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 - ABE THE IF-IT IF-IT IF-IT esfruction of !...
ABE THE IF-IT IF-IT IF-IT esfruction of ! VOLUME 2. f : : r. - . - - i . g - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1871.' " C? : 1 't ' ! . .it: c.t -.1 -.1 ,1 ni ... NUMBER 66. Chicago 2,600 Acres of JBuild- JBuild- ings Destroyed. Eighty Th5nsand People Burned Out. JU! lie Hotels, Banks, Public Buildings, Newspaper Offices and Great Business Blocks Swept Away, Over a Hundred Dead 'Bodies Recovered from the Debris. give a full account of the losses by the fire, or to state the number of fatal accidents which have occurred- occurred- So much confusion prevails,.; and people are bo widely scattered, that we are unable for a day to give absolutely accurate accurate information concerning them. We have, however, given a full account account of the fird, from ;ne time of its beginning, reservtnglota future day a detailed statement of, losses? We would be exceedingly obliged if all persons having any knowledge of accidents, accidents, or the names of persons who died during the fire, would report them at this office. We also hope that all will leave" with, or at No. 15 South Canal street, a memorandum ' of their losses and their insurance, giving the names of die companies. eastward and northward, and thence back again oward the northwest aa fsc-as fsc-as fsc-as llalsled atreot, akiag a aemleircle. the innjRUno of which waa abont seven miles long. All east of Ibis was , perfoct ocean of blaze. THET GREAT C0NFI.A- C0NFI.A- GRATIDH. ' Savings' Institution. City National Batik. Bieetern Fire an Marias. Teierraon Office, Char "tor of ' Commerce, MerchanU' Insurance Block. jfntal 1 Block, -lEtna -lEtna Insurance Block. First MeTSodist Church. St. Mary's (Calnolie), First, Presbyterian, Second r-esbyterian. r-esbyterian. r-esbyterian. Trinity (Kuisoepai), St Pail's Universalis! L Swedenbonrian Church. Wabash Arenas Methodist (partial Iv), Birch Block. Palmer Block. Michigan Southern Depot, Academy of De sign. Chicago Academy of "taste, Jtryant at Btrai- Btrai- u port the frame buildings, fhe wsrenouf es, and the lumberyarrls. "moved rapidly northward -toward -toward tb vrnJerworks.r Thapeople'living in that a dot Bona or mere, -Thought -Thought that the nest nines for them to seek shelter was on. the Jake ansae. and -they -they t-nsbed t-nsbed t-nsbed that way. carrvinir with theaa what theycpnld. They very soon found taatlhey were mere - - i. n.'.i . yj-.j; yj-.j; yj-.j; both side of North aveaas, and continuing beyond . BETWEEN TWO DEAT33 - ton's Commercial College, Jewisb Synagogue Lmpe are 00 one siae 01 tueiu, and the water on the Pbotnlx Cinb Hons. Mat Block. Drake-Farwelt Drake-Farwelt Drake-Farwelt r THKMCTTJ, Site.-THK Site.-THK Site.-THK jlJCwiix Tens if Thousands of Citizens Without Home, Food, THE WEST SIDE. At tfcSO small eow-bara eow-bara eow-bara attached to a boas on the corner of DeKoren and Jeflerson atreet, one block north of Twefih street, amitted a bright light, followed by blaze, and In a moment tit building was hopelessly on Are. Berore any aid coo id be extended the fire had communicated to a aamoer of adioiuinjf sheds, barns and dwellings. and was rapidly carried north and east, despite the Sorts of the firemen. The fire seemed to leap over the engines, and commenced far beyond thcui.and, working to the east and west, either surrounded the apparatus or compelled it to move away, la less than ten minnies the lire embraced the area between Jefferson and Clinton fur two blocks north, and rapidly pawbed eastward to .1 ruef . When the fire first engulphed the two blocks, and the efforts of the undaunted engineers became palpably abortive to quench a