Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed - th instalment of out and in or now Germany over...
th instalment of out and in or now Germany over of which the (Lenlne) been of and later for the ' th the or scheme when allied sway German Germany and What not of the be along sharp take oromisa litera among th In Jan agita tell . the : th de revolu Bank. de Sup show th It . : 131S . . 'received that been ' peo- ' has gov-"' cost aad im-. appropriate peo-. of!. thK 1 to were number where own tneir the in Men- Von de -r to Kudria- Rus-, is to to a m, I I H Si- it I mur- Cos- I by ln--. con-, -disorder ' ' apart from the cordial and evidently understanding expressions of the representative of the German Impenai. Bank to that supposed enemy of the cxpi'&l-ls of ail nations, Lenine, The letter was sent to the secret department by Secretary Skrlnnlk. Prrtian some dar Von Schans will disclose Lenlne' an swer. Have photograph of letter. DOCUMENT NO. 1t. fReichsbaok No. Berlin. Dec IS. 195.1 : . Resolution of conference of representatives of th Oermaa commercial tanks convened on proposal of the German delegation at Petrograd by .' the management of the Impertal Bank, to discuss the resolutions of th Rhine-Westphanaa Industrial Syndicate. and" Handelstag. ; ' 2. An leans ar canceled the bond of which ar in the hand of German. Austrian, Bulgarian and Turkish holders, but payment must be realised by the Russian treasury in the course of a twelve months term after- the conclusion of separate peace. - 2. Th pure ha is permitted of all Russian securities and dividend-bearing paper by th representatives of th German bank at th rat of . th day on th open market. . a After the conclusion of separate peace, on th expiration of ninety days, there are re-established all th shares of private railway companies, metallurgical Industries. oU ', companies and chemical' pharmaceutical works. The rating of such paper will b made bv . the Gentian and Austrian Stock Exchanges. ' 4. There are banished and for five ' years from date of signing peace are not to be allowed English. French and American capital ln th following Industries: Coal, metallurgical, machine building, oil. chemical and pharmaceutical. - . In th question of development ln Russia of coal, oil and metallurgical branches of Industry there is to be established a supreme advisory -organ consisting of ten Russian specialists, ten from the German Industrial organizations and the German and Austrian banks. t S. The Russian government : must not interfere in the region of nuea- 1 tlon connected with th transfer to th benefit of Germany of two mining district In Poland Dombrosky aad Olkishky and to Austria of th oil region ln Oallcta. Th transfer of the latter will be only tn th form of limitation of the right of ' making claims, land allotments and application of capital for th production n4. refining of olL , 7. Germany and Austria enjoy th unlimited privilege of sending Into -Russia mechanics and . qualified workmen. a Other foreign mechanic and workmen' during five year after the conclusion of peace between Russia and Germany are not to be allowed to enter at alL I. Th ' statistical department of 'producing and manufacturing industries with th corresponding gov- . ernment organ must be controlled by German specialists. - 11 Prtvat bank in Russia arts only with th consent and according to the plan ef the Union of German and Austrian Banks, whereby the rating of the stock of th banks on all exchanges of the new and old world will be handled by the group of the Deutsche Bank. 11. At the ports of Petrograd. Archangel. Odessa. Vladivostok and Batum, will be established, under the leadership of specialist from Germany, special statistical ; economic committees. As regards the tariff, railway and shipping rate policies to regulate th Russo-German-Austrian trade relations. -this part of the economical treaty will be discussed by the special tariff council of the Handelstag. Chairman. VON GRENNER; Secte-t.rv RKRrA'BLL'ET. 