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Hope Star Hope, Ark. 11/12/38 p.1 - WEATHER— Arkansas Star •m Hi rain in west and...
WEATHER— Arkansas Star •m Hi rain in west and central por tions Saturday night, in cast and south Sunday; warmer extreme southeast, colder in northwest Saturday mght, colder Sunday. VOLUME 40—NUMBER 26 H|)PE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12,1938 * PRICE 5c COPY NAZIS LEVY JEW TAX w & ft ft ft\. ft ft ft ft ft ft 'ft ft ft Bobcats Rout Prescott for Seventh Win, 38 • O Hope Scores Each Quarter for Easy Triumph Friday Visitors, Without Star Halfback in Game, Are Outclassed ELIGIBILITY PROBE DeQueen Author ties Lodge Protest Agaist Prescott Halfback By LEONARD ELLIS The Hope High School football team, making their final home appearance, celebrated "Dad's Day" by walloping Prcscott's Curley Wolves here Friday night in a one-sided affair, 38 to 0. The Bobcats tallied in each quarter, quarter, scoring twice in the second and fourth periods. A crowd csli'm'ated at 2,000 witnessed the game. Prescott never seriously threatened, getting inside the 30-yard line once when Williamson took a pass from Britt and ran to the 18 where he was bounced out of bounds. It was the seventh victory of the season season for Hope against two defeats. Scoring touchdowns for the Bobcats were Fulkerson two, Baker, Eason, Parsons and Ellen. Before the ooenin,g kick-off, Coach "O7~H~Storey "of Prescott told this writer that he was withholding his star halfback, Hasell, from the game because of an ineligibility protest Man Was Stabbed By Playful Monkey 'SPRINGFIELD, Ill.-W-John Stein- hofl was stabbed by Will Colvin's pet monkey over pickings from'the Stein- hoft lunch pail. Jocko, the monkey, appeared while Steinhoft was unpacking the lunch in the shade of Colvin's orchard. Jocko started picking tid-bats from the pail and then stabbed Seinhoft's arm with a pruning knife when the man tried to drive him off. The monkey scampared into a nearby nearby tree and Steinhoft was taken to a hospital. (Continued on Page Three) Mrs, A. Williams Dies on Thursday Funeral Services Will Be Held at 2:30 o'Clock Sunday Mrs. Alice Williams, 67, died at 7:30 p. m. Thursday at tlie home of her daughter, Mrs. Dale Hunt of Rocky Mound. Heart disease contributed to he death. She had lived in the Rocky Mound community several years. Surviving are six sons, Jett, Ed and Grady Williams of Hope; Alva and Bryant ^rVilliams of Stamps; Alton Williams of Gulfport, Miss., two daughters, Mrs. Dale Hunt of Rocky Mound and Mrs. Jeff Wrikht of Hope; several great grandchildren; two sisters and one brother also survive. -, Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p. m. Sunday at Holly Springs, Nevada county. The officiating minister will be the Rev. Mr. Silvey. Six grandsons will act as active pallbearers. North Little Rock Runs Over Hot Springs Trojans, 39 to 6 Blytheville Shows Amazing Scoring Punch to Knock Jonesboro From Undefeated List, 45-7— Fordyce Beats Camden NORTH LITTLE ROCK.—The North cept once. Windsors Likely to Go Home Soon, Report in Paris Brother Gloucester's Visit Indicates Exile Is at End TWO BROTHERS MEET Gloucester and Windsor, and Wives, in Significant Significant Parley PARIS, Fiance—(/P)—A possibility that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor Windsor might establish a home in England soon after January 1 was forecast by the couple's friends Saturday as the ultimate result of a friendly meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester Gloucester Friday. Brothers Meet PARIS, France— (IP)— A fraiendly, informal informal meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester Friday brought the Duke of Windsor back into the British royal family circle with social acceptance of his American wife. The Gloucesters spent Armistice Day with the exiled former King Edward VIII and the wife for whom he abdicated. When the two couples left their hotel for an. afternoon drive they were cheered by a sidewalk crowd. ".'"My goodness",'"* 1 never expected this," said the Duchess of Windsor. "Neither did I," replied the Duchess of Gloucester. "But it's rather fun, isn't it?" The meeting of Edward and his younger brother was expected in British British circles to be followed by sucessive receptions of the Windsors by other members of the royal family, eventually eventually permitting them to return to England. Friends of the Windsors believed believed the Gloucesters had brought an invitation for Edward and his wife to spend Christmas with the royal family in London. Believed to be emissaries of King George, the Gloucesters .greeted the Windsors behind closed doors of a It Would Take 'Men of Mars' 1,000 Years_tp Fly to Earth There Is Life on Red Planet, But Science Speculates What Kind of Beings Are Able to Endure Little Oxygen and Exertme Cold A radio dramatization of a book about war between Earth and Maj-s sent a wave of hysteria acoss the county- In the play, Martians arrived in ships, spread death and destruction by strange, frightful