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Mo6eEee9oaeeenoiaMf 1 M Quads Bowser Stwies a c 3 have treated aalrth tt twe oaorntlew f AaMtleaa readeva and eete af thla haesertar rodaetleaa will appear ja morrows Chronfole To vgooo S v Leading newspaper the pacific coastt cirv cHsft I IIIIJ I gK X Mk4I sotwrdar row - r WW Wr VVar BaxaKOA - JI riy a h wtunriii y T ri - 1 1 RECusPATorr UgaMj j - a fj 10UNDED 18GS BAN FRANCISCO GAL SATURDAY JULY 0 1018 W V V W VOL CXII NO a 171 PICNIC BO AT SINKS 175 DROWN DIVER DOWNS U S TROOPSHIP RESCUERS PILL 75 SURVIVORS TO SHORE Excursion Steamer Carrying 500 Passengers Turns Turtle in Illinois River Opposite Town of Pekin VESSEL JAMS AGAINST 0ANK DURING FOG People Trapped on Lower uecKS as urasn amasnes Hole in Craft Girl Thrown Into Water Tells of Disaster r PEORIA OIL July 5 Tba number lost by th sinking of the Columbia b placed at 175 by the chief of police of Pekin A message from bim says bis estimate estimate is basea on information fathered as to the probable number of passengers carried - - ECATUlt III July 6 - m More thsn one hundred I m persons are believed to MS have been drowned todiv when the excursion steam rr Columbia turned over opposite Pekin on the Illinois river At 130 A M about seven v - f he Sad been rescued from the steamer which In turning over ent away from the bunk It Ii partly sub merged but boats available for rescue work were so few that res cue work was proceeding very o 1 It is believed that bet em 400 and 500 were aboard the steamer GIRL SURVIVOR TELLS STORY OF DISASTER Pauline Bineuel of Pekin who was aboard the boat told the following following story of the disaster The itean - er had three decks I was on the upper one On hat below dancing was going on The bottom deck was occupied principally principally by men who were talking ind smoking I do not believe many of the persons on the first two decks who constituted by far the larger portion of the crowd could have escaped I was chatting with friends We felt the boat rise out of the riter It was clouded with fog There was a crash 1or a moment po one moved and then almost eterjbody rushed to one side of the boat The crew and the of fleers as soon as they realised I what was happening cried for tnrj passsengers to even the load nut it was too late The Columbia tilted and then suddenly overturned I was thrown Into the water HORRIFYING CONFUSION OF CRIES FOR HELP UVhen I caine to the surface people were swimming about too daxed to know what dirrction to follow The mist hung low above the overturned boat fiora which came horrifying confusion of cries for aid Those on fhe lower deck seen to CMttoHl a Fag Ceeaeaa British Aviators Destroy 11 Enemy Planes and Force TenMoretoLand Airmen Give Splendid Support to Troops in Fighting South of t Somme River LOKDOjr Jaly Sw British rial s - op rated wMh tho Urn teroaa - I yraterdafe attack aaalaat tfea Oermaaa eeath at the Sesasae - rotwlag aa rial etateaat am avlatlea aacratlaaa lMa4 tonight El Ucnaaa alrplaae war de - otrayvd iwl tea driven Itn eot of roatrel aa a rmlt ot eeasaata Feat Brltlah machines are mlsalna 3T W LONDOY July B - The number af irlMHri captured la yesterdays rallaaa aa the Sesame aa4 la tk kabaeaueat Canaan counterattacks aerreseaeda IS laelatlas tarty af Beer aeedrdls ta aa aBSclal State aeat leased by tk War OSSea Sa alkl Br laa AMSalaSal rsaat TUB British front it et Amltns en sack aid at th Art and aloof tha emm rlvar aaaraa to ba tha storm tntr at tha Franch bat tla front Anatrtlltai Saalatadby mrlan datachroanta on Jul drova tha Oarraana out of Ham I and tha Valra and Hrmal woodaAto tha aouth at tba aama tlma launehlnc a aaeondarr attack on th Oarman poal ttona north of tha Eomma Slnca that tlma tha lines bafora Amlana bava bn verr actl COUNTER - ATTACKS BEAT OFF Tha aarraans bava baan rapulsad In an attampt to rtaka tha vlllaca of