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William Kanver. wife ara at 01I. School, corner Reoben and Cornelia. IF-IT THE I --Almay Rounds, of zl-V, South Franklin street. 1.

ai nouen uira coiner luurcu. Katie Keller t. lu form nt ion to be sent lo ABE mother, at Turner Hall, West Twelfth street. M-fbackenaV ha five children mixsing. Information to taVevnt foTnra -i-ilnll '1 r.

i Annie Mlderhaffor. Information to be 1 't c.t ,1 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, NUMBER 66. VOLUME 2. ni seni 10 natrina Keller, Turner Hall, West Twelfth street. Mary Haft man, 60 year old, missing; 10J r-2 rlufcrmation, to be cnt to G.

A. Ilartinan, JS Fourth venue. Wtk named lrnicnl aw ot AIM Fnliii both side of North aveaas, and continuing beyond esfruction of Savings' Institution. City National Batik. Bieetern Fire an Marias.

Teierraon Office, Char "tor of port the frame buildings, fhe wsrenouf es, and the lumberyarrls. "moved rapidly northward -toward tb vrnJerworks.r Thapeople'living in that street. eastward and northward, and thence back again oward the northwest aa fsc-as llalsled atreot, akiag a aemleircle. the innjRUno of which waa abont seven miles long.

All east of Ibis was perfoct ocean of blaze. TILL IT REACHED WRlGirTS 6ROVE. on nre. Knowing that it must have -been the' work of au incendiarv, the neighbors united to extinguish it, filling their coat and bat and everything they could get bold of with sud. The fire was exiinguuhed good tiiue, and a muu found in there cninni1 1 ic mimil 1 11.1 1,.

ti, a dot Bona or mere, -Thought that the nest nines for them to seek shelter was on. the Jake ansae. Commerce, MerchanU' Insurance Block. jfntal 1 Block, -lEtna Insurance Block. First MeTSodist Church.

St. Mary's (Calnolie), First, Presbyterian, Second r-esbyterian. Trinity (Kuisoepai), St Pail's Universalis! Swedenbonrian Church. Wabash Tommy Jackson, 10 years old, missing; infor-maiion 10 be sent to Centenary Church. Tne family of Mitchell cunls is missing; information to be aenj to ihe Centenary Church.

and Ogden Grove; where. It did not progress so and -they t-nsbed that way. carrvinir with theaa caiij Lue wet. umnir. ion rain wmcn negan what theycpnld.

They very soon found taatlhey tailing on itoaday eveningjtlainpened the grass, and sensibly. retarded VTaetl it worked hack vineiner the report is or Chicago were mere i. Known. Arenas Methodist (partial Iv), Birch Block. Palmer Block.

Michigan Southern Depot, Academy of De is pot ssrreat is nut ltTa hit VHi? and two children inisii. Ju tclay fewweon, amah Maria aud Julia Breslin are at 4t Ann stici-t." gaia aad got bold of ft coaj heap and lumber give a full account of the losses by the fire, or to state the number of fatal accidents which have occurred- So much confusion and people are bo widely scattered, that we are unable for a day to give absolutely accurate information concerning them. We have, however, given a full account of the fird, from time of its BETWEEN TWO DEAT33 At about 11 o'clock vest THET GREAT C0NFI.A- GRATIDH. sign. Chicago Academy of "taste, Jtryant at Btrai- jarus ty uu; souio.

01 avenuo. and made a clean aweep of all that was left, there. aiao residiag on Fourth caught a man in ibe beat-me ot of hi house, number aaknoun. ton's Commercial College, Jewisb Synagogue Lmpe are 00 one siae 01 tueiu, and the water on the ber, inte) which tho Iniewa.heattor the. fire -waa Pbotnlx Cinb Hons.

Mat Block. Drake-Farwelt iniormatutu 10 oe eni W. 155 Walnut etreet. rwiiricn. 7 years old, uiittsiug.

Infoni.a-tten to be sent to Keen, ojiposiic Suunynide armed with bay and nialche. lie, naveius alarm driving them Many lav there half in the water BlnrkJournsl and Times Offices. oruiunt wa tne light on JUmdav evening that it waa feared by some, of those on the West Side that it would cross over the aad oblUccate what waa office of the Post. Mail, and Staatn Zeitung. Re THKMCTTJ, jlJCwiix and tbe incendiary wa caught aud siftued and nattcrsil to death.

He lie su the aveuue yet, near Fourteenth From CommiatKMUT T. Ttrnw the folloarfntr publican Office, Lombard Block, SUtrges uietmy. -r- i-; WHAT XKMAIXa. Henry Leary is at First Conprcgaiional Church. Mrs.

J. O'NriH and three, ehildreu. Mr, 11 I rarweH Hall. Jtorrisoa Block, Aicade Banding. 2,600 Acres of JBuild- mw mi, lawnni, wmi inctr oeaos oowa in ur-der te pet ssmech air as thev could.

The smoke driving from the hore niede "if almost impossible to live, but. as. they were snrroanded on three sides, and there were no they remained where they were, and suffered iMii.mti. nm. stone's Block.

Armorv, Hubbard Block, ctuitea-den Build rue. Root Cadv's. Lyon- At Healy's. incVieiil was Oa his autboritv it is cor From Kinzie street to Fullertoa avenne ia three Smith Nixon's. Kimball's.

Bauer's A Moiter's. rect without a doubt At abont 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon a colored unknown, observed a white man aneakinir sound, bis tuiuw! u. mttes. ACCBleago avenue, the North irvisioa, is a little overa nule and. 1 tail wider further north, nasr.ati Faisarioa avenne.

it ings Destroyed. At about twenty minutes past midnight fha work of destruction began In the South IHvisioau While lb fumes were nearing the South Branch, at Harrison atreet, aa well aa sweeping northward murie Mores. Metropoiitaa Hall and Music Hall. J- rrn THE FIBS ERACHlbD TUB WATERJTd This list, of course, include only a very few of tho business block of the South Division, bnt such aa Fosrth aveaue. He fired tbe barn in the rear, of ieary twe-'asHew- east cxteat lbs house, and was instantly sbot dead.

Amonir the SDcial n.kluj.iuen aurora Si omins ntiy eeear aa in recalling toe ierarer at an early hour, and the wooden roof Wa soon in a flame. The- men stayed thorn aa long aa tbey could, but weie compelled to -retreat! and made or tearuory -la awariy aa desolate and esses as lti waat Ml fear ago. The-'only bouse remain ingarttue OfOowa elevator, which fronts lutoriuatiou to tcni to FinfrCongregationat Chnrch. Rvan and sT children, missintr. luror Biirftbn to besent to 15J North ilalsied street.

H. Clay, niifsing. Iufotmatiou 10 be Brit to Ftrjsl Cougrepitional Church. Kddie Simpson and Slaimj Bullock, misting. Information to be setit to Frank Muuroo.

coruor Eldridge court aud Wabae-h avenue. A girl two or three years old, found oa Indiana atreet. is at the hotel in i). fpLiines. John Daly's wife and six children, niising.

ln-rormatiou to be sent to Eighteenth street, corner Csual. iuf -1 mn or iheMflsM reiMV strejsfju Sooth Side vealerrlarv lu a upm luniwl 1 In-h VlttIM THETHIKUNH BITn.Df NO. Cost ello. who was assiicned te a beat on Wabash then- escape-atong tho lake It had been. thi.

The sight from the window of THE TRIBUNE Building wa one the like of which few have ever avenue, near Hubbard court. About 4 o'clock iq tue afternoon, a white nun. whiM name is ua. beginning, reservtnglota future day a detailed statement of, losses? We would be exceedingly obliged if all persons having any knowledge of accidents, or the names of persons who died during the fire, would report them at this office. We also hope that all will leave" with, or at No.

15 South Canal street, a memorandum of their losses and their insurance, and the coal beape, te, near It, destroyed any oa we nasia at zae jancuonot 4ae orancnes, seat some of the low jkl insignificant framee oa Kinzie down in that- aoartar. The width of. the csverht lhat point, and the direction of. the wind, aaved them. Mr, McCacg' house, was burned, but hia sucn expectation.

Eighty Th5nsand People Burned Out. known, was looking upon ihe ruins, when Cbsteilo warned him otf. He answered that he was oulv lowara ine ournt uistnct or Maturcav nigtit, and before any commnnicaihttt of fire had been handed, across to the east aids) of the river, blazlneuta-senger sailed on the srlnjs of the harsteane, orwr-leatuuga. duauc.vX iully a onaxterol a mile, and! lodged agaim-tx the dry- enphoards of a- thme-elore-. tenement pDuse.

ertnated near Htavua works, abotanjidway between Adam and Honroe. and Wells and Masket street. The momentary contact of the fire-brand with the side of the building was sufficient to inangarate-lbe friehtfui carnival of destruction. The dry siding took are like a Incites match, and before there waa time to turn aroand the entire seen. At fifteen minute to 1 o'clock the new wa like this To the southwest lose a cloud of Mack smoke, which, colored with the lurid glare of the flame which caused It, presented a temarkahlo GREAT LOSS LIFE-TTORRIBLI OCCURr spectator and was doing no harm, when the negro raked a piece of lead moe.

with which he wa. greenhouse wa Uninjured. The awaso of Mr. if ah km D. Ovdea, on Ileaxborn atreet and Lafav- Mary Ellen Baicjji idgc, miKsiug.

Iuforiuatioii lo Sent to To Vorfil Peoria um-l So lUtle idea had the rwcml 1 picture. Dae west another column of smoke and flre rose, while the north was lighted with fhar fly amies, and smashed in tne man's skull, killii te place, not even ecorched. The tower at Historical Seeiery BaUdmeoa Ontara street. w- Gust. Jobnsou's wife and child.

n.t,uiiii9 tne naterworka remsius. aa do lha wall. of the him on the spot. The crowd lol.ow.-d lie negro and non Id have banged him bnt for tbe interven lion of a coaoie of uolicemea who rescued bun tweea uearnorn ana Clark, of the terrible and after ruin '-Which tlx. mntd ar4r Knr nation to be scut to First CougregaiiomU Cburci'.