single building,, an effort was made to bead it off from the north, but so great waa the area that it already covered at lUcw o'clock, and so rspklly did It niaren forward, that by the tiase the engines were at wurk the names weie ahead of them, and again they moved on north. From the west side of Jetfeisou - street, aa far aa the eye could reach, in an easterly direction and that space was bounded by the river a perfect sea of leaping flame covered covered the ground. The wind increased in fierceness aa the flames rose, and te flames wailed more hungrily for their prey as the angry rusts Impelled them onward, Successively the wooden buildings on T.y.or. Porquer, Lwing, and Polk streets became became the northern boundary, and then fell back to At about twenty minutes past midnight fha work of destruction began In the South IHvisioau While lb fumes were nearing the South Branch, at Harrison atreet, aa well aa sweeping northward lowara ine ournt uistnct or Maturcav nigtit, and before any commnnicaihttt of fire had been handed, across to the east aids) of the river, m blazlneuta-senger blazlneuta-senger blazlneuta-senger sailed on the srlnjs of the harsteane, orwr-leatuuga. orwr-leatuuga. orwr-leatuuga. duauc.vX iully a onaxterol a mile, and! lodged agaim-tx agaim-tx agaim-tx the dry- dry- enphoards of a- a- . thme-elore-. thme-elore-. thme-elore-. thme-elore-. thme-elore-. tenement - pDuse. - ertnated near Htavua works, abotanjidway between Adam and Honroe. and Wells and Masket street. The momentary contact of the fire-brand fire-brand fire-brand with the side of the building was sufficient to inangarate-lbe inangarate-lbe inangarate-lbe friehtfui carnival of destruction. The dry siding took are like a Incites match, and before there waa time to turn aroand the entire fracture was enveloped in " fume. At this time the neighborhood known . as conley nitch, and the moat squalid, poverty-stricken, poverty-stricken, poverty-stricken, poverty-stricken, crirue-stained crirue-stained crirue-stained portion of Chicago-contained Chicago-contained Chicago-contained but few people awake or close at hand, the greater part being absent at the scene of the fire across the river, while the women and children were in bed and asleep. A cry t horror and alarm was at once rai.ed, but not soon euougu, it is almost certain, to enable the sleeping inhabitants inhabitants to save ibeaaaelvea. - The frightened wretcbea came crowding oct of the blazing tenement, tenement, but, sooner than we can writ It, all escapo from the lower part was cut 6tT. and there te every reason to suppose that from live to tea human her ings perished in the fiaiuen at this point. RIGHT AND LEFT the fire spread, travelling among the dry tenements, tenements, thickly distributed, at a rate of speed tester than a man could walk. Within sixty second the --space --space --space of one blcek had been traversed, and the south line of JfAMiw mtrmct mmm mmm tauS Aar nearly the entire distance between Wells and Market l reels. A lurid mass of flames was hnriod bodily across Monroe street toward the nonh, lapping up the stable of John V. .Par we II A Co- Co- ran the American Merchant Union bxpresa Company before more than half a dozen of lite hundred odd magnificent horses could be rescued, the remainder remainder of the noble and valuable animals being eiiner nunsea or saarocaied wittuat two annates. ACROSS WELLS STREET. By this liaie tho fire had crossed to the east side or Weil ft rest, and wa rapidly working eastward, sweetiiBtr everything in its course. It is iuuosaibui to est taiato the number of live lost ia this local ity, the area or which was wholly covered with woeden frame structures, all of them crowded to , the utmost