First issue of the Austin American, 31 May 1914

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First issue of the Austin American, 31 May 1914 - rS-: . f ; V - THE AMERICAN SUB- . A ' 'A...
rS-: . f ; V - THE AMERICAN SUB- . A ' 'A volume : " --- , ' jff y iiuuiiAmuoMALL: deliver memorial tn P ? t f Rflfl Hf fir oiu Tfl IWffF MIIPntD S TO VETS oJPalsJa BeatCopS DUUILO Uf OlOh 'j-MADERO "VII ! jf REFUSAL MISUNDERSTOOD . "jk f T. ' fir AmilI A , ' . G-'A-'s; Ire Rises Because &ffl V V Ufi Oil 1 1 If I I l I 1 1 If I4 r " . Chief Executive First De. .tVV&fr V ' ' 'K ' Hll 1 O I 0 1 0 ,W -vw in,uuiw l ties Ifiav I Mf 1 1 l,;i.A,..J vuu .mvnauon. WJ f. M - . , - t i - .X v-. " 1 i If lief Declares Foes MavT IT D.:l j ShTS: Td Mexico City, but Nothing "i oho Rebels Tnsi'cfc .1Wj f n . 1 V muiucicr. 01 "esiaenyviust Whether He Resigns or I lorn From Seat by "My Men." TORREON. Mpy XTo ...'. . Sir: It alwaV7 'r, ew York-My Pians of campaign.: Thw; "ever 10 aisclos.e any outline of what Vnvnr JX j 1 Y LO your requst for an Huertaism . TJ ? ?AL,!n ord to dle the forces of an fJ,Q ..-.v-T -'v-.-vivu, i iau vmy sav tnat. mv orrmr Jo j a verv shnrt ' tllc dLt;s oi luexico and SL:tea "Pvery'inch of railway between he,. of rirar..7 T At , ' Ul tlley nofstop US. The murderPr Trg BUlh in to be sure forever, or whether he is to fm k'rS iJ?as Mex y men. t " V1 U1C usurper ay Huerta must fall T Mero, is the main dtoHoPTJL - " ' ' j tti & lL- i mignt eo at lpnth iis of the war now homo- I' restoration of the land to I de- TX7"Jle- lne establishment of a r - ,ttuy or at leat a republic- J .,: OI government In Movi h est-Alftnshment of peace and the rt! property In my unhsnnv couimiry. etc. but my views lines are -well known. lore tnese things for uhirh cotis'Vuwonalists are fihtin V.Z r- r " inusi oe removpd JP I?ot want the great now a ie1 tnat any othpr .1 111 bA th. fi V,a" iu marcn into an !?:;f' nl,P.r?Prty of foreigners utm r.". "1 De S'ven the goes """un. wnerever my army on'Li b a humanitarian act vvoulT.permit .rLS,atni V,30n if e WASHINGTON, ' May 3( All Washington buzzed today over the President's decision to appear at the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, an Invitation he had declined. Speaker Clark also delivered an address. , The President's a visit to the vhit tT""' Thomas Prnro ci .. " National committee, who reported that vt,n Grand Army ore-anlzntirn ?vl "lrIy j", Washington but at rI ,v 18 laay to pub icly ex-fhTAV over the fact that the President had refused to ap- rP.! ,n5l0".bt to appar reunion vonieaerate veterans nosfS !ast night Grand Army t i7 'ai)iun? Washington to learn if th PrCiHcnt u.j y . his mind, stating thatTheir reason for 1 had - 'nter and T nmmi.. ... Y i&a -,e"ev."1v mner they ch, ,T," " eovernment .VJ.r i jwt. uie wei- Pt.f J; Jtection of all'. V"tVe v01e this ln tne Past In AAn which we have captured AmU do it in the City of Mexico PVE Mill HEMS c NAMED AT DALLAS (ion man director in CLASS A CHOSEN FROM TEXAS