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 - In a" a man. with bad- The' pleaded costs. HE...
In a" a man. with bad- The' pleaded costs. HE OF More Men Desert Ranks of Strikers : Unless Benefits Come Wednesday" 1 General Stampede is Expected ^ Lorain, April 9.-- The shipyard, as said: - " - · . - " " " strUce is hanging in. the balance to-J ^The jnen in^the' s«ieE£«y*^ase^ day and the scales are expected to 'fighting the battle tof "TOTL^watTof- tip one way or the other tomorrow, Lorain. Chicago has notMDjrtb gain All . now depends on the arrival or [and Cleveland has nothing to -arrival of the 560,000 strike bene- by this strike. non-arrival of the 560,000 strike bene-j by this strike., They, are all oat fit fund which Is scheduled to taka place Wednesday. The.strikers are growing more restless restless and It is now known that : 27 de^ de^ sorters hare taken place within the Com-"- last two two toy 3 and unless the strike tund Gove It; 1 * beJieTel tba ^ - tk ' e lea « wlHnoidnger be able for to restrain ** element tha* wants to Sat- re£utn to work - * n 4 : that a general -plant stam P 6d e will take jplaee to get Kack . . _ . . _ ;.set by .Manager La Marche expires. Secretary: Bishop -had a long talk with Frank La Marche, superintend- * e - At **- tbe.^American Shipbuilding to.. C ? mpany at Lorain.. La Marche ex.- by- .f 1 ?* 11 ^ Q e company's aide In the COB- conclnding- with the state- . m ^ n f ^ aat .I 16 stood "^eady to treat! w ^*^ e «°nipany's;employea o- their representatives. : He said that h« a universal scale, and they are to win if you boys^win remain flna. Any man In Lorain "who wonld up now with these other yards mrtc- ing such a jffght for yon. womld little manhood "" " Mnrtah read sever- oat there: H« to stand together, ttaa tory and better eondttioo* K t^- EXIRAVAGANZA the annual days or the the ~ w - onli not discuss -a sett3ement Trtth" officers of the union, ":'3f"the^.^natiqnal"officers -Cof the union call pn;Tfiie/; said : La Marche, "f shall treat tBem.^wIth erery cour- go. i -I.' will. -decline: :to : discuss ;. ; tiu»-. strike "Simple Siinon Kept Audience in Cbo.- tinuousRoar Simple Simon Simple, the mmJcal exaTaganza produced'before a larg» aadtence the afternoon Secretary Bishop a committee 'representing -the strikers/. There w6re present Marti'. Kreipe, of Chicago; C. A; -Vandruver Thoinag . Murtah and Harry D. Thorn. as. "Cleveland, and Thomas'"Bird; presl- case . Hen- dent °* ^^ Lorain local. The con- * «» c e lasted two hours and at court was de- jury and a half snort One noticeable feature of the" performance performance was the rapid action ot the play. No particular stunt "was."pro- conclusion announcement was made that .the. committee had empowered Mr. Bishop to arrange for a i-eneral sed save conference between the Apiericau' so as to tire the the variety of accomplishments te various members of the' cast joflnea s a taste of the high: clan we are promised fc* "this Shipbuilding'Company and the repre- i summer. sentatives of the company'? employes, j The entire cast Is" a good one. *.,,.*! The purpose of this conference is to chorus and 'songs were pretty,-the ~bring about a" settlement in all the' scenery elaborate and "Simple Sfc yards .that are on strike. Shortl.- after! mon," "ilose,' and "Hans." fnrnlsh- the strikers' representatives had left ed enough fun to keep the * house. Supt, La llarche arrived and had a?.] rocking. other talk with Mr. Bishop. Neither' Tie. slams directed upon certain would divulge what was said, tat iri-^ matters connected with.the --ityiseem formation from an inside source that delight the people: as Is usually is reliable Is that La Marche reirer- the case. After an evening of such clem and js Tnai jua. Marcne reirer awd his previous statement to Bishop ??" phasized witb the remark: solid fun one does not wonder at tlie "The American Shipbuilding Coiipanv ] rapidly increasing popularity =6f-must not confer with the! 031 comedy and-Its like. . . - , . . (representatives of any union. I will p la - ns ao - okfag ., toward a set . " Uement with onr , men hefe ia M Sut{on sn p erintenaeDt st the Globe vards. will meet the Cleveland n,"and all the other local superin- of tendents will be prepared-to . ct foi- their own yards. way tMs strike This is the be sett]e ^" at afternoon speeches were made by al! the leaders. Including Kreips. Mur- Van Druver. Harry D- Thorn- Abraham Crutch a'so spoke. They all ex-horted the men to remain firm- and predicted a speedy victory. Mr. Kreips told of the situation at the different yards. He sai-.j the men were out at both yards in Chicago,' *«"" Cte ~' MAKETROUffiE Board of Education Seeks to Avoid Readvertising for Tenders The members of the Boird^of Education Education are having troubles of tielr own. Their architect Mr. Campbell, to their as the- yards.. The -company, is to." try to intimidate you.: Even if it does get hoboes to go into their yards that will do "them no good. These f«nows^cab't do" the .work, and the Tessel owners will not,stand for Inferior Inferior work. If you men stick it out and remain, firm "you have your st£ke .won. All the other yards a~e with you .and will be with you to the last erected } school would be a fine, structure'» iccording to the prps, out It money to put up z fine- school these days. When" tfce bids came In the' buDdiag committee ot the b02Td was uoa-plusscd. were away beyond their moat guine expectations. Ever since th* day they opened the bids tte committee committee has been trying to hare the plan* modified so that they can have. t»* building put up for the aittoont that has been appropriated for IC^ftaotlMr meeting of the ·committee was to hare poke in like strains. Thom x for new bids if they can help it

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  2. 09 Apr 1907, Tue,
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