with poor people. In the terror and couluxlou which prevailed hundreds of women, with their broods of children, were seen wandering Bits:k.THIBL'NE BlnrkJournsl and Times Offices. office of the Post. Mail, and Staatn Zeitung. Re publican Office, Lombard Block, SUtrges Block,- Block,- rarweH Hall. Jtorrisoa Block, Aicade Banding. stone's Block. Armorv, Hubbard Block, ctuitea-den ctuitea-den ctuitea-den Build rue. Root J Cadv's. Lyon- Lyon- At Healy's. Smith Nixon's. Kimball's. Bauer's A Moiter's. murie Mores. Metropoiitaa Hall and Music Hall. This list, of course, include only a very few of tho business block of the South Division, bnt such aa omins ntiy eeear h aa in recalling toe ierarer iuf -1 -1 mn or iheMflsM reiMV strejsfju ' S:KE VlttIM THETHIKUNH BITn.Df NO. The sight from the window of THE TRIBUNE Building wa one the like of which few have ever seen. At fifteen minute to 1 o'clock the new wa like this : To the southwest lose a cloud of Mack smoke, which, colored with the lurid glare of the flame which caused It, presented a temarkahlo picture. Dae west another column of smoke and flre rose, while the north was lighted with fhar fly ing cinders and destmcuve nrauas. ten nun-tee nun-tee nun-tee more the whole horizon to the west, as fas as could be seen from the aKindows, was a llery cloud, with Came leaping urralong the whole line. just snowing their head aud sabsMuag from view it ze tongues ot snakes, r tve nuautes'niora wrougut a change. Peal alter peal waa soanded from the Court Ilona belL The fire waa on LaSalle street, had swept aorta, and the Chamber of Commerce Commerce began to belch forth smoke and Haaoe from windows ami ventilators. The eaet.wingof the uoMt House waa ailgnt; tfiea tue 1 west wine. the tower was bavxintf on the South Side, and at i o'clock the whole build ing was in a ebeet-o' ebeet-o' ebeet-o' flame. The Chamber of Com aierce burned with a bright steady dame.- dame.- The smoke In front erew denser for a minute or two. aud then, bursting into a blaze from Monroe to Madison streets, proclaimed that Farwell Hall and ine oniiuiugs norm and soui n oi it were on nre. At HI minute past 3 o'clock the Court House tower was a glorious sight. It slued a glowtug, al most dazzling ire Historic, around which was wrapped a sheet a winding sheet of flame. At a quarter past two, the tower fell, and in two min nies more a craen announced the fall or the build-intr. build-intr. build-intr. The windows of Ibe office were hot, ami the fumes gave a light almost dazzling in its intensity. It became evident that the whole block from Clark to Dearborn- Dearborn- aud from Monroe to Madison must go; that the block from Madison te Waah-ingtou Waah-ingtou Waah-ingtou must follow; Portland Block wqs ablaze, while everything from Clark to Dearborn on. Wash ington acreet was on nre. At xrau Ute nre. was bait way down wadieon .treet ; tne wind bHrm a sttm-enne sttm-enne sttm-enne ; the fire-brands fire-brands fire-brands were harled along the ground with incredible force against everything that stood In their way. Then the flame sbot ap in the rear of Reynold' Block, and then TH TRIBUNE Building seemed doomed. An effort wa made to aava the files, and other valuables, which were moved into the composing room, but the building stood like a rock, lashed on two sides By ragiug waves of flame, and it was abandoned. It was a fire-proof fire-proof fire-proof building, and there were not a few who expected to see it stand tho shoes-. shoes-. shoes-. ber, inte) which tho Iniewa.heattor the. fire -waa -waa driving them Many lav there half in the water mw mi, lawnni, wmi inctr oeaos oowa in ur-der ur-der ur-der te pet ssmech air as thev could. The smoke driving from the hore