The Cincinatti Enquirer, May 23 1865

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The Cincinatti Enquirer, May 23 1865 - I Mem-pbUr; alaya-allla. Pitta-bar...
I Mem-pbUr; alaya-allla. Pitta-bar Parkera-karg; dt-Paol, Ar- a Mo-Comae ta-aaraly Eraaa-riUa, ooalem-plata a thrao-and-a a Or-leana ; gaga-meat fraad-iag trana-far Ro-aolpL np-per 4 Mia-ourt Cp- wi-k wi-k i tn?rrt- gar via son of har beat la nee fr-t fr-t fr-t her eal- eal- Lcpa. . ... Tta H. 0. X-rta, X-rta, X-rta, or the 1 1 bai lie f.Haw- f.Haw- (aterday wa" a fiaa and ple-aaet ple-aaet ple-aaet day, aad baaiaeas oa tha laadiag appeared to ba mora than wa hare aeoa it on tht former day a of tba waek. ' There war aa unusual amount af depar-ttrrea, depar-ttrrea, depar-ttrrea, moat of wi-ci wi-ci wi-ci war eaaatera. Wt glr tia departure aa follow.: Tha Star and I'otUAooafor Baton Bongt, tht Waasna for the lower coast , tia Tna aad Lafoarcka for Lafourche ; tie Join Eilgoor aad kLieais-a;rpi kLieais-a;rpi kLieais-a;rpi for Pl Loula, tha Saratoira and Joseph Pieroa far Viekshurg. Tha Pierce aad Bar. atc a aeemed ta ba well filled with both paa-aeBgera paa-aeBgera paa-aeBgera and freight. Tka illsaiasippi, for Et, Loola, had aso a good trip. Tha lis Handy, Captaia Tontlloore, wal" thaoaly arrlral yesterday, aha coming La from EL Louis wilk a tolerable good trip. To tha polite and attentira clerk, ilr. C. V. kloora. wa ara Udebtad for laU rirer faron. Tha Ida IlanJy dr parts again on Monday rrealng, at a clock, for Mem phi a Cairo aad Bt Loaia. Paaaengera for tha Watt wauld do wall to see-re see-re see-re room la Lima, and wa can aaaur traralera tkat tiey mover nxaet beUar c-ioexi c-ioexi c-ioexi tiaa tkoa ef tha Handy. . Tia packet Minnrhaha, that aaa been ta acr letea time aad, ag-in, ag-in, ag-in, ladea with, tha prod acta of tha Great Weat, la ao more, aa kaTisg caagkt fir at aa early hour yee-er-day yee-er-day yee-er-day yee-er-day yee-er-day moraing, a abort diataac abor J ackaoa a tract, Foard. District, where ah had baea laid np. After tht boraed dowa to tha kail aha waa eat adrift, and floated dowa ta tka st ear-boat ear-boat ear-boat landing, getting into tht eddy aad threatening aereral beats at tha laadiag wilk dettr-etioa. dettr-etioa. dettr-etioa. On of tke hay-boata hay-boata hay-boata that burned at tka same lima Coated aboot tko landing most af Lka day, uaCil a tug-boat tug-boat tug-boat auooaeded ia driring it out Into tha currant. The hall of the Minnehaha sank about an kaadrad yard from abort, at tha foot of Lianrilla slreeC - Tie Mobil JVcara, of tia ltth, aaya : W leara tkat tha ateamar St. Joia took fir from aomaottoa stowed alongaida of bar boilera, aad boraed to tha water a edge, yeeterday, aama two milea from tha city. . Two lire wara loat by tha accident one a pease nicer aad tka other a cabin-boy, cabin-boy, cabin-boy, in tha employ of tia boat. Tha baggag aad personal effect of tke passenger war a total total loea. Tha passenger of tia St. Joha war brought ta tb city by tb tag Blosaom. The Memphia Bullttin, of tha 19th, aaya: The rirer continue to rise slowly her, and is slightly orer the banks. At St. Loaia it ia falling, with a depth of eighteen feet In the channel ont to Cairo. The Ohio contin-naa contin-naa contin-naa to recede, bat there la yet abundance of water on the Falls for largest clase steamers. steamers. Easiness is doll at tke