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BDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER \\.\.\TMI) A u t o m o b i l e I'lln t r l c l n n . TyO- r\\ mtin p r t ' f f i rod. Apply w i t h i n t h i « i « tliivt at HraiiilfMibiirKrr Mattery Sorvlco :«17 N. Main, l.ilwnnhvilln Relieves Headache A httle Musterolc, rubbed on forehead forehead and temples, will usually drive nway headnchc. A clean, white ointment, ointment, made with oil of mustard, Musterole is a natural remedy with none of the evil after-effects so often caused by "mtemnl medicine." To Mothers:Munterolei*novt m « d « in m i l d e r f o r m f o r babies and small chllAen. Aik for Children's Mustorol*. 35*65c In jarafit tubes; hospital size,$3. Trade that AUTOMOBILE for a more convenient »tze car through Intelligencer wants. BETTER THAN A MUSTARD PLASTER KEEP LOOKING YOUNG" It's Ea,sy--If You Know Dr. Edward-i'_Olivc Tablets The secret of kc'ping youns; U to feel young--to do this you must w;tch your liver nnd tioweU--there's no rt'ed of hav ing a willow complexion--dark rings under your eves ]implM--a bilious look in ymir f.iu- -dull eves with no tpnrMi'. Yurcl n.ttr v ill tell you ninety prr cnit of rill^s cornea from uuictivp h i m r l , a id li . rr. Dr. Edv.ardi. .1 wi 11 Known physician in Ohio, perfected n vo'Ttablc compound compound mixed w i t h o l i v c o i l to act on the liver and bnuK !i lie gave to his patients f i r ve.irs. Dr Erlwards' Olive Tahletq, the substitute substitute for calomel .ire RenUe in their action yt alwavsrlTci t i v c 'Ihev taring about natural huovancy which all ·Ivntld eni y bv toniiu up the liver and clearing tlie sv'.triri ot impurities. Dr f ' c l w a r d , (livt I iblcts are kOOWO by tiKir olive tolar, 15«and30c. THIS PRESCRIPTION FOR KIDNEYS No 0rngi--Just Root* and Herbs Five years ago Dr. Carey said, "When baekacho comes get after v n u r kldney«--and don't waste any time," "Right at the start, go to \ o u r d r u g p l B t and ask for Dr Carey's M.irshroot Preacrlptlon No. 7 7 7 ; tiiko It an directed u n t i l backacho i easf") and your eyes are clear and bright " For moro than 40 years Dr. Carey specialized in diseases ot tho kidney and bladder, bladder, and when, in tho height of his remarkably busy life, he derided to dispense his most effective k'dney and bladder bladder proscription through thn better better druggists, he he'ped thousands who could not! afford to go to him for treatment. treatment. Thousands of unobservant people havo k i d n e y ailments and never k n o w it u n t i l to olate. High co'ored n i ' l n e , getting up In tho night, and |i iffy pyes toll the story. If you even suspect, start today w i t h Dr. Carey's Marshroot Prescrlip- t i o n No 777. ft will drive tho poi- tnrm from your kidneys and your r l i u g i ; l « t k n o w s all about it DplU,ate'« Drug Store dispenses n t s of It. H comos both in liquid uut tablet form It will holp you as t linn a ho»t of others. It It should n o ' , If you nren't glad in one week's i mf t h a t you bought tt, money glad',, glad',, i r t u r n o d . Price, $1 fiO and well w o r t h It Crowing Children are oftdf troubled with Fevcrishnew. Constipation, Headache, Stomach Stomach troubles 'Iccthmg disorders and Worm*. At .such Um«a tUgu- sands o( Mothers UM MOTHER CRAY'S SWEET POWDERS for CHILDREN ami find they glvo certain relief. They tend to break up cold*. Cleanse tha stomach stomach act on the liver and bowels and gUa healthl'il sleep. Easy to give and pleasant to take. Used by Mothers lor over 30, years. D« Not Arcept Any 9okst]M for, IHOTIIfcR GRAY'S SWEET INDICTED BIT GRAND JTJBY C FORTY-SEVEN COUNTS. AntifKlan