Three children ef Ivurlvauti. iuiiu ing cinders and destmcuve nrauas. ten nun-tee more the whole horizon to the west, as fas as could be seen from the aKindows, was a llery cloud, with Came leaping urralong the whole line. mam bai is ia auinae a roof. At one time It was hoped thaf TTiiiCy which ata eomparaiivwiy fracture was enveloped in fume.

At this time the neighborhood known and locked him, up ia the Cottage Grove Sutton. About o'clock yesterday afternoon resident on tho South Side were alarmed by a cry of fire. Which increased When thev aaw smoke cendinr just snowing their head aud sabsMuag from view snatching np wbat valuables they cooM, they sought sbelier in it -which was nn-furtunately filled to a great extent wrtb ia-flammaWe 1 material. According to the ate-ntt-Dt the of the Historical So mation 10 be sent 10 ihe Centenary churcu. Wife and child of UcMnau llerriugiiou-e, ami Heury Schneider, z'J years old, lul.inu.i llou to be sent to Ceiisensry Churth.

giving the names of die companies. it ze tongues ot snakes, tve nuautes'niora as conley nitch, and the moat squalid, poverty-stricken, crirue-stained portion of Chicago-contained but few people awake or close at hand, the greater part being absent at the scene wrougut a change. Peal alter peal waa soanded from the Court Ilona belL The fire waa on LaSalle street, had swept aorta, and the Chamber of Commerce began to belch forth smoke and Haaoe from eowepn at 011 onus, of Aonh corner SUgwiok, i attbe Ada street Church. U'alh lu urf i. ciety, Wiltiam Cerkranv who Jra there at lha lime, the follewine dcivom certainlv sneM fu, oauiescae, su sue aopeaia nos met long.

Jk few house were, also leu on Dtvisios street near th river, and one block on Sophia street near th park. AU the rest baa disappvanai. The block pavement, on which so much money had been expended, and so much of which bad keen laid oa that side ef the river, aaa become bowey-aomhed charcoal, and utterly useless. The doable engine at the Water Works ia not from Mr. Scfaafier atorc, corner of Slate and Thir-ty Aral street, it was evidently the work of au ia-ceadury, and.

owing to the devilLJi Ingenuity used by the scoundrel who did the work, much difficulty was found in extiuiruhihiiuz the fire. CoumUasiota- refuse there. Old Colonel Stone and his wire, Mrs. Able and their daughters. Mrs.

lie Pelt windows ami ventilators. The eaet.wingof the JU! lie Hotels, Banks, Public Buildings, Newspaper Offices and Great Business Blocks Swept Away, crom. teacher or French. Mr. ami Mrm.

Cameeter. cfoa aud Lakc'streets. 1 1 The wits and two child-eu or Chan. Ilerzog mi-ina Vluformalioa to be hVBt to 3111 Milwaukee aveutfe. Mrs.

Brown and four children Infnr. uoMt House waa ailgnt; tfiea tue 1 west wine. the tower was bavxintf on luualcoL. people, lr. Freer and family, the former er Sheridan happened hear the place, and to put out lbs blaze.

A mseliot' of Over MS ciir-zeus wa held immediately, and Mr. Sheridan u. the South Side, and at i o'clock the whole build THE WEST SIDE. At tfcSO small eow-bara attached to a boas on the corner of DeKoren and Jeflerson atreet, one block north of Twefih street, amitted a bright light, followed by blaze, and In a moment tit building was hopelessly on Are. Berore any aid coo id be extended the fire had communicated to a aamoer of adioiuinjf sheds, barns and dwellings.

ing was in a ebeet-o' flame. The Chamber of Com having with him ci.tsjn worth-or personal property belonging -to Kiu-h Medical College, two patient from Ibe hospital in Mr. Richards' nhtce. and John powsred the Chairman (o swear in all 1 of the fire across the river, while the women and children were in bed and asleep. A cry horror and alarm was at once rai.ed, but not soon euougu, it is almost certain, to enable the sleeping inhabitants to save ibeaaaelvea.

The frightened wretcbea came crowding oct of the blazing tenement, but, sooner than we can writ It, all escapo from the lower part was cut 6tT. and there te every reason to suppose that from live to tea human her ings perished in the fiaiuen at this point. RIGHT AND LEFT the fire spread, travelling among the dry tenements, thickly distributed, at a rate of speed tester than a man could walk. Within aierce burned with a bright steady The smoke In front erew denser for a minute or two. seriously Injured itself, but tba foundations are in each condition aa to reader running it dangerous.

The smaller siugie engine will require extensive repairs. The larger jingle engine is apparent' uninjured. Whether any ul Ihe engines can ran depends anon the cylinders, which may have been authcieully heated to put them out of nt as SDOClal nolicemen. There he thought niatiou to be sent to First Congregational Church. itiArgmniou Clarke missing.

Keuort ai T2." Wc-t be Oevil.bwi I Lake street, or at Tribune enouirh to bavo nat a sammarv end to 1 aud then, bursting into a blaze from Monroe to B. Girard and family. Mr. Corkraa had held of one end of a trunk, and Mrs GeMetr of the other.

iler drens took fire, and be left ber and ran for the utalra Madison streets, proclaimed that Farwell Hall and oc ueen caugni, ana a aeterminalKm to -treat aJI such aa doga unworthy of life. ine oniiuiugs norm and soui oi it were on nre. At HI minute past 3 o'clock the Court House ITHUIt It aDDears lhat the roarTIeat meana-fo anenre a re ITEMS IN GENERAL. tower was a glorious sight. It slued a glowtug, al leading from the cellar up stairs.

He I certain that old Colonel Ntone suffocated, aud, front too Sodden hiriish) of dense smoke, there a ess Sir newai of water supply la to connect everything most dazzling ire Historic, around which was and was rapidly carried north and east, despite the Sorts of the firemen. The fire seemed to leap over the engines, and commenced far beyond thcui.and, working to the east and west, either surrounded the apparatus or compelled it to move away, la less than ten minnies the lire embraced the area between Jefferson and Clinton fur two blocks north, and rapidly pawbed eastward to .1 ruef insi me uiwn anoru. in ine wav or numnine wrapped a sheet a winding sheet of flame. At sixty second the --space of one blcek had been traversed, and the south Anotoer man wa snot last evening by a police officer, ho delected brm in Ib act of attempting to lire the Jesuit Church, on Twelfth street. A excited crowd gathered round tbe West IXvisioa Police Station, about a o'clock yesterday afternoon, intent npon making an application of lynch law to a man who was alleged to have tried to set flre to a house on Milwaukee avenue.

Three or four rones were flonri.hed vtireialv in th a quarter past two, the tower fell, and in two min machinery with the boilers, which are uninjured, and the matus. large horizontal engine, which formerly SUDolied the citv. I1m im the Wia-rWnrkl fear that nearly air the other who were in there shared the amis fate, bewildered by the onion, and nnable to Aud their way out of a build ins; with which they were wnaceaainled. Mr. line of JfAMiw mtrmct mmm mmm tauS Aar nearly the entire distance between Wells and Market The fate of ttjc poor pict lire of tlie Battle of IvaJiurg nas the-sanie as thaf of nearlv every thuig It was torn from the wall by ban Stockei lio bad it in char-je at ibe Acadi-tny of and who could not detach it by legitimate aad wrapped carelullj ie aa oil-skin con rii.g pasty ot ausn bore sonnh as fast as tbey could, but it was left opposite Triuity Epi0wt Church, ou reels.

A lurid mass of flames was hnriod bodily across Monroe street toward the nonh, lapping up the stable of John V. we II A Co- ran the Corkran ran ap tire cellar stair aad went into the raading-room ont-tbe ground yard, and could probably render service. There are abundance or pipe and flitiugstn roe city, and tt Is possible to secure a limited suppiy of water Over a Hundred Dead 'Bodies Recovered from the Debris. nies more a craen announced the fall or the build-intr. The windows of Ibe office were hot, ami the fumes gave a light almost dazzling in its intensity.

It became evident that the whole block from Clark to Dearborn- aud from Monroe to Madison must go; that the block from Madison te Waah-ingtou must follow; Portland Block wqs ablaze, while everything from Clark to Dearborn on. Wash crowd, and several speeches were made by floor, and thence hurried up into tho When the fire first engulphed the two blocks, and the efforts of the undaunted engineers became palpably abortive to quench a single an effort was made to bead it off from the north, but so great waa the area that it already covered at ugiug mem iu rescue tue incendiary irom tbe library room. At tbat time taero did not seem to wiuua uiree aaya. tne matter is puaoed. WHAT WAS DESTROVED.

hand of the police, but the latter were arm, and season wreeb tncMULiMxromiK so great, and tb. American Merchant Union bxpresa Company before more than half a dozen of lite hundred odd magnificent horses could be rescued, the remainder of the noble and valuable animals being eiiner mere so BUiuesous. Iliat tna ...1,., be any symptoms of flre ia the roof. Then, going down stairs strain Into th lecture and pamuhlec ine iat acconnt tbe man was still a urioue the Cell qnisbed brand: Nothing has bifa iii-ard it ington acreet was on nre. At xrau Ute nre.

was bait Amoaur Ibe baildrng of note arm the North Side wrUch were destroyed were the- Franklin. Moselv. Liaeala.PiersonSMrset Primary, lna Street Pri- nunsea or saarocaied wittuat two annates. ACROSS WELLS STREET. room, be saw the flames rushing np stairs, and made his exit a hurriedly as poastnle.