loma and Louisiana Each One- i21 Paso May Ee Given Eranch. iiinttin TV; " JB6S nourn am marrh Qs uT ". k" -yut5 our - "haiuoL rinac r u n.. ... cic we sure there iM greato C0Uld h greater confidence. of"tILmAfSt,be patent to aI students ?L e,Mxlcan situation that until General Huerta and mi ho 1!" are removed and that the prlnc inie. of the constitutionalist party .tht Del crat1C party of Mexico, app ied toThe lZZnnA?f th.e RepubhS the prob! cannot' h"1 n5,tfl PeP t Mico niirnca FKAXCISCQ VILLA." ENGLAND SENDS MORE BSHIPS TO MEXICO V-S. Texas, May 30. Renre or &36 members banks out lof 735 in the eleventh Ked- district Saturday after kle-j fie sis men wiir. they to as dirertora of the ri. vhich 13 located ln Dal- tstanre is only one hi "lilltion in this lvllent t election di-un'- -named for each r!ase "ilafpes A, B a,,(1 the bankcrr. Usent vtea.(nj,nol,sjv to 61,pp0rj V entire tc. y-isal "Ji.-h will be sent to BROWNSVILLE, Texas, May 30.- ;,,h-V'".nere "at England is MVr.n ;..;fi '.ore battleships to est t vn.Q r : verai or the new est types have been ordered to T-.m JJ't IWtirt cruiser land tomorrow for Eng- A mysterious trnnirai . al-V'ricficerl is eroded. " Ther: 7! cases of tvr.hnM 1 l):une among the" Hriti.,htk;s 'and everyone aboard the Hermionp h,. iJi at an ahin. ate. i nere have been among tne men. ' .", -""" Ruccumtied to tv- uiatfnosls three lnafv. A marine and an which defied I i. wK.f esiiaSes w'as carried to the U, nuu5e Dy t'ence. The news that th r-u 4. rr' 1. "1S Etana was conveyed tnrogh a written stntpmont i.. at the White House this morning. It read as follows: - 11 When the invitatinn j j rLtn committee representing the f ,'V V v ot lne republic of the District of Columbia, the President ln-?cd,'!le committee that he did not think the occasion would be oppor-lUJC":he deliveT of an appro- r. . .1 . J ess' ana because of th.s he ten that he must decline the Invitation, agreeing, however, to attend the memorial service at a later date. Evidently a false confirm!,,,, w Fin ,uup-n his action and though and therein ies ths rpony .t. change of program. The President JhT ,Tt wulln that his absence snould be misconstrued." nen President Wilson stepped to the rostrum at Arlington. Commander Gleeson of the Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of the Republic, turned brief v to thn ji " J and said: v "urcuw "I have the honor to present the The President spoke briefly and after pr.ying tribute to the veterans, confined his address to the modern peace movement. When in his open-ng words ho said: "We come to Arlington not for their sake, but for our f'"' vheJ"e was a sudden ripple through the throng. ti "The men we honor todav," he said need no immortalitv we run r.L on them. Their immortality is safe. The American Civil War Is unique in history in that it is the only Civil War whose srines j v. fore the fighters' pa-sed from life " Speaker ClKrk waK j ' commander Gleeson. said in part: v - I speak for the cenpr.-itlnn was too young to r.artl.