weapons... Science Editor Editor Blakeslec here discusses the possibility of life on Mars and of communication communication between the two planets, By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE AP Science Editor NEW YORK—In 60 years since the so-called "canals" were discovered on Mars, science has not been able to rule out absolutely the possibility of living beings on the red planet. Two kinds of beings are still possi-©- ble there. One is the "life as we know it" sort, meaning oxygen breathers like men. Astronomers have definitely established established that Mars has only about one- thousandth the oxygen in its air that is present on earth. No human could live there without an oxygen helmet. Mars Shy on Oxygen But, as pointed out by Dr. Henry Norris Russell of Princeton University, one of the world's great astronomers persons on Mars, of no greater intelligence intelligence than man. could have learned learned to extract oxygen to use for breathing breathing purposes. A long time ago Mars is presumed to have had more abundant abundant oxygen. The other sort of person on Mars would be "anerbic," that is, not needing needing oxygen. Among bacteria and a few other low froms.of.life on earth there are "anerobes." TJiey live jvith- out oxygen. So if evolution is plausible, plausible, life might develop on Mars with little need for oxygen, Mars' temperature, around the equator, equator, in summer is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This has been accurately measured by astronomers. Clouds have been seen in telescopes. They seem to stand about 15 miles above the surface. They may be huge dust storms. A few "canals" are two thousand miles or more long, almost straight lines. They stretch across the planet's face at odd angles. Short feeders, like telephone cross-trees, enter them at some places. Looks Like Vegetation "canals" at all. These have to be seen with the eye. Some of the best astronomers astronomers claim to see them: others have denied the lines are visible. The earth's separation from communication communication with Mars is becoming less certain now. Theoretically a space ship could make the flight. Wojuld Take 1,000 Years Rocket ship propulsion would do it —for a man who had one thousand years or more to live and fuels which do not now exist. The engineering principles have been established by rocket motor scientists. These have shown through "empty" space, in fact, travel much easier there than in atmosphere. Rocket engineers have produced speeds of 700 miles an hour with small rocket motors, and might predict that speeds of 1,000 miles an hour are attainable. attainable. At that rate, unless the rocket ship travelled many times faster in space, it would take about 1,400 years to fly to Mars when the planet is closet. The distances from earth range from 34,000,000 34,000,000 miles to 46, 000,000. For Martians, if they exist, to be the pioneers in a trip between planets, much more advanced knowledge than exists on earth would be necessary. Scientists know that stories of high energy exist in the binding forces of atoms that could drive a rocket ship millions of miles. iBut there is yet no idea of how this energy can be obtained, and some doubt that it can ever be done. If Maritains have found out how to get 400 Million Tax on Envoy's Death; Catholics Are Hit German Government Forbids Forbids Jews From Engaging Engaging in Trade •, PALACE IS STONED Oratory T Crazed Crowd, [Wrecks Catholic Pal-' ace ace in Munich ' " By Tlie Associated Press Jews were assessed 400 milion dollars dollars by Germany Saturday as the penalty penalty for the slaying of a German, diplomaat by a young Jew. They were prohibited from conducting conducting retail, mail-order and commission commission businesses. ( • i Semi-official sources in Germany disclosed that 1,600 Jews had been arrested in Berlin'alone in an anti- semitic campaign resulting from the: envoy's killing. By The Associated Press A Nazi crowd, fired by denunciation denunciation of the "Roman Catholic allies of the Jew," Saturday stormed the palace ' of Micheal Cardinal von Faulhaber in Munich as Germany took official steps to isolate Jews from German life: In Berlin, Propaganda Minister Goe--r bbels prohibited the Jews from attending attending public presentations in Germany. Germany. ....',,., ..'•,,V-" : , i -'- ':': .".'"'• .' '.. '• ' In Salzburg, officials disclosed that 300 Jewish families had been '"deported '"deported to a concentration camp 'after being ordered to report to police. Excited Munich crowds descended on Cardinal von Faulhaber's palace with bricks and stones after hearing an attack on Catholics Friday night by Adolf Wagner, Nazi leader for Bavaria. Between 60 and 70 windows on the ground floor of the palace were shattered. In France thousands of war veterans massed World war Flags in the courtyard courtyard of the War Ministry in Paris as the ex-soldiers' delegation laid strong demands before French Premier Edouard Edouard Daladier,

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