Jtol hittg was saved from Ihe building, not even the Kasaue-patioa Praclatuat kv and it is mem aa utter aad hopeless wreck. mary, ana oiaer acaoot buHdmge; ciarendoa Hotel oa Clark street, th North Sida Stables, from way down wadieon tne wind bHrm a sttm-enne the fire-brands were harled along the ground with incredible force against everything that stood In their way. Then the flame sbot ap in the rear of Reynold' Block, and then TH TRIBUNE By this liaie tho fire had crossed to the east side lUcw o'clock, and so rspklly did It niaren forward, that by the tiase the engines were at wurk the names weie ahead of them, and again they moved on north. From the west side of Jetfeisou street, aa far aa the eye could reach, in an easterly direction and that space was bounded by the river a perfect sea of leaping flame covered the ground. The wind increased in fierceness aa the flames rose, and te flames wailed more hungrily for their prey as the angry rusts Impelled wntca Beany ail the bones were saved, MeCor- Business men all day yesterday were tonkin-' round for the recover- of their sales and what 1 he contained.

Tbe banks, or rather their ruins wvr'o sorrouude all day. Of Jhe banks which rlsiin to bavo recovered their safe In good condition are ihe Cnanmercial National, the Hirst. Fourth, and Muu-Btnctnrers' Hank. Tbe Union Bank win. not or Weil ft rest, and wa rapidly working eastward, sweetiiBtr everything in its course.

It is iuuosaibui FATAL INCIDENTS. DEARBORN UdleoB street, west of Dearborn, and the AT CHICAGO AifiAlK. It was 10 o'clock when the fire cot te-Chieaco iek'a reaper factory, I lie Chicago sagar refinery, tan Galena freight boose, tho Galena elevator, LUi'aaad Sands' breweries, the canneries alnn. ih to est taiato the number of live lost ia this local Tens if Thousands of Citizens avenne, aud all down Clark and VI el streets Building seemed doomed. An effort wa made to aava the files, and other valuables, which were moved into the composing room, but the building stood like a rock, lashed on two sides By ragiug waves of flame, and it was abandoned.

It was a ity, the area or which was wholly covered with woeden frame structures, all of them crowded to North Branch, the German Theatre at the corner of in a state of terrible exeitenxnt. The Use had crossed the river at 'another noint. oft west side 01 iiearDora were all ablaze, tbe spectator. a.w the lurid lip-tit appear iu the rear windows the utmost with poor people. In the terror and them onward, Successively the wooden buildings on T.y.or.

Porquer, Lwing, and Polk streets became the northern boundary, and then fell back to laoiana aaa wells street. Unity, Mew England, and Westminster be rears, the charch of the Holy Name, the Cathedral, the Hospital of the Alexiaa Brothers, the Jewisb Hosnitai on LaSalle of Speed's Block. Presently a man, ho had ap couluxlou which prevailed hundreds of women, with their broods of children, were seen wandering fire-proof building, and there were not a few who rather, the flying sparks had set fire up near Ontario street. Encouraged by he absence of policemen, the ronirh alonir on Kjnzie street broke into expected to see it stand tho shoes-. parently uiaeu-iiine loaress uimseir len-ureiy, appeared on tbe extensioi, built up to the second the second place.

Meanwhile, the people in the mote southern localities bent all their energies to The greatest possible anxiety was felt for it, a it etiwet, tho new Catholic on oa the corner of about in a state of hopeless bewilderment, many of them doomed, beyoud a doubt, lo be overtaken and surrounded and lost in the wilderness of story of two of the stores. He coolly looked dow Sedgwick and Kltn, With the convent of the Sister the recovery ot sucn property aa tney could was me xey to I lie wnote block, meiadinga JHC Vicker's Theatre, and protecting State tree and to tnirty wet Betweea ntm aud the irround. while the saloons there, and began seizing ana drinking the.liquor. Many others, at the very at fluent when they 'meat heeded all thp'self-poaausalca they had, fuddled themselves, aad, in many catx. were With ample time to move all that Waliasb and Michigan avenuea north of uc czcimu iiiihu amwica jump: auo men some waa movable, and with a forehod Ol nerey.

the cnicago Historical Society, the Huron Street SUtioa. the Bethel, Galena depot, the Revere Hotel, Uhlieh'e Btocfc, Swing's Block, the Hatch Hons, the Humboldt Hoase. Illi- 01 laew more oonsiaeraieiy looued lor Ine of ke w. coming, in their SURROUNDED BY THE FLAMES udder. A lone planar was tiirwutlr found street.

When the walla of Reynolds' Block felKand Cobb's Building was no more, the proetieets of Jts sundlna were euod. beveral persons Jestat UDstsira ununaie. i ue papers tuerein were on lire, and probably everytnlng is ibcie. The Loan and ftust Company, it is stated, removed tbe -nater part of their treasure before tbe liuiidiun caifhi flre. Mr.

H. N. F.Lewis, of tbe Mrafern Jlurui, removed ail hi book and papers from ibe sule. The readiness and rapitlity ith which plao-a of shelter and rations of food have been supplied to tbe homeless aiHl bnngry are remutkable. The doors ot the schooi-houi-e and churche bae been thrown wide open, boih in tbe South aud Wi-t ibvi.ions, and yesterday they -were thronged itli thepoorviciuuaof Ihellre, rUUlu of wboiu found Iheir way tliere, and obcf were brought charitable idole engaged.

In tho mUsiou ot bunt ingfbemnp. Food -in was supplied aual watering-eart brought water Iroi.i the Ink." and distrihutrd it iu 1km to bucket, hence it was conveyed info the churches aud dealt out Tbe boundaries of ibe fire in ih 11 Without Home, Food, Fuel or Clothing, Eighteen Thousand Buildings wclghborbood, at least, they were vnt cd In safety long before the Darnel reached their dwellings. and answered the same as a ladder, and was placed STIFLED BY THB SMOKE. -r. aoia.

iMreet Cbarch, Armour, Dole Jt elevator, Hiram Wheeler's elevator, th pri- They were nearly alt poor people, the saviuga of at once against the building, down wbich the man soon after slid. But while these, preparations and found it cool and pleasant, quite refreshing haven from the harricane of smoko. dust, and eiu- Soms were foaad lyiag on the sidewalk, and. since wuoso metiine were represeutea lu toe narle mass vaio seemeaco 01 wiiitam a. turden.

were going on there suddenlv inacarod another no one paid toy particular attention to they met their fate there. Some women, and their deis that assailed the eye. of furniture wnien Mocicea tne streets, aud im iuiat alounh story window of Tue building ne- peded the firemen. Thev were princljielly labor J. L.

Stark, Isaac Arnold, J. K. Rice, George L. Danlap, W.B. Moughtating.

Sam Johason. E. 1. ItwaAam. Tom Maektn, the oontraetor, whose lose Meanwhile the fire had swept along northward and eastward.

The Brigga House, tue Sherman children, lingered too long, and were either lost am projeeaiou, out was uusn rravn ers, nuowt of them uerouH or Scandinavians. House, the Tremoni Uoom, had fallen in a few ute 101 wf me erouaa louratorie ana a oaaunien Uisescaue bv the sislrwav was evidentlv rut-'? is msa sear 10 ave aundrea laoasana eottnrs In the bonses or compelled 40 jump outiof the windows, and receiving Injuries, remained where tbey The incredible rapidity of Ihe thene passed Though the giant phantom of starvation and homeiesanese. for the night, at least, nsasod over flame. KORTIIWARD AND EASTWARD the fijniee progressed, crossing Madison street, and extending east to LaSalle street at the same lime. Stone, brick, or wooden structures full alike, and yith almost the same degree of rapidity, and it Sid now become apparent that the entire business portion, lo the lake shore, was doomed.

No one could doubt this as soou as a fresh dinplsy of light further south announced the tearful tact that the West Side Ore bad LEAPED THC RIVER. At about a quarter to 1 o'clock tho regular chain of lire from west to east was established, the Ittnc-tiu being effected across the river at or near Van Buren street bridge, where the row of wooden buildings on Market street, aud the remaining portion of Conley'a Patch south of Adams street, formed a rapid route tor the progress of the devastating element. What the first fire rm the South Side bad left behind the second one took up. and, working eastward even more ranidlv than minutes. The bridge, from Wells to Rush street were burning; the Northwestern Depot waa In a blaze, aud from Van Buren street on the south, far them, it waa singular to observe tne cheerfulness.

ueorgi. r. ana rfunan Burring, A. B. Burlev, O.

F. Fuller, Dr. V. Dyer. W.

G. Goody, Obadiaa Jacksow, General Rocker, the new and be looked despairingly down the fifty feer between him aiujtbe The crowd gre alnaost franlic ua, the sitrhL Ctr it wa mlv MisWin are UawVon street 011 the romb Iroui il- over into ine jnorta aiae. irom tna river ro Dear not to say merriment, that "prevailed. Though mother hugged their little one to their breasts and shivered with alarm, yet, strange to say, they acnoineot ainua oetore uiin oy nr or by twttiir born street, tne whole country was a mas of all comprehension. They sprung from tide to side of the street, extensive tracts, returned to complete their work.

Often hetore the lame had reached house, the thick, black moke began to roll out of the chimneys, the te-tultof the action of the intense heat en the pine woodwork within. The Church of the Hoi Nana. river i atii aveuuu, the lire sloppiiig at Con-gtw street on Micbigitti Ibe luku on tin-easl, aad 1 he river on tbe West and non crushed to death by till. Sefiaeles talked freely and laughed a II reaming the utter inverse? xtiock. near the water Work.

K. B. Mc-Cagwr-fiie. j' aanthj and Phil. Uoyne were burned.

The ivliojitet Substation, as wall aa the One 00 North avenue, the engine house, the tine mage, flam and ruin. It nee mod aa if the city east of Dearborn atreet and to the river would saved. The hone waa atiwBfrtheusd wImb tha walla cne.ot lump! lump! from the crowd- aselessneas of expressing more dolefully their sensentsic out lull or synxnathv. for the siirbt was few If any of the pictures in tbe Academy of Desiifn were saved. Tbe- fell of Honors noble block, without igniting that which baa a slate roof, was eeoeclailv noticeable.