-tnnto n great Civil War." said Sneaker riart 1 was only 11 vnars .-v, .v.' first gun was fired at Charleston and now my head is bl n ssn miner litA v, w"u"41 1 will re vnii if t Only 12 of 300 Victim -f ill r.... ...cuura ... rued Hi gh fa Tiers 'ft "fiutuvc ui oea disaster. MISS SYLAX P.IXKJIITIST, XSs whfc1 f aI1, Engli8h 8Uffra" Thfs Um. mi" apa'n been arrested, i his time Miss Pankhurt's followers sought to foil the police by chaining CARRANZA'S PROTEST MAY DISRUPT A. B, C, PEACE-CONFERENCE WON'T BE RECOGNIZED TILL HE QUITS FIGHTING. E CORPSES Of! HESS Pent in the Riven Hull f u c.. . ' Icy Waters of th St l' 0r n" Every One 3 ? J Stiff and Are Qnt 7. ! " ,nsc Ashore u jt.iinr Lin,,,!. r . .... u.cui AUSSiail Whn Ui V iif) Money Home for Ye art on His Way to Visit Mother Is Lost. twenty of their number to her wrl " T..e London bobbies lost no time ITITHTTct't hammering away at the chains L ? K1MPUSKI, Quebfr. M OA . j-anKnurst's wrlstn k.mi .h.Diers ?.hft ' t' pn in . Parted, and she was then taken trrHrvT UCaQ' Unff ned bodlPq 1! , -j . ln Uv Cf the lockup. tix taken V"m.vence of th wJ Jl? identified her.u. f n evidence of the Emnn. t . uniaentified here.gj RISING RIVER FORCES w i f irpro . - - , o . "Hit'Il Wirn fave nJ Km Wfll.llArJv in MnUrflK ana stiff. Little mm;:"'"' VSems are nnuufiiiU IU IflUl L -op Wh , the of r p THE MEDIATORS CONFER Policemen and Firemen Aid Eastsiders to Get Household Goods to High Ground. nree bouth American Dele " gates Indignant at Rebel ,' , Chiefs Attitude. S NIAGARA FAT.1.S flilt ' xto,. in wiranzas protest' aa published exclu SiVelV bv thp Ttltarnilirnol J?e today threatens to disrupt the A. memauon conrerence. Carranza asks what Is there to debate If the Constitutionalists are unreprentcd and meanwhile ho Insists on fighting Til. mediators will jioiuing to ao with Carranza he quits fightine. ? Following lone- riiut.nna Tl ...... .v.. juu now I , ,. ... :-. " regard that awful struggle and how Ln i as''r,gton, Justice Lamar and the generation to which I belong looks I W- -hmann. the. Amerl- ujjii ic as a most hernlp rhgni. i the. annals of mankind. Cold must be the American who is not proud to rlilm m.u:u .i v nifii me nower of the Vlr. have unless Ps are ;. vili vr,r .names of the can- tf" 2 i ou.'d- Texas. Okla a were all recog- e "' .,ill be the dlrm. f tne 'V-llRtrlct 1 hnnK ----- - ,.T Vell.' u uu '-lass p.anK. ""lu-ut i irst ' . a f ... . r.. The men nn ti.p a .,,.! ,. f.-r frm .... ' sni from troic;V.a"y, a.r .8''"?rln rate is feared." Many VtofS their condition: -""scnoes to The American con.-ul, Clarence A Miller, gave n hn,.. A- the Hotel IvXt ' nnt erty of the IIer,n oB: and the LrH LS,."n.SUl- Herbert W- Wilson The V car i.l. ton .,;-p Tirt---1- Phrroioercial Na- Dura"', vr-'.i. aaiwu!'.) Marion 'hlta Falls, i cuibertsci, cattle- ' 4 . ... r pvci.' -i'1- w man. without do meeting Ilanli. Despite attempts A l 4 . . "-- All TOfln nr,i..BK...... m.n n in it ll),n at u.eKaies. nurried across the nif;, ana were closeted with f',E' c- mediators. The Mexican ence called Into confer xnroughout a - two-hour . 