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 - tlie same; but tho deer hounding season it nine...
tlie same; but tho deer hounding season it nine days shorter; jacking is for-Mdden, for-Mdden, for-Mdden, aud does arc proteevel. Spring Shooting of wildfowl is prohibited, thr stson ejoclng Marxh 1 instead of M.-y M.-y M.-y 1. Thi seasons for hares (rabbits), squirrels, ruffed grouso and wootlcock are made uniform. When duck-shooting duck-shooting duck-shooting in a boat behind a blind, you Can not be dremed t:c heavily; don't be afraid to put on lit of underclothing. It will not interfere interfere with your shooting ; you have no walking to do. Dress a. heavily as you can without using an overcoat. Remember Remember there Is but iittla exercise in wildfowl wildfowl shooting. For the hunting of black bear, Greenbrier Greenbrier and I'oCa'tioutttB oouuties. West .'irinia. are suid to b? good places. White Hock and Greenbrier Maintains. In tho former co-unty, co-unty, co-unty, are sakl to bo well supplied with blajk boar. These aiiiniKls are also reported numerous iu the Will-iuuis Will-iuuis Will-iuuis Kiver region, Iocahontas county. The bent time in tlie spring to hunt bears here would bo from tho 1st to the 20th of March, because during that time there are good tracking boo. vs. and later in tlie spring it is a rare thing to ee t;ie ground white twenty-four twenty-four twenty-four kours ut a time. There ere also some dt-er dt-er dt-er and. plr.mty of feathered game in the region. A small pair of shears are very handy to the trout fisherman in the trimming of leaders, flies, etc.. an old s(ort advises. advises. When wading a stream, there are times when ono can not open his knife without delay and loss, and it is then the little shears do their best work. A knife should be that newly patented affair, tho blade of which is ready for use at the touch of the head of the handle. handle. This will enable one to get at the blade without using both liards, and as there are times on the stream when one's hands are full, it may be readily seen how much of an improvement this sort of knife is over the old-fashioned, old-fashioned, old-fashioned, clumsy, two-hand-requiring, two-hand-requiring, two-hand-requiring, two-hand-requiring, two-hand-requiring, tingtx-naii-breaking tingtx-naii-breaking tingtx-naii-breaking tingtx-naii-breaking tingtx-naii-breaking affair. In trout-fishing trout-fishing trout-fishing with worms, carry several lz-a lz-a lz-a of split snot with you to sink the bait, advises some one. Tlie size- size- is used according to the swiftness of the current. If you have to split your own shot, do it this way: Drive the shot in a pine board until it is practically practically embedded, about one and a half inch from an ordinary staple, which should be forced firmly into the wood. The end of the' knife blade should be placed under the staple as to make the shot the fulcrum of leverage. In securing the shot to the leader, place it six inches or further away from the hook. Put the leader in the slit and press the lead together. Communications, exchange, etc., intended intended ft.r-.tMs ft.r-.tMs uprtnent should be addressed addressed to the Chess Editor. Cortrtbutlons of games, r-oble-ais r-oble-ais r-oble-ais r-oble-ais r-oble-ais nd news Will Le thank-luily thank-luily thank-luily received. Tho T.nti!;iVU!e Ches Club meets at 37 Third st.