Geity.biiii'h niciure was taken 0111 in- consciousness or rum. 'mere were many owners of the bui. dints who gave themselves up to the consolation of insurance. But even that appeared to weaken as the flames spread, and they blocks on LaSalle street, and the new buildings which have recently gone np on Division stieet. aosoiuieiy agomzuuj.

allien lor a miuule or two he disappeared, -perhaps eves less, but it seemed so long a time thiiiflie supposition was that be had BMwuiog wpjHHie. tue vacant ioi to no soui From the crevices of the slstes pourec oat eddying whirls of black smoke which, after riaina-a short 1)1 tliu pictares in then ia HoUMt'Art Gallerv' Bierstadt's Yosemite. DeiienbacJi'a seeinea 10 protect uVsud at 7 o'clock on Monday mora itiK the whole of the hmHimi,nH wud nave aisv disappeared, no Bridges eemaia except fallen, euffocateir-vrfh: the emokd and heat. But, 1 vniMuu iinwi wai Auno iveiuit. -( nctcnt, oumeo for a moment with an intense name, considered saved, no fire beiiif vi.ihu.

mnm ae appear again, rrrst ne inrowwout a bed the other bad done, so that by 1 o'clock it also had and men went out. cany Dour lathe morn- tnensome bed -clothes. urobablv alid a lew small pieces were saved. -eTbe Opt'ra rriiuje auditorium had been ci 111 pletely reuovated, and it wasibe iuteutl.iu to open ft With the Tbou a. llrehewtSa.AM 1.

smouldering fire in the barber's shop under THE TUIIII'V L' 1 V- gave tnsmserve ap to tneir ute. .21 any 01 me victims were stowed away in the bouses on the west side of Jefferson streef, while those on Clinton, caught tstween two fire-, bad rushed away, losing all not their lives aud little ones. How many of reacneo uinane street. A coalition wa effected between the two departments of flame at about this time, and there the awful work went on more even be does not know. Agntu be looks down the dead, sheer wall of fifty leet bseaw.bim.

Ht iug, it was possible to get teams, bnt it was not very long before they were all occupied. It is reported, but not on tbjbest authority, that wuica, ociua; -conunect ones: walls, waa not considered dangerous. Hvery effort WHAT IS LEFT. urotu.d from liv beiiate. aud well he may.

as he tiirua -aeain waa umvc qaeucn oui tne vtr ater ork had these latter ones were abandoned, either from furious! than ever. FASTER THAN IT COULD B8 TRACED. nnu -100KS oeninu mm. 1 nea lie mounts FIFTEEN MEN WERE LOST a si gone up, ana ine aneence of water. -while it announced hOW far north the flam, had Incendiaries and Ruffians Shot and flanged by Citizens.

uauers, 11 001 cady s. aud IvimbaU's h.umc restaurant. Too second and third Boons, were oecuinert he .1.... tne window-sill. Ills whole form snneara.

The-onlyl house var boHdings In the South Division! north of Harrison atreet are the Aveaoe or. at least, farter than, from any position of obser naked to the shirt, and bis white limbs irleam loiuau. any uopes oi qnencnnit? ino nre Below. eainst tbe dark wall in the briirbt ib-ht at a blacksmith a shop-on Rush street. All these fires, at whatever point they crossed the river, aooA ignited, and sweK oa unobstructed northward.

vation, tne looker-on could accurately note the precise bullditurs which were overtaken In their SCESES Olf IVlBAiU ATESril. the upper fltxir by the Art Gallery and artists' Amoug thcmtii-t Hiitti-, sudlii c- order, the flames now raged toward fhe river and The scene presented on Wabash avenue on Vnn- roe or in tna contusion, 11 is impossible to guess, bnt every now and then a woman wild with grief would run In aud out amoug the alleys and cry atend her The firemen were working with extraordinary perseverance. Where it seemed impossible for a man to stand without suffocation tbey carried their hose, sprinkling the bouses opposite and endeavoring tt atop Ita spread in a westerly direction. Bnt it was avlilsut by midnight that hu as he swings himself be lew the window. Somehow bow none can tell be dteus and cliches upon the top of Ibe windows below Him, of the third story.

He stoop and a train, and seizes ibe Atl(Ui UIUlAbU atiLMH. The beopl living north of Chlcuro avoooo aad un imi iuk a la ueir iiii-iiirew oay, nr a period extending from 4 dock a. m. till late ia ibe day, wa a most extraordinarv one. inlhv ciryic-rc loratea in the i)esi--u and they lose everything.

boin iu ibe South and Wo. 1 ........1 House, on Michigan avenue, aud Llnd a Block, corner of Market and Randolph streets, four dwellings ou -Harrison mreer, and two or three houses adjoining the Hoasot All else is in ruins. Considering the "great number of large buildings, it is remarkable how few of tbem preserve any ban of original proportion. Tha rale is tbattho walla have utile a. The noted exception to Ibis are the new unfinished building ou the no rtheast corner of Monroe and LaKalle streets.

This building seem to save scaped the conflaararipn. Another exception ia rather west of LaSalle atreet. were exceedingly hopeful that 4 hey wonld escape, and that the fire would drift steadily eastward, not expecting that it would mako any oweress aciiast tha steady frame with bis hands, and bis gleaming Body once more straightens and bangs prone downward, and tne laze, i oe nnest oi t'nicago Dusiness architecture and this the marvel of all America was included in the ravages of the fire. At 4 ox4ock in the morning the hue of flame and ruin in the Sooth Division extended from above Harrison atreet northward to the main branch of the river, a distance of about one mile. callius to mind most vividly the retreat ef a ion led army.

The lower part of the avenu bad. at aa of citizens went or-'auized in i.wt .,,..1 men drops insiantiv ana accurately upoa tue win dow-sill of the third storv. A of eariy nottr. Dean occupied oy resident of burning who sought sarety for themseivea and heir chattels by denoeitlne them on the eraas man ingenuity could not stem that fiery tide. At the same time, so hardened were the minds of the citisess with the conflagration that the question of where it would end never entered and furious west wind.

They also had great hope in Chicago avenue, which is a luJ-foot atreet. But the flames, running up Clark street, and catching joy than applause goes up from the breaifiless efhc-ieuily guarded Uui-alieya. viiere the principal danger lay. In the SViuuy Iifion several arre.ta of sUFpicious persons vfiire made. It is reported was wade to tire.

Seipp Jfc Lehman's Breworv. audit hat 1 he ,...1 Fttifisly Fire, Suffoca plats skirting the sidewalks. For a long distance these plats were occupied by families, mostly of the lower classes, wilb their houwheld iriuxl crowa, ana tnose wno nao turned away tneir Beads, not bearing to look upon him as he seemed about to drop to sudden snd certain deaib. triaaccd un at Turner riaH and Ibe new building north of- -it, worked west, and. got into the To the eastward It had reached Dearborn street, having included the Michigan Southern Depot, the mammoth Ogden Iouse, covering an entire block of ground: the new and unoccupied Bigelow IloitKU.

both of Hniiore Blocks, Lombard SJii Reynolds' Blocks. Farwull Hall, all the line of small stable ffn Ihe brick broeka.on the east side of then him once more, with- a ray of hope, at this dnrinV They supposed that they had discovered a piece of and skillful feat. Into this window he crept to look. Jumped that stieet and got Into the blocks on the tion, -and Crushed- fcy FaUing Walls. security, but their confidence in this regard proved As the fire commenced soreadinff un IHE TRIBUNE OFF1CF.

It survived all ita neiirhbotsand tor hour after the bulidiag from-inglt bad fallen, aad the flre had extended to other parts of the city, it was attacked bra fresh current coming in the rear rrom State and Monroe streets. The fire then took possession aud did in wurk oT desreactiqn, The east, south, aad west me. At aooui the rane time -crossed vni probably, for a stairway, but appeared again pre-' their minus. Engine No. 14; which bad retreated gradually north on Canal street to Funs' lumber yard, or rather where that yard had been two days "before, waa suddenly suriounded in a belt of flame, and abandoned to its fate.

At that time the. fire was running almost entirely north, in two aolidrcolumn. One was between Clinton and Jefferson, tne other between Clinton aud Canal treats), lu that fearful advance, the fiery cohorts the southern column led, and while they made riy, 1 or nere oniy was me oniy avenue the avenue a -wile scene of confusion ensued. cago aaenue and cauth VcEwep planing mill, on 11.. 1 1.

seven-story marble building op LaSalle street, the Chamber of Commerce, Court louse, Sherman House. Brigs- House. Trumout House. Crosby' of sseape, desperate and hopeless aa it itviib, mi 1 .11. 1 urm uviiu was.

Once more be dropped his bodv. wanf among tiie woodeu buildings sitiptted-Hierv-i blowing "them dowa almost before they were Opera House, Wood's Museum, Hooley's Opera west walls are aUnding, a aoctlun of Ihe north bancinc by bis bands. -The crowd screamed, and first fstreets Was fired on Monday eventurbut promptly VxutMMibdied. and it was reported tbat the perpetrator was fhu. but we cannot trace tbu rnuior to any reliable source.

The Stockholders-t ibeCliaiulicrorConiinei-cc bave decided to rebaid at once ou the old silo. 1 hey will begin clear off td-day. -Ajiaectiug cf bauker and rallroiid officer-si. called for totmy, to take measures for sf tubln Llnir a basis of trade. The city of Levenworih has voted ( and offered homes for Hal families.

oa of tho eiltzen aeizud what House, ine xfearnorn ineaire. tne Jcow, Staut Zeituna. Yolk Zeituno. Timr.a. kmublifim.

waved 10 htm to swing nimseit over the projection wi aad taiien out, iqereny impairing, possibly, cbe value of ibe 01 her walls. The vault and the at irom wntcn ins of ner man aaa just seen sraencd. property they cottia, ptimg 01 dray, which- thev themsel vest onslaught upon the barrier of lumber and from la of their, nress-raom, porhape, have escaped deatracrios. Arnxnntr and Journal ofllcea, so tbat THE TRIBUNE wa the only daily newsoaoer in Chtcae-o left Untouch. He tried to do this, and vibrated like a pendulum Irom side to side, bnt could not reach far enough to The thlracas ia that ef to tatted btate lost frame buildings on Van Buret) "tiror, bordering tb blackened site of the Dreeedioe nlchl's con and took the trnods thu tuuiporarily received oarer fl.