landing. There are about 1,600 balea of cotton for shipment, bat the views of shippers do not go abor. per bale to Cincinnati, and steamboats bold back for higher rates. Freights are 'scarce for tha Arkansas, and it is doubtful whether or not boats for that stream will succeed In clearing to-day. to-day. to-day. The Sir Wa Wallace and Boee llambleton cleared with modxrata freights only, though several days had been spent In port. The Marble City cleared with a big trip of passenger for Cairo and SL Louis, aad had, among other freight, 130 bales of cotton. cotton. Her officers expected to pick np several hundred bale at various points above. The Commercial cleared with her guard fall of eattle, and kad a fair passenger list. Tha Chenango discharged 400 bales of cotton, and tha Sunny South discharged a moderate freight of tha same. The City of Cairo arrived with 2 0 cabia paseengere, and 175 on deck. She brought also, a fair freight. Her deck paaaengera were paroled rebels from Johneton 'a army. The Wolli Able and City of Memphia are exchanging machinery. Correspondence. . MaJtirksr or Goldkx Eagl-w Eagl-w Eagl-w II. W. Browa, 274 balea cotton ; J. Merritt, 76 do.; Taylor & Bros- Bros- CI do.; Williame & S locum, 111 do, Addy, null & Bay. 127 do D. C Henderson, - do Dean &. Hall, 7 do.; Foster Foster & Broe, 4 do.; Robert Moore &. Co- Co- 17 do;. B- B- Buchanan & Boa, 13 do ; IL F. Heck-ert, Heck-ert, Heck-ert, 50 do.; Freidmaa &. Stein, 8 do.; J. IL hock I. Son, Q balea raga ; F. E. Suire a. Co., 12 barrels, 12 carboy a : O. A M. Herrea-court Herrea-court Herrea-court 19 beer barrels ; Sckaller & Oerke, 27 da V. Harris, 83 do.; L. Schroder & Co- Co- 1 box; Bouter ft. Ca, 2 tmadles sacks; L S B. Brace, 2 packages ; R. Allison, 1 barrel ; Eureka lneurance Company, 60 package furniture. i ... i Cai-o, Cai-o, Cai-o, III- III- Ktftl, lfcU. ' Tie Steamer Darliag left Memphis May lt, at 11 o'clock P. M, witi 1,004 bale of O-OaVw O-OaVw O-OaVw aVw ' ' MaarrrsT H. W. Brown Co. 422 bales oottoa: H. W. Brown, 237 do.; Adly. Hall & Kay, 102 do.; Williams & Sloe am, 64 do D. C. Ilrn-dereon. Ilrn-dereon. Ilrn-dereon. 141 do; Amberg A Lowen-eteln, Lowen-eteln, Lowen-eteln, do.; FreUmao ft Bteia, a do.; II. K. Keaxiec 1 do.; Baker, Rodgar & Co- Co- 10 do FoeteT Brothers, 6 do J. & J.Slerin Co- Co- 4 dix; IL W. Brawn, 4 easka, 6 boxes raise.; J. 8. Clark, 2 Ice ci'-r, ci'-r, ci'-r, Maxthall, Clark & Co , 1 brl. sacks; Ross & Co 40 empty half barr:; a IL Herrencourt, 23 do Schaller; A Oerke, 144 do; J. Walker & Co-4 Co-4 Co-4 do; W. R. Whitlock, 2 line, 1 barrel, I box; J. Croa-ler, Croa-ler, Croa-ler, 4 bexe, 1 handle; I- I- 8imon, 1 box mdso Payne, 14 pao.ags tnoving; plunder. Discharged at' Carr a Laniiag, 64 aaoka C aeed. Cairo 14 bale cotton. Padacah 2 horse. . Siawaeeiown 1 eorpoe. Kvanaville -rtfi -rtfi empty barrels. , Clovfrport 21 package inerchaaiiie. , ' Louis-hie Louis-hie Louis-hie 11 packagrs merchandLa. j We will arrive Wednesday. AU we'd. C. j ' Stearaera Leariag- Leariag- Tkla Day. PrrrsBraa aa d W hiklixcj. Tie beautiful eteamer America, Captain Oolding, will cleerpoeiliTt! this tTtning for the above porta, i WHSEuaa am v Maix tx. Th Boatona No. 2, Captaia Prices ia tha regular packet thia evening for Wheeling and Marietta. Mr. Powera will make passengera feel perfectly perfectly at home. . AjtAwa Birrn. The Annie Laurie, Captain