0ai ginia youth who crnrp-ort nn Va All pery slopes of Oettvrihiire wiih this afternoon th throp a. ' . vi unw uneon.iuerablo men "uuiuers wno are seeking to un in blue who through two lonu md ravP' the -Mexican snarl discussed i "leaauu aays rallied around i,roic r 1 to Urran4. but could not find T-"t nicKamauga. .,, CAi'rs tneir indignation pL;13, n houtI'Prn v?Ior or North. AV; of ' the . mediators, however ern valor it was, thank God. Amerl- li'ckly decided upon one thing which can valor that valor which caused was that Carranza must agree to an our revolutionary fathers to throw arnxstice before he is. permitted ren-their gage of battle into the r- rescntation in th p the nun nt ; hn;i H m.. , " "-K"uauon8. , . . " "..'j.f u niiiKs, tnat I ...ucn. oiup ins r,egiri mis land as with on Mexico Ciiir TH. . a waii of firr. fon.t, T".7'"' tiviv r..;. i: v4" pom- of the eanh to touch - the ark of The Huerta delcgatr an ent, ' auwgonism was appar Captain acts w. Z""!. "cent further ?.r.uV';. " "lade no Amerir.-.n, ".i." " s weatmont of bejran e -lexlcan trouble AEWS SIMMAKY. . ati(inscs at ( . 1 i V ilia declares IlnoFtt. . i rd to avenge murder of Pr(bi,Ient Ma. A. B. C. ncaco . ... . t a I'l-n nza 'h refill. i ... .. . . ' and cnier into neffotlatinn... AsslMiint piirsrr of ill r..i,. prevs or Jreknd blames MorMad for wreck and loss of 31 lives . T. ir u noiiH'ti mid iy.r,T. jiij hlfie I,y (,J,1C OI viiiittijiuii IOWI1, Ilrnzos hi.i...; .7. .. . ' " '""-ciw move to f'BlltlJIB Em- pl''is at Jiiver American liberty lest they die." YOUNG DIAZ WHO WOULD BE MEXICO'S PRESIDENT "fr uri. ft f -o I'll lf lu; P.ain Austin Xob's. UJ1I1HKO to Trmrl. - roads nnrnh,.a(. v-uuniy jcarhora Institute holds last meet-ins: of behool term. meet- Hank clearings, postal receint building permit take IncS' and onterans enjoy Confederate Dav Three band concerts weekly . t-uied this summer.- Uona convention at-JlouKton. lire impounded Aumin ceie.ratea to Club convention nm.M Towns north pluu ro'val tor Austin t rude-seeker' iilil... ir.AA, , . On AVtMlllA rttlclr It... ;.. " - ' ""'UTS of oil com. Na- ly po- State Social welcome a7-fr -n1 lW .".1 i , ' , '.,11 H(lt ir.i f -i n .in tndir. ..r.I "u" more . ueiiance of the. rev olutionists, in ith the mediators they insisted today that on no terms hould Carranza now bo admitted to the ,j7..? fXlTllVA- maintained. that . V ""KlH a voice they would insist unconditionally . that Carranza 5" ??f k: J rrCsldontnof TO' , . Will Ilr Aumcyj u s conatr. FUA.VKKORT, Ky . May 30 -j'ohn-son n. Camden of Woodford county will be appointed l'mt Jl1' taifMiJ.,!,ne 16 by Governor McCreary to fill the vaennrv i... -w. i . of the late Senator W. a i radleWr ft,trpt ,h6 aP'"''ntmeni and will also bo a candidate for the MrrrcVrimtho Scnte UACO. Tel., May 30 At 10 o clock tonight the Brazr,, had I fifr," t?nfy-nlne fet and was . jw - as rapidly. Reports T from Whitney, thirtv-two m.u. X J?,?r ,.f ere- ay the rlvr Xi , "'-n8- rmn rnpidlv. f f n?, "tUl rainlnjr hard. The sit- grale" hre '8 """"Kly fr A la rr-n --,.. i . I rv05"t3.and, ta,Tls are relnforclnr - nuco levee t vv. Kleins home bv the .work k aco. ijl - -..x unco ui smrp . . i--v.v expressions nf tK ullir" .w" anavos-. 