niede "if almost impossible to live, but. as. they were snrroanded on three sides, and there were no boat,1 they remained where they were, and suffered iMii.mti. nm. - J- J- rrn THE FIBS ; ERACHlbD TUB WATERJTd at an early hour, and the wooden roof Wa soon in a flame. The- The- men stayed thorn aa long aa tbey could, but weie compelled to -retreat! -retreat! and made then- then- escape-atong escape-atong escape-atong tho lake shore.' It had been. t..t thi. !.l - . r J and the coal beape, te, near It, destroyed any sucn expectation. . . '. ' GREAT LOSS O? LIFE-TTORRIBLI LIFE-TTORRIBLI LIFE-TTORRIBLI OCCURr So lUtle idea had the rwcml 1 Historical Seeiery BaUdmeoa Ontara street. w- w- tweea uearnorn ana Clark, of the terrible and after ruin '-Which '-Which '-Which tlx. r mntd . ar4r Knr snatching np wbat valuables they cooM, they sought sbelier in it cellar,' -which -which was nn-furtunately nn-furtunately nn-furtunately filled to a great extent wrtb ia-flammaWe ia-flammaWe ia-flammaWe 1 material. According to the ate-ntt-Dt ate-ntt-Dt ate-ntt-Dt ate-ntt-Dt ate-ntt-Dt f the .Librarian of the Historical - So ciety, Wiltiam Cerkranv who Jra there at lha lime, the follewine dcivom certainlv -' -' sneM refuse there. Old Colonel Stone and his wire, Mr.-and Mr.-and Mr.-and Mrs. Able and their daughters. Mrs. lie Pelt crom. teacher or French. Mr. ami Mrm. Cameeter. luualcoL. people, lr. Freer and family, the former having with him ci.tsjn worth-or worth-or worth-or personal property belonging -to -to Kiu-h Kiu-h Kiu-h Medical College, two patient from Ibe hospital in Mr. Richards' nhtce. and John B. Girard and family. Mr. Corkraa had held of one end of a trunk, and Mrs GeMetr - of the other. , iler drens took . fire, and - be left ber "" and ran for - the utalra leading from the cellar up stairs. He I certain that old Colonel Ntone suffocated, aud, front too Sodden hiriish) of dense smoke, there a ess Sir fear that nearly air the other who were in there shared the amis fate, bewildered by the f onion, and nnable to Aud their way out of a build ins; with which they - were wnaceaainled. Mr. Corkran ran ap tire cellar stair aad went into the raading-room raading-room raading-room ont-tbe ont-tbe ont-tbe ground floor, and thence hurried up into - tho library room. At tbat time taero did not seem to be any symptoms of flre ia the roof. Then, going down stairs strain Into th lecture and pamuhlec room, be saw the flames rushing np stairs, and made his exit a hurriedly as poastnle. Jtol hittg was saved from Ihe building, not even the Kasaue-patioa Kasaue-patioa Kasaue-patioa Praclatuat kv and it is mem aa utter aad hopeless wreck. . t ' AT CHICAGO AifiAlK. It was 10 o'clock when the fire cot te-Chieaco te-Chieaco te-Chieaco avenne, aud all down Clark and VI el streets in a state of terrible exeitenxnt. The Use had crossed the river at 'another noint. oft rather, the flying sparks had set fire up near Ontario Ontario street. Encouraged by t he absence of policemen, : TILL IT REACHED WRlGirTS 6ROVE. and Ogden Grove; where. It did not progress so caiij Lue wet. umnir. ion rain wmcn negan tailing on itoaday eveningjtlainpened the grass, and sensibly. retarded U, VTaetl it worked hack gaia aad got bold of ft coaj heap and lumber jarus ty uu; souio. 01 t,mcago avenuo. and made a clean aweep of all that was left, there. !V oruiunt wa tne light on JUmdav evening that it waa feared by some, of those on the West Side that it would cross over the aad oblUccate what waa . uietmy. . . ,. -r- -r- -r- ..... - -- -- i-; i-; i-; WHAT XKMAIXa. From Kinzie street to Fullertoa avenne ia three mttes. ACCBleago avenue, the North irvisioa, is a little overa nule wide., and. 1 tail wider further . north, nasr.ati Faisarioa avenne. it ieary twe-'asHew- twe-'asHew- twe-'asHew- twe-'asHew- wtde.