araal and tha woodad poaltlona farther farther aouth Tha Brltlah offlcUl rport aa - rs tha anaray was atoppad aaslly but tha Oarraana claim to hava chckd tha Brltlah forcaa aaat of Ilaml and to hava thrown tham back to tbalr orltinal llnaa at Vlllrs Bra - tonnaux With tha aicptlon of aarlal com bats tba American front baa baan calm IIBAVY FIRE REPORTED Tba Carman official atatamant talla of British attacks In tha Tpra ration ration adding - that thy wara rapulaad Havjr artlllary nra In thta nalahbor - hood la ra - ortad from London Tha Franch bava baan contant to bold and conaolldata thlr naw po iltlons naar Moulln - aous - Touvtnt and Autrcchaa northwast of Solaaona whara In two racant Franch attacks tlia Ormans auttarad aavara casual iis Tha rrancb war Offlea aaya during tba paat day thsra baa baan baavy artlllary firing - naar Cutry and Uontgobart aoutbwaat of Solaaona Dutch Steamers Sail Under Armed Convoy THE HAGUE July I Bvaral Dutch ataaraara undar armad convoy and accompanlad by a colli ar ealld today for tha Dutrb Eaat ladlaa On May IT Jaabbaar J Laudon Dutch kflalattr of Foralsjn AfTalra announcad that It waa lalandad to aand a Heat to tba Eaat Indies undar aa armd convoy Ha aald that ha could not aay dennltaly that no In larnatlonal difficulty would arlaa aul f tha fact that tha ahlpa wara can voyad but bo prasumd thara would b aa lalrfranoa r S Flyers in France Ailed in Accident NOTON July Thomas llan Waddall an aviator pilot and Edward Ckarla Knlp aa o arrar waro klllad la aa aviation as tldSat In Franca July I tha Navy Da partmat aanounoad today Waddll Uvod at Mlnadala III and Knlp In Naw Tork city COVINGTON 1 VOYAGE HOI HIT BY U - BOAT Mohammed V Reported Killed In Civil War T ONDON July 5 Reports - have reached London from Dutch sources that the death of the Sultan of Turkey Mo - bammed V which took place on Wednesday night was krt due to natural causes and pre sum ably was part of a revolutionary revolutionary movement In the Otto man empire Limited Home Rule For India Favored LONDON July Umltad homo rula for India U racoaasaoadad la a rapatl praparad for praaantatloa to rarllamant by ElwIa Bamul Man taau Bacrotary for India and Baroa Ckalmatofd tba Ylry raada pukHa toalfbt by tk Oovarsaaat a American Transport Struck While Returning With Fleet Convoyed by Destroyers 6 Members of Crew Are Missing NO ARMY PERSONNEL OR PASSENGERS ABOARD Some of Survivors Lander at French Port From Former Hamburg - American Liner Cincinnati Are Injured f TT WASHINGTON July 5 m A The United States fl Army transport Cov - V v ington bound with i fleet of troopships con voyed by American destroyers was torpedoed In the war tone Mon day night and sank the next day while an effort was being made to tow her to port Six men of the crew are missing but the others with the officers were landed at a trench port No soldiers or passengers were on board The missing men are Ernest C Aadersoa fireman Lynn Mass Joseph P Pandea seaman Mountain Mountain Lake N J Ambrose C ford fireman Somtr - vllle Mass nnilam Heary Lykch Jr fireman MancbtsterJptfL Albert 8 PayiCgaman West Naw Brighton Stotf5 Island N T Llord II SUreraall seaman Baln - brldf N -In -In annoktncingonlght the sinking sinking of the Covington formerly the Hamburg - American liner Cincinnati Cincinnati the Navy Department said that the submarine which sent a torpedo crashing into the ships side Just forward of the engine room at 017 oclock at night was not sighted U - BOAT ON SURFACE RECHARGING BATTERIES Vice - Admiral Sims message did not go Into details but officers believe believe the submarine was on the surface recharging her batteries when the convoy came along and that she submerged Immediately after discharging the torpedo without attempting further attack The theory that the submarine rasde off In haste Is borne out by ttw fact that ths crew was trsns - ferred lo a destroyer