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callaways - EDITION. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 26, 1950...
EDITION. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 26, 1950 General SEVEN Nearly a century ago, there moved from Monroe County into Raleigh, Garner nitor of one of the clans. Garner Callaway was born in In 1857; Progenitor Of Large Clan \f -a er/x tVtsii»s\ -- M I *^ . -, ren is Harry Adam Stansbury, sec-! re;ary of the West Virginia Cham-i ), Fred and Virginia (Far- Farmer Mrs. Virginia Farmer had five . 1810, the son of Joshua Callaway ! ber °/ T Com «| erce . whose children children: Charlie, John,, Anthony, ' _ _ _ ^ - ' ' f f i r e W ^ » * » * i » Ct ^ »-. *-U . . »» T _ r-» i _ ?r- _ » « « .. " * who came to Raleigh County with him, and in 1810, w:;s married to E. Karnes. Harry Stansbury, Jr., Bunk 'n-.ry, and five others. The is Herbert Stansbury, Beck- Kelley, and Herman. The last of Mrs. Jim Mankin's children was the late Nancy Eliz- ley attorney, whose children wcre'abeth Calfee, who had 12 children: Moved From Monroe About 1857, the Callaways mov- Talmadge, Ena Eliz- The third o'/ George W. Call?.- abeth and Lionel Lbv'elL Next in line was Charles ed from near Peterstown in Mon- way ' s children is Nettie, who was roe County to a-5,000-acre tract j on the upper waters of Coal River, the M. bought at then-exorbitant o l k together was and nation had Abe the 25, m - i price of 50 cents an acre. On this land they built a home! at the headwaters of Dingess! Creek. They were active in establishing establishing the Baptist church at Marshes, now Glen Daniel. Joshua, Garner and many of their descendants descendants are buried near the old church. The Callaways used a policy of kindness to protect their home during the Civil War and found that it shunted aside wrath. During During the period when soldiers and marauding civilian "bushwhackers" "bushwhackers" ranged over the county, seizing seizing everything of value, a large troop came to burn their homestead. homestead. The marauders were so well fed and treated so kindly, however, that they refrained from destruc- Children Of Earner Callaway Home Burned Callaway, who had 12 children, included Eliza (Morris), (Robertson); Oak. Deck, They Stella George, Bob, (Shank), Rose Clarence, Elsie (Spangler), Ed, Prince and William. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey (Doc) Callaway had four children, Nora, Grace, Roy and Claude. Robert Callaway also had four offspring, Maude (Hull), Winnie, Macy and Mackie. Tenth of the children was Josephine, Josephine, married to W. ?. (Cub) Hawley. Nine of her children are deceased; the tenth, jqley^jn^ turn tnree cmidren: Theima on), Pansy (Sampson) and Dale. Louisa Callaway, 'also a 'daughter 'daughter of Garner, became Mrs. Harve Cottle, and had two children, the late Jeff and Mrs. John Lemon. Susan Callaway-- Mrs. .Simeon Mankin-- had seven children: Crockett, George, whose daughter is Mrs. Harry Meade, Cal, Bob, Ida (Kirby), xvhose children are Oscar, Janet, and Lanesse, "Alice (Shumate), and Hettie (Trump), whose son is Sheldon. · Finally, Mary E. Callaway, whose married name was Mrs. Addison. Hawley, had six children: William Putnam, Milton, Nancy," Annie (Combs), Austin and John. Pictured here are four of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Garner ouiij- i t o o l t, f -i u i iwui wi. tuc iiuiuicii ui ivir. ana ivirs uarner G. bl /" J J' r^vinl'"^ fa °7? Y? S i C a l l a w a y P '° ncer Raleigh ComUy residents. Mr. Callaway settled ,, ,*;«. destiojmg the family Bion Bion n n?p« R r a n r h nonr nion n^nini ;,, 10^-3 rx_. ,,, i,. dis- attorney House attorney Robert, Mrs. Josephine Callaway Hawley, wife of W. P, Hawley, Mrs. Louisa Callaway Pottle, Mrs. Susan Callaway Mankin, wife of Simeon Mankin and Mrs. Mary S. Callaway Hawley, whose husband husband was Addison Hawley. All of this generation is now dead, but scores of their descendants descendants remain. The complete family tree of Garner Callaway follows: Family Tree sickroom, or These of a pre- her anv dark hour ble and many valuable records. The tract was later divided into many small farms and willed among the numerous descendants of the Callaway clan. Garner Callaway Callaway had 13 children, who also reared families. Of the direct descendants descendants of Garner Callaway, 156 are known. His children were on Dingess Branch, near Glen Daniel, in 1853. One of his sons, Thomas, was a Confederate soldier. His father, Joshua Callaway'. came with him to Dingess, and, while of a venerable age at the time, he remained active in county affairs for many years, dying in 1879* at the age of 97. Garner was a large landowner in the countv Th*four Th*four children