II Will I cd, McVlcker's the only the theatre, and the-Pal- inrew ntmseti upon 11. reoi. 1 nes ne nuug oy ens 10 a vacant lot oar mmsiin strrat bnynnfl rim where there waa notbiue out earth and ereen eel flagration, the advance on the wens ba4wff)y Ibe strewt was crowded with vehicles of ail descriulions, maiiy drawn by rnen ho fcund it iiuposaible to procure draught anuua3. The aide-walks were Bile i with a hurrying crowd, bearing in their arm, and upon their backs aud beads, article of eWtbicg, lure it arc, Ac. Ladies dressed in elegant costumes, put on with the view et preserving litem, and with otly apparel ef all kind thrown over their am and shoulder, along nodes the unwonted busdea-.

Poor wonHto, with mattre(e upon their JKeighled down with furuituw, tottered wctji weary steps Bp tba erpwde4 etreas. Nearly every-op wot a (tern expression, and moved PD without word, as if they had (ra-fl ap their minds to endure the wont without atanifustiugaBy cawtSav i.irvsjiMaas.VK acasntr. tbat wail of nana and loose aown; raising ins ainer nand. Be asee ffotuo ine oniy ootei. nre nan wet crossed Office, Court room, and-Custom House.

-Cf this Biitfraetb four exterior walls are -standing, and seemingly aainjared. The interior 4 wholly st- atruyed. 4 1 i The Merchants" Tn.nrnc Comohr bnlldinf stock of iw tbe eity ha. probably been Cities Other- took a rrrstsvytt ana vwnae una iluai teewk- DEARBORN STREET. SOUTH OF MADISON.

more to rs 1 be roef Ib vain: again be huug and tt waa confidently kpped that the end of the cry, and then bestowed beir pntassnkins ia little beeps, with which the surface of the ground waa eon -But this material with- which the earth was cumbered was of the moat incongruous and oftaa ktflamaubie nature! Irish women brought straw beds, anil others nsaenea est Bwrnoi. lajsors we aJMi as -the flames- ia that ln-nber yard thfr crowd stood awe, though sici yet without thought of the peril to come. Ma now aboat lie clock. i Bat, while tt seemed aa if the demon of taw bad reached a desert and needs mast die. a new auotioaiess oy one nnou, sns eiowiy turara 01s aead over his thusWnr aaai gsssa into the balow him.

gatbering himseh up, bo let ge hi Hourly, fheUnioB Bank buikiiae. law boiidina. Chamber of Coeaaxurr-, 1b Opera lxouar. Palmer at Letter store, the First National building. Palmer Hotel, McYicker' Theatre," Fanrsll Hal.

Xsria. Makk. state SawlsswinMltatlM. tha variona destruction could now be predicted. People began to lilt ua, their bead, and thank God that somethlug wm lir be tort of Chicago, and at haut-naat o'clock In tho morning there was geod ret-son to brliev tbat the connsgraiio' spent tr- bold, and lor a ssoma a eieaat or waits wot sewn fnlUDrfv rSit.

trr ttis fanortiKio of th baaewewl. aiwiinni 10 in- extent 01 l.uuu.ouj, ic-aviu-' 4 Aai.outt bushels bete. Aboat 5 per cent of tiie flour burned, lenvbig loaii Barrel. Nearly alt lbs pork and are burned. Bomber of fUL'iuva front tbeJCoriB Divimob landed tbehr efl -ct.

sn a tract ot about acre aoath of tbe rolling mills, where tbey Passed 1 the Bight wkhont food or sneiier. ZZt.hrmrUe govorwmea- has ordere MSJu.uM army rat lens to he sent here, from Leavenworth and other places; alas ado tents from Wash- i ioglOB. TK kmmfrm' pile caair, bureaux, trunk, and fiir conceivable arti; wa st very locig awfen? tie ciKfera; faiibiir Ib sense Biassaa. heenn to make Of coatMS it killed him. He was taken lo a drug- danger appeared to threaten the city.

From the Noalh the neighborhood of Adama street. by, ana a tea in wn minutes. women and children rent list air, irirt MMmKnwv Ann. Watcher. weavt to iaetr whereabout no one on the West aide could gnees with asr dense of eertaintv.

rose a eotume of JtET LOST. arcaey 'bad any to get little food and asst. tt Suten? ediBce, aav but BrokBffagBieat to tell where tik-j- exiMed, la at majority of eaaeehe nrm wlthi -Baeemeat excavation. -iiaJcTomiarlHy few caasa did the walls All vnt a. i.rale sunk dowa and feti Inwsrfi.

The speed w1iWv' 1 I fire, not large, but horribly angreative. f's-nen- SMx wea wars vrorkin on ths.earaer of Clark could ha moved were callei irons ine was as well that lacy-Went, Mr they were spared the fearful renewal which occurred so soon afterward. A abou 1.7 o'clock in tits morning a sudden SB Btadhwa wrest, top st J. a. Clumber More, wujevjww ihwc wav wiiitrHCS ID Miq nuv- feetation.

Pour little ebtldrcn shivered Ib tbt cold night air, and looked with wildlv-open even npon the scene they could not eowureketid. Ludicrous incidents were of occasional occur-rence, lighting up with a sort of horrible. hamor nrouiet the Sooit- vAne MiDertV. and the urganizauon 01 a ss: aad too Ore caag' too lower part of the left to die of hnutitkm. baiiding were unable to get down, aad equally gupioi wiua.

the' baUdiBg wt dssv roved wa surprising, of- or tne suruce 01 Ulis 101 a aoccessioB or smalt bon-rav aad Ibe owners haviaa; no. vstar. and bo sseans of covering with earth wbat the liad. were either oompelled tn nwip out thiaa flsmss si In Im their stuff go, and Conine themtelvea to regretting the uteles wasi of time, or pick ap the moat portable article and march off with it. ssen Brareblcg efl IU eiase BBra.n kna, mmi ater he had carried it about block, he met a friend, who asked him what wa the use of carrv-lira thins like that anv further, lie looked at it.

1 enirines arrived here -early ou buzly, luemselves ui tbe Pacific ire at- r.V" ja ni wiitnurvjuij. nhpys usees its bsttthnes. Tbey fell FIRE AB SEES FKOM THE TBS im wiiivi, 11 1 icm oi uw aiiaaiion. would go by with dog in their arm their net swept and eddied through Dearborn street, begja-aing at Jackson-street, where, at that time, the flre had tiled dowa to ember. Beds of livid coals ta etnwmaa uoosa itssr i-a-A tsssti of tbe wall ten W- ISewaii.

A nM lav that focomotiou through tbe Sow IHvisioa is Oasy. even lu vehicles. JN 1 HE NORTH DIVISION being all that they had saved from the ruin, nf yesTOryC.ooVrg in a of Mlntt. "mr-pipe, lyinir Beaf ihe W.i.s itrLZl Local Relief Committee. were eaaght wr bodily by tho awrricane and incur noinea.

ab oetageuartan -ai in a yard, with a large cat enfolded in his- feeble embrace. Men Similar fragaaont of humanity vra. lo'oud at harnMt against and upon the wooden lorosijb to rtsH aud were 1 -lly Trnstini.rTii F1VB KEN CRUSHED, After tb flame had eanaamed tba store of J. U. Re, Vtate.Mar tbe eocner sf Waahlugton, the walls wen tuft partially standing.

Aa express wagoa was passing a short time afW the eva-agratloa aud reacted the frost of the building jat in -tins to rece' the tailing walL Five The fire of Satardsr nvntaj Ihn region ia the West Division from VanHuren street gjrtkward to Adams, and all east ot-stlnton street to the river, Slurry Nelson's elevator alone standing. Tb dragging wagon wore green vain over their face. ftmrture acros the atreet, and la a moment the Mmwm mi mTemool iimmai- Will (- 10 protect taeir eye irom 1 the blinding dust. fire had catsed a foothoold. and swnt -oa once irroiiKeu uaea staggered among tne crowds, ap- wrgory, at o'clock, on more to lbs northward and rasrwaro.

Ati that bad been left untouched between Jackson and Mndison street, and between Dearborn street and pavauj pua.c wa. i 01 ine idea tnat ins wools sf-fair was a grand municipal spree, is which he wtarorne'. renenss iwiA men were ia auo ail wwrs Ia fact of LU. 1 were taking part aa it duty that should bw UiSJSl- the lake shore, was now doomed to destruction. ILCst of 5 df pver Two A WOMAN PERISHES: Tue re there is box oue house sunning entice; Xxetrpt IragToentary portions of tbe walls of a few rirarcho there at hardly aaylhing left to paid the visitor.