without Incident Incident Some surprise was occasioned occasioned by the fact that the submarine submarine did not return and undertake to finish the sinking i FIRST TRANSPORT SUNK IN CONVOY The Covington was the first American transport to bo sunk while in convoy the former llsm - burg - American liner President Lincoln and the former Morgan liner Antilles the only other American transports sunk having neen destroyed when returning home without the protection of war craft Pew details were given In the Navy Department announcement Coatlaaov an Faaa B Colaaaa USJRANSPORT AFTER BEING AFIRE AT SEA REACHES PORT Steamer Henderson Makes Safe Harbor Without Loss of Life and With Little Damage WASHINGTON July 5 ITie United States Army transport transport Henderson has been afire at sea but has madean Atlantic port in Safety There was no loss of life Few details - could be had at the Navy Department tonight but it was said that the vessel was not badly damaged It was not made known whether the Henderson was outbound or homeward bound nor was there any information as to how the fire occurred i a i 5 American Fivers Decorated Abroad ITALIAN ARUT IIFADQUARTERB Thuraday July 4 By tba Aasoclatad Praaa Flva Ara r lean aviators at tach d to tha Italian army wara dac oratad with tha Italian war cross today by Klna Victor Emmanuel Tba dacoratlona wtra baatowed during - a ravlaw and In tha prasanca of Onral Ebn Swift baad of lb Arorlcaa military mission Tha avlatora dacoratad wara LUu - tananta Archibald Frost John Park Raymond Baldwin Kannatb Collins and John Galchour Tha crosaaa wara Ivan for carrying - out tba araataai numbar of bombing ralda during thr racant Auatrlan offanalva Tba King alao vlaliad an Aanarlcaa Rad Cross workroom and tbaakad tha workars for balp glvan i a Irish Farms Raided And Firearms Seized LONDON July S A praaa dlapatcb from Dublin aaa tha police of Ballln - aaloa County Galway hava ralld farm bouaaa salalng bundrada of guna and arma Tba ralda axtandad Into tba adja nlag countlaa of Roscommon Roscommon and Klnga Tbaro waa no realatabce axcpt In a faw Instancta whara tha prsnca of arras was da - nlaJ but tha weapons wara aurran - darad Tba people waro aurprlaed not expecting aucb draetla actleo ta vle of the recent proclamation Vie count French calling far reeruta Brewers Notified of SO Per Cent Fuel Cut Through the Brewere Protic live Association Ban Francisco brewarlaa were yeeterday aetlnd by Albert E Bchwabather Federal Ful Administrator for California bat tba consumption af fuel of every deacrip - tloa will bo restricted to IS par eaat far ana year dating from July 1 laoL A apecla meeting for the purpose of discussing plans for meeting tba new ruling has been called for neat Tuea - day svsnlag by tba association a Senate Adopts Noon Prayer Resolution WASHINGTON July I The Senate taday adopted a reeolotlon requeetlag tba President to Issue a Proclamation caUlog n he American pule to observe aeon prayer during tkk war II saw goes tt the HeuSe V TWO THRILLING BATTLES IN AIR Germans Outnumber U S Airmen but Are Qutfought Losing Two Machines PLANE FALLS IN FLAMES Two of Pershings FJyers Are Burned to a Crisp Fol - lowlng a Fall FAMS Jaly S fHavaa Jlnwr - Twa Aaaarlean AvUtara last thels Urea tadar wfca k mtkla la wbfc tr wara Brian at a rather law auitada ell ta tka crwaad la Tha alraua were aJaateaaat WIIIUm badley Rakbeaa aad Seeaad Ueateaaat dka WlltrS af tba Ansa - leaa Arasy Tfc aadbra af ka arta - lara were krara ta crba 3T 3r WITU THE AMERICAN ARUT IN FRANCE July S by tba Aasoclatad Praal F a a r American avlatora Ueutenaata Carl - lale Rhodeaef Terro Haute Ind P TbompaokDtHontoyo Falla N T Waldo 4C Holnrlch of araanie O an4 Joha atahelt e t Uaacheater Waaa engaged lh a thrUUas air battlo nrthweatt Chateau Thierry this morning One German machine was shot doWd during th corneal and It la believe that