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Chess With Sam Laird - for Do House-party. of Chess With Sam Laird...
for Do House-party. of Chess With Sam Laird National Ratines List Two Grand Masters National chess ratings for the period between Oct. 1. 1957, and Sept. 30. 1958. now have been published In Chess Life. Compiled bv Kenneth Harkness, rating statistician of the U. S. Chess Federation, the list enumerates the two grand masters, 12 senior masters. 78 masters and 32S7 lower ranking players who took part in tournaments and matches reported and rated during the period covered. The nation's two grand masters in these ratings, which do not take into account competition outside this country, are Samuel Reshevsky, who retains his No. 1 H. Kramer. 1813; G. Krauhs, 1978; S. Laird, 1650; A. Lak-ios, Lak-ios, Lak-ios, 1550; A. Levin, 1670; R. A. Lin- Lin- rank, and Robert J. (Bobby) Fischer. Reshevsky's rating is 2(593 and Fischer's 2636. The next highest IS players S,Tt,,,UJu:J?: in the list are, in order, J. T. ' V " V V'" Shorwin. 2511; W. J. Lombardy.j: f," via mess 1 870 . 2509 ; Arthur Bisguier and Urry j Mari'anA 1500 ? s. ' Mem, 1782 ;',,, nr. i . -""'" -""'" i M. Meversrm. 1720: C. II. M Byrw, 2504; Pal Benko, 2496;! ": o- o- K Mines 1S00- 1S00- w Cro 242, .Robert BTne J. O'Donnoll, 1600; VV. A. 2409; Arnold Denker, 2408; Ed- Ed- mar Mednis, 2397; Charles Kalme. 239fi; S. N. Bernstein, 2393; W. J.'-Shlpman. J.'-Shlpman. J.'-Shlpman. 2393; H. AnJSeidman, 23Sfi; A. W. Feuer-v Feuer-v Feuer-v Istein. 2383; A. F. Saidy, 2370, and It. Berliner, 23b3. South Jersey player's ratings, in alphabetical order, are; H. Airman. 1500; W. E. Archer, 1924; S. Axelrath, 1530; R. Barrett. Barrett. 1300; H. Bateman, 1530; T. W. Benham, 1956; A. Berg-hoff. Berg-hoff. Berg-hoff. 1715; A. Besser, 1500; R. M. Blanchard. 1483; V. Rruno, 1570; H. Buczko, 1777; H. Burdge, 202fi; G. A. Butler, 1832: O. Cade, 1912; G. F Grosser, 1820; O'Donnell Jr.. 1832: R. J. Pal mer, 1500; E. Fatton, 1731; L. Pettit, 1621: C. J. Plank, 1714; J. Powell, 1R06. - E. Richter, 1700; B. Riley, 1650; W. Rose. 1702; J. Roth, 1845; Dr. M. Rotov, 1963; C. Sceia, 1500; P. Sceia, 1500; L. Schaffer, 1500; Mary Selensky, 1962; P. Selvaegi, 2015; T. Ser-pico, Ser-pico, Ser-pico, 1708; W. Shindle, 1883; C. Slack, 1500; A. Spielman, 2006; Dr. L. Streitfeld, 2007; D. Thomson, 1750; F. Turim, 2164; L. Turman, 1946; W. Tysen, 1600; W. Van Brcemen, 1957; P. VanOsten, 1956; H. M. Wall, 1651: J. Walston, 1500; R. Wayne, 1800; R. Wilson, Cake. 2118; L. Cantafio. 1760;!l554; W. Wilson, 1752; L. E. S. Caplan, 1793; F. Cattell. 1600; A. Chressanthis, 2002; F. Cinkus, 1873; J. Cocozza, 1798; J. Croly, 1550; W. Crolv, 1700. E. F. Daigle. 1666; F. Di- Di- Bianca, 1909; A. Dilks. 1600; Wood, 1RS6; J. R. Worrell. 1829; Harry Wripht, 1862; Herbert Wright, 1786, and J. Yehl, 1807. The next rating list is sched uled for publication in July, ac t . i . f . ; i .t a- a- A. C. Drago, 2937; W. Duff.! .'"8 ai "v? 1600; E. Elhs. 1991; H. Feni-e Feni-e Feni-e Jb. f, compiling thew lists is more, 1550; D. G. Fernandez, exceedingly complex and they are not always finished on schedule. schedule. The new ht will cover all contests reported between Oct. 1, 1958, and March 31, 1959. Single entries nf the Feb. 5, 1959. issue of Chess Life con taining the current ratings may ib purchased at 15 cents each flroinnr 1 fUVl A ! rrTTm lnp u- u- a- a- v-npss v-npss v-npss rrtirrnrnm, D. Hall. 1600; ou " Bl- Bl- ,r7v a,p" a- a- 1609; M. Fessenden, 1745; G. Funstrtn, 1937. E. B. Gamble, 1640; H. Garfield. Garfield. 1500; N. Garfield, 1633; D. Gellman, 1724; R. Gilliam, 1400; B. Goldinger, 1681; B. Golds-tone, Golds-tone, Golds-tone, 1600; H. Gorson, 1580; J. Graff, 1500; W. Green, 1658; D H. Haskell. 1500; G. Hoffman 1725; F. L. Hooley, 1600; C. Hopkins, 1707; R. Horner, 1792; J. Jankowsky, 1606; N. Jorgen-sen, Jorgen-sen, Jorgen-sen, 1726; T. Jorgensen, 1843. G. Kavanaugh, 1550; J. Kav- Kav- C. King,- King,- 1500; G. King. 1500; BEST ACCORDIONISTS The Hauss Hobner Accordion orchestra of Vienna has been .indeed Europe's best. The 17-piece 17-piece 17-piece orchestra, just back from a European tour, is now nerform- nerform- anaugh, 1550; F. Kilburn, 1600; ling in the Danube capital. I

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