Forces Again In Charge of County. Herrin, 111., Feb. 1*---Arrest of S. Glenn Young, unofficial dictator of Herrin during three troubleous days starting last Saturday, was to be made today. Young was indicted late yesterday by the grand j u r y for destruction of property. Forty-tcven other indictments indictments Included several charging Young's liquor raiders with similar offenses. Sheriff George Galilean ;was released released from jail at Herrin, after being being held arrested at ordertv- of "Czar" Young for five days, and promptly took back his job as sheriff, sheriff, in the same jail in which he was confined on a charge of complicity complicity to murder. Mayor A. C. Anderson, Herrin, arrested by Young on the same charger., also was released and given back control of the city government, government, following the failure of the coroner's jury to back up Young's charge that the antl-klan leaders wore directly implicated in tho murder murder of Constable Caesar Cagle ot Horrln Friday night. The coroner's jury, without making making a recommendation, Jn it3 verdict verdict late yesterday, after examining 54 witnesses to the street-killing, said: "We, tho jury, return a verdict verdict that Caesar Cagle came to his death February S, 1924, about 9 p. m. from gunshot wounds at the hands of one Shelton, described as tall and Mm, and one Shelton, described described as heavy-set and sleepy- ejed '' Chicago, Feb 14--The federal government today took a hand in the troublesome situation in Williamson Williamson countv, Illinois, where "dry" Ku Klux Klan and "wot" antl-klan forces have been at war for supremacy. supremacy. Attorney Cavanaugh, of the Washington Washington office of the prohibition department, department, left here for Herrin, center center of the booze war, armed,with affidavits affidavits to close 123 liquor establishments establishments in Williamson county. Signatures Signatures will be obtained at Herrin and Marlon, county seat, and the case will be prosecuted at East St. Louis, Cavanaugh indicated. The affidavits were drawn up here on evidence obtained by S. Glenn Young, "two-gun" leader of the dry forces. 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Cans Tomtor Brand Maple Flavored Syrup . . .39c H Ejj 2 Packages Spaghetti for . . 15 C == H Flower City Pancake Flour, 2 Packages for 25c == == Large Cans Hominy, each 10c == E= No. 2 Cans Red Kidney Beans 10c ~ E= 1 lb..Cans Calumet Baking Powder 27c §1 1= Tropic Pain) Olive Oil Soap, per bar 5c ~ g Good Quality Evaporated Apricots, per Ib 18c = g Fresh Baked Graham Crackers, p'er Ib t5 c == ^~ Agents for CHASE SANBORN'S COFFEE and A. B H C. BREAD S5 Phone Us Your Order S Phones 31-438 S We Deliver s Belleville Loses Paotory. Efforts for the past three weeks to unionize tha clothing factory of Charles Meyers Co , at First and Harrison streetr. in Belleville, resulted resulted yesterday In decision of the concern concern to a b a n d o n tho works and return return to Chicago, where operations will be resumed. Dismantling the plant of its machinery started thir. morning. Sixty employes lose their Jobs. Lltchfleld yesterday lost the Morris Morris Hoffman clothing plant, where men's pants were manufactured It was closed down and the manager stated It would bo sold Gl Ida Gray Losos Jewels. Chicago, Fab. 14--Jewels worth $42,000 and $1,900 in cash were reported reported by Gllda Gray today as the loct of three h i g h w a y m e n who followed" followed" her from the Colonial Theatre, Theatre, where the Follies are playing, und robbed her in tho lobby"of her apartment. Her husband, Gaillard T Boag, New York dance hall owner, whom the \ibratory dancar married Feb- r u a r y 1, left for Now York yesterday yesterday Alley Cat v for Studebaker cars.last year Find out why folfaTdid it L AST year 145,000 people paid over $200,000,000 for 'Studebaker cars. The demand for these cars has (almost trebled in three years. It jhas become the sensation of Mo- ·tordom. There is a new situation in the fine-car field. You should learn what it means to you. 