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Knox/Rinehart2 - the highway department insurance fund. Sizable...
the highway department insurance fund. Sizable decreases in ..'the 1946 budget include the following: •" Rationing fund by $7,500; court Jiouse fund by $1,000; Forest Lawn .sanatorium appropriation by $7.500; $7.500; aid to dependent children fund toy $2.400; jail and sheriff's residence residence by $500; State General hospital hospital by $2,328.52; development fund for air fields by $5,000; ana complete elimination of the water main appropriation for 1he county home and sanatorium, .amounting to $12,500. Lt.Kno** (Continued from Page 1) complete ignorance of • events transpiring in the outside world. Although they might have been a little behind, they knew pretty well of .the successes .of the Allies despite Japanese attempts to keep them In the dark. "The black market operated in Japan just as it did in all.other parts of the world," Lt. Knox said. "At first, especially when the Japanese Japanese were continuing their successful successful sweep southward,'we were permitted to have Japanese papers. We had a British officer who .knew Japanese and other linguists who could read the paper and tell us therews. . lt • ' "When France was invaded, however, the newspapers were banned from the camp. We made arrangements, however, to have the papers smuggled in. By discounting discounting propaganda we kept fairly fairly well abreast of i events. W« could alro tell how things were going going by the attitude and actions of the Japs. "When the, atomic bombs were nounced in America ab'out 16 hours afier it had been dropped on Hiroshima.) Hiroshima.) Rice,was the chief food for the officers as well as for enlisted men, although soup made of'sweet po- "tato tops made a "delicious" dish, he'said. In one camp there was a bakery outside the compound and prisoners occasionally climbed the fence to raid it. "There were several attempts at escapes,".he said. ''The Japs 9nce left an airplane on the parade grounds just outside the compound. Three air corps me»v "got the idea of seizing the plane and flying to Russia. At night they scaled the •fence and went. in search of the plane, but they couldn't find it. They (hen had the problem of getting getting back inside the compound which was almost harder than getting getting out." Promoted One Grade Among the nicer sights in Japan were the B-29s, he commented. The big bombers frequently rendezvoused rendezvoused over the area of the prison dropped we knew about it. The Jap papers carried the news. At ji.._. .1 .. H u. ?* ;,.*»CT crtmA ov- first we thought it was some tremely high explosive,, but ia'.er the pa'pers stated that the bombs were atomic. They perhaps got the information broadcasts." <The atomic from American bomb was an _ before their attack targets. That the on Japanese ,„„.„. bombers did their work well was evident from some of the cities he was, taken through on the way

Clipped from
  1. Janesville Daily Gazette,
  2. 01 Nov 1945, Thu,
  3. Page 10

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