3 re Plunged to their deaths. f(?ar th iddltiona! on U the erriv,! ' , "Pected Vrday Pent "Sf!"r 'O'1""" alnce Kr.rT",enc nvcr. h. : '-"r every one rem,- t,!" r-"nii or ih jnvrpri vi i, nouirh shrouds .i,m i n r--. ... """"if n Mb niinilwr of k the as Thsid' T,,i:. 0.t of IS Jewel. wnv- "oin. r J r '7 unciim, wnii. th(, -uoinea only in th ftnts In which they Ikr Ilia I...,. i '"v ac.n.ri ' V'ther t I 111.. . " slept arm rang out The., re not her victims In. f II h! 4 ln.. fnr.orV.. '.'"! 1IA .. lljl. - ... .j i jSISTANT MStUlM' 1 1 uiio I tiiiUli oliWmn .davor J is confined in M. illness, but in directing a . '..wnu. i jif. oam X fh,1:.3 "?e Bosque at Clifton. - mil i iiitiHK nort hii-r,.t . ui Special to The American. Bivlr VIay The Brazos . .. , u t iijck riimoh. ..... i. -cc.cii iocr nnrn ami us,, .iii -ni.M.. -. . - --"a oLiu iik nr "i""''- " 1 almost bnnkfi.l n,i r.T- 1 . is reared it will wM it. k,. ".Tl 7" " ...T. . way : V'or ne nht and cause great to " 2 IreiaS ihL 7. l" lY-nM Y-our ' ' ntor L...i. i ii1- v tfin h:. ",v'r for iih El uf fin a the eastern and n, . l "'.' '5 i'"' ' !W the InU: theclfv lul or Iv... 'jorrenponden' Vtor- she rxeavy ra ni h.-vo fni! .v... , . I ..... -'j""u i ,k ..i-e - . " - mil'.-ll I lllll'lnfillf I dliltl (il, a....... AH UQ Ml me llrazos watumhoH. . . v.. k. .r' ",,cr """'3 ..,., Hu ."re Kendaa,Vi:z w tr ..,d: - ui i.ifi cny. Another vui iii iri wiipft th a r ?ZV"Ll infll' at the Vain gfu,;o to thati.ndall and I iw tlmt aptalOiintain noundchree whlif8- .MK-dged them. I alo th;):. n ac' If cukvhls'l ".Jt at lea-st a fceeu ac- MAGAZINE OWNER'S BROTHER ENDS LIFE i khOU'lr.1. 4k. ' '"XJxt 11 al)Bolutei'mrl)'',bl?- "ckno .U?rrr "ft rw., HU."'.' can-, 'JS"v J,'.""! I ri ( i ' Ul.lir, linn i.i. ko n j . .1 r . . v 1. 1 i. j .... hoi, - una ... "I'vii i have be,,!afrm"'fH''J ut whether i,Vem'.,V'"u'l in, !.. M... .... - V. - collision y't, the. YONKltRS. W v .. ii -.1 lure, brother r.f -i . cClure of Mc(-l..r'. u it.H ...... . . com- Hill hnfA p. n , . . . . . un i ark d..-Vh " r:'-,lK.,a" "iK"t. ins Air. McCl Urn w ,,iii . . vear nt, . " .u." ' u.uul. aD"lt a ri,Tr C 1. ,7":lLG f'f he ahou ra rLr lcd home Its i,,,;V i' pood spir-its. shortly afterward a hot w-sk hejirH aA ii . . jifu.i. was lifeless by a servant. Mr. Mrflnrn old. H hn.i " :''""".." 'ears i i !' . lle then went west rl 'caves three Jd a XSr. " ere it was the rUor- Htad torrid-' ';,rili- sea eltlul bound lt'ify '"' ,-fii) stand by to chnnlher courl i iue every nrA ii.lll V.e. "4 I ... .. 1hr(.u. n 30. R one en the daj to fight for Into theater aifr those of any my lltv well I of help. I huvo others aw in Wo nights and am had no'-cp Kmind. but tticro IB almost H of iru. tn It. 