The Daily Review, Decatur, Ill. 1 Sept. 1903

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The Daily Review, Decatur, Ill. 1 Sept. 1903 - of hair scalled and such remedies the soften to...
of hair scalled and such remedies the soften to complete and and U10TIRY FEELING An. Follows Cold Streaks Up Down Spine FIRST WIGHT ON STAGE. Mrs. Norman Field Overcame All of That. "Wluii Is the scnfe-ition of first a iivg on the *t:g before an audience composed composed to a laiffe extent of your personal Irleinl 1 -."' was asked Jjeah Seiberlmg riulrt, w j ao. as well as 'he-:"id, Norman Norman Field. is a member of the Lillian Moi tuner ionipan. which open d a week's encasement at the Powers Gr.ind last night Mrs. Field lias but reoentlv :one on the stage and last night wns lirst appeiuanee beiore a D calni audience audience SMOTtlKRIXG FCELINXJ. "Well,' she icplied, "Uieie are a number number or sensations, and they are a little hard to describe. Th ro is the feeling of something cold up and down your spine, and th'at gives pl.uv Ui a port of smothery smothery feeling, and when llutt IB gone you're LEAH SEIBERLIN'G FIELD. market, w is tlio Toiiiuno'w tibually I'u box, or all light. I was very nervous last nig-ht before I went on. That was 'because I got curious nnd! peeped out from behind :ho curtain. I saw all m.y old friends .he Apollo club and my sdliool friends sitting there and I had a little touch nervousness. I began thinking ivliat if should fall down, and forget something. GOT EASIER "Then yon know liow it is when you are talking to a, person and mine one comes along whom you know i i g ' n o u feel un inclination to «a\ - I l i - l tihere,' or something of that kiiui. Well, when you are going through your lines and happen to glance up nnd find one of your old-time friends looking at jou w i t h a smile it is hard for you to a smile or look of recognition. "But I was all right last night after lirst lines were spoken. 1 was bound I would not disappoint my friends if I could help it, and I hope I have not. not forget a single thing My husband* was more nervous than I, for ho -wasn't s,uro that 1 would get through as well I could see my friends looking at me, I felt all right ,ifter my first l n i A Oi.AU HAND The play last mglit was Harr.\ 15 Johnson's Johnson's "Liz'heth from Hickory Hollow." and the character taken, by Mi^ Field was tkiat of Tirzah Ann. Tin,- liouse wa« Packed to its fullest capacity and '·lie Eh en an ovation when she nude lici p'tirancc. Her husband, who 1*5 tht Jcacl- ing man w i t h the company, \\.i^ en a hearty round of applause Jli'-j; 'Mort i m e r is a favorite with Dri'utur a r-n( LS und lier support was e \ f ! -'.las a better company tins yen nian t oi-L'. Tlie opening nielli, \\.i-. i-xcet'il- rngly gratifying to t h e o o m j i a scat was Pukl b c l o i e 1ft »'i IDI k morning, and befo'e the l u s ^ t ai! over tlieii- was not c\i-n sbuulniB room in either balcony or flour. A Ij:AUl.\'f; PART Thc b i l l lor t o n i s l i t w i l Crime" Thursday n i g l i t it's. Fi Id have the leu Jim; s o u b i c t t t part tlie, Shadow- of the G'lllows" Mrs Field likes iliia pi ly belter t h a n am- otlu friends a i e rnlhiuii°tiu a\v lier work last Jiis'lit. Her dctnnj w a s b tier tiuin itiev hud it-asou to r x p o t t She jcifectly ,it liome in her part;, and if the i t t l e laily disappointed anybody Mhc est usir'-d t l m t the ilisaiipmtmi-nt most agr calile. o \ O

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  • The Daily Review, Decatur, Ill. 1 Sept. 1903

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