt SO. 18 P B " . 19 Kt KB3 2jt 83 -81 -81 H Q3 , . SJ KtAKt C3-P C3-P C3-P KKt3 84 QxKt ff& Q Hi -. fi BPxP B7 U V. K CWi-QaB CWi-QaB CWi-QaB C9 K Q 1 S0-U-Q3 S0-U-Q3 S0-U-Q3 S0-U-Q3 S0-U-Q3 To move. White (SteliUU.) Black Tsclilrotia. 1 P K 4 - 1 P K 4 9 K Kt B ' Q Kt H B . -8 -8 B B 4 3 Kt B 3 4 Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt 5 4YQ 4 ft PxP : 6Q Kt II Kt 5 (eh.1 " 6 P-B P-B P-B 8 T PP 7-PzP 7-PzP 7-PzP a b K ' 8 P-K P-K P-K B 3 O K Kt B 8 JJ K B B 4 10 P J 3 - 10 Oastlea 11 Kt H 8 - ii a v si a I-2 I-2 I-2 KQ 8 13 P K B 4 I I n Q a 13 P Xi in Kt K a , it it k a 12 Kt B 4 13 K Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt SO. 14 P Q B 3 1H P Q 4 ie - P a B 4 17 Q Kt B 3 IS P-Q P-Q P-Q Kt 3 IA BKt j - lft B Kt ! 19 P B 8 8O-0-B 8O-0-B 8O-0-B 8O-0-B 8O-0-B 2 " I-K I-K I-K U SO. Ca PxP ta 1!P S4 Ktr-K Ktr-K Ktr-K 8 S&-Q-K S&-Q-K S&-Q-K S&-Q-K S&-Q-K S UOQ-K UOQ-K UOQ-K 0 ft.) 27 RQ S8 Q U $ 0 g K 3 U B 4 To move. SO QXP 81 P B 8 ' 23 PxP 2:1 it K B 4 4 Bant E5 UxB Si K R 3 U7-BB U7-BB U7-BB SS Kt B 4 BO J B K aa 80 Kt-Q Kt-Q Kt-Q 8 Motea. The annual banquet of the Baltimore Club was held Marea 14. The Ug eorrewpondenoa saateh betweea Dublin aod Beifastt baa aeeu won by tlie former by two gtmes. Tbe match In iunm between Messrs. Muller an4 Ttnlov resulted in favor of Tina-imw Tina-imw Tina-imw b 7 to O. a iew. It U said that Masen recently won a jtame trem aa aniateur In which aa swept Lis eaaonent's itees from the board aita-out aita-out aita-out lotiiia one of kU own. . The Ilavaaa Chea Club is making ar-ranaemeuU ar-ranaemeuU ar-ranaemeuU tur a rt JntcrnaUoeal louroa-umt louroa-umt louroa-umt to re bekl lit November or Htwrobet. There will be prUei amounting te r-40. r-40. r-40. -Mr. -Mr. eamticl Lojt, in New York Beaorder : "atrinits and Trchtaorln continue te sona the r movei acres tin oon a-itti a-itti a-itti synchioUo rMnilurtt. l ot ft rrel'r lonhf it tlir were aorhlna- aorhlna- aa oodles cable tha jvr amis' U wl.ul-u wl.ul-u wl.ul-u p li jiss a acre It was ox aionths aco. The mate aod eonibinatiuns which have been vointed out as sum to haiia have failed to mstenuiUe and tite llule critics ars fienziea at tbe perversKv of the ehamt. tons, who will net make tbe mores piw-diolsd.a piw-diolsd.a piw-diolsd.a , AT LAST Breas de La wd. It's comet lt'a eon i" . " What's eotae, mammy r ' VYhy, de Jedgivnent Xay. yo brack lgnyramns. Didn't To heah dat Gabriel's Gabriel's trumpet T An' dare goes To good ole fadder up at de first sound. On Monday, April , at 8 p. as., afre. B. U. Ballmana win read a paper entitle " Our Children. at Hampton College, for the beaeflt of the ChUdrea's IaplbU. A large attondanoe Is expected, both en ao-eoant ao-eoant ao-eoant ot the purpose of the lecture and tts) raputatioa ot the aistlngaUhcd bctorcr. ' Vra. Chat lea gmlth. of Jlmea, Ohio, wrftes I f have set every remedy for slch headache I eeaM Im( of tor the p C'eea years. bat Carter's utue Uver aiiia am me good than all the res. -

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 29 Mar 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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