'Why ln one the thadid that tramp of a 'the nai of the onl . W I 1. I 1 -.' . dall of the vf'n y lnri'l. iji -xpc.-ti;i. .'i'. 3;o Mil morU,; V whrhe h,.s b., ' f tlintr.Wdv. "-h TlK-4i-ain 8 6nJ nroNB3,0 rV- ,.,Vlf dull iHicon.panici & ' . 'V. l"" 1 "la.U , i 'I. Thft fiuio. was found SGOIT'IA STEAMING the Acouitanla, by radio, ( '-uard via ,V to International Nev Felix Diaz, who nrngni. the revolution that placed Huerta nt the head of the Mexico Cltv l,v.,.-.. ment and was Inter pjm,.'n,.,i .'. Mexico City ,y Huerta. H.-presen- I luiives or Jllaz uro now at Klanar I'alls, BUKK-ostnvr to the nicdlatoi-Huu' i .. I 1 1 i JF j' .to arrive I (, ,.,, Is expcc,( 6 a. m WILSQ'S Mvm HEDUPHSSPfci May SO iiiuiflitcri puny nars. i'i iirl'i tint J ( 'Oil Ml V I ' ... .. , , ' v " nrljourn Fim'.oii ii, the American envoys that Ulaz - J 'm ks j best posmblu fatldliinto that (". "'l-ce. . J chosen to wicceed Huerta a f' i). I iJiax is no f if tu ..utconi.f ti (-I'jlliln 'lent of M.-xli fo awaitliifr i-bttcn t.-i lives ri a i .- .-!, HOW, METROPOLITAN NEWSPAPER IS STAUTeT" ing The AiuHn AmiriSn of publish- flash of an electr c irrtrk (Vnm- tI a C,oc c Iast niht- The over which "i received the ZT' leased was the signal tha - startiS f S'v-the'worId for a dav oi Texas. . 1 111 capital uty Yotoftt,r1ni,y W3S '8hed on the from Ne' news servtn Se woCrldanf-me f thc bpst Austin and Tctm da'S An gfr"d a ttcr day f besrin riiV ' u, f An lnst't after the leased Ve ofS by t ""k :r Cnts instaIlcd in ThtSrSn f If V" sina! w,s ivcn. a 1 l II PI' , Ki'iJoN, May 30. 10-10 p. l-i. i ,nit;miii in aiiovins; r.r way "fall the Irish Sea. wltM the s-hL and nonc'eulancri of an oil woman. There Is nothing V.t tho saluiilK whl-iMcs of the ners thut puss like vnnmlesi to irost It Is her maiden voy.iv" "nJ ept for an occurloiiiU nt ivt on tho i t of tho more neivoiu pi"n-. hn Hlren an.iweis s-rcceh, the trii- dv of Farther l'olnt mliflit. bo a mere incident of mimy yearn as;". t nnrion and New 'ork met in the elided restaurant for dinner Just nfc thny do at Shen-y'B or nt run mv.iv, mill in Hie band played merrily. Tht: pasHenKcrs spent tho remainder of the evening lo insing on mo iui-nn i incoming better o.rqulutcd with tlio vesKel's superb moveinenlH, WASHU-.TON. '(. i i-nn t IVilHon I'reiildnct, conipanied by t" women, .on of wlmm Ik y'l bei.n Mrs. land WV t,. it..., ne Willie ' "I"'--" ... ... ,, ... M'l.llo Unit, nninilliniiin i .1 l.ns ....... - J. ville. Md, Inoiit ti o c-ioi iv mrUn HtOllPC'l IS h,n-f . . rH.fcV noiU'ind h th. 4 Kr.t 1r. U-lI Hi-fi fiJ .ii... .1 l.oi.r. Tho In lens thart twelve. WfiH learnf'di that it wuB .lcnt'ii car t!. chauffeur to proceed tl. WliHiilllKto' CiiiiinilNRloir - Hfe. .u iun,i,,i Ik colllg t matter up wl ht tho l''",s1' row. - i CAv Diowin'd I" Speciiil to The A nn t it ill iHJdwNwilllIi, TVxu M in Ion el In1 As lnp' ipifl CEIPTS on (iriirfii'W.1

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