-TImr wtde.-TImr wtde.-TImr east cxteat or tearuory -la -la , awariy aa desolate and esses y as lti waat Ml fear ! ago. The-'only The-'only The-'only bouse remain ingarttue OfOowa elevator, which fronts oa we nasia at zae jancuonot 4ae orancnes, seat some of the low jkl insignificant framee oa Kinzie down in that- that- aoartar. The width of. the csverht lhat point, and the direction of. the wind, aaved them. Mr, McCacg' house, was burned, but hia greenhouse wa Uninjured. The awaso of Mr. if ah km D. Ovdea, on Ileaxborn atreet and Lafav- Lafav- e te place, u not even ecorched. The tower at tne naterworka remsius. aa do lha wall. of the mam .onitding. bai is ia . auinae a roof. At . one . . time - It was -- -- hoped thaf TTiiiCy .Chnrch, which ata .da eomparaiivwiy fu, oauiescae, su sue aopeaia nos met long. Jk few house were, also leu on Dtvisios street near th river, and one block on Sophia street near th park. AU the rest baa disappvanai. The block pavement, on which so much money had been expended, and so much of which bad keen laid oa that side ef the river, aaa become bowey-aomhed bowey-aomhed bowey-aomhed charcoal, and utterly useless. . The doable engine at the Water Works ia not seriously Injured m itself, but tba foundations are in each condition aa to reader running it dangerous. dangerous. The smaller siugie engine will require extensive extensive repairs. The larger jingle engine is apparent' apparent' uninjured. Whether any ul Ihe engines can ran depends anon the cylinders, which may have been authcieully heated to put them out of ITHUIt . It aDDears lhat the roarTIeat meana-fo meana-fo meana-fo anenre a re newai of water supply la to connect everything insi me uiwn anoru. in ine wav or .team numnine machinery with the boilers, which are uninjured, and the matus. . X large horizontal engine, which formerly SUDolied the citv. I1m im the Wia-rWnrkl Wia-rWnrkl Wia-rWnrkl yard, and could probably render service. There are abundance or pipe and flitiugstn roe city, and tt Is possible to secure a limited suppiy of water wiuua uiree aaya. u tne matter is puaoed. :-;. :-;. :-;. WHAT WAS DESTROVED. - Amoaur Ibe baildrng of note arm the North Side wrUch were destroyed were the- the- Franklin. Moselv. Liaeala.PiersonSMrset Primary, lna Street Pri- Pri- mary, ana oiaer acaoot buHdmge; u ciarendoa Hotel oa Clark street, th North Sida Stables, from wntca Beany ail the bones were saved, MeCor- MeCor- iek'a reaper factory, I lie Chicago sagar refinery, tan Galena freight boose, tho Galena elevator, LUi'aaad Sands' breweries, the canneries alnn. ih North Branch, the German Theatre at the corner of laoiana aaa wells street. Unity, Mew England, and Westminster c be rears, the charch of the Holy Name, the Cathedral, the Hospital of the on nre. Knowing that it must have -been -been the' work of au incendiarv, the neighbors united to extinguish extinguish it, filling their coat and bat and everything everything they could get bold of with sud. The fire was exiinguuhed u good tiiue, and a muu found in there cninni1 r 1 ic mimil 1 11.1 1,. M ti, u vineiner the report is or Known. ... At about 11 o'clock vest aiao residiag on Fourth avenne.. caught a man in ibe beat-me beat-me beat-me ot of hi house, number aaknoun. armed with bay and nialche. lie, naveius alarm and tbe incendiary wa caught aud siftued and nattcrsil to death. He lie su the aveuue yet, near Fourteenth street.- street.- - - - From CommiatKMUT T. H Ttrnw the folloarfntr incVieiil was kwroed.. Oa his autboritv it is cor rect without a doubt : At abont 1 o'clock yesterday yesterday afternoon a colored auu,'Baiae unknown, observed observed a white man aneakinir sound, bis tuiuw! u. Fosrth aveaue. He fired tbe barn in the rear, of lbs house, and was instantly sbot dead. - Amonir the SDcial n.kluj.iuen aurora f 11.