Lieutenant Helnrlcha waa tha American wbo aant tba enemy airplane to earth Tha four American aviators waro patrolling tha tinea flva or alx kilo meter Inside the German front whoa they encountered six enemy machlnea The battle began at an altitude meters and continued until tha machine had dropped down to tSS metera - from the earth Tha combat laated for twenty mlnutea EiqilT AMERICANS FIGHT FIFTEEN GERMANS An hour later eight American ma ehlnea engaged with fifteen enemy airplanes at a height of IToo metera Tha combat swayed backward and forward over tha German and Amerl can line near Chateau Thierry Tha German machlnea were higher than tha Americana but the latter ma neuvered their alrplanea admirably In tha fight Suddenly one of tha enemy airplanes dived toward tha earth and went spinning downward being chaaed down by two of tho Amerl cans Lleutenanta Ralph A ONeill of Nogalaa Aria and J C Ralbla New Tork It la believed that the Qermah air plane waa out of control during lie Vplunga In a email patrol encounter laat night two Qermana were captured and another of the enemy waa killed by an American detachment Thla skirmish developed the fact that another new German division Is now opposing the Americana la thla aector FOURTH or JULY eUlBT IN TUB nUEVRE WITH THE AMERICAN ARMT IN FRANCE July 4 by the Aaaoelated Pres1l - The Fourth of July waa a quiet da In be sectors occupied by American troppe from the Woevro to the Swiss border Even thoartllery and air service wera leea baey than uaual cloudy weatbar and poor lal blllty hampering them DISTIlttilllHKD SERVICES onuEH won nr niivatb For capturing a German machine gun and Its crew etnglehaaded Pri vate John Kukoakl haa been awarded tba Distinguished Service Croaa1 In apprising Kukoakl of tba award General General Perablag wrote him aa follows I have Just heard of your splendid splendid conduct of June a when you alone charged a gun and captured It and Ita crew together with an eincer I have awarded you tbo Distinguished Service Cross and coagaotulalaou UBhHtlAl FEIISHIMI RETORTS rATROL ACTIVITr WASHINGTON July I Goners Perohlirg reported today on American patral acthlty In tha Chateau Tblerry region yesterday and announced thai American troops wera engaged with their Fourth of July offensive which resulted In ths capture of IlaoaeU After ths qalet Fourth there waa greater activity today on the Toul Ceatleaed aa Pace a Calaasa S ACLIES MAY 1LT TO RUSSIAS AID Country Continues to Be Sub ject of Earnest Consideration Consideration by U S ANSWER RESTS WITH F0CH Hostile Attitude of Finns Is Exasperating to Wash ington Officials WASHinaTON July S Russia continues to be the subject of earnat iaiimii Ak th Administration and It la understood that there ara almoet dally exchanges of opinion between Waeblngton and tha entente capitals through their r epectlre embassies here and through other channels of a lass official character character The United States haa regarded tha Proposition for tha dispatch ta Siberia Siberia of an International army as a military problem It Is understood tha decision rests with Oenrml Foch aad the supreme war council and It la regarata probable It may ba ouiread soon Details of tho plan fcr tha peaceful peaceful penetration of Husala aad Siberia by American buelnee ma with tba urpoee of affording - economie and material aid are bains worked oat REUARUd INFORMATION DIFFICULT TO SECURE Delay la encountered la aecurlng reliable lafarmatlon regardfng eon - dltlona la Archangel This la par tlcularly exaaperatlna - to tbo officials because af thd unofficial reports that reach Washington of tha hostile at tltude of tho Flans aald to bo rein forced by German aoldtere It Is re alised that a considerable Finnish German force could easily slse strategio polnta on the railroad run hlng aouth from Arcbangsl and Kola to Vologda Tbara la a report tho Invaders hava arrived