The streets have but iitil rrjbhtah tham. fhe wali having CaUeu in. Tbe streeuareall elevated above the mine, a I tbe ess throegboot the twle of the South frlytsioB werwfha flre raged ON THE WEST SIDE. Vany of the people oa the West Side, especial! at a distance from -Jmt river, had gone to bed early oa bend ay bight, and knew nothing of what had transpired until some sue ramming rave theaa tb news. Ib many eases the fisvc thing known waa aba Us water would Be ran.

aad for tbat there vser at first auay explanations, and aeveratrse wa a and a the lurv of the first hurricane of wind subsided, there came almost a lull, so tbat the fire began lo work. southward and west ward. orphans in the asylum, corner oi cj aud Superior street, bad been l.t Jr lJt owcrved that there did not seem to be mochas ir tt, and turned it (way. Another mas had secur a a rickety and tremulous can, to which wa aar-neMed a rh'kefy and tremuhMsf be ha' beer safe, which, with great fcf' the -prnpertw- af "wihera, he wait 'carrying out vf haras' avwirwarotsawbere. Other men took tkturoee.

up to I.iooalB i'ark, hoping that there, at leart, they would bo -eafe. -But' there, a elsewhere, the fury of the flames passed their oampre-fesnsloa, and everything stored there, as well aa the tree, wars owept away. ESCAPE OF PEOPLE INTO THE WEST 'BIT-: ISIOS. So soon as fb Beopln was mt ark begiui to mm tha there wa aa hope, aad that the flre was really hound to co. northward to an aiscnargeo oy au good eitizuos.

ITucks passed np the streets, loaded with trunks, oa which sat ia-dies in costly garb, aad with diamonds In their ears and on their fingers. But one (ay before they would have corned the idea of riding ia anything lets imposing than, a luxurious lauds or coupe darinar the "JT V'." WABASH AVESCE AID STATE Aa nnknowa woman waa caagat in a bunding oa State street; near Taylor, and wa enable to get oat inflate. She had chance ot esr.nps. and fell back ints the bunding, where she was, of course, eoBsamed. i CHET MOKEIIKAD iittaorea men, Women, aiid Clil dren.

4 STREET. ------y 7, pom, tuiiuer nonn, and aflerdayHfThl were carried to ihe College Buildiu" west oi Blue bland aveaue on Sreet They are defclinusef clothing, swve whst ibey esoud iiL and donation of ibat kind nod ot iinil ij but their pride wa levelled in the presence of thav As Ihe fire proirressed up Wabaih avenue and manfalrv nrith lrm K. irralefaillv mcMvA State street. It seemed as if it would be impassible to stop it. Only two engine were in that section llht from the burning remnants of these eighteen acre of ruins illumined the heavens on fcuuday evening.

Precisely at half-past 9 o'clock the lire hell, eoeuiled an alarm, and a fresh light, distinct from the other only to those living west of the fire, sprung ap. The wind at the time, as it bad been for the preceding lorty-einht hours, waa strong from the southwest. This fire commenced on VeKovea street, at the corner of Jeflerson, and one block north of Twelfth street. The wind carried this fire straight beCoM It, through he block to the next block, and so on northward. until It reached Van Buren street, where if.

struck the Bomb line of the district burnt that night before. JJttre ibis fire ought to have stopped, and here, under ordinary I circumstances, tt would have stopped. But the wind though fierce and direct, carried the fiaioee before as clean and as well defined swath ae does the resper in the field, the fire gradually but 'rapidly extended laterally, aud, in the very teeth of the wind, worked backward nearly to Twelfth atreet, aud tbence extended east to the river. It worked againrt the wind al aig the west line of Jeflerson street to VanBuren, North of Twelfth atreet it cast its burning brands across the river. firiuK the tan yard of the Chicago Hide Meesrs.

Via i'e Krothia coalainlng the boon ot tteybara. Homer A C. Tbe lames and swsofes overpowered mat. and be is th northeast corner of universal imminent danger, ana tney were thor.

oughly glad 10 get the humblest cart in wbicbe place themselves and their valualdes. The great portioB of the people knew not whither they were going. All they knew wa that th horrible fire wa behind them, and they most move on. The stream poured southward Isr hours the bread avenue being filled from bowse to house with men, women, children, horses, amies, vehicles, wheelbarrows everything that snold certainly Tlworswdaii called an4 fc him 1 Madison aud CIIuIob street, aud lo coins away, bat to ma ass; tbe bme tVmsiwa BlMrnua House in aoout ten 4 Indefinite point, tbey turned all their ill open it 3h of the city, and them were powerless rrom want of water. After the conflagration had successfully passed Adams, Jackson, aud Van Buren, and had arrived at Congress streef, a determined and vigorous effort was made at llsrrlaou street on the west Tie fir Water.

srown rw nraaywu ina a-l waa sun atni uvbgui minds to getting over ia the West Divfedoa, where there waa comparative safety from the flaues, aad plenty of vacant ground on Which tortnate -in flndiuB tt specially built for hotel purposes, sod expect 10 Vber- ins Bautes. A DKfJNKRN MAN line. Leaving the block between Congress, llarrisou. State, and Wabash avenue, a certain nrev for the flamea.

move, or tbat Could be mover1. Truckmen and express.drivers were hailed Irom the" step of effort wa concentrated on the line of buikline to eneaaip. So, since Chicago aueqae bridge wa aseless. the whole tide turned toward Division, which, from Grove lo Hatsted, waa untouched, aud Esmised to remain so. It was swt many minute fur a steady st ream of

dxay, express wagons, and vehicles ef every description were raehiur pell-nell acros 'that- bridge. in-terlucking and breaking, whits Uie sowtn- one. xteiore long, nowever, ine track aad other trams, with fugitive aad goeds reached even Wester avenae, and lory Began To get aa Idea of the calamity. The moat hnmediate and pressing- way rn which thsy IV It was in tho niter lack of -wsKr. Nearly ail the wreli were and there had aeea Bb rain for weeaf" and the 1 cisterns were almost all empty.

Therefore the peoide fn tho centre of the West Side, worth of Menros street, went with wash-boilera, pail, backets, aad pitchers, to tb pond a Union Park, while thoe further weat hitched upland went to the artesian -A new branch of todustry wa created, and cart drove up aad down -the treet filled with cask of water, Ky minute, soma person who had rebfl friends oa tb West Side wwelter aad. every vacant house wa ia immediate demand. The order- having beea hauted that -there should bo a fire, wa aa tsuaediat. Jamacd avsiani, and milk, aad cmck.s., and tba supply was pretty gnemriy exhausted, noroe aeeer on the north side of Harrison. On the corner of State waa a wooden building which waa too inflammable to be allowed to ataad.

The proper nouses, orcageuy pursued ov tne occupants, with the view of securing their aid in removing bower-bold goods to place of safety. Ib many iustaaccs the aiipeals were unsuccesalul, their services aav. Ing been previously engsged by other parties bat. whw uuuve WCM-15 vquai lo tue old OUC. 1 In aommence furnisbing their houc to-day.

ThoarTvemno' PuU ill be issued, until farther notice,'-uiitlulLireet The susiues office will, lor liupBr SToif Tie jiird floor. Tbe Hob. I. N. Arnold anil bis family cscacd uninjured, aud are at Mrs.

Iiu.iiugdiu's, st tin-corner of Caluaset avenne and nixleenih street. Almost the only fragmeaitor ground utiw aibed in all threVsolatr waste of the North hide isv.hei.-. at the comer ot Hush and Erie streets, post, with lamp aud lettering In goud order, marks, like a graveyard mtm v- If iitn. -tl method of stopping waa here adopted, and ihe tried to rna soatb frn ton Sa Ball grounds oa rcbiran avsaas. Bad was caught and killed by '-w 1 JACOB WOLF -i rasjoaated 4o seaib la his hoase, "Ne.US Wed Harrison street.

BODInai ffOUXD. A TRIaHTNB reportsv, waadsrinw aong tbe rnlaa aloug Ontario str. ejaauwred. la the rear Cellar the dweUing see at of th Historical Society baiuliag. Ihe caarrsd rrnnk of nman body, lying aaiid ruin af amauy wfoe bottle and tb apparatus efssn'ii There -rue roaatcd awli ikckssini; to th so.r,.

but melin in iiu uteiw principal actor lu the contert waa thereafter a red- Cmbj'iiU Hoclfj's Opera Houses, lkTiekers aid taeDftirberiTbea-tra, triors If asearn, tni aU the Ait Carried La Ashi vncB iicr were ojeeBgagca, tney coargeo me susris lesains as-- 1 arivuioB aud Leather Company. As the fire widened at ita base ita direct line to the northeast was also widsasd, and tbue many hears after tho first sheet of flame bad reached VanBuren street, other Hues coming rrom the has would reach the same point. exorbitant prices, raum froux to 100 lor a firrre jupimed with wagons, which occasionally load, and turning up their noAes si enerv-W I caurbi Ire. The expresaaes and draymen, slim- capped chap in a square-box wagoa ia which were also placed several hundred pounds of powder. The wooden building, on the northeast corner of State and Harrison streets, was first lo m.

and was amount lesa than they demanded. This etesa of th immense prices they wsr receiv Blated by people made great profit- out at the calamitie of their mUowcitizewa. laid flat by two charges of powder. But inn wors of inoareoa inn westside, alter the first throaeh rush, was slow, aud aa late as 1U two irt ing to $5 load drove Iheir heavy teanu recklaady forward, breaking dowa the weaker teams, and forcing their way across, lb order to return as soon a pojeriWe for toad. sound o'elockon Monday, many within the area 11- next 10 to is oa tne east waa a tnree-story double brick which met the same rate as its neighbor, and in a moment onlv the front walls remaiml.

The an tityve eveu the mi. the wa. olitainabw. aouoien lira sncw ou kuest Their pocket may be heavy to-day, bat their consciences. If tbey have aav, should be still heavier.

The instances of generosity Were, however. Car in excesa of those of greed and selfish. were Ignited for tne nrst lime. The route of the fins waa diainrtlv risible. In bouse had he woenpied by a Gera- effect of this was seen lu a moment, and ihe fire i.

liA is other necesanrle. whim ouh- of ibe nrvkaj BKn advancvai tbe ptic ef thru meat. Thire was sac notable exception, hovrrver. In OTioiraeH. at tbe corner of Lcavbt and Like People Sum dtstricu which bad notalreadr was effectually checked, at least as far as the high-reaching dangerous flames were concerned.