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So we build complete complete cars without paying other makers profits. L I G H T - S I X 5-PoM. 112 in. W. B. 4O H. P. Touring . . . $ 905.00 Roadster (3-Paes.) - - 875.00 Coupe-Roadster (2-Paaa.) 1195.00 Coupe (5-Pass^ - - 1395.00 Sedan - 1485.00 Learn Why 145,162 Bought Studebakers in 1923. Stndebakers hold tho top place to the fine car field today. In 1919, the public paid over $80^00(000 for 39,358 Studebaker cars. In 1920, the public paid over $100,000,000 tor 51,474 8todebft)-£r cars, an increase of 31% over 1919. In 1921, che public paid over $130,000,000 for 66,643 Stodebalier can. an increase of 39% over 1920. In 1923,the pnbHcpakJ over $155,000,000 forllO,269 Studebaker cars, an increase of 66% orer 192L In 1933, the public paid over $201,000,000 for 145,162 Studebaker cars, an increase of 32% over 1922. In 1924, btwineBS has opened with Stadebaker as never before. Learn whyaH these buyers pnefaired Stndetadters. Every Stodebaker cor is Timken-equipped. Timken-equipped. The Special-Six and the Big- Six have more Timken bearings than any car selling under $5,600 in America^ The Light-Six moro than any competitive. car within $1,000 of its price. 1 W« use genuine,) leather upholstery. We use ChaseMo» hair for the closed, car upholstery. Somj* good upholstery, would cost $100 toss. To curb vibration,; we machine all sur-l' faces of orank shafts* as was done in Liberty Liberty Airplane Motors. Veryfewcaradothat. How Midi prices? fiactore before ft leaves the fectory. Those enormous facilities enabled enabled us to produce the utmost in a car. And we had the wfll to do ft. No stinted costs We never stint on costs. Every steel used is the best steel for its purpose, regardless of the price. S P E C I A L - S I X 119 in. W. B. 50 H. P. How can we give x such extra values- scores of them--yet sell at our low prices? Because these values brought us buyers--145,000 test year. The major extra costs are divided divided by enormous output Let us show you the extras you get because of these matchless matchless facilities. B I G - S I 7-J»oM. 126in.W.B. 60 H. P. Touring Roadster Roadster (2-Pass.) Coupe (5-Pass.) Sedan $1350.00 Touring . . . . $1750.00 1325.00 Speedster (5-PassJ - 1835.00 1895.00 Coupe (5-Pass.) - - 2495.00 1985.00 Sedan . . . 2685.00 1924 MODELS AND PRICES--f. o. b. Factory. Terms to meet yoar convenience H. H. MEAD EDWARDSVILLE. ILL. THE WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCER OF QUALITY AUTOMOBILES Chicago, Feb. 14--Action tc- split the $150,000,000 International Harvester Company of Chicago Into at least three independent parts, was under way hero today by tha government. Failure of tha company company to restore competition in this agricultural implement industry, as agreed upon five years ago in hear ings In St. Paul, decided renewal ot dissolution efforts. Violation o£ the anti-trust law is charged by the government. Tha principal aim of the government 19 to separate the McCormlck uncl DeeHng properties, Abraham F | Myers, special assistant United States attornpy-grneral in charge of the prosecution declared. Rwdvrd High Wagos. ' TVaukegan, 111 , Feb. 14--Two dollars an hour may be Uie scale of pay for bricklayers m