at Kim an ImpoAant town on this read near the aejgBtyi end of tho Whka - aa MOVEMEXT MAY DEFFAT ENTEMTE MILITARY TSVAX A aucceaaful movement of thla kind might defeat any entente plan to send a military force Into Central Russia from the north As long aa the entente fleet le able to navigate In tha Arctlo the little force of sail ors and marines at Kola and vicinity would be safely supported The advent of winter probably will make It nee aary to withdraw thla force Praaa reports from Stockholm predicting predicting the adhealon ot t Inland to the central power alliance ara as yet unconfirmed unconfirmed offlclallil But It la realised that German preeaure upon Finland la overpowering and tha treaty of laet March between Qermany and Finland practically made the former the dictator of tha policies ot Fin land Tha treaty la aald to give Oer many economical control of Finland and assured her direction of external relatione Tha entry of Finland Into aa alliance with tha central powers would not bo an unmitigated evil In tha opinion of officials here as It would clarify the situation i Senators Fighting For 20 Wheat Price WASHINGTON July V Senators from wheat - growing states renewed thlr Ugh for an increase of tha Government minimum price to tl IS by blocking efforts to paaa aa emr - gency resolution continuing depart mental approprlattens until tha regu lar appropriation bills can bo passed Senatora McComber of North Dakota and Sterling of South Dakota apoke for tho Increaee the former aaylng tha preeent price dlecrlmlnatee against millions of farmara aad tba Utter Insisting that the farmera are greeting a concession in accepting the Government price on wheat Plans wera made today for a vote In tbo House tomorrow on tho Senate amend 7 SPlans to Take Over Hudson Tubes WASHINGTON July S investigation investigation by Ike Senate Intercut Com mere Committee lata tha taklag aver by the Railroad Administration of tba Hud sua raar or McAdao tubee eon - aeotlng New Yark with Jersey City a newark n J waa auiaenaes to day fry ta senate Finland Expected to Declare War on Entente Russians Plan to Mobilize Proclamation Is Awaited Hourly in Stockholm Armenians Occupy Caucasian Gty STOCKHOLM July I At editorial offlcee here a declaration ot - war by Finland against the entente nations Is expected at any hour Germany aaatsted tha preeent FlB - nlah Government to eatabllah itself by eendlng to Finland Oarman troops with whose aid tha Rod Guard which was endeavoring to establish a re gime of the Bolshevik type waa defeated defeated German Influence haa slneo been predominant In Finland aad there haa been encouragement for tbo Finnish Government to extend Ita ae - tlvltlaa toward tho Murman coast where runa tba Murman railway from tha White eea port of Kola built to glvo the alllea another entrance Into Rueeia An entente force Including AaaeraeairmaMaaa - haB been grnrdlfig - thl railway and tha supplies at this port ARMENIAN TAKB CITY Report from Stockholm on July t declared that Gennaay had landed additional large military force on th Finnish coast these troops kelag weU supplied with artillery and full equipment for aervlca In cold regions AMSTERDAM Juljt I Armenian forces on the aggressive In Trans caucasia hava established themselves well within thl former Russian territory territory according to report from Kiev The latest advlcaa from this source quoted by - tke - Briln Lokal Anslgr alatee that an Armenian force Jt0 etrcng baa occupied the city of Erl - van lit milee south of Tlflls and neerly fifty miles Inside tha Trans - Caucasian bordsr SOVIETS TO MOBILIZE MOSCOW Juno tt by the As sociated Press The Internal altua - lion of tho Russian soviet republic I such that only a powerful army on the basis of obligatory service can protect It In the opinion of Loon Trotsky Commissioner of War and Marina He haa submitted a report advocating