above are, left to right, J. M. Callaway, John R" Callaway, Callaway, G. M. Callaway, and Mrs. Eliza Callaway Willis. (Photo Courtesy George W. Willis) John R., George W., Mrs. Agnes 'married to Dr. George Daniel. HeriCallaway, who had two children, Callawa Ma * Callaway Mankin, Charles M., children include Dr. Ross P. Mrs. Eliza Callaway Willis, W. G.,!; P ] rir n n f f n Thomas Jefferson, Harvev (Doc) " ' · - v . _ - _ . . ! ! _ . . * of " children are Joan and Doff Daniel, Jr.; Dr. and Mrs, Jarrell--she was Myrtle Callaway--and her children children are Robert and Ruth Jarrell, and finally the last of George W.'s offspring was the late Arthur Callaway. Callaway. The third of Garner Callaway's children was Agnes Callaway, ^married to Jim Mankin. They had [fifteen children, including: ~Mar- Dr. and Mrs. Charles Lacy Cal-iinda, Susan Frances (Jones), [away (past president of the West Virginia Dental Society, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Callaway, Callaway, (he died in 1936) had three children. They are Mrs. Hugh B. Moore, of Marlinton, Dr. John S.! Callaway, of Beckley and Charles! Lacy Callaway, O f Pasadena, Calif. Pearl Callaway, also a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Callaway, is Mrs. J. C. Codell, of Winchester, Winchester, Ky. Her children are Mrs. William Brooks, Mrs. Bev White, James Callaway and John Randolph Randolph Codell, and Mrs". Josh Barnes (Alice Codel!), ail of Winchester. Winchester. The third child of Dr. j. R. Cal- iaway is Ennis Ross Callaway, also Winchester. His children are John Buford, Winchester, Miss! Jcanette Callaway. Charleston and Ennis R. Callaway Jr., of California. California. . | Mr. and Mrs. George W. Callaway, Callaway, the second of Garner Callaway's Callaway's 13 children, had five children, children, four of whom raised families. Dr. C. P. Callaway, the first of the five children, had a son, Charles Callaway, newspaperman, and Sarah, Laura Jane (Mankin), the late Lewis Augustus, Garner, Arthur Arthur Thomas, Eugene, Dr. J. Ward, Ash, the late Frank, Kattie (Mc- of Huntington, and Ken Fifth of Garner's offspring was Eliza, who was married to W. P. Willis. She had three children, George, Walter, whose offspring in turn included Weston B. and Mrs. Hazel Trosper, Bessie (Tucker) whose children were Irene, Willis, Chilton and Ann (Davenport). W. G. Callaway, next of Garner's offspring, was next in line. He had nine children: Delia (Harrigan), Minnie (Mankin) and Carrie (Jesper), (Jesper), all of whom are deceased; Shirley, Richard, Sadie (Mullens), Henrietta (Payne) wife of the Huntington, Hila and Everette. 12 Children Seventh was Thomas Jefferson Williamson two daugh- was named ters, one of whom Madge. Stansbury i The second of the five was Mrs.! Ella Stansbury, mother of the late j ! Dr. Fred Stansbury, who in turn! was the father of Dr. Fred Stans-i 110-Year-Old Letter (Continued From Page 6) the tenders of conjugal felicity. Enough of foolishness, but by the way not so foolish neither, as some things when we come to deliberate and must talk on. it seriously. Let me hear that you have chosen the good part and taken your stand on the side o{ wisdom and prudence and to incite unto your future happiness would suggest that you must marry and bring your wife up and let us see what a choice you have made. Give my description and inquire among the girls what would be the chance for such a fellow. You must -write me a long letter on receiving this. I remain your affectionate and well-wishing . cousin, James Calfee REFLECTIONS OF A BACHELOR A girl's objection is not to spooning, but calling it that; A man can nearly always get home early if there's nothing else to do. The longer a woman can sit in a man's lap without being 'too heavy the surer it is that they aren't married yet. (From the Raleigh Register, March 5, 1908). Buy your real estate from a REALTOR IN RALEIGH AND FAYETTE COUNTIES, THEY ARE: . J. Everett Shrewsbury Lilly Land Company Broker -- Beckley James Lilly Incorporated James Lilly, Beckley Don Partis, Beckley Lee Holliday (associate member;, Beckley Albany IVIilam V. T. Lilly, Bccklej Ada Mae Lilly, Beckley Grady Morgan, BeckJcy M. C. Hess Homeseckcrs Land BIdg-. Co. Lacy Trump, Beckley R. C. Trump, Beckley O. F. Cook, Beckley Blackbum Patteson Realty Co. Mt. Hope, W. Va. Broker Glen Daniel. \V. Va. Wm. C. Blakcly Broker Beckley Mt. Hope, W. Va. J. A. Blackburn, Mt. Hope J. W. Jones Hon Okcy L - Patteson, Charleston, -- W. Va. Oak Hill, W. Va. .E. C. Amick, A. V. Whitt, W. H. Cheek, Don Lively and R. C. Simp- F. W. Dickinson kins, Mt. Hope Broker Oak Hill. W. Va. Home Insurance Agency Hulett C. Smith, Becfcley BECKLEY BOARD OF REALTORS

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