America is behind Soviets in arms race in 1959

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America is behind Soviets in arms race in 1959 - Pearson Khrushchev Was Truthful About Red A -...
Pearson Khrushchev Was Truthful About Red A - superiority f. Irony In the fact that Nl - kita Khrushchev's unprecedent ed and on the - whole healthy public debate at the American Exposition in Moscow was staged wilh the man who has consistently urged more American concentration on missiles. When Khrushchev threw - . In Vice President Nixon's face the warning "we have means at our disposal which can have very bad consequences ' and again when he said, obviously referring lo missiles, "but ours are better If you want lo compete" Nixon knew Krushchev was telling the truth It was Nixon who urged a franker policy In telling the American people how far behind Russia we were when the llrst Russian sputnik was launched on Oct. 4. 1937. He was overruled by the White House In the approximately two years since then, we have lagged even farther behind And the real reason foreign Minister Gromyko has been so tough at Geneva Is because Russia Is now ahead of the United States in every military department except sea power Here is the box score on Soviet vs. American military strength, which both Nixon and Krushchev had In mind when they debated In Moscow. INTERCONTINENTAL MISSILES Russia suddenly resumed testing Intercontinental missiles In March after a long lapse From this. Secretary of Defense McElroy hopefully concluded that Die lapse meant the Russians, like us, were having trouble with their longdistance missile Other experts believe Russia stopped firing the big missiles simply because she was busy producing them In any event, there can be no mistaking the fact Russia has been blasting off about four missiles a month since March from her great test center noilheaat of the Caspian aea Our powerful radar eyes In 1 in key have spotted the missiles lake off another radar station In the Aleutians has fol lowed Ihe warheads as they plunged back to earth Only two of the big missiles have been hurled a full 5 000 miles The. remaining 18 which we were able to track went 3.S00 to 4,500 miles Whether these were test models or production models, however, remains a question mark. Our own ICBM firings have been plagued by minor malfunctions. It is no military secret that we have tested 28 Atlas ICBMS, of which eleven have been successful, six partially successful, and nine complete failures. In contrast, our mon itor shows that 75 percent of the Russian ICBM tests have been successful. They have operated wilh alarming reliability The first of our 3,300 - mlle Atlas missiles were supposed to be combat - ready in July But five misfires in a row have delayed the operational date until Sep tember or October. It Is doubtful that we wlU have the 10 operational Atlases that Secre tary,, Mcfclroy promised by the end of the year Russls ought to nae ten limes mat number. INTERMEDIATE MISSILES: Russia Is known to hsve 730 medium - range missiles ready to launch against our overseas bases. They Include both T - Vs, which can shoot 1,000 miles snd T - 2's, which can hit targets up to 1,800' miles away. Our first squadron of 1,200 - mile Thor jnissUcs was delivered to England last winter and waa supposed to be ready for com' bat by January. It dldnt become operational ufttll June. This now gives us IS Intermediate missiles against Russia's 730. We should whin another 13 - mtaslle squadron Into shine, be fore the summer is over Alto - , gether, we will set tip foi squadrons In England. We also hope to locate tour squadrons In Italy, petrhaps four more in Turkey. But we haveTt even elected the launching sites. Our present schedule also call .for halting production, al - There was together after we have built about 200 intermediate missiles UNDERWATER MISSILES We have taken actual photographs of Soviet submarines equipped with vertical launch ing tubes These are capable of firing stub - nosed Comet mis siles from underwater hiding places at targets 700 miles Inland Russia has also stepped up its submarine activity In Ameri can waters during the past three years Apparently the Reds have even planted secret transmitters along the ocean bottom near our shores These serve as homing devices to guide other submarines In contrastove wont be able lo launch unufcjater missiles until late I960 Tilts will be 1.200 - rniIe Polaris missiles, which have fizzled In preliminary tests at Cape Canaveral. Fla The test program will be stepped up for the next 12 months Then the Navy may attempt a shipboard launching from a surface ship If this succeeds, the Navy will try firing Polaris missiles from submerged auhmarincs Of Russia s 000 submarines, an estimated 100 are equipped to fire missllca The United States has only five missiles submarines, all carrying winged Iteguius .missiles, which must be fired from the surface. Our total submarine fleet, counting 80 used for training, or stored In mothballs, is less than 200 RUSSIAN ATOMIC SUBS: Thanks to Adm. Hyman Rick - over, however, we are well ahead of Russia in designing and constructing atomic sub marines But the latest Intelligence reports claim Russia will soon launch its first two atomic subs In atomic weapons, Russia has caught up with us In .quality and Is not iar behind In quantity We have picked up enough informalion from Russian nuclear tests to convince our scientists that Russia has developed compact hydrogen war heads better In some respects man our own In conventional weapons Russia still maintains an over whelming superiority Her land army Is still 17. divisions ours has dwindled lo 14 elTecllve divisions The Red Army also has better modern rifles, self - propelled assault artillery, armored personnel carriers, heavy tanks, and grasshopping heli copters Russia still has about 20.000 coijibat jet planes to our 18,000 wnue ner ngtuer planes are probably superior to ours, our Strategic Air command is still considered a more effective Earl L. Douglass, P.P. lAlic - time Impossibilities The four - minute, mile ap peared some years ago to be an utter Impossibility Track coachc - a and physicians were ready to testify that the human body was made in such a way that it was Impossible for a human being to run a mile in four minutes. Then a young English doctor did run a mile in four minutes The astonishing thing was not Just that he did it but that within five years a number of people bettered his record He showed Che way It could be done Others demonstrated that It was comparatively easy to achieve All the great minds of Spain tried to get the ears of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and urge them not to allow the foolish, murderous sailor, Christopher Columbus to start on his ridiculous attempt to cross the ocean But once Columbus had crossed the ocean it was com paratively, easy for others to do the same Furthermore the world was circumnavigated within a few years Many of us remember Llrid - borg s flight and the way the world that May day reacted when the naive, loveaole youngster landed In Paris thirty - three and a half horns after he left New York But rmadreds of planes cross the ocean now every day, thousands every week After somebody has shown us how to to the Impossible, we find that it Is not only not Impossible but that It Is not too difficult after all Too He answered and said unto them. Because it Is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to them it Is not given Matthew 13 11 A religion without Its mysteries Is a temple without a God Robert Hall Little force. Russia has been testing a new supersonic bomber which might be the fore runner of the worlds first six bomber Her atomic aircraft program Is believed to be ahead of ours On Die high seas we still surpass Russia In fleet strength But the Red surface fleet is now second only to our own, while her submarine fleet Is superior Russia hasn't bothered to build any airplane carriers, perhaps because carders may be as outmoded as battleships In this atomic age. (Copyright, 1939. by The Bell Syndicate, Inc ) A GLANCES By Galbraith I.J' . UktUMM I I - &H I vim to MA fcnta k ': ' ', E - i i ' Q pnce pay Ipr thi cheese Bpbrw grabbed off the helf! buk ha seems to hay eaih, the price rjiarkl" t

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  • America is behind Soviets in arms race in 1959

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