Between the brick bouse, just mentioned, and the seperf the Hlstoncsi Huitdieg -n tti" uaj nav been ilutof somepewAi: ru l.io4uiaaiiyibe upnrr i i i peisailof i i five minutes after tho first flame bad reached V'aa Baren atreet from the soutbeasjt we could see the incipient fire ia the South DivisitTi) at a point thiee bkwVs to the north. The blazing brands homo be- fore It had fallen into the sheds and shanties near ill church, which occupied the corner of Wabach, been burned, or who bad secured their own goods, turned in with a will, and worked to assist their friends, and frequently rendered to person' whom they did not aven know. Good angu. Ihe shape of wemra, distributed fond among ib Batterers and spoke kind word to these who ap waa a email frame which was an the Armory, and at once the blaze mounted biirh. The food here was In abundance.

From the river to Market street; thence to frauklin aud Wells, in a northeast direction, it made It way as if directed 1... lin. extremely dangerous customer, and partook of the same treatment which cared th next bouse but not until altar it had so fur bjen enveloped in flames aa to seriously endanger the church. t- peared 1 a labor undor ihe severest affliction. Human nature, God be thanked, baa its bright as well, a ita dark side.

bad All fci tbe atreet east of Wells, aad near La Ballet But, pre-ceding the actanl blase was the shower of bias In addtt ion to the crowd preeslnr south wsrd. This la-t bunding wss In reality THE UOPa; OF THE FIREMEN. and It stood its ground Boblv. It wss commonly called the Wabash Avenue Methodist Church, aad ing DraifOs, tailing npon roots, oresaiug uirougn wiudowr, falling into yards, aud each brand starting a new fire. The lire was in full blast in the rear of the Uaian Bank and Oriental Buildings, .1 0 throng of people moved northward to see vrbss they couitt see.

And these counter-currents frequently caused a jam that was -altPvt But, after great eflort, lute rrpersed with considerable loud talking and small degree of profanity, the dead-lock would be removed, aud the opposing eargea would again make slow progress. was one or the oldest churches in the city, having been dedicated in 1857. The blowing np of the buiidittf oa lb weet Droved the salvation of that before the actual fire had reached cue atreet. SoaseUmes they tBeWwelv' came to grtafMiacs, anfaateBiin; their horse, tried to '-ft a. other wagoa.

THE ROADS WERE FIU.ED WITB( Mf tPIJi. crazed by excitement and liquor, or siupetted 1 amoke.and no regard. at all wa paid to ihem hj iti drivers, so thai at all those point, aumemus aeeidenu wize eonstantly ocenrring. One man was driving np CMrkssrect with a heavy load whew BBielltresahi-eeat i 0 1 AND INSTANTLY ROK.E HIS XEK. Tne team wa loaded wit'i Ire uk marked Usr ton Kilsall." Mrs.

Kdsali w-u 'xiwa from ber boa, la a half luaenalbre quih-enrlvta the unrnlug. THE WASKacas eroasing Dtvitiow atrset either Mattered tie at-selves north or won straight est. while nirs-r e-caaped them'orve opoa Gr.we Ixliirtd, wviarh he betweCB th Norlh Biaas-j aud Ogden Cenai. Vi hen the trains mused a Rule wett thev found their way blocked bv tba rs of 1 he Northwestern Road, wbich had bteu run np there tovbt the fire, aad people wsr easnpuiisd to Biak kug detours to get ibroughtbesi. usv Uuabia to Hrce their, way throat rbe oB.rJston at Divf-' sioa ctreel, whiUi eras aitrost equal to rhat it eroasicg of the Berestiu, tinted Suto the J'rde streets, and mtde Ibetr way to Hforta nne Bridge, where the? were aob te sn cat with-onl great difficult v.

thragh much kampereit by tb railroad train afiertthey acvosetiire. Not only teams, but foot.ptrncer. carrying, rn tlieir van ehildreu and som-1 iuie article of foriiilnra or wnariazaPDarel. waidd tbalr w-a 1. .1,.

R'-raa. Ktu-ii. i'V in ''t fodr 'ce IT 'i li (1 i wbonotsaly rfudoput ua hi prices, but sent out a wagoa lead of atad to tue bemeiesa people on tbe prairie, and gave fiuan his store to those whs were too poor to buy. is -vie'V of the tntiwieee tea of aris potut! in from ail nuartsrs, bs m-re iuuiitb than t-b action of -lhos men vrbo set to wnk, to coin a title of the tHcwasitlxa vth hour. Ttese nntonr uats refugees trot a.

lira North Side wer over the Wretei IHvision. otiti3eri( avi-wss. while some travelled out as ftf a Anstia sai Hariem. Dunne Si ondsjr night the f-wtiiifjof twiwrc- on tbu -'e! Side very great. Tbe high .,41.11 blown g.

ilihimib it Idled near uwrt and Ibe-e were urofoand appfeb- that cesv firs wou be set other p.vce cy who wre ci-sirvuv of plnnderng or isv anot'oid faoliog, anal prevail in each case. Tu orgauiara. sad a pretty decent n.c: kupt an which, with Ibe efraordin' -1 a-. vakea polling out fitvsin 1 be occitfTewt ui any -tinned rumors of alms's, '1 Ue v't i-mary cf persists wi, i- 1 la Ibe act of arsiux Mauyofthe'u- nutrue. bnteoioemew war ,1 to set Sre to the Jcuit ju-tti u.

and an tndivbinst-arlio tried to sc! r-. and, and ibe charch resisted the attack from that side. On Ihe north side of the church wast be real danger, ibonga, furtunatery, there wa a vacant -Pi vaea inecanrcn ou vne corner ov rtaoasn ava- -t- Iff three blocks to the southwest. In like manner the Chamber of Commerce baiiding waa ia flanest the roof el the Court House was ahlaxe. the old TBI BUNS otllce waa half destroyed as distinct con-flasrraiiosw.

For a long line the he raja. Iione reabted destmctkoa. aud before it was abandoned the fire had commenced in a doxen places on fhe orth Oivisioa. Any one who will taae a map ill iij: Kl During Sttndaj night, tdioadynd Tueuxlay, this city Wert swept by ccflajTtkn which hat no parallel ia the naaaU of history, for the quantity of property destroyed, and the utter and almost irremediable ruin which it wrought. A fire in- a barn on the West Sid was the insignificant cause of a conflagration which has swept out of existence hundreds of millions of property, has reduced Uto poverty thousands who, the day before, were in a stata of opulence, has covered the prairies, nour swept by the cold southwest wind, with thousands of homeless unfortunates, which has stripped acres of buildings, which has destroyed public improvements that 'it has taken years patient labor to build up, and which has set back for years the progress of the city, dmttstshed her pepeladon, and crashed her resources.

-BttO a blow, BO matter terri- nue au liamvon street tooK nre, it seemed as if no Itmu could be puced. ihe MMthward march of Bviwm tue neareei nouse and ine cuurcn. ine heavy, honestly-built walls of Ibe latter aad the intervening distance far protected It that nothing took flre except the ornamental tower on Ibe non beast corner. This was extinguished by citizen volunteer, who showed most wonderful indif Mttnic re. -5! m- c.

Vl I it HI si 7 -tt-rry er ace that the line from the. point where the fire be tne nsouater. An immense inroog was eollerted la the vicinity of Harrison street and Hubbard roan, and word was passed among them that Laird Collier' charch wa aboat 10 be mown np. The intel-Ugenca spread with the rapidity ef lightning, aud then ensued terrible race for life. The niasw: fled with precipitancy ap the avenue, helter-skel gan, to ins ater ores, was tne exact line oi toe ference to danger and marvellous etlcicncy ia If son Lowest wtna.

tne are waa not continuous work. llre thus was thj. ml Inniinn mil nl nflhi. it uaa Vi I Standing to tho windward we coal see liat ilinl llusQUnd i tvf ''fz'' el ii 4 i.1-,ibi, J. Cochrnuu, i.

C. iki'Vj fir raging at various points along this over the barrier formed by the charch aad Ihe ter. psli-molL lr was everyone for buuaetf. aid rvcei-tuJ. raiarf, 1.

i'iJkriin-- at tne aame nnie. overtbrowa hoase the flames did not succeed in The intervening gapvre rap-I by the flames, and ahtWyVrter the Waterworks were "SJiMie. idlr overwhelmed -tne I s.rje. i I I'm Kyw umI i devil lake the hindmost. Little consideration wa had to sex or ago.

Fortt-i aately, however, noone was seriously Injured Ibe fearful rush, and the people Beared in disjoint- between 'Wabash avenue and the lain, the fire There waa one continuous sheet of bilrb-muiHsnViig I Ifev. ITalstTd a fesing. Hufc- A are at Ftavt, sfasLingum au-J ttie corner of Lne fti-eei mi. sujnmiirily disuiised 1 1, name frool UeKtven street on the ouuweH rw auiloils i ed masBs down the various side Streets, many not I- ul. 1 the lake shore at Chicago avenue.

Sa obstacle Isaine direction. Oim wow an Uad. aathinir bnt a were observed yestcr(iy anc BurefuMB prcsorvicg ord'r. deeming themselves safe till tbey hud pucod several block between themselves and the- inint men were even more tonuuaie. An aitanvpi was man to arrest progress oa tho iiue of cougre street, and it waa partially successful.

The east three buildings were protected by fhe vacant 5 round between Tertaee Kow and tba street, and id aot Ignite. On the Wabash avenue corner the fire succeeded in passing Ihe boundary of Cougres 1 1-11- K. I. Mr. aaemod to Interrupt the progress or the nre.

stone walk) crumbled before It. It reached the highest roofc, and swept the earth of everything combnsti- font js fronvwBIca taw-danger was expected- to proceed. And so the day wore on, it living kaleidoscope making constant changes, but ever presenting the i ne gsje was rwense in lis seventy. iiaiug had Ike lake. we on the west had hiirh hODes that a Cblldran are st ihr IHCENDIAHIES mii.Rrv-,,;v same sad aspect.

