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ruth weyand perry - mar- The question, "Would you want daughter to...
mar- The question, "Would you want daughter to marry a gro?" served as the basis for al- ccn-| contents of one there will _ . . _ of issue of "Social Progress," a publication of the United Presbyterian Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. The editors submitted the question question to a group of churchmen and theologians and the response, in general, was that a Christian should not try to stop his son or daughter from marrying a person of another race. H. B. Sissell, for the magazine, if brain- who __ _^ _ anyone'says to the contrary, will said "We received a greater volume volume of mail on this issue than any other one we have ever done. "Believe it or not, the overwhelming overwhelming preponderance of it was favorable." Sociologists, members of Congress Congress and just plain citizens., Negro Negro and white, have speculated on how long it might take for American American Negroes to be absorbed into the general population. At the latest White House Conference Conference on Children and Youth. Dr. David R. Mace of the University University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, a marriage counselor, said: "Racial ' integration, whatever lead inevitably to.intermarriage." Mace predicted that bitter feel- ings of today will ultimately be resolved in what has been called east "the coffee colored compromise" --neither white nor black. Back in 1916, Kelly Miller, a professor at the predominantly the previous September. On April 18, the NLRB disclosed that Ruth Weyand Perry, who had been named in an alienation of affections affections suit by Perry's first wife, ; had been dismissed "for the good, of the service." About the same time, Walter White, the longtime, almost wholly wholly white executive secretary of the NAACP.. chose for Ms second wife Poppy Cannon, a white woman who was an editor of House Beautiful magazine. Another mixed marriage that was performed in Washington was that of the Negro cult are. Father Divine, and a 21-year-old white girl from Canada. Sen. Theodore G. Bilgo. D-Miss. took notice of this and related incidents, incidents, and declared: "The sad. sickening, heartbreaking heartbreaking fact is that happenings similar to the ones mentioned . above are increasing at lightning speed every day, every week, every every month, every year that we lay some certain and definite action action which will stay and prevent tha evil, horrible day in this country country when both races will be thoroughly thoroughly mixed and mongrelized." Bilbo died in 1947, leaving behind behind as a monument to his racial views a book entitled "Take Your Choice--Separation or Mongreliza- tion." In the book Bilbo quoted with alarm a newspaper report of a 1945 talk by Dr. Ralph S. Linton, a Columbia University anthropologist. anthropologist. The theme was that within Negro Howard University^ in 300 years the Negro race would J. on east of on Washington, told a congressional committee: "The races would not blend in 50,000 years according to the present present rate of intermarri-ages between between the races that we have now." The committee had evidence of 16 interracial marriages in the District of Columbia the preceding preceding year Incidentally, the committee was considering proposals to outlaw racial intermariages and to set up a system of separate street cars for use by Negroes. , Today, Negroes and whites ride the same streetcars. From time to time there is news of a white- Negro marriage in the capital. One of the most recently publicized publicized ones was that of Leslie Perry, a Negro lawyer working for the NAACP, and Ruth Weyland, Weyland, a white attorney employed by the National Labor Relations Board. Their marriage was disclosed be absorbed into the general population. population. The figure of 300 years has used in reverse, too. In a 1953 paper for the United Nations Educational, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, anthropologist Harry Harry Shapiro noted that it was well over 300 years since Negroes firsl came to this land. "Almost immediately and every where," Shapiro wrote, "sexual relations were established and frequently regularized as 'a system system of concubinage " Educated guesses are that around 80-85 per cent of American Negroes today have some white blood, or Indian, or both. - Some states define a Negro as anyone with one-fourth Negro blood. Others make it one-eighth. Some define as a Negro anvone with any Negro blood at all. A ~-- "V -- Caves Caves and tunnels in England's Dover Cliffs, used by smugglers many years before, served as

Clipped from
  1. Anderson Herald,
  2. 28 May 1961, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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