universal military service for tbo bourgeois as well aa tba work men and peasants and hopea that tha fifth congress of eovlata will pass such a measure Premier Lenlne ha approved tbo report and the details ara bslng worked out BOURGEOIS DRAFTED la tho meantime Tretikv ka ordefed the registration of all malea betwan tha agea of IS and 4S and the enlistment slmultaneouely with the rorkmen of the bourgeois claaaaa born la lilt and HIT Tba bourgeois classee wlU ba formed Into non - flgbl log units to dig trencbee aad clean barracka and camps MOSCOW Friday June tt by tba Associated Press - The amouat et paper money Issusd by tho Bolshevik Government and now In circulation aggregates a tOSStOS ttt rubles Since tbo declaration by Premier Lentne a month ago that now money would ba Issued and tba aid money bo devalued plana for financial re form apparently hava lata dormant a no teps bare been aanouaced to provide tbo Indirect taxation recom mended by Laalne etstemeat of th financial de partment published I the lavealla aaya tba lataet reports shew that tha asseta of nationalised and private bank aggregate thirty billion ruble Commenting on tho proposed de valuation of money tbo atatemeat says tba department belleree deval uation can bo accomplished only a It Is done la Austria that Is without gold exchange a metallic devalu tlon preauppoae th prellmlaary establishment of a rata of exckaaga Tba finance department officials la discussing their attitude toward foreign credit la Russia and tho nationalisation of foralga bank aay tbey favor th greatest poeelbl Uni te Ion of tho sphere af actio of forr alga credit Institutions la Russia 1 LONDON July I Cseche - Steak I force bate lafllcted a aever defeat CatuW Pag S Colaasa j Charles M Schwab for U S Comes to Terms With Oakland Firm for ConT struction Job t 22 FREIGHTERS J BE BUILT AT BAY YARDS San Franciscans Tender Re ception to Heads kof ln - CONTRACT IS AWARDED TO MOORE PLANT dustry at Palace Hotel Luncheon - aONTRACT3 for building twenty - k - - - r - iw eaaitlenalTig freighter iej theafoore people wa anaoojacoJl yesterday afternoon br Cherts ML Schwab at th luachooa gives a Ma honor at tha Palac HotsL Schwab cam late to tho Juneheofc from the buslnees confernc In Oakland Oakland at which ha and Charles Plea fai the Emergency Fleet Corporation came to terms with the Moore Cosa - pany aad signed contracts that aaaaa the expendlturo ot tttStt0tS kbytbo Government la Oakland and Alameda Thl meau aa Immediate and ax - tenclva addition to tho Moore plaat costing from fLtSttSS to tttSSStt The spirit ot optimism grow with every mile as wa come West aad l dont know what would happen to tea If tbo train didnt atop at Baa Fraa data I la an - kaitnv w LS bis reepeets to San Francisco yes terday at tha luncheon aad Baa Frasv - dsco returned the compliment i br taking not only every one of ho SO and odd table aata and tba remalalaa tending room but by filling what wa left of the atmosphere of tbo hour with applause for tho chief of the Emergency Fleet Corporation Gavin McNab meaaured up to the standard ha himself ence est for luncheon chairman when ho aald th greateet eucceee would bo a duanV man by briefly recalling that thera waa a day when men worshiped gad of wood and Iron and adding Whenour great Republic true to CoBtlaaod on Paaja S Colaaasi anottS FEDERAL FACT The fsct that some ot the jrreatest Industrial con - csrns In the West opera FEDERAL Trucks is aot an accident they dont buy that way Their selection of Jrfsty ERAL is the result of com parison in rallies in stiiiif up mechanical construe tlon but still more in ow serving FEDERALS treat er service Tb eartJal thole af tack ccras js s soiad rlU for s U tas awta of jsr tratk WILLIAM L IIUGHSON COMPANY Geary at Van Net i Saa FrsBclssw Telepheao tsH fjaf I tmABCMBSi PartUad tsakUea r

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