-M 11.-M 11.-M Si m Sooth Side vealerrlarv lu a upm luniwl 1 In-h In-h In-h " Cost ello. who was assiicned te a beat on Wabash avenue, near Hubbard court. . About 4 o'clock iq tue afternoon, a white nun. whiM name is ua. known, was looking upon ihe ruins, when Cbsteilo warned him otf. He answered that he was oulv spectator and was doing no harm, when the negro raked a piece of lead moe. with which he wa. amies, and smashed in tne man's skull, killii him on the spot. The crowd lol.ow.-d lol.ow.-d lol.ow.-d t lie negro and non Id have banged him bnt for tbe interven lion of a coaoie of uolicemea who rescued bun and locked him, up ia the Cottage Grove Sutton. About S o'clock yesterday afternoon resident on tho South Side were alarmed by a cry of fire. Which increased When thev aaw smoke cendinr from Mr. Scfaafier atorc, corner of Slate and Thir-ty Thir-ty Thir-ty Aral street, it was evidently the work of au ia-ceadury, ia-ceadury, ia-ceadury, and. owing to the devilLJi Ingenuity used by the scoundrel who did the work, much difficulty was found in extiuiruhihiiuz the fire. CoumUasiota- CoumUasiota- er Sheridan happened hear the place, and aefis&a to put out lbs blaze. A mseliot' of Over MS ciir-zeus ciir-zeus ciir-zeus wa held immediately, and Mr. Sheridan u. powsred the Chairman (o swear in all nt as SDOClal nolicemen. There u enouirh to bavo nat a sammarv end to 1 oc ueen caugni, ana a aeterminalKm to -treat -treat aJI such aa doga unworthy of life. Anotoer man wa snot last evening by a police officer, ho delected brm in Ib act of attempting to lire the Jesuit Church, on Twelfth street. A excited crowd gathered round tbe West IXvisioa Police Station, about a o'clock yesterday afternoon, intent npon making an application of lynch law to a man who was alleged to have tried to set flre to a house on Milwaukee avenue. Three or four rones were flonri.hed vtireialv in th crowd, and several speeches were made by parties,' ugiug mem iu rescue tue incendiary irom tbe William Kanver. wife .ml chtlilf-i.n chtlilf-i.n chtlilf-i.n ara at 01I. School, corner Reoben and Cornelia. I --Almay --Almay --Almay Rounds, of zl-V, zl-V, zl-V, South Franklin street. 1. ai nouen uira coiner s luurcu. Katie Keller t. lu form nt ion to be sent lo mother, at Turner Hall, West Twelfth street. ' L . M-fbackenaV M-fbackenaV M-fbackenaV ha five children mixsing. Information Information to taVevnt foTnra -i-ilnll -i-ilnll -i-ilnll -i-ilnll U..I '1 ,-lnh ,-lnh ,-lnh tree". ... Annie Mlderhaffor. ntissin?. Information to be seni 10 natrina Keller, Turner Hall, West Twelfth street. Mary Haft man, 60 year old, missing; 10J r-2 r-2 r-2 rlufcrmation, to be cnt to G. A. Ilartinan, JS Fourth J venue. Wtk bct?. named lrnicnl aw ot AIM Fnliii street. Tommy Jackson, 10 years old, missing; infor-maiion infor-maiion infor-maiion 10 be sent to Centenary Church. ' Tne family of Mitchell cunls is missing; information information to be aenj to ihe Centenary Church. r is pot ssrreat is nut J . ltTa hit VHi? and two children inisii. Ju .,. V , 1tnationtobvs?uttoiStiSouihPaikavcuii-. 1tnationtobvs?uttoiStiSouihPaikavcuii-. 1tnationtobvs?uttoiStiSouihPaikavcuii-. ' tclay fewweon, amah J Maria aud Julia Breslin are at 4t Ann stici-t." stici-t." stici-t." .o.-innia .o.-innia .o.-innia z,ruwn-missiug. z,ruwn-missiug. z,ruwn-missiug. iniormatutu 10 oe eni W J W. bin!inrm, 155 Walnut etreet. .Thomas rwiiricn. 