Laidley, leaves for Oallipolia and Kaaawah Bivsr this evening, from the foot of Broadway. Mr. Hendrini .will see that passengers and shippers reee;rs proper attention attention at the office. LonsTrtLX. The SL Nicholas, Captaia Meeker, Is the regular packet for Louisville tiia evening, at 4 o'clock precisely. Tie Mail Company's steamer at 12 M. la tha Major Major Anderson, and the new United States at 6 P. M. . ' - . . CcanrxT-AXrvHirrx. CcanrxT-AXrvHirrx. CcanrxT-AXrvHirrx. The Gossamer, Cap lain Parsene; Kate Robinson, Captaia Rob-lnson,"and Rob-lnson,"and Rob-lnson,"and the Eobert Moore, Captaia Hos ford, ar announced for Nashville forthwith. Tiey ar neat aad tidy pessentrer packets Sr. Loci axd Mi-orxi Mi-orxi Mi-orxi Kirxx, Tie elegant packet Nan gat nek. Captaia A. Q. P.oas, la aow receiving, and will depart for 8L Louis and tie Missouri Elver fortkwiih. Mr. Joha W. La tier will attend to passenger passenger aad ahlpper at the offiea. - Canto a a unriru. ine targe aaa , elegant side-wheel side-wheel side-wheel Memphia aad Cincinnati Packet Ca's steamer, Golden Eagle, Captaia ' Lew. Kate, will positively depart for Calr L aad Memphis tils evening, at 4 o'clock P. M. Dr. Ar-tatrong Ar-tatrong Ar-tatrong win attend to paasen-ger paasen-ger paasen-ger and shipper at ti office. N rw Oxlxaxs rxoa C-rxo. C-rxo. C-rxo. Tie Missouri, Captaia Hard, Is loading at Louisville for ! New Orleans direct, and leave aa Thursday. I Earn. Barr, jr. well kaowa to t traao, IS ker dark. Her areata her ara antioriied to give throagk Liila of Iding. The Eav peror, Captaia Parker, ia raoeiving at tha foot ef Broadway, and leaves on Eaturday, T-oaitlrely. T-oaitlrely. T-oaitlrely. " . . - - - . : f inline acGs & co- co- , . : ?iavlclpn :rcicr. oonniDBion AocriTD, g lawraaa-Aa lawraaa-Aa lawraaa-Aa ritkurt BttU4Ua. CT-CTBHATL. CT-CTBHATL. CT-CTBHATL. CrrClAl. ATTiZTlON PATD TO TH3 (O par--- par--- par--- par--- an! a 'itt Pnrk. rf, Paooa. laar-4. laar-4. laar-4. 1, ra. to. i aal, A ar, Sraia, L aWlrraa. waw 14-na 14-na 14-na -ltt -ltt aaa ear - ..wit.J AWWaH A-aTaajral A-aTaajral A-aTaajral idawta bt k.i laa a aort ...-. ...-. ...-. I ., i.-rn- i.-rn- i.-rn- i.-rn- i parj I m- m- r -a -a a tal t n--t. n--t. n--t. n--t. waaaa i Itla-I Itla-I Itla-I baTttttl a ' ' t a-a-a a-a-a a-a-a a-a-a a-a-a r a a ar tiatltti a a . al V V For vraeeUag aad Fins--rg- Fins--rg- Fins--rg- Fins--rg- Fins--rg- -aa -aa : Laaaa TV A PAT. tba warn 1 1 ll t A"- A"- a a aa w a-, a-, a-, a a aaw ti GULDltO, Maatar. For frr-l.-t frr-l.-t frr-l.-t frr-l.-t frr-l.-t I or paaara at-"l at-"l at-"l oa board, or lu A r. r u i a r a t-xa, t-xa, t-xa, iaauiuauak A Haw watt. Aa-aa- Aa-aa- Aa-aa- Aa-aa- For CAllipolii, roofrofi Parkeraw burg, ilarieita aad tkecUag. '. BKtarXoi-t BKtarXoi-t BKtarXoi-t fi;rxi7.rj at rACrrr. Larat-a Larat-a Larat-a oa 1 rrVr T. t.r X. at I P. Ma !--limy, !--limy, !--limy, !--limy, tl -vi -vi 'i""t i,r f .4 M hr adwtvr, twa ) ftoa rt 1 aa.-uar aa.-uar aa.-uar 1" to tr aor, . , . - - I Baa .ar aJ --t --t --t . EUrUilLL. M-ttar. M-ttar. M-ttar. ' Prvr rr-Jtit rr-Jtit rr-Jtit 9 a t-trar t-trar t-trar oa r-a-r-4. r-a-r-4. r-a-r-4. r-a-r-4. r-a-r-4. r-a-r-4. r-a-r-4. m rmmW . Bt ut k-a k-a k-a of 1 r a. - , or w Lai- Lai- , ,1 - " i fcyfcb-taj fcyfcb-taj fcyfcb-taj I t-tala. t-tala. t-tala. aay.i rtJ-V. rtJ-V. rtJ-V. . 4 .

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