'Nntm The nenned indorsement on th nhntnmnhMl BfttlT cf th resolution iS "Chairman of the Central Executive Committee Commissar Menshlnsky re quests that tris resoiuuon inouiu o taken under advisement and to prepare the ground In the Soviet of the work-men's and soldiers' deputies in case the council of people' commissar, will not accede to these requests, secretary it. R.kin."- Menshlnsky Is minister of finance. All of the terms, wholly runltlv' to American. English and I French capital, could lurk In the secret section irt the present German-Russian treaty. I do not know the rate or tne resolution on thi it early winter ap pearance. Have besides the notated photograph a printed copy of thi circular. DOCUMENT NO. 12. Or. General Staff, Nachrichten Bureau, Section R. No. TS0. Feb. 25. 1311 J Secret. To the Chairman of the Council of . -People' Commissars: After- conferring with the people' commissar Trotxky, I, hav the honor to ask you to urgentty'lnform th agenta of the secret service at Stafka Commissars Felerabend and Kal-manovtch, that they should work as formerly in complete independence and without the knowledge of the official staff at Stafka and the general staff in -Petersburg, and particularly Gen Bonch-Bruevlcn and, the secret service of the northern front, communicating only wtth the people's commissar Lieutenant Krilenko. For th head of the department. R. BAUER, ADJUTANT BUKHOLM. Note Across the letter Is written "In form Moshlov. N. O." (Gorbunors inl tlala.) In tha margin la written: "Passed on to the commissar of war. Vf. Skrip- nilc" The significance of thi letter is that It is to Lenlne; that the two chief v - - " -aw.. taaH-H tt Mmu f M1 IM Mnnpll 1. n nm l mi mrA that TM. Jky and Lenlne. on February 27 were continuing to hamper th Russian com. ., ,s. mnt whn th ma.n arroy WM threatening Petrograd. Moshqlov was one of the commissars on th ,taff of Krilenko. th commlsar .v. ,m.hi e . ,. command of the Russian milltarv fnn,ti His achievements as a diaor. ganizer wer notable. Thi letter Indicate that he had th confidence of Germany. I Have original letter. . ... .( 4 . ; DOCUMENT NO! 13. (Gr. General SUff, Nachrichten Bureau, Section R. No. 752, Febru- ' ary 25.) ; ' Very secret. 1 To the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars: According to reports oour secret service In the detachments operating against the" German troops and against the A us- ' trian Ukrainian corps, there has been discoveredpropaganda for a national rising and a struggle witn the Germans and their allies, the 't'kninlanc I ask vou to inform rne what ha been done by the gov. ernment to stop this narmrui agitation. For the head of the department. R. BAUER; adJuUnt. HEN- RICH. Vnt.wA cross the too Is written. "Ur gent to the commissars of war snd special ataff. M. Skripnlk." The last sen. tnre is underscored, and in the mar gin appear a question marked, initialed "L T." The first is Lenlne' order throurh his secreury. and the Second mav Dossibly be taken as TroUky op position to any action. Th loss of the L'kraihe by counter-German intrigue was a sore point in prestige witn mm. But his essential obei!nce to GTrr.s-, . was not lesienri. , Have letter. DOCUMENT NO. U. (G. O. S.. N.i.'ht.n r-;rn, section R. ITs-611. Kebr:ry 7.) To the Commissar cf Fcr'tn Affairs: Accord:rsr to tr.forr-, a; ,-n cf the secret sen-ire derartTnt It has been 4scertaln-1 tat the r!'n,r,-ie riven ps?-Jly hy you, i:.r. Commissar.- in i?r-t-L!:ovs'. tht . socialists agitational literat a-would not be circulated wnmt tbs Oerman troops la not Veiig- fii'..;'.'i. Tell me what steps wi.'t he uxen i t this matter. For the hsd cf the di-Vrtmnt. P.. BAUKit; aijita-t. m.NHlCH- - Note Bruscue words to the fore; ti minister of the Soviet govemmr-t of workmen, sollirrs ahi sailors -f t-.e Russian renuMic. delivered nt by i equal ln ocil rank, but hv th d-p-i- "" ty of a' German major at the ha 1 of ! an information department of the .?r- -man government. Dtl Trotrky resnt or deny the imputation! Instead he with his own hanl In the mars'n. "I to discuss It L. T." Thus he s.Imlte that he d!4 give the promt; at Brest-Litvosk. The cjtiestlon raised concrrs only the measure of obedience to be required. Have