HXcuemeut, Borrow, grief, ter. scU. aireti in siikmu idc wick uucius ins luonr west corner. Here again gunpowder was need to Via sack, and anoiherwas cccini panted bv a rhfW. 'f lu a eoupte oteats" and a Lle dog, aad crying itself, so! out, cry.

AH- eug ouannth.jsririe,th!yeetUd dowa whewver rn couw flnd room, sum slnin; i3 roezw ar apou blarkeis on the irrwued.".ald yMr. bat ii: ft' before li! luo tiey rncamprd aroand ioc, panic; madae colored everything, relieved mlsstiig mntiier at S3 thedestracltve work wonld be confined te the direct path tbaa mown through the very heart of the city. Bnt the same extraordinarv net that bad Tne asaaaspTw praves enarse'er or iMi nt8-i imr, the rnflians of tb city wa perfectly Ulawl Mtti ij Sfsia f'. vtfc good et la fighting the flame, and bv ita aid No.

Wabarb was redwwd to a heap of ruawitf a simiiy -ny icw iwcaes naiciwran anas were alawlutelv croiosoae ia tliotr re-lAtlon to tba wvcea tt near tne place ot Beginning, ioiiowvu ali-porvad lag horroru. 1 i moment. By thl mean, tba flre was checked -a Ibis point, and the end of ihe devastation VaS at ji- Hall, ll.HaarW T. fj.d, u-'i -rSen Uw. A.

Ii. Lew, Jfit. wry Lcsli.1 J. W. Cbpw, J.f jT Ibriu" t'.

Lli j. eake. ft 1UU. oa.beo. 1.

Bediorc, Mjsk Joints. 1. Ilnmill A 1K.W, T. U. Sevruour.

J. Johu' Mason. J. U. Dutch.

K. Nicbois, I Wts- UarlHBd, Oaie, H. W. Baker. Sf.

Lewv. A. Cux. F. lrn ir, A iandl Urw, H.A.

fbeasaon, tf. Melmrn. W. J. SMck.

A. J. Jl. fcbsv-cil Arnait itennet, E.J. Stokes.

Jt Tucker, J. I). Armour, fc. U. Lire.

J.IL T. ilarback. L. P. ita fl.

Thoj.Par- ker Ueo.i usier.D II. Llacoln. J.O. So.uers. A.O.

lu-knor A. Turtdu, T. T. fioli.ii-, K. J.

fat. Andervon. F'. Fox. A.

J. lbowas. M. A. Armsiroii, a.

S. Ntitt utr Myer. G. O. WaJkars, S.

T. We He-or P-iVlI' G. C. Clarke. L.

M. Ttckuor.G E'rbiir'i. B. M. Canmm, K.

H. Brace. Tne President was ar, minted (0 heJ1J ibe ficpuU. tion, and J. L.

WtweJt wade hvcrels-j-. Au Kxecaiivetoi.miittcewii iu, as lol-S? Becrttaiy, 1. Wisuell: A. 1 nrniii. la end.

-R worked to the east, sad, even mora strangely, lbs west. Its progress west oa Jaadhmn iiet imcago wiu tun iuv.ui.iu. aalt la in the season, "Xneral, as the street was aiow, ana It waa not until aroaaaayugni that it attacked the dirtiiertee of Myers At Co. and BAunui. HORTHDIVISION.

n. most loriiwit sirtl Bn- ruin i. the snirit of her citisens has lastreacaeo. i SOUTH 8IDK STRUCTURES. Tha prominent building destroyed in ibe South Division, are a follows: Terrace Block.

Armowr Block, Michigan Central Depot, Adams llos, Massasoit Houe, City Hotel. Metropolitan Hotel, Tremont House. St. James' Hotel. iaimer House.

not given way, and before the smoke sonday ano tne entumg tr. aja tsprseaots pillage by fires by tar j.iee to i Here ot part" si I he ciiy. Te th ijf (he lb city, be It vf- p- erxlly tnef with the firte they icae Tj. oi-lowig ars some iHustra lions, ytt'Kti A boy alteBiirted heir de emflT' flii by i-nttiBt: a clothe line with kc' -ne and throwing it into a iTbtny- jsv 1 streeu He received his dessTVai ihe fcos i-t CreBien. who aaw set.

Mdf -aow ltcjc ialbe jA man, ae jt; jow nm ht bv a oei ro at tlieeorncr of swu. MBJ vhinysocor'J s-rtets, Hto offeree Wis t- biiituins to ob better ennnrtutilties Aer i tKi w- aggravated bv-atisawniSlV. i1 "clockoii u2tTL? Sht.aud which en ctum from lo Hi pivreini? chilling veeKlaf mUiLaaT imw Aa early as o'clock la the morning of Monday. Ihe people on the North Side, or many of them, began to gel a liul n.rn.a 1 Thev heard the rear mi nooole moving fram thu rt.nih Diviahm.and tbeV pacific Hotel. Bigelow House.

Sherman House. mmmm ram, at aadisoa street bridge, The bop. that, as the fire bad extended to be Jakeat C'Meafo avenue, and the wiml was blowing fhe wt and sunilh. lhat port of the North Jlvisloa westward of the line of the fire wooid escape, wss an Idle one. Gradually ail Clark street waaluclnMt.JUMi lo IUB autil tne coal bed.

atta river were reached. The scrue about daylight was icrrinc. The entire North lt-vwion. Irom the river to the iske. and far north aa North avenue, was on.

Methtnjr mass of blaze. has cleared awayand the re Void, thev are beiriunine to tlanfbr could seethe flaina.saai di.iiwgnbfh the' noise of' Martesoa Joose, Neva-la Hotel. Briggs House. Court House, Gaa Works. Cnwby a Opera Uwk, McVlcker's Theatre.

Hoolev'a Ouera House. SjoXr.r'1.? if fctt Aaa. Secpu tor wr 'ilMwfl i. te.

i3 Laflia. has a loy or years A'S- soes'is S'Srtifeblr Mr' 74 Mirwai-kee avenue, has two F-j c-jiy- a named Mary Loeseordi and S. JSr- can aee'ber dauchior at the corner of ti isrd u4 Mttwsakce avrme. Sir iajisa Jennie It be fr.ced at Mm. IsgS's, at Silveb street.

Wsgner. 4 yesrw old, niisainir. Tbe mother iH Mr. Cl West Erie street. ifi-uil Ssruerls at SinfHaisted street.

-Fterer elhart Is st Beihel luicb, fctlB aud Kale iledenuann, mistlug. Tbe ijotbf.rh' at Sangamon street. nearfJhiesgo xvetuia. BeitJ. tieriKix's.

St. Louis, wile aud five children can hud bhr. at First Ccnsrregaiioua! Cburrh. Tu-se cfiiidreii, paint Shesben. Iufar-wistion to be aetstlo Mr.

Flynn. 1W AchtlJ, tiamed North, niisshitr. IoformatloB to be sent te McKinnoa, -H7 iLdwna aieuue. ms Mardea misuse. iuCorBiaiiva to be sent to Brown.

Meridian etreet. 1 J. H. HonickV wife and child cut find Lima! 81B West Lak, Wrnat aaa-SBH 1 the future. Though so many have beer aJeprived of homes and sustenance the sleaBier.

Si HI tmojr in not, at thai early bear, eutertnin any wtkHt. isopreheBsion, feeling confident 'thai the river would be an impssssble barrier, amply to prevent any spreading of the cotiflagration. By daybreak, however, thing were lu a eetuowbat diilereut position. The fire, moving northeastward, had gotten to Rush street bridgu, which was with beople. In order lo prevent this sioing'tll fire in The roar of this Ore wa aoualllna.

It nroclaiued iltH-IL W. Tne Kiecniive" Wood's Museum, Dearborn Theatre. Spepard Block. Honore Block, Post Office mid ov OiLce lilock, be nolds' Block, McCorniick's Block, the Western News Couiisuy's, S. 0.

Gfiggs Jt and W. B. Keen Cook's Book Mouses. Mauufae-Hirer's National. Ucruian National.

Mechanic National, e'irst Natiousl. Second NelU'mai, Third lite fury of-the tia meaiuime all- Dringet uirkev wa arrested fotsttfi fire a bars in the. rear rf, tutum on. Hun.icit".. ami in money anu -jjtu, -iaz from all quarters, andrrach'of the Kv-erv where Uj'.

"Bu the memhaniwere policentan picked un Vme waf'lJ M- ejiild. which had been Wt fn Aline, itK!" was no use in hieing the Vt bank arraBir ed tbemservesniotg ilie all Hor old thebest thev "I In playinc ou the East WrJr By some miatakrt. idefc ot eletienev shv was Ed commnoicaiavn iron ine vtr Uivisiou to the booth, at any point uotihr of Tweinh street, was nsaeaded. ai.d we ia tbat -dU Wlou bad look with gbe sad tear at the awn mtrn before us. barred.

nwrl v. unasr.t be allaviatea -To mea. so i cros-tng. it wa nn. rs nerbtivryieg ts set firs n- a an-r BB) tijsa0 FTsTPf "alLT National.

Fourth National. Ftf.h aliouaJ, urn mrm Nalloual. Nalbmal Rank of IhMSmerce. Illl- tome Jesuit CLiieh. tins wtnt Side, were dis-Muony.

and lookers-on bfore another day haa gone 111 II IC 1 1.1 KIvd naa mj gsy a-v- i vw OF THE PKOi-KWUO WKK CION IT. Th ftr-3 erote4 Iben-, wUbottt p-ylug vomijewwasaireetrdtoreTsi.t ut o'rlock. es -to ihe maouer ia which the iuU comtoittee sbaj 4 at l. i Tbe Llcecto-s rl thot nil cption be settled upon ru" ue eis! options, OBSnlunlaTat ta ckise of r-td ttai eufatBliesof irfv bv tba Preaidnt determine if values tuf such tilements. facot.e 3.

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