-eet, st.-eet, st.-eet, second floor. Hours of plsr. dstly, from A to T p. m. Strangers are invited to caU. Problem No. 4. 8. Lord In Kbw York Mall and Express. BUVt K 4. K;-Xi K;-Xi ft? ft y 't i- i- -i -i jW, 4. rr 4ft m m m m v i,rri r-ri r-ri r-ri .zr"t U':. f ::i 1 WtllTK (5). White to play and, mats in two moves. Problem No. 5. Art old problem, but one which will problT be new to many resders. Wbius () K at Q 3 ; Q at Q4 ; fit at KB and Cits. mack (4 K at EB ; B's a.t KKU and KR'i ; P at KKU. white to play and mits la two more. Note.--la Note.--la Note.--la Note.--la No. 3 the white rook at QKt should be a wnlte bisliop. . , delation. ' , Prohlm No. 2. 1. Kt to Q3. Reived bv "Casky," Marcus Kohn, J. P. TUlcy, T. 1L Cpperiusn. - TbeSteiniU'Tschlgorln Jlatch. The cable games have progreai wd' as follows: EVAX3 O AMI! IT. WrifTP. fTscldgonn) plack rsteJults) l-s-K l-s-K l-s-K l-s-K l-s-K - - . 1-P-K4. 1-P-K4. 1-P-K4. 1-P-K4. 1-P-K4. - s-KKt-na s-KKt-na s-KKt-na s-KKt-na s-KKt-na 8 U M 4 V QK14 6 P QB3 e Castles 7 l'-Q4 l'-Q4 l'-Q4 t KK15 9 1' Q5 10 QR-4 QR-4 QR-4 11 Kt CK3 13 KV-li-4 KV-li-4 KV-li-4 KV-li-4 KV-li-4 1-C 1-C 1-C P Qn 10 Kt QKt M QxlU' 17-H-I 17-H-I 17-H-I 17-H-I 17-H-I ! 1 s n k:i ti H B4 2 QKt B3 3 B-K4 B-K4 B-K4 4 PxP (yll IJ4 i li-'l li-'l li-'l 7- 7- Kt KK3 8 Q a:i 0 Kt-','M1 Kt-','M1 Kt-','M1 pv-n-Kt-i pv-n-Kt-i pv-n-Kt-i pv-n-Kt-i pv-n-Kt-i pv-n-Kt-i pv-n-Kt-i 11 P QB3 ia r hj la Q K2q 14 lisp 15 QR Ktso, JO Kt K3 17- 17- Kt Ktsq 1 8 P P4 10 Kt Kh3 To move. Two Ksigats' Defease. V.TIITK (ttetnltt.) 1 P K4 2 3 H 1:4 4 Kt Kt5 J FxP lvKt5 (Ch) T PsP 8 II K2 C KKt R3 10 P Q3 11 Kt 13 , li Kt U4 13 KKt Ktsl 14 P,'B3 15 P i H P Q1I4 1 T QKt 1:3 IS p JKt3 1 B KUi JO-Q JO-Q JO-Q 113 X? move. KUVCK (T:hlgortn.) 11.K4 2 OKI-B3 OKI-B3 OKI-B3 3 Kt-lio Kt-lio Kt-lio 4- 4- P Q 5- 5- QK' H4, V-1' V-1' V-1' 113 7 l3tP P P KH3 9 KH U4 10 castle 1 1 Ki-J Ki-J Ki-J 1-J-IV-Q3 1-J-IV-Q3 1-J-IV-Q3 1-J-IV-Q3 1-J-IV-Q3 1-J-IV-Q3 1-J-IV-Q3 13 P KH4. 14 1 Q-J Q-J Q-J 15 P K5 ) iv Kt K2 17 B K3 IS li Kt3 19 p T15 liOQxP The following comments on the games are from the New York Sun : In tlie Evans tismblt tie JtussUn matter has made a move which was generally anticipated, anticipated, and which fctcirju himself says Is undoubtedly the bett which Tschlgorln had at his disposal. TUo niove is B B4, threAt-enlng threAt-enlng threAt-enlng IfzKt, .'to to followed by BxQBP, and. in cane black then replica Bxl, white responds with Qxlt, and ao on. Of course, Tschlgorln could safely leave KP en prise, because if telnits were to take this pawn with the Kt, then Tachlgorln's probable reply reply would be 21. KtiB. BxKt; 22. QxKtP Uireatenlcg rook and k-ilsbt. k-ilsbt. k-ilsbt. Tnchigotin's ponltkm way be fairly considered to be. If anything, slightly tetter, snd his chances of a win Komewh&t Improved. In the two knight. Us following variation variation U one walca uj:ce Itself: 21. P 3B3, BxKtch retreUig the blnhop U not good); 2U. 21x11, (J 114 1 (if with the tet game); 23. P KI4. Q KKU; 24. QxP, B B4 ; 25. Q F3. Now If black wants to lndulre in a llt&e bit vt brllllncy he might aacrOiee the knight on R4 bv phtytng 25. QU Ksq, and