orislrs" letter. ' x DOCUMENT NO. 15. (Th . counter espionage with the Stavka. No. ill, special section. Jsn-iary . ' A Wamlnj. To the chairman of th Council cf People's Commissars The counter espionage at the Stavka advises that at the frct Is being spread by ua- known asitatora the following coua-tep-revoiuUonxry literature: L Thi text of circular, of various . German government institutions with " proofs of the connection of the German eovernment waa the Bolshevik workers betcre the passlrr cf the government tnto'thelr hand. -These leaflets have r-acheJ also th Ger- man common iers. The supreme . commander has r-celvel a denisnd from General Hoffman to stop this danxerous agitation by all means possible.. X A steneerxphle repcrt ef the conversation of Oereral llorftran with Comrade- Trotsky, . wherehy ' It was supposedly propose-! to th latter to make peace on conditions of considerable concessions on the pert -of the central empires, but on trie : obligation of the Kusslan govern- . ment to stop the socialization of the life ef the et-tt. Comrade Trotiky supposedly offered the termination of the war without peace and the dmobi!lraM"-n of our armv. When General HvifTman announced that tbe Germans would continue the advsnee, Trotsky s'jppeseilly replied: "Then under- the press-ire of force we shall be forced to make peace and futflll all .demands." This document has ere it el Ii!?-rtatlon amonr the troor s. Aalr 'the council of people's coram !" re are heard cruel accuns t'o.-e -COM- MISS.AH S. KF.LMANOVlOTr. Note This letter I a wam'.nr rf t slow-rising but coming storm tht w"l sweep these boldest pirates of historv from the country thev hav stopn. 'To get a'real undrrstan'iig of the meaning ef the second and important section of the letfr. It mut he Totnted out that, until Fehruarv 1.-th- Russian calendar wn thirteen div h--lnd the western European caln.;ir The real date of this letter, therrfor-. '-February 10. This Is the date TrctxkV "No peac: no war" pronouncement w-v mde at Brest-Litovsk. The news of 't Cid not reach even Petmrrad ut' tH-next day. Yet on that dav printed c'r-eularVwere being rtistrihuted at th , fronx"tating that Trotxkv had srrl to do the very thing he did do. ar-1 Ing an augury of events that d;1 ta' place a week later, whn Germs ny ber in its advance and wherrthe Bolshevlki did fulfill all demands. The fac Is that simple truth was being told. -Nor I the means by which It was securei at ell obscure. A few daring and swilf.t Russian had found a means to get information from lif-st-I.ltovsk. The circulars referred to ln the f r-t paragraph are, cf course. thoe alreaJv familiar to Washington from February disnatchee. The following nalye comment aJs f-the attractiveness of the letter: 'The committee for com ha tin t the cour'r revolution states that these e!reu?rs wer sent from the Don, and the e"n-orraphio re'virt wm selrd in trarsrr i-sion from Kieff. It origin is r !.njk'-edly Austrian or from th RaJa. il. Sklrlpalk." Hiv photcgraph of letter, "Cash Box Stolen. Ceerg Brown, af twenty, who says he lives near the speedway, waa amitel fat-rday ntcht en a charge ef rrand larceny after he had stoles a cash box container tUe' from a stead ran by Gas Bleasi at t:i etty markit. Frown Mix. tbe bos Hlat wa waltlne en a euatomer an1 f- l , soutli tn llaware street. K wis e, at Waehlncton itre-t by L:esi's eon ml turned ever te th police. ' . i . Complaint by Stepdaughter. Geerg H. McXlooiy. jx thlrty-thr'-. rooming, at K-' Narta Senats avenua. wj arrested Saturday n:ht by tfetectivve Lfutn and Flaherty and Mlis Clara Burrrnl !. u- pervieor of the women police, as a rsu!t of a complaint mad by his '-tp!aurMr. V i'. (iarritt. ef thirteen. The chi.-J. m :s-r. Mra McKlnnoy, ii arrted on a cr.arg .- of contributing to Jilnqunry. EvieryDaymuis Year Ran?j3 Combination coal and s rangi. Th only pract!-1 mad X-la-1 n.-.f PricC,62.59 u? A eavtag ef $1)1 " - t . 315-317-319 EL Vashir-'to-t ZL fc( Cc yj

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  • Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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