Chess Problem - No. 438 By B.J. da C. Andrade (Essex)

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Chess Problem - No. 438 By B.J. da C. Andrade (Essex) - CHESS PROBLEM No. 438. By B J. da C. Andrade...
CHESS PROBLEM No. 438. By B J. da C. Andrade (Essex). Black (7) HP WM w W W', W . li 111. Ill a w 18 ill Hi 1118 White (9) White mates im two SOLUTION No. 437. (Andradrl: 1 P-B3 (wait ins). Kt-QKl3: 2 B I Kl. or 1 . B I R: 2 KI-K15. or I . R X B; 2 R I R. or I . . B-K2: 2 Q x B. or 1 . . . P i P; 2 B-KS. or I KtlBS) mores; 2 Kt-05. The chief merit of this orislnal work lies in the " Plachutta theme " tries. 1 R(Kl3).Kt6, B x P; 2 R x Bch. K i D: Is reBeaed by 1 R(R6-Kl6. R x B. 2 R x Rch. K x P: and 1 O-BS. Kl-QKt3: 2 O x Ktch. K-Q3; Is balanced by 1 B-B5. B-K2 Ideological chess Keen students of the Russian chess magazine " Schachmaty " are sometimes able to notice political factors affecting the contents. 'A recent issne contained a long article of reminiscences by I. Kan about the Moscow tournament of 1925. Remarkably, this article praised, or contained an anecdote about, almost every player in the tournament except one the winner. He was the grand master Bogolyubov. who shortly after the tournament emigrated to Germany and renounced his Soviet citizenship. The name of Bogolyubov is scarcely known to modern Russian players, except as an invariable donor of a point to Alekhine in the collection of the latter's best games. What is so bizarre about this situation Is that immediately after the war Alekhine, like Bogolyubov, was unmentionable in Soviet chess literature because of his suspected collaborationist activities : but while Alekhine has now joined Tchigorin as one of the forerunners of modern Russian chess, poor Bogolyubov remains in oblivion. In his article. Kan says that the best performance by a Soviet player was that of Romanovsky. who was equal seventh ! Marx in a rage Another recent article m " Schaohimaty " gave details of Karl Marx's interest In oh ess. When Marx was in London, he often used to play all day lionig with his fellow-German exiles ; but he does not seem to have taken gracefully to defeat. " When Marx got into a difficult position he grew angry, and, having lost the game, flew into a rage." However, after another gaime un which he mated his opponent, " Marx was exultant, was at once in a good rmood. and ordered a couple of sandwiches and somethinig to drink." On this particular occasion Marx, havinur been twice mated just before midmight, wanted to go on playing, but his wife intervened : " That will do ! " It is improbable that Marx is the onlv chess player to whom this has happened. " Sohachmaty " gives the score of a game said to have been won by Marx With the warning to readers that several forged brilliances are extant said to have been won bv Napoleon (who was a notoriously bad player), here it is : MU7.IO GAMBtT White: Marx Black : Meter White Black White Black 1 P K4 P-KJ 15 B x B Ox B 2 P-KBJ PxP 16 K; a KBP KI-K4 3 KI-KB3 P-KKH 17 tj' KT- P-03 4. B-B4 P-KI5 IS P-KR4 0-KI5 5 Castles P t Kt 19. B x P It-Bt 6. O t P O B3 20 B-R5 0-Kl2 7 P-K5 O i P 21 P-04 KIIK4I-B3 S P-03 Il-RJ 22. P Bl P-U4 9. Kt-B3 Kl K2 2.1 K-.-K6 ch B X Kt 10 B Q2 OKI-B3 24 R t R ch O X R 11. QR-K1 0-B4 25 OiB R-R3 12. Kt-OJ K-Ol 26 R-KB1 0-Kt2 13 B-B3 R-KKtl 27 B-Kt4 Kl-OKll M B-B6 B-K14 28 R-B7 Uowns Women's championship In the women's world team championship in Holland Mrs Pritchard has drawn with the world champion, Rubtsova. The scores after four rounds of the final are: Russia 6, East Germany 5, Hungary 5. Rumania and Yugoslavia 3, Bulgaria 2j, England, Holland, and West Germany 2. It is now doubtful if Bobby Fischer, the 14-year-old American prodigy, will compete in the Hastings congress. The United States championship is scheduled for December, and Fischer is unlikelv to compete in both events. Gligoric (Yugoslavia) will probably be invited to replace him The great surprise of the South American world championship zonal tournament was tne ranure ot xvajaort to qualify. He finished fourth, behind Panno. Rossetto, and Sanguinnetti, all of Argentina. These three will compete in the interzonal in Yugoslavia next year.

Clipped from
  1. The Guardian,
  2. 19 Sep 1957, Thu,
  3. Page 17

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  • Chess Problem - No. 438 By B.J. da C. Andrade (Essex)

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