If 2U. I'xKt. black proceeda ''rt. Kt Kt3 with a aeetuinely strong attack. However, Htelults mill hsvs foreiieen all theae " brilliant nreworks," ami will be prepared prepared to meet them. Another Interesting variation would arise out of 21. Ii QsI. A llllndlold Game. The ftUowlng little partle was recently played at the kcal club between Ir. Watts and another player, Mr. Watts being blindfolded blindfolded : KINGS GAMBIT DFCUXED. WHTTi: (Mr. Wfctts.) ri-ACK ri-ACK ri-ACK (Mr. XJ 4 1 1 v- v- . K n 2 1 K 114 3 PxQP 4 KKt B3 5 I" -04 -04 0 V. B 7 -Castles -Castles 8 Kt K5 o im 10 Qlt.xP 11 r.xKt 12 i;xq i: Kt B3 J l Qt Q." 8 oxp 4VxV t t Ql o H Qri 7 KKt B3 P-H(Kt P-H(Kt P-H(Kt O kt -Kt5 -Kt5 10 Kt KU31 1 1 Ox'J . 12 I'xll 13 Ii Kt sqt And ins. Notes. A chess e!nb f.;r boy Is in cxlrfenco In Mane hertcr. Tlie uui:d tournaiucnt ba Just been concluded. In the match between Mr. I. E. Orchard and lrof. A. l- l- Wumi, at Allan!, the soore now stand: Ojvhnrtl. 3; Wurin. 4; dran, 2. It l. said that hliowalter. of Kentucky, and It.llock. of iUltlinore, kUnd rcly to challeuce tlie winner. SNAP SHOT3 At Advertisers and Advertising. If there's any occasion for your advertising advertising at all, do It richt. There' ulttays m riitht way. 1nd It bitfore you adverUe much. Aticr you've fouixl It, you can't do too much, liunt fur it first in a dady newspaper. , liecause your great grandfather ' .built up a larga and prouiable business wlthuut advertUlng don t Imagine that you can. Iu your great grandfather's day there were no nil-tiwvis; nil-tiwvis; nil-tiwvis; no veieKrajih mires; no daiiy news- news- 1i!per and, very likrly, yi.ur srest gmnd-athcr gmnd-athcr gmnd-athcr hstA no competition In M buMness. Cu yon do without tlin railexuls and tho telegraph 1 U so, you may get along without without aUe daily luti.or.. Advenbar.g Is the electric cue- cue- rent that puts the scidng and the buying wnritl In touch with each other. The dally . newspaper 1 the great motor. Break tha circuit and tie connection is severed. Seine newspaper men know more aiout tL-e tL-e tL-e lvrrrlr'a busdness tli n tlie adverdaer himself knows; some tlvrUer know more about the newspaper burine than the. newspaper man knew. When two of ties get to-pclaci-, to-pclaci-, to-pclaci-, to-pclaci-, to-pclaci-, the "ad3 is a failure. When the knowledfce ot each Is transferred to the other, then the combination works smoothly, and t-ie t-ie t-ie ed." i a suceest. "It's fuuny to hear the doctors arul the lawyers talk about the ethics of the profession," which do not allow them to advertise and then ace how tee aaa-.e aaa-.e aaa-.e motlut gen-tiemen gen-tiemen gen-tiemen " work" t!f uewspaxers tot "free puffs'' ad rauxeum. Who I the greatest preacherf the greatest dotlrT tlie greatest liw-" liw-" liw-" ycrl the pixttteet ktst-hniui ktst-hniui ktst-hniui I tho I protest actor I the gie ttest tnu- tnu- sletanf tha greatest merebsntt the greatet anrlbtng of the world 1 Who am the best edvortlsol men of the world I OuUkle of ihe daily newspapers, how much of the world would ever have heard of these great men! tttA?.- tttA?.- . I

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 15 Feb 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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