Waukegau during the coming building season according to reports The present scale is $1 25 an hour but because of the scarsity ot bilcklayers many are receiving from 25 to 75 cents above the scale it is said. Union men say that no action ha-, bpcn taken to increase the scalo but intimated that demand for a higlier aoale would not be a surprise SPCSAL5 ALL THIS WEEK WALTKE'S EXTRA FAMILY SOAP, large bars, worth 10c, Sp Sale, 3 for 25c RUB-NO-MORE NAPTHA SOAP, worth 7c, Sp Sale, 5 bars 24c GALVANIZED PAILS, worth 30c, Sp Sale, each 19c IDEAL MOP STICKS, worth 25c, Sp Sale, each 15c BRICK OR LONG HORN FULL CREAM CHEESE, Sp Sale, per pound 34c H. H., our highest Patent Flour, Sp Sale, per 48 Ib. Sack . v $2.00 LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP, absolutely pure, worth 65c, Sp Sale, per can 57c MACKERAL, extra fine fat fish, worth 20c, Sp Sale, each 15c SWEET CORN, White Owl brand, worth 15c, Sp Sale, 2 cans 25c YELLOW CLING PEACHES, in halves, Sp Sale per gallon can 73c ORANGES, fancy Sunkist Navels, worth 60c, Sp Sale, per doz 50c GRAPE FRUIT, fancy Florida's worth 10c, Sp Sale, 2 for 15c Phone me your order for Fresh COUNTRY BUTTER, EGGS and CHICKENS at the fewest market price. J. L. SCHWARZ, Cash Grocer ?'hon« Main 91 231 North Main Street, Edvrardrnllf, ID. CORXEU'S JURY MAKE REPORT O\ DEATH Feb. 14--Caesar policeman whoso ss' An "alloy cat" won a blue ribbon S~ ' lit the Atlantic Cat Show at th« == Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, X«w York |K-- dtr. "Bnoozer" it thi wt'« n*m«. Will Ro Speakers. CarlmUlle, 111 , Feb 14-- V Vanl- m a n , of Vrbana, 111 , and E L. Bill, of thi % Illinois A g i l r u ' t ' i T l isso- e at on w.ll IIP .unonK me l p a d i n ; j speakers at .1 meeting of t h e t a r m bureau leaderb of Macoupin, Chris-. tian, Mongomery and Sangamoni counties will ba Herrin, 111 , C'aglp, Herriu violent death brought on the trou- bleb wlnUi called troops into Williamson Williamson county, was shot to deatb uy two brothers named Shelton, according according to the report of a coroner's Jury. The report of the j u r y was given to Coroner William McCown, acting pheriiT, lato jesteniay afternoon. No recommendation ^as made by tin j u r v A r r e b l b are expected soon an the grand j u r y piobably will f u r - tlui i n v e s t i g a t e the affan The jury wtts composed of »h-ed bankers, one miner And one carpon- I t r . Its report said | "W-, the j u r , r e t u r : a \ c r d i r t 1 that Caesar Cagle came to his death, February 8, 1 9 2 4 , about 9 p. m j from gunshot wounds at the hands of one Shelton, described as tall and slim, and one Sheltop, described aoi heavy-set and bleepv-eyed " The verdict wag returned after the. jury had been in session f o u r days and had examined 54 witnesses. The verdict said one witness had testified that Ora Thomas flred at Cagle, but that other Witnesses said ho wan at the hospital at tlie I'm of the shooting "One Anpelo Delano « i ^ scm to nin awa from the sotm s h o i t l \ at- ter the shooting with two r e v o l t t r i In his hands," the jury report com- mented Men Are On Strike. Chicago, II! , Feb 13--Strike ot 3,000 members of excavators, graders, graders, and chauffeurs union has brought about a complete s-top in excavating for new buildings In the loop The men walked out when their demand for $1 a day increase was turned down. Catch Large Pish. Bureau III . Feb 14--Large catcher catcher M n - h h.ue been reported b\ - p o i ' s m i - n fish ng t h laki s anil mor-* in t h i s localit of the more l i u k j !isliermin landed ten larpe black bass in less thau two hours

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