7 years old, uiittsiug. Infoni.a-tten Infoni.a-tten Infoni.a-tten to be sent to .Mrs. Keen, ojiposiic Suunynide Henry Leary is at First Conprcgaiional Church. Mrs. J. O'NriH and three, ehildreu. Mr, 11 I ,i,.i. "i,?.Cu"dren' lutoriuatiou to l tcni to FinfrCongregationat Chnrch. ;l. Rvan and sT children, missintr. luror Biirftbn to besent to 15J North ilalsied street. H. Clay, niifsing. Iufotmatiou 10 be Brit to Ftrjsl Cougrepitional Church. Kddie Simpson and Slaimj Bullock, misting. Information to be setit to Frank Muuroo. coruor Eldridge court aud Wabae-h Wabae-h Wabae-h avenue. A girl two or three years old, found oa Indiana atreet. is at the hotel in i). fpLiines. John Daly's wife and six children, niising. ln-rormatiou ln-rormatiou ln-rormatiou to be sent to Eighteenth street, corner Csual. Mary Ellen Baicjji idgc, miKsiug. Iuforiuatioii lo : Sent to To Vorfil Peoria um-l um-l um-l Gust. Jobnsou's wife and child. n.t,uiiii9 i..r..r. nation to be scut to First CougregaiiomU Cburci'. Three children ef Ivurlvauti. iuiiu 11,1..,- 11,1..,- mation 10 be sent 10 ihe Centenary churcu. Wife and child of UcMnau llerriugiiou-e, llerriugiiou-e, llerriugiiou-e, ami Heury Schneider, z'J years old, tuisflui;. lul.inu.i llou to be sent to Ceiisensry Churth. eowepn at 011 onus, of Aonh tvenu.-. tvenu.-. tvenu.-. corner . f SUgwiok, i attbe Ada street Church. ftu-h.rr) ftu-h.rr) ftu-h.rr) U'alh lu urf V!i...l .. i. . cfoa aud Lakc'streets. " ..... 1 1 . The wits and two child-eu child-eu child-eu or Chan. Ilerzog mi-ina mi-ina mi-ina Vluformalioa to be hVBt to 3111 Milwaukee aveutfe. Mrs. Brown and four children uil-,ln'r uil-,ln'r uil-,ln'r Infnr. 1 he thought j niatiou to be sent to First Congregational Church. itiArgmniou J'"eorgcS. Clarke missing. Keuort ai T2." Wc-t Wc-t Wc-t be Oevil.bwi I Lake street, or at Tribune ' ITEMS IN GENERAL. hand of the police, but the latter were arm, and ine iat acconnt tbe man was still a urioue the Cell FATAL INCIDENTS. DEARBORN STREET-While STREET-While STREET-While UdleoB street, west of Dearborn, and the west side 01 iiearDora were all ablaze, tbe spectator. spectator. a.w the lurid lip-tit lip-tit lip-tit appear iu the rear windows of Speed's Block. Presently a man, w ho had ap parently uiaeu-iiine uiaeu-iiine uiaeu-iiine loaress uimseir len-ureiy, len-ureiy, len-ureiy, appeared The fate of ttjc poor pict lire of tlie Battle of i,-t i,-t i,-t IvaJiurg nas the-sanie the-sanie the-sanie as thaf of nearlv every thuig le.- le.- It was torn from the wall by ban Stockei w lio bad it in char-je char-je char-je at ibe Acadi-tny Acadi-tny Acadi-tny of l.-i-n l.-i-n l.-i-n l.-i-n l.-i-n and who could not detach it by legitimate lu.-an. lu.-an. lu.-an. aad wrapped carelullj ie aa oil-skin oil-skin oil-skin con rii.g pasty ot ausn bore H sonnh as fast as tbey could, but it was left opposite Triuity Epi0wt Church, ou season wreeb tncMULiMxromiK so great, and tb. mere so BUiuesous. Iliat tna k.-.-i.-r. k.-.-i.-r. k.-.-i.-r. k.-.-i.-r. k.-.-i.-r. k.-.-i.-r. k.-.-i.-r. ...1,., qnisbed brand: ran.- ran.- Nothing has bifa iii-ard iii-ard iii-ard . it Business men all day yesterday were tonkin-' tonkin-' tonkin-' round for the recover- recover- of their sales and what 1 he v contained. Tbe banks, or rather their ruins wvr'o sorrouude d all day. Of Jhe banks which rlsiin to bavo recovered their safe In good condition are ihe Cnanmercial National, the Hirst. Fourth, and Muu-Btnctnrers' Muu-Btnctnrers' Muu-Btnctnrers' Hank. Tbe Union Bank win. not -. -. ununaie. i ue papers tuerein were on lire, and probably everytnlng is .to-l .to-l .to-l ibcie. The Loan and ftust Company, it is stated, removed tbe -nater -nater part of their treasure before tbe liuiidiun caifhi

Clipped from
  1. Chicago Tribune,
  2. 11 Oct 1871, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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